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Buddhist Stories: The Land of Amitabha Buddha, Part 2 of 7, Aug. 15, 2015

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Similar to Jesus or Buddha. Buddha also said He’s the Buddha, not because He’s proud or arrogant. I read all the sutras, I haven’t felt anything arrogant about Buddha. And I read the Bible. Whatever Jesus said is not arrogant or anything. He just told the truth.

Anybody else wants to say something? Otherwise, I’ll read the joke last night again. Yes, Togo? (I’m a little bit sad because Master wasn’t happy earlier.) (He feels a bit sad because Master was not happy.) Yeah, “That’s life!” (I was raised by my maternal grandfather.) (I was raised by grandfather,) Grandma. (grandfather from his mother’s side.) (He was a believer and a practitioner. And I’m going to sing a song for Master in my language for Her to have peace, that’s the only thing to do.) (He was a practitioner, he believes in one religion, and he would like to sing a song to say have calmness in You.) What? (He’s going to sing a song.) For what? (To say have peace in You.) Have peace. Thank you! I cannot always have peace if some of you don’t have peace.) (He will sing in his own language.) (Work tirelessly, gladly, night after night to fulfill the will of the Creator. Can’t the disciple follow the path the Master has walked on? The meaning of this song is: For us, followers of the Master, because he was a practitioner, he was following Jesus.) (The meaning of the song is we who are following the Master, the grandfather was following Jesus.) (He said, “Everything Jesus experienced happens in every family, in this life, for us, followers of Jesus.”) (Everything Jesus experienced is inside each family here.) (In one family, there should be Jesus, Pontius Pilate, Judas, and the executioners who crucified Jesus.) (In each family they should have Jesus and Pilate, and all the people who make Jesus suffer, in each family.) In each family has Jesus and also a Pilate, the one who killed Jesus. (Judas.) And Judas, yeah. (And he used to tell us to be very careful, because for us, followers of Jesus’ path in each family, there is a miniature replica of this, because it’s the path of the Master.) (And he said to be careful about this, in each family there was, like, a copy of each...) Of these three or four people. (Of these people, yeah.) Oh, yeah, it’s the same. (Because it’s the path of the Master.) Like Jesus time, yes.

(So, I’d like to say to Master, “Don’t worry, we are a family, so we have to have all those people.”) No, I don’t want to. (He said to Master not to worry about what happened, because we are one family and it happens like this also.) No, no. I want them to wake up. After 30 years, 20 years they should wake up. If not, they have to stay home and think about it, and not being spoiled like saying, “OK, no problem! I still love you! Continue your idiocy and low level.” Not encourage them to continue! (Thank You, Master.) But, thank you, thank you. (What I wanted to say... I’d like people to know that it’s not for Master to come to us. It’s the opposite: we have to go toward Master. We have to work to be able to reach Her. It’s not for Master to come our way.) (He would like us to know that it's not for Master to come to us, but it's every one of us to do the job to go closer to Her.) I wish. (It’s very important, because only Master knows; we know nothing. Even our life here, we know nothing about it, but She already knows Herself. She has the knowledge.) (It's very important because only She has the knowledge, and we don't know anything, actually. Even we live here from this life, we don't know anything, but She does, She knows. She has the knowledge.) (Master is helping us to remember what we forgot. Too bad for the ones who don’t want to wake up.) (And Master helps us to awaken what we have forgotten, but if people don't want to remember, it's their fault actually.) There are a lot of people. The true practitioners are only a few. (They have to wait another thousand years. In another thousand years, we will have again a Master like You.) (They will have to wait one thousand more years, because we won't have a Master like this before one thousand years.) How you know all that? How do you know that? (Master, I know it, because one has to be in a difficult situation in order to know You, in order to reach You. One has to be in a difficult situation, one has to work hard in order to reach You. If someone doesn’t work hard...) They don’t know. It’s true. (You have to be in a particular situation to know Master. If you don’t work for it, you won’t know it.) Yeah, it’s true. That’s why I want the people who don’t know just out so that the people who know can continue with their work. Don’t just come here now and then, ruin our built-up good energy. Like going backward, everybody going forward and he just drags backward, like completely different kind of dimension, different kind of understanding, different kind of level. Just everybody has to go up together. I mean, more or less a little bit, but if he’s too different, then he should wait at home. Maybe letting him go home will wake him up a little bit more. Better than just hanging around doing nothing, never improve, nothing. Just like Ananda, always together with Buddha and not really enlightened, until the whole sangha kicked him out, and then he became better. But thank you very much. Why are you shaking your head? (Because our eyes are not open. It’s not those eyes that we have to open.) What did he say? (It’s not the physical eyes that we should open.) Yeah. (It’s the inner eye that must be opened.) (It's not the physical eyes we have to open, it's the eye inside.) I know. Somebody... (Work hard, work hard...)

Some people are just too cloudy. All right, this is the problem sometimes with some people who are also working, doing something for the Association, and then the ego comes out, makes trouble, especially, if you don’t check, check out your ego. And if you already have this tendency, then the maya helps you to deepen that. I said to you, “We all have anger, and we all have... fear, emotion inside.” But, we use it or not use, it’s up to us. I’m very natural to you. Whatever I have, I tell you. I’m not fearful of that. I’m not fearful of the fear. I don’t fear that because of my fear you will drop me. If you do, then it’s good for me. Then I know who is a friend, who is not, who is wise, who is still too low. I have all that. I don’t mind crying in front of you. It’s just a natural thing. I could control it, but I don’t want to. Why bother controlling, if I feel like crying? Because the Buddha suffered, if I don’t cry then what am I, wood? When I read that Jesus, when He was crucified and all that, before I became a Master even, before, when I was a housewife, I cried a lot. At that time, I was Buddhist and Christian at the same time, of course. And in the West, I don’t have any sutras, so I read the Bible. And I read how they treated Him and all that, and I imagined if it’s me, how painful can that be, how humiliating, and how ignorant and how cruel the people, treating such a Saint, saintly person like that.

They cannot prove that He did anything wrong. If they have proved it, OK. He killed somebody, He stole something, or He told people to do bad things. If they could prove all that, then they could do something. Say, “Oh, He’s bad!” He’s not! There’s no evidence against Him like He’s a bad person even, not to talk about a Saint. But because He dared to say that He’s the Son of God. That’s the only sin He committed. And that’s why I thought maybe I shouldn’t have told you about Tim Qo Tu. Lucky I don’t tell you about anything else yet. That’s why I say I don’t tell you anything anymore. Just Tim Qo Tu only and then so many different ideas and different expectations, different concepts. But Jesus cannot tell lies. He realized that He’s the Son of God so He told it like that. He told His disciples or the believers. If you’re a doctor, you graduate, then you know you’re a doctor, right? You can’t go out and say, “Ah no, I’m not a doctor, I’m humble. I’m not! I’m not! I’m not!” Then how will people trust you and come to let you heal them? The doctor says, “I’m a doctor,” not because he’s proud or boasting or arrogant; he just tells the truth, right? It’s like that, similar. Similar to Jesus or Buddha. Buddha also said He’s the Buddha, not because He’s proud or arrogant. I read all the sutras, I haven’t felt anything arrogant about Buddha. And I read the Bible. Whatever Jesus said is not arrogant or anything. He just told the truth. Just people are so stupid. They think, “How can a Son of God look like that?” What would a Son of God look like? They have no idea either. “How can a Son of God walk barefoot?” But if He walked on high heels like me, they also say, “How come the Daughter of God walks on high heels?” “The Son of God had no power. Why couldn’t He, like... He healed other people why couldn’t He heal Himself? Why couldn’t He escape from the confinement of the Roman soldiers at that time?” He had to die. Somebody had to die for those humans at that time. If there’s such a person as Judas in His group, then He must die.

And even after He died, one of the disciples still doubted Him, that He even resurrected – Thomas. Somebody saw Jesus resurrected, you know, maybe. Of course He can do that if He wants to. Jesus, Son of God, He can! He can do miracles. He can raise the dead, He can heal the blind, why couldn’t He raise Himself up? He can! Then some disciples even saw that and talked to Him and all that, a couple of people even, not one, and Thomas still didn’t believe it. So why, why? Why should his sister or his brother tell lies to him? That is terrible! Meaning, doubting his own initiate brothers and sisters. It’s like that. Even one of the main disciples, one of the twelve apostles. Two thousand years ago. At that time we didn’t even have pollution yet to confuse our mind.

But, if you want to still become a Buddha, then you should, OK, you should. You probably won’t be Buddha right away, but later, some other lifetime. But, I’m warning you: All the Buddha’s sacrifice is real. You can be enlightened now, and enjoy your kingdom status when you die. But if you want to become Buddha, that’s another thing. That’s your own choice and your own road. I will not interfere. At that time when you want to become Buddha, there may be many, many things you have to do, and don’t call me, huh? My phone is turned off. Because you’re Buddha, you’re supposed to do things. Why do you call your Master again? No! If you want, you grow up and be a Master, grow up, be an independent business, then do it yourself! I have other things to do. But be warned, huh? You’ll be tested with fire, with suffering inside out: mental, intellectual, bodily, everything! And during that time, the Buddha didn’t tell anybody about His inside suffering, but He suffered a lot. Some of it comes out. Like Devadatta it’s obvious. But other instances, like He has to eat, like horse feed, the food for horses, for three months, because of the (bad) karma of disciples. Buddha, already a Buddha. Lucky at that time He’s in India. Indian people are mostly very gentle, and believing, so we know only some instances like that. His cousin wanted to kill Him, for example, or some disciples’ mistakes make Him have to eat horse feed for 3 months, for example like that. And somebody even fed Him dog meat and said that it was vegetarian, for example like that. Him, and His disciples. Dog meat! Buddha, a vegetarian! And then... We just know a little bit now and then. Maybe disciples hear it just to learn, just to learn some lessons. Even negative lessons you must learn also, to know. In case you want to be a Master, then you should know. Don’t expect always clapping hands and, “I love you! I love you! I love you!” There are many things you have to deal with.

Human egos are not easy. If I keep hiding everything from you, all the negative things... Well, I don’t even tell you a lot, just some, just some only, just a tip of the iceberg of all the things. OK, yeah, guys? Everything I did, I did for you. All the money I spent, I spent for you and the world. I don’t do anything wrong, I don’t care who says what. The problem is you have to know what you do, not about what anybody says. If the whole world praises me, but I know I’m bad, then I also cannot live with myself. If the whole world says I’m bad and I know I’m good, then I’m happy, I don’t care. At that time, everybody said Jesus was bad. How bad was He? What has He done to anybody, except to heal the sick, to cure the blind, and to tell people to believe in God, and to change their evil way of life. What has He done? What has He done wrong? Nothing. Nobody can say He did anything wrong. Except He was honest. He said He’s the Son of God. Well, He was! He is!

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