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Between Master and Disciples

Knowing Yourself Through Diligent Questing, Part 4 of 7, Oct. 2, 2006

Lecture Language:English,Spanish(Español)
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Just enjoy! If you already feel peaceful and light, or very, very comfortable, that means you’re in samadhi already, no matter where. And just stay there, and then you will go higher, or maybe not, but just stay there.

Many sisters and brothers complain that his wife, her husband, are obstructing them from coming to see me, or from going to group meditation and all that. Do not complain. Because of that, you’re more determined. Truly! These sisters and brothers are more determined than many of you who have it easy. Ask them. You see, the sister yesterday, the Chinese sister, she even sits in Quan Yin (inner Heavenly Sound Meditation) for three hours, and Sunday the whole day. Three hours every day, Quan Yin only! And the rest, of course, double: Quan Quang (inner Heavenly Light Meditation) - 6 hours. She is determined to get rid of all the distraction. And then, well, her husband used to obstruct her, and do all kinds of things to hinder her. But then the inner Master told her that she should do that, that, that. And she did - three hours Quan Yin, six hours Quan Quang, every day, all night, don’t sleep. And Sunday the whole day, whole night, right? And then her husband just could not bear, and then he went, got another wife. And she was so happy! She called and congratulated them, and thanked the woman who took away her husband. That was last night with the Aulacese (Vietnamese) group meditation. I’m not telling you to leave your husband or your wife. It’s not that. But what I mean is, even an obstacle could be a boost to your determination to get what you want.

Hey, baby, come in side. It’s too hot. Or you sit with the face not facing the sun. And now and again you look out to see if anything if not. I don’t want you to get burned. Because your skin, you know white people, very sensitive. The Asian and the chocolate maybe OK, but don’t put the real chocolate in the sun. I got some chocolate, but how much chocolate we have? A lot or a little? Oh, we talk a lot.

Yes, next one, brother, sister. Sister of my brother. (I want to tell You that here in Malaga, around, in 10 kilom, in 10 minutes around, there is other religious center, like Soul Science.) (She wants You to know that near to the center, there are like three centers more, but like a Buddhist center.) Yes. Yes. I heard that. Meditation or whatever, you know like ashram, there are three more ashrams nearby, five minutes or something? (Yes.) Yes. So, what is? (Soul Science, the Buddhist Center, Hare Krishna and, and which one, and other method similar to the same linage. What is the name of the Master? from Govind Singh. As well. Another…) Govind Singh Uh huh. (Another center with the same theme.) OK. So? (Around a year and there is no problem at all. She wants to know if there is any problem about that.) No, no, there is no problem, because they are legal. They have permit, they’ve been there long already. (No, that they want You know that…Sorry?) Who wants to know? They have permit. (Yes, yes.) Yeah. They’ve been there long ago. (And this center have a permit too.) This one has now? (Yes.) For the association? (Yes.) No, they told me they didn’t have it, they’re just applying. (They say that from the Interior Ministry.) Let me have a look. (It’s not complete.) Where is the paper? (Where is the paper?) (No here, in Madrid yes, but here we are preparing it.) (No, she says that here, are preparing all the documents to be legal, but in Madrid it’s ready. My sister she says that the paper we have for the association in Madrid is valid to all Spain.) Really? (Yes.) Are you sure about that? (Yes.) OK. (Yes, yes.) Then if somebody asks you have to say this is from Madrid? (Sorry?) So, you can say this is from Madrid center? (Yes.) Possible? (Yes. Yes, she says yes.) Yeah, but... (The permit is for all Spain.) Yes, I know, but this land has not been converted into the use of the Association, it’s privately owned. Right? That’s the thing. (Your land is private, right? Yes.) (Yes.) (Yes.) Yeah. (It is legalized.) Yeah. (Yes.) So, we have to apply so that that land, this land becomes like to be used by the association, then it is OK. (OK. One second. She asks if the land is going to be legalized.) (Yes, yes. Also, with different spiritual mechanisms, exist entities.) Spanish, they talk a lot. (She wants You to know that the government is happy that we create these kinds of centers.) The who? (The government.) They are? (Yes.) Which one, the local one or the Madrid? (Malaga.) Malaga, good, but do we have the paper? (Yes, she’s preparing the papers.) Good, good. (Because they know that it’s good for all people.) Understand, but did they prove that they are happy? (She’s getting ready the papers.) (She’s preparing.) Yeah. Did she give it to the government yet and waiting? Or she is still preparing and not given? (Preparing.) They told me that they’re applying. (Yes.) Applying and preparing is different. Applying means the government already has it in their hands and we are waiting for their answer. (OK. One second.) Preparing means you are doing it at home and waiting, maybe next year I give it. One person at a time. Tell it clearly. (It’s preparing.) Yeah, I know. (But it’s almost ready to apply.) Trust you guys. I ran into a lot of trouble because I trust my disciples, disables. Yeah. They tell me, “Just a little different, what’s the difference? It’s in my hand or in the government’s hand, what’s the difference, it’s all in the hand?” All hands are the same. We are all one. You tell that to the police.

(Master, Excuse me.) You preach to the police. Yeah! (I have a question.) About that? (No.) OK. (I have a question about meditation. I understood when I was initiated that concentration in the [inner Heavenly] Light is here. But yesterday You told...) From inside, and look out through here. (But how do I make my concentration? First here, and after that?) Like you’re looking from in here, outside. That’s it. Just like you’re looking from these eyes... Suppose there is a magnifying glass. (OK.) It’s right here, you want to read something here, but you look from your eyes through that magnifying glass, out. You don’t look from here. Or, how can you bring your eyes to the magnifying glass? You can also do that. (OK.) But in this case, you can’t. So it’s like your eyes in here, and this magnifying glass here, you look through. Understand? (OK thanks, OK.) It doesn’t matter. When you concentrate well, it’s just automatic. (And the [inner Heavenly] Sound is the same?) Yeah, yeah. (OK. Thank You.) If you concentrate well, you’re just gone up. You don’t even know where the magnifying glass is anymore. You don’t even look. It’s just appeared, automatically.

(OK. Sometimes I worry, because when I start the meditation, I lose my concentration. And I don’t know if I leave, I need to come back to...) I understand. No! No! No! No! No! Please don’t come back. Don’t come back. You’ve gone up. Don’t go back again and start again. No! (No? Just leave?) Yeah, just go! Enjoy. (How can I...) Look! The pilot has to look at the runway when he’s driving still on the ground. But when he already took off, please don’t come back to the runway and look again, “Am I on the right way or not?” Do they do that? No! You just take off and fly. Once you feel that you’re already out, you feel comfortable, beautiful, or you’re out of the body, you can even see your body, or you see the star, the moon, don’t, please, don’t come back to here! This is a portal for you to go out. The door! Open it, and then go out. Don’t come back and see, “Did I open the right door? Am I at the right door now?” Don’t come back and do that.

(But when you go out sometimes, it’s difficult for me to know the difference between when I was dreaming or I was in meditation, because with both of them, I feel so peaceful.) Yes, then it’s OK. No need to stay there and argue, “Which is a dream or not a dream?” Don’t argue! Just enjoy! And the next stage will come, higher. OK? (Thank You, Master.) Just enjoy! If you already feel peaceful and light, or very, very comfortable, that means you’re in samadhi already, no matter where. And just stay there, and then you will go higher, or maybe not, but just stay there. Don’t try to go back to the door again and open again, “See, it says yeah, yeah number 15. That’s the right door. OK, I’ll stay here. I’ll stay here.” Understand, yeah? (Yes.) Yeah, very difficult, hey? My God, such a simple thing, you don’t understand. How do you understand anything else?

The Five (Holy) Names are just to protect you during the journey. Protect you during the journey. Or when you feel very threatened or something, when you feel afraid of something, the Five (Holy) Names help you. If you are in samadhi sometimes and comfortable, you don’t have to repeat the Five (Holy) Names all the time. You can repeat it every five minutes, every ten minutes. If you remember, all right? (Or to see You?) Huh? (Or to see You? Because sometimes when I can’t see anything, just... sometimes I feel afraid, and I say I don’t know if I’m in the good way or not, because I don’t feel nothing, I remember Your face, and I put it in my mind.) OK. Also fine. Only when you need. Otherwise, just enjoy. Enjoy the journey. Don’t keep calling the guy all the time, “Did you see that?” Keep calling the guy. The guy put you out there to enjoy, so you don’t keep calling him all the time.

(Hi, Master.) Oh, dear! Yeah? (Thank You.) Who? Yes! (One or two spiritual jokes.) What is it? (Some jokes.) Jokes! (Spiritual jokes.) Aha! Oh, it’s bad. I don’t feel it’s very funny. Yeah, of course, I understand but I don’t, don’t feel it’s funny. Yeah, spiritual jokes are hardly funny, ever. Most of the Buddhas are very serious, that’s the problem. OK. Maybe this one’s not too bad. Ah, this I know. OK. I don’t know if you find it funny. It’s only one, one or two. The horse is already laughing. OK. Here it is.

An aspiring yogi wanted to find a guru. He went to an ashram and his preceptor told him, “You can stay here, but we have one important rule: all the students observe ‘mouna’ or vow of silence. You will be allowed to speak in 12 years.” OK. After practicing 12 years... This sounds familiar, sounds familiar. After practicing for 12 long years, yoga asanas and meditation, and a lot of Karma Yoga, etc, the day came when the student could say his one thing, or ask his one question. So he said, “The bed is too hard.” The bed, too hard for my back. OK. Good. All right, so he kept going for another 12 years of hard sadhana, means “hard practice, hard meditation,” and austere discipline. And after another 12 years, he got the opportunity to speak again. One sentence, one question! So he said, “The food is not good.” It sounds familiar. I’ve heard it somewhere around here before. And then after another 12 years of hard work, and he finally got to speak again, here are his words after 36 years of practice: “That’s it! I quit!” “I’m done.” So his guru said, “Good, good! Because ever since you got here, all you did is just complaining, complaining!” Not too bad. Hey guys, don’t drink this. I don’t... Like outside. It’s for the fly, only. Things for anti-fly.

And one more, maybe you’ll find it funny. Four monks were meditating in a monastery, in a Zen monastery, you know that. All of a sudden, the prayer flag outside on the roof started flapping. So the younger monk came out of his meditation and said, “Flag is flapping.” A more experienced monk said, “No, wind is flapping.” And the third monk who had been there for more than 20 years said, “No, mind is flapping.” And the fourth monk who was the eldest, said, very annoyed, you know, and he said, “Mouths are flapping.” Talk, talk, talk! Yeah, yeah. You understand, right? (Yes.) That’s what they do sometimes. So, who are you? The fourth or the fifth monk? This is a kind of level of practice, you see? The first monk, young, and said, “Flag is flapping.” He was supposed to meditate. He shouldn’t even see the flag. And then because the guy heard that, he shouldn’t even hear, he said, “The wind is flapping.” And the third monk, he said, “Mind is flapping.” He shouldn’t even think, and shouldn’t even bother about these two people talking. So the fourth monk, very annoyed, he said, “Mouths are flapping.” Flap, flap, flap, flap... All four of them are no good, are not correct. Everyone is correct but is not correct. You see, it’s all talking, thinking, watching, hearing... All hearing the outside and seeing the outside. Yeah? Not in samadhi. That’s what it means. All four of them are no good. They don’t say the fifth, because the fifth doesn’t say anything. That’s why they don’t say it here. So be the fifth monk. Yeah? The invisible monk, the no-flapping monk. It’s not like you have to be in a monastery or follow me to be a monk. Do you understand me? That’s why I don’t wear a monk’s robe anymore, so that you know what it is. It doesn’t hang in the robe or where you stay. Yeah? And we don’t even have to stay in an ashram all together, and digging potatoes and cleaning the flagpole together in order to prove that we are in harmony. You understand? (Yes.)

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