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Between Master and Disciples

Knowing Yourself Through Diligent Questing, Part 6 of 7, Oct. 2, 2006

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It’s very easy to go up also, but it’s more easy to go down even, that’s the problem. Never mind, take your time, enjoy. Enjoy life, enjoy meditation, enjoy everything together. Big packet. Don’t worry, even if you don’t believe me now, when you die, you will, because I’m the only one that comes.

(Evidence for progress. How can I understand that I’m progressing?) Oh, how long you been initiated? (Seven years.) Seven years and you still don’t understand that? (Because before I know You, I had the first level enlightenment and many things happened to me, experience and... And then when I get to initiating, anything can happen, but I’m very happy, very lucky and very loving, wise. But no experience or vision. But I feel I’m progressing. I don’t know why.) Then it’s good, then it’s good. I told you many times. Sometimes you meditate, you go to a different level which is outside of the mind or the brain cannot record it. So when you come back, you forget. (Why? It’s mind which is full of word and stupid studying.) No, the mind is lower level than the soul. The mind cannot go too far. (OK.) For example, you have the car. You need the car to come here. But the car cannot drive into this meditation hall. And even the car drives into this meditation hall, the car doesn’t understand anything that we are talking about. (OK.) The car, the mind, the brain, just the car. (OK.) OK?

(Another question.) Yeah, sure. (I need to know what, how much about You I can tell to my family and my friends.) How much? (How much about You? Can I tell them You are God? Because…) Don’t tell them nothing! (Nothing?) I don’t even want to tell you that. (They miss You!) You just tell them I’m a spiritual teacher, a yoga teacher, teach you to meditate, teach you to be vegetarian, teach you to be compassionate. That’s it. (There’s many teachers in the world.) You say you just like me. You have affinity with me. (OK.) There are many universities, for example, but the students don’t all go to Oxford. They don’t all go to Princeton University. Or Harvard. They go to different universities and that’s all right. Just tell them that. (OK. And now because I’m not afraid to speak with You…) You’re not what? (Afraid. Nervous. I was nervous to speak with You before this. Now I’m talking.) OK.

(Another thing I’m curious is the life in the Fifth Heaven in details.) In detail? (Can You tell us how it is?) No. (Thank You, thank You very much.) I’m sorry, no human language. Not too much. Just very big, bright light and loving, and kind and blissful. That’s all I can say about an apple. Sweet. Beautiful. Juicy. But you have to eat it. Oh, dear. You have not been there, that’s why. Maybe you have but you don’t know. No not yet, that’s why. Not yet. You will be. You need two more levels, then you will be on the Fifth Level. Wow. That’s very high already. There was a new soldier. He wrote a letter to his grandma. He said, “Grand, your grandson is very, very high now in the army, high ranking in the army. Just thirteen more ranks and I become colonel.” Is that nice? How many more ranks until you become the Fifth Level Master?

Anymore questions? Because tomorrow is last day. Ask now. Maybe I’ll go early, maybe I’ll go later. I think I better go early. Tomorrow ... to answer. Yeah, over here! (My body is tormenting me.) Why? It’s too hot? Too hot. (No, I can cope with the hot.) What is it then? Are you ill or something? (No.) What is it then? (It’s just I think I eat too much!) I am so sorry. Definitely my fault. (No.) OK. Enjoy your food at least. (Yes, I do that,) So? (but I want to be slim and nice and no pain when I meditate.) Oh. So what do I do? I eat less for you and I meditate for you? (Just…) Yeah? (Well, You can just tell me to do it.) To do what? I am not a nutritionist. (I can…I know how to do it.) Yeah? Then please do it. (Yes, thank You. I need to hear that.) Please. Please, for your sake. What will you do, you stop eating? That’s not it. (I just… I do the master cleansing.) What is that? (We got it from the messenger.) Ah. (Just like fasting for some time.) Fasting! That’s very difficult. (Ten days or something.) Yeah, you can do it, one week, ten days, it won’t hurt, but it’s difficult. (Yes, it is.) Anyway, you could also… you don’t have to fast, but… OK, maybe after fast… If you want to fast you fast, I don’t recommend all that, OK. (It’s faster.) I don’t recommend all that. And you could eat something like those without fat. When you fry stuff you don’t fry, you boil it, for example. Then you don’t have to avoid the food all together, but still can slim down. If your body cannot assimilate fat so good and it builds up then you just eat simple things. Like for example, I don’t know, brown rice and some boiled vegetables. Or before if you use a lot of fat, and now you use a little bit less fat. Like before you use two spoons of oil, now you use just one spoon or half a spoon and you put a little water in it if you want to stir fry something. The effect is almost the same, and you don’t feel like you’re missing oil or anything. And there are soya yoghurts without fat and (vegan) ice-cream without…without (vegan) cream. And some drinks without sugar, without alcohol, without caffeine. You can drink a coffee, decaffeinate. Without sugar, without (vegan) cream, without caffeine. For example! Or you can eat some light bread. There are many things without oil, without fat for you. Or at home you go slow with oil. Like salad, mostly you use a lot of olive oil, and vinegar. You make me hungry. So, now you use a little oil and lots of vinegar, but not a lot or it’s too sour. Normally I don’t even need oil or vinegar, I just put a few drops of Maggi (sauce) and it’s tasty. That’s enough. And some brown rice, and a little sesame sprinkled on it, that’ll be fine. And fruit, but fruit sometimes is too sweet. (Yes, it is.) Eat lemon then. It’s also a kind of fruit. Yes?

All right, yes. (I want to know if in our destiny, it’s written which level we become in this life or not, if we practice every day the meditation.) You can go to the Fifth Level, no? Maximum. Or you can go... (But it’s not written that you can find the level that depends on your honesty and practice?) You mean a written document saying that in five years you’ll reach the Fifth Level? (No, like destiny... in our destiny, it’s written that maybe you’ll find the Fifth Level in this life, or not?) In each of you? It depends, depends. Anybody can go to the Fifth Level, I told you already. But some go... (In this life?) Yes! Some already did! But they fell down again, that’s the only problem. It’s difficult to hold on to something so great. Or they climb up again, climb up again. Somebody can go to the Fifth Level in this lifetime. Some already did, some already did. But I don’t want to announce anymore, because last time I announced, and then just a while later, they “boop!” And I feel I lose my face. I’m losing faith in you! It’s very easy to go up also, but it’s more easy to go down even, that’s the problem. Never mind, take your time, enjoy. Enjoy life, enjoy meditation, enjoy everything together. Big packet. Don’t worry, even if you don’t believe me now, when you die, you will, because I’m the only one that comes.

Let’s go eat. Any more questions or not? Yes, yes. Wait. Yeah, chocolate. (Actually, I really have received nothing but benefit from You, since I’ve seen You.) You have no benefit? (No! I’ve received nothing but benefit ever since...) Ah, you’ve seen a lot of benefit. (No, no harm, no harm, so...) No harm at all, of course. (No harm at all. So, when I started practicing, I just followed it, because I had no reason to disbelieve You. So it was just benefit of the doubt. And in the beginning, I asked for proofs, and everything I asked, all kinds of proofs came.) You were testing me! (I even felt like... I wasn’t ridiculous, so even subconsciously, even I felt if I asked for the sky to split and a flower to come down, I felt it would have happened.) It would happen? (I felt.) Please don’t ask for that thing. (I didn’t ask.) So you have enough proof now. (I’ve stopped asking for proof, because I’ve already laid down my conditions, and You have won me completely.) Oh, thank you! (So, I cannot pay you back.... So, and You never ask for anything. Everything I’ve received was really unconditional, and so I’ve received so much benefit. So right now, I really don’t care where You take me, and so I just follow You blindly.) Good boy, good boy. I like that. (And,) Yeah, this one. (anyway, once that happened, I progressed faster.) Wonderful! Because you already put down everything. (Yes, I did.) That’s good, that’s the best. You are free. That means you’re free.

  1. This brother here, the brother of your sister. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (Thanks for everything.) You’re welcome. (Ah. I have these experiences.) You are what love? (I have experience of, on both the hips and the middle of the spine) Oh, you had operation, all right. (No, no not operation.) What? (No, no operation. I didn’t have operation.) What did you say? (I have, I keep feeling these experiences while like things rising.) you feel the energy rising up. (Everywhere, even the throat.) Oh, that’s the kundalini, energy that’s been set free. (It’s going on for about two years and it’s…) Uncomfortable or comfortable? (Very uncomfortable. It’s all tangled up. It’s not…) I know. I know. It’s not free. OK. (It’s all going up sometimes going on down.) Oh, God. (On all that part. So is it going to… Even if I eat anything, simple things, even simple things, it still start… as soon as I eat anything it just starts become) Oh. (And it goes on 24 hours.) Since when? Since when? (About two years.) Since when? Before or after initiation? Before or after initiation? (Around the time I read Your book. I begin to know Your Quan Yin Method. and I have to get; I listen to chakra meditation tape. So, I don’t know. Could it be that? But the other thing is, I have this constipation problem for ages, for since I was young.) OK. (And another thing I found out. I didn’t know this, but I keep hearing this whistle like sound, since I was probably ten or something. In the left ear more. Right ear less. So is it some sort of connection and because it’s so difficult for me to, sometimes I can’t even think, when it goes on 24 hours, seven days, like continuous? So is it cleansing?) It’s been going on since you were young. Is it… (Last two years. But this whistle I hear, that’s going on since I was) Young. (young.) So, is it become better at all? (Today I feel a lot better.) Oh, wonderful. (So, thanks very much. So, is it just a cleansing or…?) You have some knots inside, obviously. But it will be better, all the time. OK? (OK.) Ah. Did you go often to group meditation? Do you have the time? (Yes, yes, yes. I most I go weekly.) Be patient. It will be better. (And it pulls here as well, everywhere. It’s even the nose, and I cannot, the main thing is I cannot bring my focus to the wisdom eye.) You cannot focus because… (Yeah.) I told you not to pay attention to the body. Not pay attention to the body. Remember at the time of initiation, no attention to the body. Just here. If you cannot focus, you use your fingernails. Do a little bit, any time. Like that. Remember. (Yeah, sure.) Push it up a little bit. Put your fingernail sharp. Grow it a little longer and zit. (OK. Thanks very much, Master.) That’s why I have fingernails long. So I can... At least I can point to your… Yes, you’re welcome, welcome.

All right. What next? No. Over there behind, very far. Yeah, what? (Master, we have got a big donation for the German association and...) From where? (From a guy who sold his house.) Is that a disciple? (Yes.) So what does he want to do? (Oh, the donator doesn’t mind. It’s up to us to decide.) Where is he? (I think.) Is he here? (No.) So why you ask me? He gives it to you, why you ask me? (I just wanted to ask, if You would like us to buy something.) In Germany? (Yes, or Austria.) It’s too cold. (Or whatever.) It’s too cold for us. You do what you want with it. I don’t take anything from that. (All right.) I don’t want to know even. (Thank You.) You’re welcome. (May I just say that we want to support the advertisement for alternative living.) OK. You can do it if you want. (If some centers want to advertise and don’t have money, they can ask me.) Sure, but we, I, the headquarter is already supporting them all the time, up until now. If you want, you can chip in. It’s OK. (OK.) Whatever you like to do. (OK.) All right. It’s your guy’s money. I’m not taking any of that. Up to now, some centers don’t have enough money for the alternative living, so we send them money anyway. If they want to pay it themselves, it’s OK. If not, we always support in any activities or charity or something like that. Because sometimes they want to do it, but they don’t have enough finance. So I always tell the headquarters, because we have money reserved for that, for all kinds of charitable work. So if anybody request it, they send it. Anything, anything at all. How much is it? Is it a lot? Four hundred thousand? (Approximately.) So where does he live now? Where does he live? If he sells his house, where does he live? (I think he’s here.) Where is he? Who is the guy? Does he have a room to live? (Yeah. I think so.) Where is that rich guy? I want to know. (You know him. He sold his house.) Oh, it’s OK. Very good. Good for him. Good for him. I don’t really need that money at all. You do what you want. Tell him, ask him what he wants to do with it. It’s fine. I don’t need it. Then you guys sit together. Discuss with him together in the whole center what to do. (All right. Thank You.) Don’t need ask me. It’s not my money. And I don’t want to… (I just wanted to know what You would like.) I what? (I wanted to know what You would like.) No, I don’t like nothing. (OK.) 400 is nothing, it’s too little anyway. (OK.) No, truly! What is it? (I must leave you.) OK. Please go. (I’m sorry. Are You sure You don’t need anything?) You can keep it; you can keep it. (The money.) Keep the money. (Thank You.) No worry. Go home and take care of yourself. If you want to go you go, don’t worry about it. Don’t make a big deal out of nothing. You’re a big guy. Go and play the flute. (Yes.) Don’t worry. I love you. (I love You.) Come give me a hug. Don’t let your mind trick you. Don’t let your brain trick you. Goodbye. Oh. How? How do you go home? Do you have a car? (No, but I have enough money.) You look like normal now, good.

Any more questions guys? No. Then we go and eat, no. I’m not hungry but you guys go and eat because you’ve been, starving, no? Where is the…. what’s the guy from Germany, what’s his name? Kenny, what’s the guy from Germany’s name? Mark. Is he still here? Oh. There. There you are. You still have no license, but the paper. Who is driving? Oh, you have a driving license. (But I…) Oh, I probably will. But you, you must go back to your country to work, no? You are working in Hungary now or in Sweden? (I’m in Sweden. And I….) So, how is your job doing? (I quit already.) You did! (I have three more weeks, but it’s that kind of job that I work if I want.) OK. I understand. (I just call them and tell please I work tomorrow, is it OK?) Oh. I understand. (They say “yes.” So I don’t have to go.) OK. So why did you quit? (Because later we will go to Hungary, and then we go to Thailand. We take one-year holiday.) Very rich. (No, no, no, no. Nowadays those who have no money they fly. Those who have money they drive car,) Yes. (you know because to fly very cheap nowadays.) Fly is also very cheap actually.

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