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Between Master and Disciples

"The Ten Commandments" and "Moses and the Ants", Part 1 of 13, Apr 15, 2021

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Because the black hole is hell. (Yes.) And whoever makes trouble, even a big star or big planet nearby, it will swallow it up if that planet doesn’t have enough counterpower, like enough merit, enough virtues, (Yes, Master.) to counter the force of this monster that keeps eating everything possible nearby.

(Hallo, Master!) Hey! Here comes the old woman! Super woman! (Yes.) You have no idea. You have no idea what my desk looks like – all over, it’s just wires, wires. And instruments, telephone and stuff and… all over. I begin to believe that I’m really a super woman. (You are, Master! Yes, You are.) Because my place is like a professional studio and I did it all by myself. (Wow.) Can you believe that? (Yes, Master. It’s amazing.) How are you guys? (We’re doing good, Master!) Feel good? (How are You, Master?) I am… I don’t have time to think how I am, actually. Oh man, it’s good. If I can sit here, meaning I’m OK. (Yes, Master.)

Actually, I have to learn a lot. I can’t believe I learn so much at my age, and still learning. Lot of stuff. Today I spent many hours preparing this. (Wow.) (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. Not just today, the day before and the day before. (Wow.) I was just used to calling you and using the telephone and it was… I thought I’m already super. Until they got me all this. And whatever else you don’t see here. I’ll show it to you. I will take a photograph and show it to you. You can see me, right? (Yes.) I look same old, same old. (You look beautiful, Master.)

This is the best you get already. Slowly I will get more and more super. And then we’ll be fine. Right now, it’s OK as long as I can see you. It’s more fun to see you face to face. You don’t need to see me because you know me. Just a little older, but nothing much different. Do you want a story or you want to ask something first? Do you have questions to ask? Right? (Yes, Master.) (We have three.) Ask me. I’m your answering bank. Tell me.

(Master,) Yeah. (in recent news, there is some speculation of government contact with aliens or a galactic federation. Also, there have been increased reportings of UFOs. It seems maybe, are they wanting to tell us something? Does Master know what they want to tell us?)

Oh. Yeah, they’ve been telling us for ages already. They have been telling us since forever. (Oh.) I probably have written it. They told us… nothing new. They told us, “Don’t destroy yourself. Don’t destroy the planet.” There were two groups. One is from Venus and one from Mars. (Oh.) Both say similar things, if I remember well. Let me see if I have noted it somewhere. Oh, man. I don’t know if I can find it. It’s a long time already. But it’s similar like that, they don’t talk a lot. (Yes, Master.) Just a very simple thing, like, “Don’t destroy yourself.” (Yes, Master.) “Don’t destroy life.”

That’s what they said. That’s what I remember. Very, very short. “Don’t destroy life.” That’s what they said. (Yes, Master.) Oh, man. I can’t believe I cannot find it! Be patient, patient. We’re at home so it doesn’t matter. You’re not going anywhere, are you? (No, Master.) Me neither. No plane to catch. No train to miss. Oh God, I don’t believe that. Because I wrote so many things, many places.

They say similar like that. (Yes, Master.) I just want to see the exact words, but it’s more or less like that. More or less like, “Don’t destroy yourself. Don’t kill yourself. We are doing everything, killing ourselves.” That’s what they want to tell us. (Yes, Master.) And over and over again, that’s what they said. But do we listen? No. (No, Master.) Do we listen at all? You see, you have showed one program before talking about one of the government high officials in Canada. He has been telling us that the aliens have been working with them. (Yes, Master.) Officially even. And he just looked like one of the boys next door. So if nobody else knows it, then nobody knows. Only the government knows. (Yes, Master.)

That’s what it is. That’s what they keep telling us. “Don’t destroy yourself. Don’t destroy your home.” (Yes, Master.) That’s why. Even some governments surely have been in contact with them, but they don’t listen too much. Politics is complicated. (Yes, Master.) Even one party agrees, the other party might not. (Yes, Master.) And then there are some influences behind all the parties as well. (Yes, Master.) And even wives, husbands also influence the decisions in the political arena. (Yes, Master.)

So their message was similar all the time. Here in the Post-it little papers. I thought I noted it in my diary, that’s why I couldn’t find it. Here it is.

Their message is like this. The first paper I wrote is: “Do not form zealous, negative, destructive war-like energy around your world.” And the second piece of paper that I noted, it says: “Not zealously destroy world, peace, world lives.” I guess they mean don’t blindly destroy your world. Must make peace in the world and don’t destroy lives. Their messages are short. And the third paper, it says, “Not kill your world’s lives.” And the fourth piece of paper I have here is: “Not destroy your life.” From the first to this fourth piece of paper, all from same planet, Mars.

And now from Venus. First one, “Not destroy your world.” The second message: “Not to kill beings.” And the third message: “Not destroy your world’s lives.” That’s it, from Mars and from Venus. The first four messages are from Mars and the three later messages are from Venus. They have more, of course, but almost similar all the time, so I just noted down these seven messages.

All right. Did I answer the complete question? (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

(Master, recently scientists have released polarized pictures of the M87 black hole, showing its magnetic fields which look like golden stripes or rings. Dr. Andrew Chael, a member of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration team, said, “The newly published polarized images are key to understanding how the magnetic field allows the black hole to ‘eat’ matter and launch powerful jets.” Could Master tell us what is the meaning of these magnetic fields of the black hole?) Which one? The red one or the golden stripes? (The golden stripes.)

The golden stripes are the new stuff. (Oh.) Well, not quite new, but they were only discovered recently. That is a stripe, actually it is more extra reinforced. This is the rescue road for the souls from hell. (Wow.) It’s a rescue arena. A special magnetic field to rescue, and to help those in hell. (Wow.) Without that, nobody escapes. Nothing can escape the black hole force. (Wow.)

Whatever goes in there, it just stays in there. So there has to be this balance ring, half of the ring or the stripes, half-way, to counterbalance the force of the black hole. Because the black hole is hell. (Yes.) And whoever makes trouble, even a big star or big planet nearby, it will swallow it up if that planet doesn’t have enough counterpower, like enough merit, enough virtues, (Yes, Master.) to counter the force of this monster that keeps eating everything possible nearby.

You can see some of the videos where the black hole eats the whole star. (Yes, Master.) And it looks like a noodle. It shreds it into a noodle and sucks it in. The force is so strong that it sucks the whole planet or that whole big star inside. (Wow. Yeah.) Just like you are sucking some, I don’t know, whatever substance, maybe pudding or something. It doesn’t need the straw like we do. Big mouth. That black hole has a big mouth.

We have more than one black holes. That’s the problem. (Yes.) (Wow.) Everywhere, standing by to suck in anything that has similar energy to the black hole. When the beings inside a star or inside a planet have been doing so many things that are not very morally noble and just, then the energy of that star or that planet will grow more and more similar to the black hole energy. And then like will attract like, and then the black hole will claim it as its own. (Wow!)

And nowadays scientists are amazing. They can even capture some of these moments when the black hole is sucking in the whole star.

This is a very scary thing. No need to talk about karma or the Buddhist teaching, nothing. You can see it by scientific evidence and proof. It’s just that the scientists probably don’t know that the black hole is a force of darkness, of hell. And probably they have not discovered that whatever the planet or the star that has similar energy to the black hole, they will be eaten up, shredded, and swallowed up by the black hole. That, probably the scientists cannot prove by physical means. (Yes, Master.) Only the developed spiritual person can know all this, (Right.) because nobody explained this before to anybody. (Yes, Master.) You are the first ones to hear this, in the whole universe. (Thank You, Master. Wow!)

All right. Did that answer your question? (Yes, Master.) Completely, you 100% happy? (Yes, Master.) Not really happy, it’s a sad thing. But what I mean is, you’re happy with my answer? (Yes, Master.) Good.

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