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Between Master and Disciples

Always Be Mindful of Your Connection with the Divine, Part 1 of 6, Aug. 12-13, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Malay(Bahasa Melayu),Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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Everything is extra nowadays. Everything. Spiritual Progress, extra power. To support you, to help you. Vegan, yeah? Veganism, like Nutrition Reorientation. Nutrition Reorientation, that’s the power. That means if anyone who thought of being vegan before and it was so difficult, now he can pray and get the supporting power and become vegan, no problem. Even breatharian, Effortless Breatharian, you can also count on that, too. It doesn’t work on me, okay? So it’s all for you. For example, those powers you can have. Spiritual Progress Power, Spiritual Level Orientation, you can also tune in to it, then find out your level. Well, if you’re good enough. I’m not sure. The power is there. Okay? Just some can use this, some can use that, some cannot.

Power of Peace. So if before, they wanted to have peace, but they couldn’t talk to each other, or it didn’t work, this time it could work better. Because of Power of Peace. There are different Powers of Peace: Peace from God, Peace Total, Peace for Everyone, Peace Producing, in different levels. So of course the more I meditate, the more I bring down. Because the guardians of these places or Heavens, they don’t give too much. They don’t want to give any much power down here. It is true also. Even with the initiates. You are trying your best and you’re more purified, of course, but not complete. So at least I bring it down here. Because it’s my thing. I bring as much as I want, whenever I want. So if you can make use of it, this is the time. Especially for spiritual progress, and… There are so many things. Karma Annulation, Karmic Immunity, Love Return.

If you feel you have no love in your heart, then you can pray for that, and you can tune in to that power. Love Regain, if you think you lost love during some spiritual winter, or dark night of spiritual practice, you can pray for all that. Anything spiritually beneficial to you, it’s all there. All there. And I keep bringing more. So it depends on how much you can digest, how much you get. Because… For example, you can eat only two bowls of rice every day, or at a time. And if you try to eat three, then you will be uncomfortable. Or you might vomit or something like that. So, it is there, like I cook a big pot of rice, but you have to eat accordingly. It’s like that. It’s not like I limit that you will only have one bowl of blessing power, and he has two kilograms of spiritual blessing. It’s not like that. It’s just that each one grows accordingly, and then therefore, also takes blessing power accordingly. But you all will get uplifted and go to higher levels, eventually. If not in this lifetime, then slowly after you die.

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