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Between Master and Disciples

Knowing Yourself Through Diligent Questing, Part 7 of 7, Oct. 2, 2006

Lecture Language:English,Spanish (Español)
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One of my birds is my grandma. She behaves exactly the same. She loves me, so she wants to come to be near, that’s all. She doesn’t have to. But when she goes back, she’ll be higher, even. Even that. Double business! Love and be with me, and also elevate meanwhile. What a lucrative business.

(So much more expensive to have a car.) I know. (We don’t have cars, so we are not rich.) I know but…. (So, I would like to offer my job. I can drive if You like.) We’ll see. (I am a bus driver, officially.) Wonderful. Very good. You have your license with you? (Yes. And I have a card with this this…) A car. You say bus driver. (Credit… my credit card with this…) With a… gold thing in the middle. (Yes.) Yeah. OK. I got it. I got it. (Yes, and it’s gold MasterCard.) Of course. Of course. Your MasterCard is better than my MasterCard. What then?

(Master, I can also drive for You too.) You can drive. (I’m in Austria, I’m going back to Austria. I’m in Europe. I’m not doing anything, I’m available 24 hours a day.) Oh wow! Two drivers. What shall I do? Mini mini mini mo. OK. We will talk later, OK guys. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. Do you have license? (Yeah. International license.) Good. (Yeah. GPS expert too.) Do you have that… Good. Because do you have that credit card with the gold stuff in the middle? No. (I’m not sure, maybe, I’m not sure.) Oh. OK. (I don’t know how to use GG…) GPS. Oh. (That I don’t know.) OK. (Maybe we can go together.)

And where do I put my extra driver there? The one that hang around, you know, that come here with. He walk home. We don’t care about him. We put him on top of the car like a luggage. Tie him up. He is small, easy. Put in a luggage and tie it up on the roof, and never fall down. High level. Anyone else? Thanks anyway. We talk about it. But my car is an electronic car, it’s electric car. (Tiptronic.) What did you say? (Tiptronic.) Tiptronic, is that what they call it? So, I don’t know if you can handle the GPS.

Kenny. Maybe you show them show their talent, see if they are as good as they say. He doesn’t know anything about electronic, this GPS believe me. That’s how I got 36 hours. Don’t trust him. Yeah, of course he drives for you a normal car, no problem. But how come anybody drive for me and becomes complicated. This is a very easy car, it’s electric car, just, it just an economic car and no pollution car. But maybe the GPS also new, newly developed, new, maybe new style. It’s not the same, maybe. (Is there any way we can look at the book for the car.) Yes, there’s a book in there. Kenny, you give them the book. Or did you practice meanwhile, anytime, no.

(I’ve been reading the book, Master. Also Vish gave me another GPS system.) You what? (I’ve got another GPS system.) The Tom Tom? Why we have the best GPS we have to….OK. We use both. Did you buy the Tom Tom already? (Vish had got one already, before. Vish.) She bought it… he bought it for us, or you borrow it from him? (He brought one with him.) Which he bought it for me. Right? (Yes. He brought one with him though.) Good. Good. I guess it’s for me then because he’s not driving here, so it’s for me I guess because I told him to. Just in case one GPS goes wrong. Never go wrong, go wrong, go wrong. Use a Tom Tom. The Tom Tom, you brought one for me right Vish? Thank you. (I have a Tom Tom.) Tom Tom is easier. Maybe this one is too advanced.

The two brainpowers, one from England, one from Germany, cannot figure it out. And they make me 16 hours more. Yeah, we had a map. I know they did have a map, but I don’t know why or where they’re going. And I was resting, meditating, and I trust the guys. Now, you two, three, work together, see which one is the best. And we like take lotto, see which one is the driver. Better I have a choice. Before I didn’t have a choice. Just stick with one guy. What about that song, “Stand by your man,” I won’t. Oh, my God! One man is not enough for me, I need a dozen. One to drive, one to clean, one to take care of dogs. One to cook. And one to do the gardening. Two to drive is better, because one is too much.

The people who want to be a resident, please, I checked my crystal and saw your destiny is not there. I was asking the crystal ball all night, and he said, “No, no, no!” So, please no. Maybe later. I don’t have also a big house yet, anyway. You know, it’s a small house. And if too many people come, it’s too uncomfortable for you. Maybe you don’t need a house, maybe you just meditate all night, then it saves me a lot of money, too. Saves rooms. What else, what else? What else? Yeah, there!

Usula first. What, love? (Tomorrow we have to all move out, and the ones that stay, we’re going to move to a hotel near the beach. Will You come with us?) The beach. It’s a good idea. (Yes. We can swim. We can have a fiesta tomorrow night.) Ah. Yum yum. Wow! Trying to tempt me. I could do that. It’s just that, I don’t know, I have a lot of work to do, paperwork. I don’t know how to transmit it here and print it out. I don’t know how to use a computer. (There must be a computer at the hotel, no? Can You get at Your computer?) I don’t have a computer. I don’t know how to even move the mouse. (We can help You.) I guess…. (We can help You.) I guess I could do that. (We have computers.)

Probably we could do something. I need to do it, you know, I need to approve something, on time. (Yes.) It’s a timing problem. It’s not like I can do it next year or next month or next week. I have time, (Yes.) you understand. Not my time, but your guys time. I have to do everything for the timing. Like maybe for television, I need to do it before next week, before Wednesday, before Tuesday. Oh man, whatever, so many things. I can’t begin to count it. Every day different documents to look at, to approve, to sign, books, all kinds of things. All kinds of things, they ask me.

Yes, but it sounds very nice. Who is moving to the beach? (We are all.) You are all moving? (Yes, we have to still look for a hotel, but there are quite a few people staying on until Wednesday or Thursday.) I’m very very sorry. (We thought we could all go together.) Yeah. Good idea. How many people go on the beach, raise hands? And did you organize already? (No, no.) No. (It’s not organized yet.) Not yet. But so how do you know… (We don’t even know how many are coming.) Yeah. Then how do you know that the hotel has room for you? (They said that… the Spanish told us that now the hotels are fairly empty,) Yeah. (and one Spanish sister is looking for a hotel.) What?

(Dear Master! A sister just got initiation at Budapest yesterday, today she has come here to see Master.) Yeah. And then? So what? Hi. OK. From Âu Lạc (Vietnam)? (Master, I just got initiation in Hungary yesterday.) Oh, did you? (I just flew here, today.) Oh, God! (I am so happy to see You.) Very good. Welcome. (Can I hug You, Master?) Come here. Slowly. Be gentle. Gentle.

(I’m very glad, I just got initiation yesterday.) Wow! So happy! (Thank You, Master.) Congratulations! Nice shirt, nice pants, dress up nicely, what else do you want? Are you from Hungary too? (I’m from Austria.) Austria. Can you speak Hungarian? You do? (No, I don’t.) Why not? (I’m from Austria. I’m from Austria and come to) Hungary, Hungary for… (Hungary for initiation and then…) Then come here. Aiya! (flew here. I flew here this morning.)

She is from Austria. She flew all the way to Hungary to get initiated, because they had initiation there, and then she flew back to Austria and then flew back here. That’s why so excited! Nobody understands her problem. Understood. You knew it all already. You knew the heart already. (Oh, I am so happy.) There’s no problem at all! (No problem!) Come, I’ll get you some (vegan) chocolate.

Oh, God! Poor young girl! Do you have enough money to travel that much? (Quite a bit.) Quite a bit? That’s good! I’m just worried you don’t have money. If you don’t, I would be sorry. All right, no problem. Anybody who’s a newcomer today? Anyone who’s just come? Anyone just arrived? Come here. You know, maybe later, when I have a bigger land, you guys can just come run around, and don’t need to do anything.

You’re beautiful! What’s your name? (Elizabeth.) Elizabeth. I knew you before, right? Yeah. You look a little different now. Short hair? (Yes.) Ah, beautiful. Suits you. Look like a monk. Yeah. (Master.) Yes. (I also came last night.) You came last night. (Yes.) Me too.

There you are! They’ve been eating a lot, so you have not, so you can get some. Share it if you want. Not everybody, just a couple of your neighbors. I have a lot of (vegan) chocolate, guys. If you want, I’ll give it to you. Do you want? (Yes!) Help to bring the (vegan) chocolate from my house. Any more questions, guys? Looks like you don’t want to go eat. I also love you. I love to stay with you also. But maybe another time. I really love this climate, even though it’s a little bit hot. But it’s better than raining and cold, no?

How is the climate in Croatia? (But it’s grown quite…) Similar like this or colder? (Just a little bit colder. Little bit colder.) How sunny? Cold OK, but how sunny? Is it foggy or… (No, no, no, no. It is a lot of sun. Yeah.) Yeah, it’s like Cote d’Azur? For example. (Yes, it’s similar, yes, because it’s a lot of summer.) It’s just similar cold to like Monaco, Nice? (No, no, no, no. It is a little bit northern. It is a strong wind) Oh colder. (from time to time.) OK. (Yes. But this part of Istria is not strong winds.) Your part. You mean the part of your house. (Yes, the first, the first choice is not this. It’s east. (Yes.) And it’s near the sea. Next to the sea? (Yes, it is.) OK.

It’s applying for EU member, right? How long? One more year, two more years? (For what?) EU member. Croatia is coming to EU member, right? European. (Yes, we hope in two years.) In two years. Oh, OK. Tick. (But it is also the reason that I could ask You maybe. It is the heavy karma in Croatia, and we see this…) No, the karma is not for the Croatian people. They are not. (For nationality.) No, they’re very good people. (Yes, the people is good but the government stopped. They they…it’s break. Now they… with break. Slowly, they drive very slowly.) Ah, they’ll be OK. (Yeah?) They are OK now already. (That is the problem. Yeah. But the people is very nice.) They are… (They’re very open and) Very friendly. (successful, yes, friendly.) And sweet. I know, I know. (Yes, yes, it is.) I really like that country. (Yes. Yeah.) Just you know my problem. But maybe in the future, we can work it out. (Yes, it is.) Can work it out. Yeah? (Yes, I hope.)

So, in Sweden, no dogs need vaccination? But before you come in there, you have to show it, right? That your dogs are OK. Where, where? (She’s there.) Before you come in, at the border, do they check? (I think so.) OK. (Not always.) Yeah, I know, but if there’s so many dogs, they might check. (Yes, because there are many diseases in Europe.) Of course, of course! They want to stop it and keep their country healthy. (Yes.) I have nothing against that. It’s good. It’s good. And also, it’s like an island outside of the EU, so it’s easy for them to check, and establish a checkpoint, just like England. That’s why they do it. (Yes, but they don’t do it much anymore.) They don’t? (No.) Did you drive through Sweden? Anybody drive from Sweden to here? (No need.) No need. But when we come into Sweden, do they need? (Yes.) Thank you!

(Maria has a dog. Maria is sitting here. She has a dog, we wanted to go to this island that belongs to Finland, and the island is like Sweden, but it was not possible. So, she wanted to take her with vaccination.) I know. I know, I know. (It’s very, very,) Strict. (very strict in Sweden. Very, very, very...) Oh, God! Thanks for telling me! She doesn’t have a dog; she doesn’t know anything. (She has cats...) A small cat, sometimes nobody cares. (But she has a dog.) A little cat, nobody cares. Sometimes you can put it in the luggage, even. But ten dogs, and one is a half of a horse size... You know, the Great Dane size. Great Dane, you know? The biggest dog size!

(Master, when you come from abroad with dogs, you need to leave your dogs in the quarantine.) Oh, terrible! No, no. (For six months...) Quarantine, no! (Yes, for six months.) Then I don’t go! Scary, I know that. That’s why many countries, I cannot go. I don’t like my dogs to suffer. They are very healthy, and if you put them in that kind of environment, maybe they would get sick. They’re sick because lovesick also. I mean, how often can I go and visit them? I can’t just sit there 24 hours. And maybe they get sick even, from canine sickness. I don’t trust this system. No, no, no! I will never leave my dogs in anywhere like that, no! I’d rather they stay at home, and I come back and forth, back and forth. They’re safer like that. They’re in the same house, they have the same caretakers - three people taking care of them, sometimes more, it depends on who left. And I train them well. I’m very strict with the dog caretakers - make sure they clean well and they feed them well, everything. So I can leave them there, and one week, two weeks later, I come back. Maybe they miss me, but they won’t be in danger. And I talk to them every day. I say, “I come back, come back. Don’t worry.” Sometimes I call on the phone and give it to the dogs, “Hey!” Sing songs. And they bark at the phone, ”Woof, woof!”

You had to move? From Israel? (From Israel to the UK, and I had to leave my dog with my parents.) Vaccine? (And she got sick.) Oh, you lived with your parents, she got sick. (I left her and my cat there, and the dog got sick. And now they put her to death.) Oh, God! (But I want to thank You, because You take care of her.) I know, but it’s terrible. (Yes, it is.) It’s your dog; you miss her. And it’s terrible. Never mind. Dogs get sick sometimes, of course. Not because of your parents. It’s their destiny maybe. But at least I know what’s going on. I don’t want to do anything that’s risky. (But Master, is it correct, or is it just my mind confusing me, that she was my grandma incarnated into that dog?) No. One of my birds is. One of my birds is my grandma. She behaves exactly the same. She loves me, so she wants to come to be near, that’s all. She doesn’t have to. But when she goes back, she’ll be higher, even. Even that. Double business! Love and be with me, and also elevate meanwhile. What a lucrative business.

It’s cooler now, hey? (Yes.) You know what? Behind there is the coolest point. Behind there, with the camera man there. It’s very cool. It’s nothing like this. When you go there, it’s like a different country. Yeah really. You go behind there, everybody sits there because it’s so cool. Yes. So it’s not too bad, depends on where we sit. Also cool where they sit. Next to the windows. Just in the middle here it’s a little hot. Because too many people. And the heat accumulates up here before they come out. The heat always comes up and it stays around here until it comes out. So hotter. OK guys. So they are going to a hotel. Anybody going? You understand what they’re saying? Some people are staying, so they preferred to stay in a hotel. And then they wanted me to stay there with them. (Hi, Master.) Hi. Yeah? (I was thinking if there’s no more questions, I’d just pass my poem and my letter to you.) Your poem, OK.

I hardly call any contact person unless something urgent, like helping the people and something like that. Everybody go eat now. Any more complaints, anybody lose faith in me? (No.) You did? That boy. No, the man. You did lose faith in me? Not him. Where are you from? No not you, I know you, the man. (Poland.) Poland. (Yes.) Oh. Can you speak English very well? (A little only.) Oh, that’s why. Nobody translate for the Polish? Why didn’t you sit next to him? Next time you sit next to him, he knows English well. He’ll translate for you. OK then. Go. Thank you. See you.

Everybody share. Share. Share. Share it. A lot. Share it. No more choco. It’s good one. Here, here, here, share. Share with everybody. Open and share. Open, share. There you are. Share. You share, OK. Nine persons. Nine persons, one. (Thank You.) Yeah. There you go. Share, but with nine persons. Here. Share it. Only the one who doesn’t have. You don’t have anything yet? No chocolate, no cake yet? Chocolate is already good. Because I don’t have enough chocolate, so I give you this, OK. If you have already chocolate, let somebody else have it. OK. Anybody who doesn’t have, raise your hand. Anybody who has no chocolate, no cake? Share it. I don’t have enough so please share, OK. Only if you don’t have anything, then you take. You don’t understand. They don’t want to understand me. That’s it. Share it. That’s it. “Finito.” Anybody who don’t have anything? Don’t have chocolate? Hey, anybody who doesn’t have? Only the one who doesn’t have. (Yes) Hey! Help. Share, OK. Share with everyone. (Everything?) It’s the same, share. Here love. Share.

 (Master, please let me have one bag, so I can give it to the people in the restaurant.) (Do we have enough? Enough? I don’t have it yet, Master.) Share it, okay? You want this or not? (Yes.) (Share it.) (It’s all gone. Finished.) All gone, right? (Yes, nearly finished. It’s all gone.)

OK guys. Listen. We have good news. You can stay, but I probably have to go, tomorrow or next day. But you can stay, OK. You can stay. No need hotel. Anybody understand? (Yes.) You can stay for a few more days, but not too long. OK? (Yes.) But somebody already booked their tickets. No? Anybody who rebooked the ticket to go tomorrow? Not yet. But you can stay. You can stay for a while, but not too long, please. Maybe Sunday max. (Yes.) All right. Yes. And whoever go away please room away the tents, so it looks less. Any time, we don’t need any tents, please, fold it neatly and put it in the storeroom, maybe for use next time or take it home with you, please. If it’s your tent, please, take it home with you, because we don’t have enough storeroom here. I don’t see any storeroom. All right? (OK.) Room is for sleeping. Otherwise, everybody comes here and leave all their belongings in case they come back next time, it’s too much. It would be like a storage and then it is not very lucky.

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