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Knowing Yourself Through Diligent Questing, Part 2 of 7, Oct. 2, 2006

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I do have time for my dogs, but I do keep time for meditation and for myself, so that I can take care of things. I can shoulder the karma.

Sometimes I don’t know who I am, “Who are you?” I’m just joking, just joking. Because sometimes before, long ago, when I was still running around the world and talking nonsense, sometimes I’d meet this and that people, and they liked me. They didn’t even know I am the Master or anything. They just liked me and wanted to go out together. So they said, “OK, I’ll come tomorrow and get you about nine o’clock in the morning, and we’ll go out yachting.” Yachting, go on a boat. I said, “Nine o’clock? Oh, I wouldn’t even know my name at that time!” So, for most people, this is already a very active time. For me, I could, but not that active. I’m not there! I can do things, but like in a dream or something. So, at night, I don’t mean I’m better, but I’m more with the world. You understand me? (Yes, I do.) I am more with you. Or afternoon already is better, or around noon, then I begin to be acquainted with the surroundings more; I’ll be more tuned in with you and with the environment, and with the world, with the people. That’s what I mean, I guess. I told you, I don’t have eloquence anymore. It’s very difficult for me to explain just a simple thing like that. Now I got it. You got it? (Yes, thank You, thank You.) In the old time, I would make it quicker, right? I answered quicker. Maybe I’m getting old. (No.) Any more questions, love? (No. Thank You.)

All right. Next one there? On your right. (Hallo, dear Master.) Hi! (Can I have a little ask [question]?) When we go Home, because Your Home is far, can You come to look at us sometimes, to try to have a retreat like this.) Come to where? (Come to look at us, like at a retreat?) Where are you? (I mean, when we go…) When I went to Heaven? (When we go to Heaven. And we don’t need to bother police and everything.) Ah. OK. I don’t know. We’ll see if you need me or not. (Yeah, we need You.) I’ll be there. I’ll probably be everywhere. Watching over you, until you’re gone. Until you go back Home. I will not leave you alone, of course. Anywhere. Not just on retreat. (Thank You, Master.) Oh. Thank you. Just like that.

We probably should have waited for that piece of paper in order to come here. But it takes a long time, two, three months. At that time, we’ll be in Thailand already. It’s a different thing. And you don’t have a chance to sit so near like this every day. And that’s my house right there. Even if I don’t come here, but you just maybe turn over there to meditate, it’s the same. There, there, the same. Sometimes I sit with you, I cannot bear it. Maybe your power is too strong. You’re really tough guys. You meditate so well, you even kick me out of here.

Congratulations! Do meditate. It’s not a joke. What did you do all the time at home? Run around worrying about dogs and cats, just like me. I do have time for my dogs, but I do keep time for meditation and for myself, so that I can take care of things. I can shoulder the karma. The physical body is not enough to shoulder karma. Just when it’s too much, it comes out in some form or another. Otherwise, the body is not enough. This is not it. This is a small thing. OK, now, is it OK to meditate? Or is it too terribly hot? You can bear it? (Yes.) Well, I admire you. Let’s meditate then, see how long I can bear your power.

You want to ask some more questions? All right. Yes, brother. The brother of my sister. (There is connection. Hallo, Master. We are from Croatia.) You are from Croatia? (Yes.) Wow, very rare. Hi! (And we would like to share some good information that we collected during the summer about the convenient places for the group meditation, for the events, some cheaper places, also.) Yes. (The question is, to whom should we send the information? Who will check this and prepare for You?) Oh, to whom? You just send to the foreign group. (To foreign group.) And say Master allows. (Yes. Because now starts the convenient flights from London and Dublin to Pula. Pula is the airport on the south of the Istrian peninsula. And this is 19 euros, plus maybe 40 euros to other countries to come into London.) 30 Euros? (Yes.) That’s it? Whoa! (Altogether, it’s between 50-60 euros, possibly.) Oh, wonderful. I hadn’t thought about that. (And the place is not far, 30 or 40 km from the coast.) Yes! (It is a wood, it has a little river. And so…) Yeah? You have a place already? (Yes.) How big? (No, no, no. These are some possibilities. Someone…) Just like me. (No, but it exists. One place exists.) Yeah? (Yeah. This is one group of ecologists.) Yeah? (Yes.) One group? (Yes. They provide ecology.) I understand. But how do we get it? (No, we should talk. If You agree, if someone agrees, we should talk with the people there.) Oh no. (No, no. But near is another place which is empty. But we can see how it looks like.)

Ah. Oh, I can’t deal with all that. Go and talk and negotiate, I can’t. (No, no, someone should prepare for You, this is the question.) Please do. I can’t do it anymore. (OK.) I’ve been doing it too long, and it just doesn’t work, just because of me. (Yes, I know, just as a proposal first. Also, the other places on some islands, and the coast also.) Is it easy access by auto? (Now it is, because there are motorways.) I know that. I wanted… I have seen Croatia. Croatia? (Yes.) on the television. (Yes.) and it looked beautiful. Oh! It’s so nice. But it’s just… Is it OK with the authorities? They don’t know us, ever. I’m so tired to start anew somewhere, where people don’t know us. (It is OK because a lot of people from West Europe buy now the land.) I know. I know. I know. (In Croatia. Yes.) Very, very cheap. (Yes.) Very cheap. (Not very cheap, but convenient.) Oh, cheap, cheap, much cheaper than everywhere else right now. (Yeah. Yeah it is.) It’s one of the cheapest lands in Europe. In the continent of Europe.

Well, if you can start an association, whatever name, and you can get that piece of land, then we will do it. (But we sent the information about Supreme Master Television to all the government offices.) You did? (Yes, yes.) Did they say anything? (It was last week.) OK, then it’s good! (Now we expect the results.) Maybe it’s possible. (But the newspaper announced the advertisement.) So at least they are more familiar with it first. (Yes, yes, it is.) I have to tell you the truth. I was thinking about that. (Yes.) About Croatia because it’s very near the sea and it’s in the south, (Yes.) and it’s always nice weather. (Yes.) I suspect. (It is...) Mediterranean, (Yes.) kind of. Actually near, similar, Mediterranean, and it looked like the old Mediterranean city. Very ancient and romantic looking, and some buildings are right on the water. You put your feet on it, in the water. It’s beautiful though. (Yes.) And it’s not far from everywhere. It’s like a most middle. (No, no. It’s convenient.) Europe, near the sea. (Connection is very good.) Maybe we can make something. How about you start something? What? (We should start very wise first because to...) What? Very wise? (Wise.) Yeah. Like what? (With the authority to ask.) Yes, of course. (And then you get) You get a permit. (permit, yes.) You get land, and then you get a permit for the Association (Yes.) and then we can gather there. (For example, at the beginning of September the Mayor of Zagreb announced they are asking the people from Zagreb to make the program on the lake, one lake. And the people propose the bath for dogs and a place for meditation.) Ah! (Yes, and in that case, we suggest MB Center for Meditation.) OK. (Now) You do that? (That means... Master Building, and also initiate the Mayor.) But by the way could you take care of all the bureaucracy? (Yes.) And then I will come anytime. I could even stay there. I don’t care. (Yes.) I don’t care where I stay. You take care? (Yes.) Now we see. (Thank You.)

Every country is possible, of course, but I like the sea, I like the coast, Mediterranean climate. So that we can do it anytime. We don’t have to wait for summer or winter, (This is more clear.) and whenever you come, you have the sun. (Yes.) You don’t have to wait until next summer, and push your holidays all the way to summer, and then come to see Master once a year, because it’s summer. I like a place where you can come, you meditate, but you relax. You can jump into the sea when you’re hot like this - jump in there and then come back and sit. It’s healthy, and it makes you happy. The sun does make you happy, no? (Yes!) It doesn’t?

 (Last year, at one place, we had a retreat with brothers and sisters from Slovenia and from Hungary.) You did? (Yes.) When? (This is on the south part of Austria.) (When? (When?)  When? (September.) September this year? (Last year.) Last year you did? How many people? (At least twenty.) Twenty’s nada! (That’s a small number.) Twenty is just a bus tour and people think, “Oh they came from the bus and tired, so sit there sleeping.” (Because we could not provide a big retreat.) But not two hundred, three hundred, four hundred people. And not even four thousand or 14 thousand or blah, blah. Anyway, up to date the Thailand (retreat) is about 15 thousand. Up to date, up to last month – the registration. And I already have many regulations to cut a lot of people out. The people who don’t want to do anything, Just come the last minute to get the power from your retreat. Those kind of people don’t meditate at home. Come and then ask nonsense, waste my time. And agitate everybody and throw dirt on people. I don’t like this kind. Either you’re serious for business or you’re not. I give them for almost 20 years. I give people many chances already. It’s not the beginning any more. So we cut, cut a lot. We just take the serious or the almost serious. You know in the college, sometime you get the lowest point but you pass the exam.

Yeah, do something, sounds nice. (Maybe ask some brothers and sisters from Spain to help us who know how to change the flight.) Why Spain? You mean from here? (From here.) They all go there? Yeah, yeah. Why don’t you go there? (No, no, no. To help us now here, we should change the flights.) Change the flight? (Flights, to back home.) Yeah. You got to go and change the flight. (It is some difficulty because the flights are full.) OK. Then you go by bus. (Yeah.) By car. No? Rent a car. (No. Today come home, tomorrow we should come home.) Yeah, yeah. Then you should go out and book tickets, change. (But it is impossible because the flights are full. All flights are full.) Well then, use the olive tree. I told you. (Yes. OK.) And a lemon tree. (Thank You for … yeah.) Poor trees, they’ve just been planted last week. Trembling, look at them. They’re so scared already thinking of you going under them. These are not too bad. He’s a tough guy. But there’re not many trees, so some of you have to use the lemon trees. The new ones, the baby trees.

I told you the Hungarian (retreat) was good - we all sit inside, you have no tents, nothing. Who does nothing. And you too. Doing nothing at all. The whole group is doing nothing. Weird people, weird! Even I think you are weird. Why don’t you just stay home and do your job, enjoying your life? Coming here, sitting all day, sweating like that! And at night, you don’t even go to sleep! God! What do we do? So you have to make sure your government knows whom they are dealing with. This kind of people. The best is to take a picture when they’re sleeping and give it to the government. Take the whole meditation hall when they are nodding, and the sun shining outside. Show it to the government: “This is the kind of people I’m inviting to our country.” See what they’ll say. If they can tolerate it, we come right away, yesterday already. It’s still very difficult to explain to people what we are doing. Not many people understand. They know meditation and all that, but they can’t imagine such a whole big group of international people come here just to sit, all day, all night; going to one of the most famous tourist countries, and don’t go sightseeing, nothing! Spend so much money on the airplane or train, or driving 36 hours, whatnot, come here just to sit.

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