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Buddhist Stories: The Land of Amitabha Buddha, Part 7 of 7, Aug. 15, 2015

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I do love you. But it’s not the way that you think, like humans love each other. It’s not, it’s different, a little different, a big difference, OK. Maybe it doesn’t look like love, but it is real love. It’s different from human emotional love or attaching love. It’s quite different. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s love.

Anyone else? Feel free. (Master.) Hallo. (Maybe I can’t express it by words, but I just felt that You have so much love as God for us, because even just one fraction of Ihôs Kư power can destroy this world. But You, I thought that this physical job for the Tim must be very hard. Because even You are present on this world, people still can’t be awakened. So it must be very hard for You. But You still have this, so much love too. When You concentrate and fix the watch, You just, it’s very hard. When You’re just moving by Your hand, it’s easier than fixing the watch.) The watch? (Yes, the watch. This world, this Earth, is very small compared to other universes and other planets. But You, the God concentrated so hard on this world. So I’m sorry, I can’t express.) I concentrate as hard in other worlds too. (So my question is, is it the most, hardest part of this job in this world?) Is in this world? (Yes.) More or less. Yeah. More or less. (Most humans are so hard.) You know it yourself, don’t ask me. You know more than I. You can see. It’s too hard. (So, it’s indescribable, infinite love You have for us.) No problem. (I’d like to express thank You so much, Master.) It’s OK. No problem. (Thank You. We love You so much.) I try, I try to love you.

No, I do love you. But it’s not the way that you think, like humans love each other. It’s not, it’s different, a little different, a big difference, OK. Maybe it doesn’t look like love, but it is real love. It’s different from human emotional love or attaching love. It’s quite different. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s love. OK, even if you don’t see it, it doesn’t look like love, but it is love. Physically you can also feel a little, Right? But it’s more than that. Like the Buddha, He doesn’t always say “I love you” to Ananda or Sariputra or anyone else, but His action, His action. He forsakes the kingdom. He forsakes His wife, 500 wives, all the palaces, summer palace, winter palace, spring and autumn palace. He forsakes them all, and goes out begging on the street for the sake of everyone that He met and more than that. That is real love. But He doesn’t show or talk about love in any of the sutras. It’s men stuff also. Men don’t always say “I love you” that much, even though they do. And like this guy, I don’t think he says he loves his wife, but he sits one month long for her, just for her. Imagine, three hours of Quan Yin and then must have Light to match. One month long, you sit almost like the Buddha. Buddha and Jesus 49 days. Jesus 40 days and Buddha 49 days, you’re almost there. It’s just that you sit just for one woman, and They sit for one universe, one world at least, OK. If you sit that much for a higher goal, you’d probably get that also, you’d get it! It’s good to love someone that much, good to love someone more than yourself. It’s very good, very good. So that also brings you to enlightenment, no problem. OK? (Thanks to You, thanks to You.) You’re welcome.

I just remember a story, just to lighten up. The mother gave birth to twins, one boy and one girl. And then her brother came, and was helping after the labor, and visiting the sister. And the other sister at home, or maybe aunt or something, asked, “What did you do there?” He said, “Oh, I’m helping the sister,” because after the birth she’s kind of not very communicable, probably sick or something. “So what are you doing?” “I have to do many things, paperwork for them, and making names for them and declaring names and families and all that.” “Oh, so you chose a name for the two, for the twins?” And he says, “Yeah, yeah.” “So what did you choose for the girl?” He said, “Denise.” It sounds nice, Dennis or Denise. “OK, good name. And how about the boy?” He said, “Denephew.” Because I just think of de nada, so then Deniece and Denephew, so simple. But it’s possible that some people are like that, it’s true. They choose the name for their children like “US dollar.” They say, “Ustdalla.” US dollar, they like it. Because an American name, it sounds very trendy. I don’t remember some other names, they are very funny. And then the other one is like, “Money,” something like that. It’s in English. They thought, wow, English name, quite modern, quite kind of posh. Chic name, dollar.

Anything else? Yeah, behind there. (Good morning, Master.) Morning. (I love You. I have one question. I am a preschool teacher. So every day, I prepare the meal for the children. But some of them, they are not vegan. But I have to prepare...) Meat food. (Yeah, meat food.) Animal food. (Yeah, animal food. But my assistant does that, I only do the...) Vegan. (vegan parts.) OK, good. (But they transferred me to a different school because we have a big...) Chain of schools. (Yes, in the US. Many years I’ve been working in there, and they transferred me to a different school. And the supervisor told me to prepare the meat part, too, for the children. So I quit my job because I don’t want to break the Five Precepts. Is that right?) It’s your life. (Yes, I know. But I want to ask You, if the disciple is a preschool teacher, can they still prepare the meat part for the children or not OK?) Better not, better for you if not. (Yes, so I quit my job.) It’s not forbidden, but better not. (Yes, that’s what I think.) Yeah, if it were me, I’d probably do the same. I would choose my spiritual value instead of just earning to eat for one lifetime, and wasting a lot of merits for many lifetimes. (Yes.) Wasting the rare opportunity to progress. I would do the same. (Yeah, so I quit.) But it’s me. So it’s up to you. (I quit my job. I think like You.) So what are you doing now, jobless? (I stay home but I work for my husband, I cook for him.) Also cook meat? (No, my husband is a new disciple, he just got initiated. Yes, it’s good.) So you’re a chef cook. (For him.) Private butler, private cook. OK. If he doesn’t mind, OK. Find many other jobs, anything. Go out and sell stinky tofu, OK too. Make (vegan) cakes or something, sell them outside. Bake some (vegan) cakes and sell them to some restaurant. Do anything. There are a lot of jobs. (Thank You.) You’re welcome.

Anyone else? Here. (Master, I just want to share with our brothers and sisters that our prayers are always truly answered.) Yeah, if you’re sincere. Yes, you’re connected. Yes, tell me. (And for a long time now, every time, almost every time, I ask something or I have a question, or I don’t know what to do, or there’s just something I need help with, almost every time, I’m answered straightaway. If it’s not straightaway, it’s within a few minutes.) Yes. (If it’s more difficult, more complicated, definitely within a day.) Yeah. (But usually it’s straightaway.) Yeah. (But the thing is that Heaven communicates with us in many different ways,) Yes. (and we have to have our eyes open and our ears open,) Yeah. (in order to interpret the message.) Correct, correct. (Because many times, our prayers are always answered, but many times we don’t understand.) We don’t notice also. (And that’s why. One time recently, my husband and I were facing a very challenging situation. It seemed almost insurmountable, almost physically impossible to overcome. Most people would consider it impossible to overcome. But of course we’re disciples, and we know that everything is possible. And so we were talking about this while we were driving in the car.) Yeah. (And of course we do our meditation, we increase our Quan Yin. But also on a physical level, we were talking about what we can do to...) Yes. (try to overcome this problem.) Yes. (And then at that time, at that point, we reached a traffic jam on the road. It wasn’t just a normal traffic jam, it was big lorries, like huge vehicles. We couldn’t even see what the obstruction was.) Yes. (And we thought we were going to be stuck there for hours. And then suddenly there was a little space, so we said, “OK, quickly go there,” and then somehow, somehow we just weaved our way through it. It seemed impossible, but suddenly we found ourselves out of this traffic jam and everyone else was still there. And then we carried on driving, thinking, “What happened there?” And then I said to my husband, “You know, that was a message, that was a message that we will get through, we will find a way.”) Yeah. Understand. (And this is how messages... This is just one example out of many, many hundreds, that happen to us all the time. And this is how we receive our messages. So I just want to say to our brothers and sisters that we’re never alone.) Yes, keep your eyes open, ears open, eyes open, mind open, heart. (Whenever we pray and we have a question, it’s always answered.) Yes, I told that in the initiation time. Probably not directly to you but I say that whenever I give initiation, and I hope the Quan Yin Messengers say the same. Either you ask in your mind or you write it down, and the answer comes right away, mostly. Or sometimes in a vision, or sometimes in a dream, or sometimes through something else. There’s a sign or something. OK. It’s good. It’s only because both of you are beautiful souls inside. You have faith and you’re sincere, and you really try your best in meditation. And you do everything else in life also diligently, you don’t rely on anyone, or you don’t just sit there, waiting for things to happen. You do things and you’re very sincere, both of you, that’s why. That’s why you can see. Other people would say, “Don’t even think about it, don’t even try to weave your way out, or don’t even think that it’s a sign of the answer.” Very good to know.

I was very happy these days because so many beings come happily, and tell me that they’re happy and they say, “Thank You, thank You” and all that. And some of them thank you, thank relatives, thanking you also. For this retreat as well. They also helped a lot, especially also during retreat. They come often, not just today or to retreats, but this retreat a lot more people came. I mean beings, invisible beings, just like movies, in front of me. And it’s funny, that they came in but their face, just the face, probably with the whole body there’s no room. My screen is small. And their faces are even minimized, so that as many, as many go in front of me as possible. So I asked Heaven how many of them, because they keep coming. They said they cannot count. They’re just so happy, smiling or some are smiling but serious; they look serious but not sad. Solemn but not sad. They are all very grateful. I’m glad too.

Good, anything else? Here, please. (Good morning, Master.) Morning. (I just want to share my inner experience.) Yeah. (During the Thailand retreat last time, the very crowded one. Forty thousand of them.) Really? (Yes, it was 40,000. And they even tell me that the Thailand newspaper, they published 40,000 people have elevated.) Has invaded Thailand. (Have elevated into the Third-Level Buddha.) All reach the level of Buddha, 40,000? (Yeah. They wrote in a newspaper heading.) That’s what they wrote? Wow! (Yeah, somebody told me that.) Yeah. I didn’t read that. (And then I went to the retreat. Because we cannot go inside the hall, so some of them were asked to stay in the room, so it’s my turn to stay in the room. I went inside. There was nobody in the room, there was kind of a breeze, like a wind blowing.) Wind blowing. (Yeah, so I felt very comfortable. So I sat there to meditate, and then You appeared and it was so bright. You were having so bright (inner Heavenly) Light. And then You told me, “Oh you have, I have elevated you to the Third Level.” And then You spot an (inner Heavenly) Light on me and it spiraled around my body. And I feel so, so, so nice, so happy.) Blissful, just nice and happy? (No, later on, another sister, she went to the hall to listen to Your lecture. And then she rushed to the room. And she was panting and she was telling me, “Oh, Master elevated everybody to the Third Level!” That was exactly the words You told me when You came to the room. I was so surprised but I didn’t dare to tell her my inner experience. Because I think they wouldn’t believe me.) They would, they would. (Because I was thinking, is it real? Already elevated to the Third Level?) It’s good, it’s good. So I’d like to thank You for elevating us to the Third.) You are very welcome. Why cannot you guys talk in a normal voice? Like your mother here. “I thank You, Master.” “I love You so much.” Even when singing, “I will forever love you.” Singing Aulacese (Vietnamese) is the same. Normally you sing better, but here it’s a different voice. OK, all of you are happy, I’m glad, I’m glad to hear good experiences.

Some more? No? OK. OK, then. You’ll probably go to eat. Or, what time is it now? Ah, past, oh look at that, we’re on time. Breakfast is ready for you. Breakfast in bed even, almost like in bed. It’s good, huh? Anyone else want to say something? Otherwise, “buon appetito!” It was not bad talking to you four hours on end, no, five, three. I came at what? Five o’clock? More or less, right? Four o’clock? No. Half past four? Four thirty? Then I could stay another half an hour and then become four hours. No, you’re joking. You need to go to eat. You go to eat, and your mama will go to sleep. I don’t know if I can sleep.

My dog, he did it again. Yesterday, it was thundery and raining, and he jumped on my bed again. My bed is under the bed, because I use the bed to put things now. And then I slept under the bed and then he was so scared he jumped on the bed again. I said, “You’re a tough guy, you don’t worry about that.” But too much thunder, and so quick. Because their ears are very sensitive. So we heard a little bit, we were already very scared. Not scared but feeling uncomfortable. Very loud. And then for dogs, it would be worse. So he likes to hide. Good morning. Good appetite. OK? (Thank You, Master.) All right, see you later. Love you, love you.( Love You.)

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