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Between Master and Disciples

No One Can Escape One’s Conscience, Part 1 of 3, Dec. 24-25, 2017

Lecture Language:English,Chinese (中文)
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Then the two sisters there, one was an initiate and the other a non-initiate, said, “This one looks so familiar! Could someone be impersonating Master with this photo and name?” “I have this same picture at home. So how can I forget? Is this really Her? Could someone be impersonating Her with this photo and name?” Ai-ya! I had to give a lengthy explanation to prove that it was me. Ai-ya! I tell you. My life is like a movie, with many details that I can’t tell you all.

What do you do? So many people? Are you really staff members? (Yes.) No kidding, are you? (No.)

For Christmas and New Year I was going to wrap some gifts for you. But there’re so many of you and I don’t have enough money. If I buy gifts for all of you, I’ll have no money left. And I still have to buy or rent land. Understand? (Understand.) Even building this kind of foolish thing costs money. OK. (OK.) No problem. We all have gifts ourselves, right? (Yes.) We have better gifts. OK. OK, then… help yourself. If I throw them now, everyone will be in chaos. I know you. I know you very well.

“We’re all good friends. Let us hold our hands. Do not miss out on the good times. Remember always the times of joy. Wonderful times linger not a moment. Time flies! Aiya, ya-ya-ya! Seize the moment. La-la-la-la-la-la.”

Wow! That’s a lot! Even this simple thing… OK, I’ll bless them. My dog-people also need Blessings, so do humans. Just now… Yesterday I did say sorry to them. I said, “I truly had no time to wrap presents for you.” There were only a dozen people around doing Supreme Master TV work. I said I had no time. Then, the day before yesterday, they showed me a DVD with a song that goes “What do we want for Christmas? All we want is You.” It’s cute, so cute. We can show it to everybody if… But we don’t have a chance here. I will put it on TV so everybody can watch it together tomorrow. (OK.)

It doesn’t cost much, but there’s a lot of love in it. (Thank You, Master.) Are there more? (Thank You, Master.) OK. That’s it. Thank you all. (Thank You, Master.)

You really have magical power. I don’t know what you have. Even with magical power you can’t be that fast. How did you manage it? How did you do it so fast? (With God’s Blessings and Master’s Blessings.) (Because we ourselves… Master mentioned it last Saturday and we promptly got moving. When we placed our order, the supplier said he could deliver on Tuesday. That was last Tuesday. We asked some short-term residents to set them up for us. As to the toilets, Master gave us two weeks time. Master said we had two weeks to build the toilets. But we got it done in one week.) Wonderful! Amazing! I didn’t think it could be done in one week, yet you took even less time. (As to our parking lot… today there’re 4,000 people here. We have our land here and we rented about 1.84 hectares there for parking use. Today only one-third is occupied.)

Oh! OK. It’s good that you have it. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. This is wonderful. I was so worried and wondering what we could do. (No problem.) I was afraid there would not be enough space. There’s no problem if the weather is good. Understand? (Yes.) It depends on the weather. It would be a problem if it rains.

Good that it’s not raining. It’s hot. (It’s very warm today.) And I am wearing this outfit. So warm! I thought it was OK to wear this outfit today. This is good for cold weather, but it turned out to be so hot. I’m sweating, though you can’t tell. She intentionally makes these kinds of clothes, so others can’t tell you are sweating. Santa has to be dignified. He cannot sweat. He cannot sweat like ordinary people. And I’m sweating even more than ordinary people. It’s just that you can’t see.

OK. Thank you for your support. (Thank You, Master.) I’ve never felt anywhere else such strong supportive energy as I do here. I really feel it. Everybody is working together with me. Of course, I didn’t dig the land or weld the iron with you. But I dig different things from inside. I weld different objects. I’m very happy here. Thank you all. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you for your love. (Thanks for Master’s Love.) You’re especially diligent and very supportive. Thanks a lot. Everybody speaks of love, but here I feel the love because you truly have done what Master asked. Understand? (Yes.) Our goal is the same. (Yes.) You do not ask Master to do things for you. Instead, you truly have done things for Master this time. This is a personal request.

My concern was if many initiates came. Pingtung didn’t work out. And it’s always raining in Miaoli. You saw it. I almost melted in Miaoli. If it’s always raining, you would melt in the rain. We have elderly people coming from afar. It’s OK for Taiwanese (Formosan). They can go home soon. But these seniors come from afar. There was no other way. I couldn’t just wait and see. So, we came here quickly, with no time to think about anything. We came right away. I didn’t bring many clothes, only some documents and high-heel shoes. No clothes, so what was the point of bringing high-heel shoes? Habits are truly hard to change. And I didn’t bring any money. It’s alright. We have a few bank accounts, so we can withdraw money anytime.

I used to go out and do charity work. Sometimes I went alone or with a couple of people. We gave money at random. I wanted to do it anonymously. I’d just write a name like Angel, or any girl’s or boy’s name. Whatever. They said, “The money…You…” Kind of suspicious. Because I gave a lot. Rarely do people give that much money at one time. And in cash. It’s more convenient for them. She asked, “Where did You get Your money?” I said, “From the bank, of course! I withdrew it from the bank.” It sounds ridiculous. She spoke in a foreign tone that sounded like we had robbed a bank. So, I answered her in a tone that sounded like, “So?” Understand? The money is here; just accept it. I didn’t ask for anything in return. So why ask so many questions? I didn’t even ask for a receipt.

She said that I had to take the receipt. So I said, “OK, write it down.” Then she asked for my name. I gave her a random name. I saw an old lady there and said, “Ai-ya. Lao.” Whatever, like Lao-Ku or Lao-Dong. Understand? Or I would give my dog-person’s name. Yeah. They asked, “What kind of name is this?” I said, “It’s a Chinese name.” That’s how a Chinese name is.

It’s the same when I went to the hospital. I paid in cash. She asked for my name and I also said… I had a dog-person named Zolo, right? That name just came to mind, so I said, “Lozo.” It sounds very Chinese. Not Zolo. I said Lozo. Then she called me, “Hi, Lozo, how are You?” Sometimes I forgot that she was calling my name and didn’t respond for a while. Then she said, “Didn’t You hear me calling You?” I said, “Oh, sorry! I was thinking of too many things.” Sometimes, I’d give the names of different dog-people in different places. Dog-people’s names. Then I would forget. In this hospital, it’s Lozo, and in another hospital, it’s Benny, and in the other, it’s Happy. I have too many dog-people and can just pick any name. Then I forget.

So sometimes, I thought it didn’t matter so I just gave any names. We wouldn’t be dealing with or seeing each other again. Ah! But sometimes we ran into each other on the street. Then I had to think a long time what name I had given her. It was very hard for me. Understand? She didn’t call my name. She just came over and hugged me, saying, “Hey, how are You?” And I said, “Hey! You still remember me? You remember me? Do you truly know me?” She said, “How can I not know You?” I said, “Then, what’s my name?” (So smart, so wise!) And she told me the name. Then I knew and said, “Ah! So you truly know me. That’s right.” There was no way I could remember so many names. After so many years, she still remembered me.

But it was difficult one time. I ran into two people. One had my name as Christina and the other one as Katharina. Then, one of them called me “Katharina” and the other one said, “Oh? Are you Katharina?” I said, “Oh, that is my middle name! We Chinese have three or four names. Don’t you know?” Like Cheng, Long, Heaven, then Katharina, Christina. That’s how it is. I just picked one at random. Sometimes I liked this one and other times – another one. Besides, it was all in the past, otherwise it would be very troublesome. Understand? They might think I was a crook.

That was when I was abroad. In Taiwan (Formosa), I’ve had enough trouble, let alone when I was all by myself abroad! I had to protect myself. I couldn’t let them know everything. Understand? Even at the hospital, I dared not reveal my real name. I dared not give them my photo. I was afraid they might identify me. Besides, they had prepared... For example, I said, “I need a few photos, passport-size photos, do we have it?” No. Then they just took photos from Supreme Master TV, cut them out and gave me a dozen. As I needed them for the driving license, etc. I was in a hurry and had no time to look for a photo booth. So, I had to use those!

At that time I had to apply for many things from the government here, many applications to make after my return here. I had to affix my photo on these applications. They helped me to affix the photo. Ah! I looked so young in them! They used the most famous photos from Supreme Master TV that were taken 10 years ago. Then the two sisters there, one was an initiate and the other a non-initiate, said, “This one looks so familiar! Could someone be impersonating Master with this photo and name?” “I have this same picture at home. So how can I forget? Is this really Her? Could someone be impersonating Her with this photo and name?” Ai-ya! I had to give a lengthy explanation to prove that it was me. Ai-ya! I tell you. My life is like a movie, with many details that I can’t tell you all. Sometimes, if I remember, I’ll tell you. I can’t tell you everything at once.

I still have some work to do now. But I’ve spared a little time to come and see you. Just to say thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Bye-bye! (OK. Thank You, Master.) God bless. (OK. Thank You, Master. Please take care.) Our staff or people who are busy would forget about God. Right? Whether Hes blesses us or not, we have no time to think about it. We’re too busy preparing food. Understand? We don’t think that much. The same with me. I don’t care who’s speaking good about us or who’s not.

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