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Between Master and Disciples

Knowing Yourself Through Diligent Questing, Part 5 of 7, Oct. 2, 2006

Lecture Language:English,Spanish(Español)
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Reunited means be one with what you are. So that is yoga. So yoga, meditation, is the same - bringing you back to your higher Self, lifting you up, making you regain your great Self before coming down here, making you realize who you really are.

When we love each other, we look in the same direction. That’s what it is. Don’t have to look at each other all day long. Sometimes it is good like this, you see? It’s good. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be that we have an ashram, if we come there and sleep all day. Maybe we should go out. You see, like that. And now and again, see each other wherever the opportunity arises. Then we have lots of things to ask each other, to tell each other, to amuse each other and to be happy to see each other. And because we haven’t seen each other for a long time, we’re happy to see each other. And because we even haven’t seen each other at all, ever, and this is the first time, we’re also happy to make new acquaintances. And because we haven’t seen each other at all, or we don’t even live with each other, we’re not even real brothers and sisters, and we live in harmony together like this, this is a real good example, also. It doesn’t have to be that we live together to prove that we are a peaceful group, right? This is good like this.

Suppose we live around each other all the time, it might not even be good. Sometimes personality problems, or I don’t know, whatever. Or too much idleness, and then maybe you don’t grow that much. So even if people stay with me in the ashram, like residents, they have to have their own work to do. To keep the mind alert, keep the body in shape, to keep the intelligence going or developing.

Whatever you don’t use, it goes kaput. Just like a machine. You see the people who do gymnastics, they use their muscles, therefore, they develop like that. In the beginning, they were just like you. Even skinny and slim and have no muscles, nothing! But if they go to the gym for two, three, four times a week, practice like one hour, two, three hours, it depends, per day, then after a while you see them different. Very muscular. Because they practice!

The brain is the same. You have to practice with it, to use it. Use it! The more you expose yourself to different situations and demands, the more your mind, your brain, will be able to cope with different diversity. You can develop your IQ only that way. If together, everything is so easy, it’s also good, but it’s not always the best. Whatever is good is fine. Whatever is convenient for us, whatever is there, whatever is arranged, whatever is easy, that means it’s meant for us. If it’s not, why force the issue? We have our home, we have connection together inside, and we have videos, DVDs. Nowadays, you don’t even have to see the Master - you can learn it at home. But you must learn. Must learn! To see the Master, it’s also fine. Just that you’re more determined. Maybe you see Her, and you say, “I’d better get going, because She will scold me. She doesn’t look at me the same way like She looks at the neighbors, so I must have been lacking in meditation.” Or something like that.

Also, even if you don’t meditate... I really don’t like to let the people who don’t meditate come here, because they tend to ask lousy questions. They drag everybody back down to the mental level. Arguments back and forth, splitting hairs, and make people feel agitated. And we are just up here, and they say, “Come down there! There’s some dirt on the road.” We’re already flying, and they put it back to the terminal. So it is not very good. But even then, these kinds of people, if they come around to group meditation, after a while, maybe they remind themselves to meditate. So, the Master is there just to remind you also. So you are more fortified. And then when you come home, you’ll be strong - for a while! A few days, a few days! A few days only. A few days. Something like that. But better than nothing. Some are more, some are less. So it’s useful. It’s useful. But you must study. You must study at home. Like your English teacher - it’s the same with everything: your English teacher teaches you in the school, in the class, some. But he assigns you homework. You have to go home and read this, read that, and write this, write that, answer this, answer that, and pronounce this, pronounce that at home by yourself. Otherwise, when you go back to the class, everybody’s studied and knows how to answer and understands exactly what the teacher is teaching because we’re already up to the next lesson. All the homework is for the next lesson. And the one who doesn’t study understands nothing, and still asks a question about yesterday, if he knows how to even ask in English!

Same! Same with spiritual practice. We must practice! That’s why we call it spiritual practice. And we call you the practitioner. We call ourselves the spiritual practitioner. Even yoga! Yoga means reunion. So you have to reunite with the God, with the God-Self within you, or with your higher Self, reunite. But how do you do that if Hes is here and you’re looking there, or you go somewhere else. Reunited means be one with what you are. So that is yoga. So yoga, meditation, is the same - bringing you back to your higher Self, lifting you up, making you regain your great Self before coming down here, making you realize who you really are.

Because the Master has already chopped, shed, polished all the dirt that’s surrounding your beautiful diamond-Self at the time of initiation. So just a little bit every day, if some new dirt comes, you have to push it away, so that you stay the same like the time of initiation. And get more and more shine and shining all the time. The Master cannot do all things for you. Use your will and your power to your Self. No matter if I’m standing there a hundred thousand years, telling, “You’re great! You’re great, man! You’re Buddha! You’re Buddha! Believe me, you are Buddha,” what’s the use of that? Do you convince yourself by listening to me? Are you convinced that you are Buddha by just listening to me saying, “You’re great, you’re great!” Do you believe me? You do! But you can’t connect, or you might not even believe me! You’ll say, “Master, She doesn’t know me at all. She doesn’t know what I am. Oh, I wouldn’t tell Her! If She knew, She wouldn’t say I’m a Buddha, She wouldn’t say I’m great. So I’d better keep quiet, so She thinks at least...” Cheating the Master. “Let’s cheat Her, let Her think that I am the Buddha. She doesn’t know a thing. Never mind!” It’s no use. You are the one who has to know it, and through meditation, through truly diligent questing to know your Self, so that you can be comfortable with your Self here, and then you’ll be comfortable with your Self in Heaven. Cool. Any more questions? Somebody wants to ask. Yeah, here! Wow! Did I talk too much for one question? (No!) It’s just like a title, a headline, so that I can expound the details.

Yes, ma’am? (I’m very happy that You are here. I want to know about two Spanish saints well known. They are Saint John of the Cross and Saint Teresa of Jesus. (yes.) Saint John of the Cross passed away surrounded by his friars and they sang the psalm that said: what a joy when they told let’s go Home.) Yeah, explain it. (I want to know, what kind of, of saints they were? If they were enlightened?) (OK. She…The first thing that she wants to say: Thanks to be here. And the second one: she wants to ask You for two people. The first one is… What is the name of the first one?) First question, first. (Saint Teresa of Ávila.) what? (and Saint John of the Cross. She wants to ask you for Saint Teresa of Ávila and Saint John of the Cross, when they die, they sing a song like… How is the song?) (What a joy when told us let’s go to Lord’s House.) (We are very happy when they told us go to the God’s house.) They sing that song, happy song? That’s good. It’s very good. (That is very good. She wants to know if they were enlightened.) At that time, if they sing the song? (No.) They still do now? (The two people that I told you about. That they were Saints, and if they were enlightened?) Yeah, of course they were enlightened. (OK.) Otherwise they wouldn’t have sung like that. (It’s good to read them, is good to read the poetic works from Santa Teresa and the verses of Saint John of the Cross if they are enlightened? Well and thank You very much, I’m so happy that You are here.) (She wants to know if it’s good to read about them, and just wants to tell You, thanks to be here.) Yeah, if it’s a good story, you read. A story about Saints is good to read. (That if the story is good, is a good story you can read it, you must read it.) What else? What do they do normally, these Saints? What do they do? (She was an incarnate.) She was incarnate.

(Hi Master!) Hi! (Yesterday, You met the initiates. It was very late last night, but everyone was still asking You questions. I saw that You seemed a bit tired.) No, no. (But I saw that the stage seemed to be pervaded with blessing power, like an energy current. And even the initiates off the stage all seemed to be in samadhi. You looked so beautiful and young.) Thank you. (But this morning when I saw You come on the stage, immediately I said, “Wow! Jesus Christ!”) OK. (I also want to thank You that I’ve been initiated for three years, and this is the first time I’ve seen You. I am very content. Even though we had a few problems, but I think we’re all very content. Thank You, Master.) Very good. Good, good. OK, good that you saw it. Don’t tell anyone else. Oh! Everyone heard it already! I said, whatever she said, keep it. Don’t tell anybody. But I said, “Oops, everybody heard it already.”

(Here, the meditation, the power is so strong, I lost control to concentrate. And I cried out three times; I lost control. I don’t know how to do it.) Never mind, just let it go. Over here, you don’t need to concentrate. You’re already out. How do you come back, concentrate? (OK.) OK? Understand? (All right. Thank You.) Any questions, guys? Good vision or anything? (You, Master.) Huh? (You!) Me? (Your Light.) My Light? What kind? How many colors do you see? (It’s white.) It’s white? (Just white.) Only one color. Oh, good. Because the Chinese, they see something, feel something. See a lot of blessing power, and see you guys all very blessed, like in samadhi. Although you are talking and looking at me, but you are in samadhi. Your soul is uplifted. So, it’s very good. That’s all. Only a couple of people see. The rest are blind, deaf, dumb, I guess. Anybody else? Yeah? What? Tell me a little bit of your good experience and vision.

(Dear Master, when You called the Asian initiates to go out there and gave them the Gift, I was meditating out there. The weather was very cool, and I had a vision of an eye. That eye had light rays coming out of it, without color. But I could see it very clearly, and the eye was very beautiful.) Ok! Good! Anybody? Yeah, here. I mean with open eyes even, now. (What I felt, by yesterday, I was feeling as if I was dreaming. So it was almost like my mind was kind of... I don’t know if it was the mind, or what it was, but it just felt very dreamy and very relaxing. And if that is what samadhi is, it’s wonderful, wonderful.) Good, good. (Thank You.) Welcome! Like you’re walking on the cloud. That’s because your soul is not inside your body, and you are guided like a remote control, so your body is just “floated,” like a puppet. Nice feeling! Anyone else? Yeah. There and there. Right? No go? Here, I guess. (Master. That night, the first night You recite the Five (Holy) Names with us, and You walk so softly around the road, and You touched my forehead with Your so soft hands. That’s the best thing that happened in my life. Thank You very much Master.) You’re welcome. Sometimes I can, just the one on the road. And outside sometimes.

It’s so hot. It’s good. I let you go out and have a drink, then you come back and meditate. Refresh yourself, come back and meditate, because it’s too hot. If you sit here, you will be dehydrated. What time is it? Yeah. You come back around four and meditate until five. OK? It’s too hot. Please go and drink a lot of water. Flush water a little bit and then come back. Do come back. I come back. I’m counting, one-two-three-four. I know.

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