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Between Master and Disciples

A Journey to Malaga, Part 1 of 9, Sep. 30, 2006

Lecture Language:English,Spanish(Español)
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Because our mind is very strong, stronger than we think. The body sometimes doesn’t listen to the mind also, but we can train, we can train ourselves.

“What shall I be? Will I be lovely? Will I be rich? Here’s what she said to me. Que sera sera... Whatever will be, will be... The future’s not ours to see. Que sera, sera... Que sera sera.” You see, I bought scissors on the way here, just for this. And together with the bandage and other medicine, but it’s lost. Can you imagine? The car is just like that, and it’s lost. No, no. It’s OK. I’ll get it later. I will manage this. This big problem I can take care of. Small problem like meditation, becoming a Buddha and all that, you take care. Getting scissors is a big problem. I’ll do it myself! I’m a big girl! I bought everything. Just when I need it, it’s not there. It’s always the same. You know, right? You know. You know, like, you make your house comfortable. You buy all the stuff and you say, “That’s it! Now, I’ve got everything I want!” But you never know! Next minute, you’ve got to move. And everything is upside-down, inside-out again.

Long time no see. You still in Sweden? Good work? (So-so.) So-so, I’ll deal with you later. Nice to see you. You see, just like all the cameramen, they aim at me over there. They’re shooting. And now, I’m here, they don’t even see me at all. See me? They’re not flexible. OK, now. Anyway... So, I have turned around there, so that they know I’m here. OK, not too bad, not too bad. The thing is, it’s like that: I prepare everything for myself. And even when I’m sick, I bring everything, medicine and all that, but you know, you suddenly forget the whole bag at home. The bag that you prepared is not here. Because so busy, busy, you know? I tell you why. And also in a rush. Just like you, you rushed here, right? You forgot many things, right? (Yes.) Same with me, so we’re in the same problem. I just knew that they have this center a few days ago. So I was so..., OK, happy, why not? Let’s go see each other. Because I know that you want to see me. I don’t know why, I just know you want to see me. I don’t know why. Can you tell me why? Huh? (We love You.) Oh, you love, love, love. Oh, so much love. I know. OK, thank you for your love anyway... And then I thought, “Oh.” So I decided so quickly also. It’s the best, it’s the best. Otherwise, sometimes we prepare for a long time and it doesn’t happen or something else happens.

I’ve been looking for a place for a long time, just for you, for the European people. I’m looking in a... You know, actually I’m a little greedy. I don’t look for such a place like this. I look for coastline, Côte d’Azur. Where the sky is blue and the sea is the azure color. And then we can just meditate and jump in the sea and something like that. I dream. So I never get it. Up to now. You can’t get a place like that, with many rooms. And the sea in front and the mountains behind. And it helps if you have a little stream or waterfall coming down as well. And mountains behind the forest surrounding you, and the stream winding all over our ashram, and we can just drink it like that. And when we’re too hot like today, we can jump into the sea. This is my dream house. But I never get it. Anyway, remember I told you, we got one in Spain? But now it becomes very small. I don’t think I can house all of this. It was different. Now, we have more and more people. And now they start the (Supreme Master) TV program, I don’t know where I will move next, just to house people. Anyway, even then, before they started the (Supreme Master) TV program, I was looking for a place. I was thinking maybe at least four, five hundred people, with the sea in the front, the mountain behind and the stream coming. Ok, we can forget the stream, but... the mountains and the sea, I don’t ask for much, do I? And it shouldn’t be too expensive. And next to, nearby, the city, so you can go shopping, cooking for a lot of people. And sightseeing, you know, things like that. I didn’t ask for much, but they don’t give. Do you have any place like that? But it’s near somewhere nice, not just... Yeah, anyway.... So, I’m glad that they got this place. Even though it smells something different from where we came from.

Meanwhile, I’m going around. Everything is going well? (Yes, yes, thank You.) Yes? Very good? Thanks to you. You are very, very beautiful. (Thank You.... Many thanks.) Very beautiful here. (A lot of luck from You.) Good luck! My Spanish goes not too far. Here, here, here sister. Not on the feet. You learn too much from Rama’s brother. Rama’s brother, he only looked at the feet of his sister. We can have time to shake hands later. Don’t worry about it. Just shake eyes is better. Eyes shake, shake, shake. Check it out. OK, have you finished brother? Translate, yeah, whatever I say. They’re curious to know what I say, even I’m just saying “Ah...ha.” Finished? OK.

I just took a bath; it feels much better. Sorry, it took a long time. But when you are even a little sick, you have to take care, and it takes some time. I already make it the minimum. I’m supposed to still go to physiotherapist, and get an injection from doctor every day, but I dropped it all. I don’t have time. And if I listened to somebody else, I would be sitting in my room right now; and still having to apply all over the body the what cream, and then at what time take what medicine, and blah, blah, blah... This hand is still not working very well. The doctor said I was supposed to go and do the re-education, and have an injection and all that. But I didn’t have time. So I said, “I’m sorry. You’ve been with me for many, many years, and you’re working very hard, and I appreciate it very much.” I told my hand that I didn’t realize you worked so hard, and that I needed you so much until you have a problem. The same like many things we have, but we don’t appreciate it, and then when it’s really gone or in trouble, then we realize, oh, it’s really a great thing to have. So, I said, “OK, I’m supposed to take much more care of you now that you’re ill, but I don’t have time. I’m very sorry, so just heal yourself if you want to, if you don’t want to work anymore, I understand.” I said, “You’ve been working a long time and very hard, so if you want to take a rest, it’s OK.” Meanwhile, I trained this guy. Now, he can open bottles, do all kinds of stuff, takes care with the pliers, small stuff. You can hold a bottle in between your legs and open it. Don’t really need two hands. It’s much better, of course. I learned to write with the left. I needed to. So many things to have to correct and write and... a lot of stuff to work on. I teach him how to sign also. That’s that!

You see, yesterday, we were talking about a lot of things and magical power, in the car, boring, a long drive. Or like somebody can train himself/herself not to eat for a long time or not to eat at all. I said, “Yeah, we can do all that if we have time.” Because our mind is very strong, stronger than we think. The body sometimes doesn’t listen to the mind also, but we can train, we can train ourselves. But if we have time, you know. It’s the same with my hand, if I don’t have time, I just forget it. Because I trained the left hand now, so I’m also OK. I was very grateful that I even have the hand. It still looks OK. It’s still painful, but it’s OK, it will get better. It’s already better. I don’t know why it took so long. I thought it was just a small thing, just a broken bone, why took so long? God made the universe in only 7 days. The doctor couldn’t mend my hand back in. It’s been three months already. Yeah, almost, two and a half months, it should be OK. So, that’s why I’m fed up. I said, “It took too long. I don’t have time.” I said, “OK, if you want to go back to work, then you’re welcome. I need you, still need you. We have a lot of work to do, but if you want to take a rest, and you don’t want to work anymore, I understand.” That’s it! That’s it! No time, I cannot have time.

Every day go to the doctor, go to the physiotherapist; it took so long and traffic and everything, and I don’t always have good drivers. I have some people, but the way they drive, I’m so scared. I might not even have the arm to bring it back home later on. I told you already this morning, it took 36 hours to come here. But this is already not too bad. I have another one, whenever she drives, she bumps into the curb many, many times. And if I drive with a man, they always ask me if that is my husband. And now I drive with a woman, they ask me, “Is that your girlfriend?” I say, “No! No! This man’s not my husband.” I can’t say he’s my disciple. I don’t tell people who I am when I go out. So either I say he’s my friend or my driver, I even sit in the back, so it’s more clear, but still they don’t believe it. You know why, because whenever your brothers go out with me, they’re very attentive, of course, as much as they can, and they hang my bag on their shoulder, they open the door and all that. So, they presume it must be a boyfriend or a husband. Because the husband or boyfriend behaves like that. Yes, Ma’am; no Ma’am; immediately Ma’am. You know, when they open the door, they give me the hand to step down, because most of my cars are very big and tall, and I’m a little bit small. It’s difficult to walk up and down, the steps, like a Jeep, like a big Mercedes, or a big van. And the steps are mostly very high, so they give me the hand. I am small, especially when I have problem with the arm. So, it is presumed that he is my husband or my boyfriend, for sure. Nobody outside, a man, would do that, to just any woman. And a chauffeur doesn’t do that. The way they... it feels intimate between us, it feels affectionate. It’s not just a driver to a boss, so they presume immediately, that must be husband or boyfriend. No matter how many times I say “No, no, he even has a wife at home,” and she says, “Never mind, let the wife go on holidays.” She even advises me that! I say, “You drink too much coffee!”

So, I tell my woman attendant, “Please drive. Please learn everything about this new car or any car, so you can drive well before we go out together, it is better for me.” And when I go to anywhere, they... they sense some affection between us also; it’s not just like between a worker, an employee and to a boss or anything. I think they sense something, because she carries the baggage for me and everything, a little... Sometimes they don’t ask directly, questions, they just look at me, and look at my girl attendant. “That’s a lot of luggage for a little wife.” I had my arm broken, so she had to take everything. I take what I can, but the disciples, they are like that, they want to take everything, they don’t even let me touch anything. “Let me! Let me!” I say, “OK, let me take this, I can do it.” “No, no, no! Let me! Let me!” And at the moment I don’t have big girls around, just the small, the Chinese, the resident, Chinese, small. And it does look like a lot of luggage on her. The Chinese and Aulacese (Vietnamese), “That’s a lot of luggage for a little wife.” My God! I didn’t know I had a wife until then. I didn’t even know that she’s my wife. Wow. Full of surprises! To have a wife, and don’t know you have a wife, I never heard of it. So that’s that. So, I can’t choose a man, I can’t choose a woman. What am I going to do? I don’t care. I don’t even explain to that guy. Sometimes I go in a hotel and I don’t even explain. But just in case you see something on the internet. It might happen that they put it on the internet. Who knows? We already had so much garbage on there, just a little more. It’s possible.

(The power of the mind.) The power of the mind... of the driver’s mind or...? (Magical power.) Oh, magical power, of course. Yes. You can train yourself in any way you want, that’s what I said, when we were finished with that. Just like I said, my hand, I’m supposed to do more physiotherapy, but I dropped it. I just did a few days and I can’t, because it’s too much time consuming, and I don’t have enough drivers. I do have, of course. Some people who want to come, but I don’t let; and some people who I let don’t want to come. I have a lot of people, but you’re busy. So, it’s OK. I just make do, with whatever people I have. Namely, the residents, of course. So anyway, the driver, now, the woman driver. And she’s supposed to drive more than ten years already, since she became a resident, I trained them all. They have to drive, they have to mix cement, they have to know how to fix electricity and telephone, even women, and drive a big truck and all that, I trained them all. But residents are just like everybody else. Sometimes they come; sometimes they go.

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