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Purify Yourself and Worship Only God, Dec. 26, 2022

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I keep praying just for World Vegan, World Peace and liberation for the souls and the latest liberating is only six million souls and I don’t feel happy. […] I don’t feel satisfied with that. (Understand, Master.) […]

At Christmas, the people in Ukraine (Ureign) woke up on Christmas Day with bombings from Russia. (Oh. Wow.) That’s how he wants peace. Prove it! (Yes, Master.) […] Because if Putin really wants peace… it’s simple – just tell his troops to go home and no more bombing. Then there is peace. (Right, Master.)

And on Christmas Day bombed people in Ukraine (Ureign). I mean, even if they hate Ukraine (Ureign) to whatever extent, but you have to have some respect for God. (Yes, Master. Indeed.) Christmas Day is about Jesus. He’s the Son of God. And if you believe in God, you have to respect that day, at least, even just one day a year. […]

One lady went to Heaven, and then she was taught about what we should worship and what not. They said you should not even worship any except God and except Jesus. So, she said even worshipping Mother Mary should not be done. And she said also God told her that you should not worship any woman – except if Jesus is in the form of a woman. Meaning if Jesus reincarnates as a woman, (Oh.) otherwise you should not worship any woman. […]

Host: On Monday, December 26, 2022, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), while still in Her intensive meditation retreat for the sake of the world, graciously made time to convey holiday greetings to Supreme Master Television team members. During the call, Master also kindly shared Her thoughts on current global events.

Hi! (Hallo, Master!) Hi, guys! (Merry Christmas, Master, and Happy New Year!) Thank you, same to all of you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. (Merry Christmas, Master!) Are you guys OK there? (Yes, Master, we are. We are good, Master. We are OK.) Everywhere is OK. Everywhere is home, or a new home. (Yes.) A new home is also a home. (Yes, Master. Yes.) As long as it’s a home, peaceful and can work. How are you? (We are good, Master. How are You, Master?) I could be better. As good as it gets. But I wish we had more than 24 hours a day.

And I wish that my own Christmas could be more peaceful and effective to work in peace and smoothness. It’s not. Too many things happening. Too much work to do. (Oh.) Too much work to do. And too much thinking, too much thinking, too much frustration.

I keep praying just for World Vegan, World Peace and liberation for the souls and the latest liberating is only six million souls and I don’t feel happy. And, some weeks before that, solely eight million-something souls were liberated. I didn’t check further before or further after. But that’s… too little for me to like. I don’t feel satisfied with that. (Understand, Master.) I mean some people are still alive but liberated also. It’s not talking about the dead. (Oh. Yes, Master.) But also, a lot of people who died, they paid enough of their sinful debt, and really repented at the end of their life, then they also get liberated. And it’s also good for them. It’s just too little for me. I don’t feel like it’s enough ever. Tell me something good so that I am happier. (Yes, Master.)

By the way, did you have any little Christmas presents? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Every station has some and your station should also have some, not as much as maybe last year or the year before, or not as much as I want, but something so you know that you are loved and that I am thinking of you. (Thank You very much, Master. Thank You, Master. It’s very good already, Master. Thank you very much. Thank you.)

(Thank You to our Most Beloved Master for Your lovely presents and beautiful dinner! We are so grateful for all You have given us and the opportunity to serve through Supreme Master Television. Merry Vegan Christmas!)

(Thank You, Master, for the vegan goodies and for Your Love and Care. We wish Master a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Vegan New Year!)

(Thank You, Master. We love You. Merry Christmas and Happy Vegan New Year!)

(Merry Vegan Christmas, Master. Thank You and we love You!)

(Thank You, Master, for the gifts. Merry Christmas and Happy Vegan New Year! Yay!)

Host: After receiving the festive greetings and wishes, Master lovingly sent the following heartfelt message to all Supreme Master Television team members around the world: “TEAM of awesome Angels, A Better new year 2 u all; inhouse and remote SMTV team, wish more could b done, even though my heart is so full of love and thankfulness for all that you do for the world. Multiple Blessings from all beings in Heavens and Earth, love and gratitude from all animal-people and others. May you feel it all and know in ur heart that u r forever loved. IN TEARS! T Q T. your Master, teammate n friend.”

All of you have something, right? (Yes, Master. Yes, we have.) I wish I could share with you. I had nothing. (Oh!) Just work. Just work and some quick, simple meals. It’s good. I’m still very grateful that I’m still here and can work and still have things to eat. It’s my fault that I don’t eat much or I don’t have better things. I could have. It’s just I cannot think about too many foods and no time to cook. (Understand.) No time really.

But I’m so grateful to God that I can have one meal a day. And I’m very happy with it and satisfied. (Yes, Master.) Better than many people outside there. (Yes.) They don’t have enough food, or they have to choose between food or warmth. Like to have heaters in their house or to have food in their house. (Yes, Master.) […]

But the thing is, we still have COVID, and many people are dying. (Yes.)

“Media Report from CBS News Dec. 24, 2022 CBS News Chief Major Garrett (m): Now to China, where a rapid surge of COVID-19 infections is overwhelming hospitals across the country. Some health experts predict China could suffer up to a million COVID deaths in the next few months. And this outbreak could also threaten the global economy.

Reporter (f): Emergency rooms are filled to overflowing. Staff in full PPE (personal protective equipment) are hard-pressed to find enough beds, and the crematorium fires burn non-stop, while hearses wait outside. The luckiest patients have access to big city hospitals, but millions don’t. Social media is brimming with video of the consequences – morgues so full that workers don’t know where to put the bodies.”

“Media Report from Sky News Dec. 20, 2022 Reporter (f): Even first thing in the morning, the crematoriums were burning. This one, in East Beijing, is reportedly just for COVID-related deaths, and it was busy. Ambulances arriving, cars carrying coffins lined up to go in. At another sight across the city, families gathered to mourn and remember. White is traditionally worn at Chinese funerals. This party didn’t want to be identified, but they did want to talk. They know COVID is killing people. It’s the reason they’re here.

(In Chinese) Man: I do not believe the government’s data on this. She was 73 years old. She actually did not have any other serious underlying diseases. She did not realize at first that her condition was so serious, so she did not go to the hospital. She was taken to the hospital unconscious and died the same day. I never thought that the virus would kill people so easily.”

I was just thinking about them the other day, these people who have to suffer with COVID and have to die for it. (Yes.) Actually, you can’t just blame all of them, because some of them could not even afford masks, so that they could change to a clean mask anytime they wanted. It’s not like that. Some people cannot afford anything. (Yes, Master.) Like, homeless people. (Yes, Master.) Some homeless people are treated like dirt. I saw it myself.

I told you already, one time I invited a lady because I saw her so cold, and her face became purple, because it was so cold. (Wow.) So, I invited her into McDonald’s with me at that time, and they did not want to serve her even. (Wow.) I gave her the money. So, I held her hand up – I said, “She has money. She’s a customer. You must serve her, you must.” I was very stern, my face maybe looked scary, I don’t know. They said, “OK, OK, OK, what do You want?” So, they served her. I gave her $20, in her hand, I said, “You use it to buy.” And after, I gave her some more. (Yes.) So, I held her hand up with the money inside and I said, “She has money. She is the customer – you must serve her, no questions asked.” So, they did in the end. And the lady was so hungry. When she came out with the food, she ate so fast. She ate while shaking. And I said, “Please, take it easy. You might choke. Take it easy. Take it easy. And if you’re still hungry, I’ll buy you some more.” Oh, my God. What kind of world do we still live in?

Any good things? Tell me. Or any questions, just to divert my attention, please. Just divert my attention to something else. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, tell me.

(Russia says Putin is ready for talks with Ureign [Ukraine]. Is it really?) For what talks? (I think it’s peace talks.) OK, OK. Peace talks. And at Christmas, the people in Ukraine (Ureign) woke up on Christmas Day with bombings from Russia. (Oh. Wow.)

“Media Report from 10 News First Dec. 26, 2022 Hugh (m): The Russian President Vladimir Putin claims he is prepared to negotiate over Ukraine, insisting Kyiv and the West are the ones refusing to engage in talks. But his words are very different from his actions, with much of Ukraine spending Christmas Day in shelters, as air-raid sirens rang out across the country.

Reporter (f): In the relative safety of Kyiv’s underground train station, they’ve sung to drown out the sound of air-raid sirens above. ‘Maybe our enemies would like us to sit down and cry over those killed or what’s happening now,’ this woman says, ‘but we will carol.’ In the city of Bakhmut, now the frontline, the only sound on Christmas was incoming shelling. ‘Things are shaking and jumping everywhere,’ this man says. ‘We have to survive and keep on living.’”

“Media Report from DW News Dec. 25, 2022 Reporter (m): On Christmas Eve, a Russian missile struck a market in the liberated city of Kherson. At least 10 people were killed and more than 50 wounded.

Reporter (f): President Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned the attack saying, ‘There were no military facilities located in the area.’ He has warned that Russia could be planning more attacks during the holidays.”

That’s how he wants peace. Prove it! (Yes, Master.) Yes, I’ll believe you, if you prove it. Because if Putin really wants peace… it’s simple – just tell his troops to go home and no more bombing. Then there is peace. (Right, Master.)

Ukraine’s (Ureign’s) president requested a Christmas Day truce – stop bombing for one time, at Christmas time and Putin refused. (Yes. Oh.) And on Christmas Day bombed people in Ukraine (Ureign). I mean, even if they hate Ukraine (Ureign) to whatever extent, but you have to have some respect for God. (Yes, Master. Indeed.) Christmas Day is about Jesus. He’s the Son of God. And if you believe in God, you have to respect that day, at least, even just one day a year. How much can it be to ask for that and to stop bombing people on just one day a year even?

“Media Report from DW News Dec. 25, 2022 Reporter (m): Christmas on the front lines. These Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut have faced relentless Russian attacks for months. The city has seen some of the toughest fighting of the war since it began in February. But even here, soldiers are taking a moment to reflect on the occasion.

Roman Kapinus (m): Christmas during war is still Christmas. The holiday should remain a holiday, no matter the circumstances we have now. You can probably hear the incoming shelling, and our guys are responding. But the holiday is a holiday and it should remain so.

Reporter (m): All across Ukraine, Christmas celebrations have been very different this year. Russia has bombarded energy infrastructure for months, leaving millions without power, water or heat. But despite the enormity of the challenge facing all Ukrainians, President Zelenskyy’s Christmas address struck a tone of defiance and hope.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: We will sing carols, more cheerfully than ever before – to be louder than the sounds of the generator. We will hear voices and greetings of our loved ones in our souls, even if the connection and the internet go down. And even in complete darkness, we will find each other to hug each other tightly. And if there’s no heat, we will hug for a long time, to warm each other.

Reporter (m): Russia says it has no plans for a ceasefire over the holiday period.”

Didn’t they kill enough of both Russians and Ukrainians (Ureignians)? Didn’t they make enough millions of people homeless already? This guy is unforgivable. Putin and his gang are unforgivable. They care nothing about their own citizens. The young and beautiful people of Russia have to be forced to fight in Ukraine (Ureign). They care nothing about their own people, not to talk about the Ukrainians (Ureignians) who’ve done nothing wrong to them. This guy’s so despicable. (Yes, Master.) Lower than evil, they would say, lower than devils.

Say something else better, if you have, please. (China’s President Xi demanded Putin write a letter to explain when and how the Ureign [Ukraine] war will stop.)

“Media Report from Now TV Sept. 15, 2022 Xi Jin Ping: China is willing to work with Russia to demonstrate responsibility of a big country, play a leading role, and inject stability and positive energy into the turbulent world.”

“Media Report from Dec. 23, 2022: Chinese president Xi Jinping demanded a written explanation from Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin on how and when he intends to end the war with Ukraine, it has been claimed. And in an extraordinary development, it is also claimed that ex-Russian president Dmitry Medvedev was dispatched to Beijing ‘as a postman’ to deliver the letter. This could indicate that Putin is facing stronger pressure than previously thought from China to end the war. Xi ‘demanded from Putin a detailed plan with dates, where the Russian president was to write how and when he was going to end the war’, according to Telegram channel General SVR.”

He did the right thing. (Yes.) President Xi did the right thing, because I think even he’s fed up with only talk and promise and just blah, blah, blah – and keep killing innocent people and not doing the real thing that was promised, or what is the right thing to do. (Yes, Master.) Because, they just said they want to talk peace, but then poisoned the people who came for peace talks. (Oh.) Both sides. Both sides. Remember that? (Yes, Master.) I don’t forget these things. I’ll forever remember.

And then saying “peace talks” but bombing people all the time, and at the same time saying they are ready for peace talks. (Yes.) How can people talk peace with you when you keep bombing them? They are too busy defending themselves, sheltering themselves, and thinking of how to defend! (Yes, Master.) How do they have time or even relax the mind to go and talk to you, or believe you? (Yes, Master.) So, this is just the devil. Really. (Yes.) Not human.

And he also keeps saying, “Americans – why interfere?” Or “Europe – why interfere in Ukraine (Ureign) and help Ukraine (Ureign)?” But what did Russia do anyway? I mean, Putin, what did he do? Why did he interfere in Ukraine’s (Ureign’s) business? If he said that he came in to protect some pro-Russian area – why? That’s Ukrainian (Ureignian) area. (Yes.) So, he’s interfering. Worse than the Americans. The Americans and Europe just responded to the situation, but Putin started it all. (Yes, Master. Yes.) And he accused America of tearing Russia apart. What did he do to Ukraine (Ureign)? (Right.) Taking this area, bombing that area. Annexing here, annexing there. He is the one who did all that! (Yes, Master. Yes.)

So, I don’t know – this guy must be crazy. He must have no logic, no IQ. Or he’s just pure evil. (Yes, Master. True.) Oh, God. There’s no way to talk to this guy. No way. He’s not human. He doesn’t even have any intelligence or IQ or logic. Any reasonable argument – nothing! How can the whole country of Russia listen to this guy? He’s not human! (Right, Master. Yes.) He’s beyond evil. Why do they listen to and support him?

I don’t understand these people who listen to and support Putin. But I tell you what, even if they go out and protest, he will kill them or imprison them anyway and blacklist them. So, that’s why. Not many people have the time, energy and even the finances to go out and keep protesting. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master. Right, Master.) They have a family and they have children also to take care of. (Yes, Master.) They can’t just keep protesting even, and become useless and just be kept in prison while their kids are starving at home with nobody to take care. So, they cannot do too much more. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Because they are vulnerable like that, so the Kremlin leaders take advantage of that and continue to kill Russians and Ukrainians (Ureignians), both.

And even I read in the news some weeks ago, that they borrowed more than $13 billion just to continue the war. Imagine that?! (Wow! Oh, my God.) They don’t have money and they want to borrow all that money instead of giving it to their citizens to keep them warm or fed in winter. No! Borrow the money just to continue the war in Ukraine (Ureign) to kill more people – Russians as well as Ukrainians (Ureignians). And boasting, like, “Oh! Putin said that he promised limitless finances for the war.” My God! All this bs and evil talk. (Yes. Really evil.) Imagine, $13 billion dollars! How many people can be fed, housed, educated and healed from sickness? Imagine that. (Yes. That’s right. Right, Master.)

We the small potatoes, could never even imagine how much it is. Myself, I cannot. (Yes, Master.) I have only enough money to give to people who need, and to take care of Supreme Master Television – take care of you guys, take care of my business. That’s all. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) I can’t imagine this kind of money. Can you? (No, Master.) No. We know billions or trillions, but we cannot imagine the sum. (Yes.) We cannot. Really, I cannot.

So, this is all bs, all evil talk. Nothing real. This guy, he’s not real. He doesn’t have a soul in him. He’s just possessed – bodily possessed by demons. And he continues killing people. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.) No leader could be like this. None. (Yes. Correct.) Even worse than World War II. Worse mentality than other leaders, dictators or brutal men that we know of.

And that’s it. Anything else? (Yes, Master.) Tell. (Pope Francis emotionally talked about Ureignian [Ukrainian] suffering for a while.)

“Media Report from CBS News Dec. 27, 2022 Norah O’Donnell (f): Pope Francis used his Christmas message to lament what he called the ‘icy winds of war.’ Speaking to the faithful in St. Peter’s Square, the pontiff pleaded for an immediate end to fighting in Ukraine. He also called the invasion by Russia ‘senseless.’”

(He also told his priests that there is a devil or ghost in the middle of the Vatican.)

“The Vatican Dec. 22, 2022 p. Francis: The evil that we acknowledge and try to uproot from our lives does indeed leave us, but we would be naïve to think that it will long be gone. In short order, it comes back under a new guise. Before, it appeared rough and violent, now it shows up as elegant and refined. We need to realize that and once again to unmask it. That is how these ‘elegant demons’ are: they enter smoothly, without our even being conscious of them.”

(Did he really change?) You tell me. Did he? Really? Do you think he changed? (No, Master. Not really, Master.) I was surprised. I asked Heaven, “Oh, what did You do to p. Francis? Did You change his soul? Did You clean him, make him listen to God’s Will or anything?” They don’t answer me. They just laughed. (Oh.) They just laughed and laughed. That’s it.

And what did you say they have in the Vatican? Ghosts? (A ghost or demon.) Oh. I love ghosts. I would like to have a ghost nearby me – a ghostwriter. So I don’t have to think what to say and keep praying, “Please bless my talk so that people can benefit.” I don’t have anything. I don’t have even a teleprompter so that I can write my speech, and read it. Never mind, it’s all spontaneous then. I hope you like whatever I have told you all this time. (Yes, Master. We do.) But, what a surprise, the Vatican has demons and ghosts? (Yes, Master.)

But why? Why does he have to warn his people about that? He was the one who told everybody in the world that Lucifer is the god of the Catholics. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And Lucifer is the chief of all the demons, (Oh, yes.) so if Lucifer, meaning satan, sent in some demons to the Vatican, why would he be surprised or why would he warn people about it? They’re in their element. It’s their home. (Right. Yes. That’s right.) Yeah.

I’m too lazy to tell you about all this. I don’t want to ask Heaven because They will laugh at me again for my naivety. Like, as if I’m so naïve, why would I ask such questions? (Yes.) They laughed, laughed, laughed. They laughed at me. Like negative, but laughing at me. Not happy. (Oh. Yes, understand.) Like thinking, how naïve I could be. So, alright, now you know. But I love ghosts – ghostwriters. Somebody who can write things for me, and all I do is just read it. Life would be more easy. (Yes, Master.) Life would be more simple. (Yes, Master.) […]

Now and then because I search the news or something, I saw one near-death experience story. One lady went to Heaven, and then she was taught about what we should worship and what not. They said you should not even worship any except God and except Jesus. So, she said even worshipping Mother Mary should not be done. And she said also God told her that you should not worship any woman – except if Jesus is in the form of a woman. Meaning if Jesus reincarnates as a woman, (Oh.) otherwise you should not worship any woman. (Understand, Master.)

“Excerpt from ‘I met Mary In My NDE - She Unveiled Many Evil Secrets On Earth To Me’: I am going to share with you a remarkable near-death experience that was sent to us by a dear sister from Brazil: ‘[…] I saw a human being who was dressed in a white robe. […] She revealed herself to me as Mary, the mother of Jesus. […] She disclosed to me that she is aware of the manner in which a number of Christians believed in her even more than they did in Christ himself. […] To pray to her or through her was wrong, she told me. She made it extremely clear that Jesus Christ is the only mediator for us. […] She stated that Jesus Christ, the Son of God and God himself are the only ones who are worthy of our devotion, not her or any other saints. […] She further stated that we must put away the rosary and rather seek the Holy Spirit to come to dwell in us. Any form of an object, aside from the Bible must be put aside and rather focus on the Word of God. […]’”

Wow. And they should just listen to the Word of God even. And I said, “Oh, my God. It’s truly a real Teaching from Heaven.” This woman did not lie, but she did not know what the meaning of the Word of God is. (Yes.) She just repeated what God told her, what Heaven told her. But she did not know anything about the Word of God. The way she was explaining or telling it, she didn’t know anything. And I feel so sorry for her as well as the rest of the others who don’t know the Word of God like the way you do. Like I do. Like you do. Like all your brothers and sisters in our group know the Word of God.

And I felt so sad, so sad, after that. I felt so sad. I said, “Things are so simple, why people don’t listen? So simple. It’s inside you. All you do is just find a teacher who shows you where and how to do it. But you have to purify yourself. Live a pure life and worship God only. My God, so simple. Just thank God. Even if you don’t worship God, you don’t thank God, but if you contacted God, then you’re free.” (Yes, Master.) But no. My God! Even though I have a lot of disciples, but not the whole world. (Yes.)

And the rest of the world is not liberated like my so-called disciples. (Yes, Master.) I’m so sad, so sad. Sometimes, I didn’t want to do anything. I’m just too sad to do anything. That’s why even for Christmas, I did not talk to you guys. I just told them to write a general wish for Christmas. That’s it. And I just told one person to take care that all of the Supreme Master TV stations had some gifts for Christmas. (Thank You, Master.) […]

Anything else? Did I answer your question? (Yes, Master.) What was it then? (It was about pope Francis, talking about the demon or ghost in the Vatican.) Why so late to tell us? It has always been there. (Yes.) Since he’s there, at least. Since all the priests were there. All they did, most of them, were devilish things, evil things – raping, robbing, and… yuck!

“Excerpt from ‘Exposed – The Church’s Darkest Secret’ (2020) British documentary, Extracts from Neil Todd’s police statement – Dec 12, 1992 Abuse victim (m): He wanted to express his love. I felt frightened.

Interviewer (m): Did you go?

Abuse victim (m): He came to my room. He said to me, ‘You don't want this?’ The way he said it, it just made me feel guilty, as if it was wrong to say no. And I never said no to Bishop Peter Ball in the entire time I’ve known him. I wanted to so many times, but I feared him.”

So ugly and filthy. (Yes.) So, that’s it. (Yes, Master.)

Anything else? Tell me.

“Media Report from Sky News Dec. 16, 2022 Reporter (f): This is the picture the Palace wants to show – Lady Susan Hussey saying sorry to Ngozi Fulani. It was, we’re told, a meeting filled with warmth and understanding.”

(There was a meeting between Ms. Fulani and Lady Susan Hussey on December 16 at Buckingham Palace. Lady Susan offered her sincere apologies for the comments. And Ms. Fulani has accepted this apology and appreciates that no malice was intended.)

Of course not. Of course not. (Yes.) I told you, she’s not a diplomat. Lady Hussey just talked and sometimes when you meet a stranger, you don’t know what to say, but just strike up a conversation – like my date, I told you. (Yes, Master.) He said he just wanted to have a conversation. But I was sensitive. He wouldn’t know. He could not know that I am very sensitive about that. Because I had pain in my heart, in the past, seeing my people suffer and why Vietnam or Âu Lạc had to come to that state of degrading and shame.

Why? Why did the brothers have to kill the brothers and fight with the brothers to become such a shameless situation like that? And I was so ashamed. I was so ashamed. Like you could not even lift your head up to look at people. That’s how ashamed I was. (Oh. Understand. Yes, Master.) And because the people of color mingle everywhere in the world and not everyone is a person of color like them, and they have been asked all the time. Sometimes, maybe, they have not been treated well or equally, the way they think. And then they more or less have a complex. (Yes Master.)

So even though Lady Hussey had no intention of any malice – it’s been taken like that. Because there’s sensitivity inside the heart already. So, I just hope in the future, if people don’t like it, then don’t have any more conversation. Go elsewhere, say “Excuse me. I need to go have a drink,” or “I have to go to the bathroom,” or “I go to see my friend over there,” whatever. But not just always putting a hat of racism on anyone. (Yes.) It’s not always fair, is it? It’s not fair. (No, Master.)

And I think it was very good of Lady Hussey to apologize, even though it wasn’t her fault. I don’t feel that it was her fault or it was a very bad intention or anything. She just probably didn’t know how to word it, how to formulate the conversation. (Yes, Master.) So, I’m glad it’s over, and both move on with their lives. And I hope the palace returns the honor to Lady Hussey, because she didn’t do anything wrong. I keep repeating that – she did not. (Yes.) She has been a loyal and trustworthy person in the Royal Household all these decades. Return the honor to her. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from GB News Dec. 16, 2022 Michael Cole (m): This apology is entirely in keeping with Lady Susan’s sense of duty and decency. I knew her for several years when I was going around the world, in the train of the late Queen – and Lady Susan was always pleasant, kind, courteous and welcoming to people, in all sorts of situations and (to) all sorts of people. Now, she’s 83, she’s a widow, she served Her Majesty the Queen for 63 years in an honorary position – that means she wasn’t paid. And she was the head girl, and she did the job terribly well.”

I request. If they take my word for any pinch of salt at all.

Anything else, my love? (Yes, Master. There’s a news about UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak asking a homeless man whether he works in business.)

“Media Report from Guardian News Dec. 24, 2022 Rishi Sunak (m): Do you work in business?”

(It’s really funny.) It is funny. I know. Maybe he also doesn’t know how to start a conversation. I told you already. I don’t think he meant anything bad. (Yes, Master.) Well, at least he didn’t ask him “Where do you come from?” I hope he didn’t eat any birthday cake there in public like Boris Johnson. Otherwise, he might lose his job.

But nowadays, everybody criticizes anybody for anything – for being racist, for being awkward. They even say it’s an “excruciating” question. I mean, come on, man. He didn’t mean anything bad. (Yes.) Because he went to the homeless shelter to serve people meals that day, symbolically to be with them. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from On Demand News Dec. 23, 2022 Woman: Rishi are you staying for the washing up?

Rishi Sunak: I’m better at that. I’m definitely better at that than I am at the actual cooking and serving bit, probably. One of my first jobs, I worked in an Indian restaurant when I was a kid, so I did a lot of that.”

So, at least he’s doing something for them. And if he didn’t know how to ask a question, just ignore it. We have many more important things to do than just eavesdropping on the prime minister’s talk to some homeless person. Of course, the homeless person cannot do any business at that time over there. He’s a homeless man. But I don’t think the prime minister wanted to embarrass him or anything with bad intentions at all. No. It’s just a slip of the tongue. Just talk. (Likely so. Right, Master.) Probably, he has never been in a homeless shelter before. And he was a businessman before. So, he just thinks in business terms. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Just like, I’m in the vegan business. And if I go out and see somebody in the restaurant, I would say, “Are you vegan?” Even in a meat restaurant, I would say, “Are you vegan, by the way?” Who knows, maybe I would ask like that. Because it’s just like a habit.

A long time ago, I was in Spain, and inside a pizzeria. I kept looking at the menu, I couldn’t see anything that was suitable. Maybe I was halfway or not yet done. So, I said, “Is there any vegan food in your restaurant? Because I’m vegan.” So the waiter told me indignantly, “It’s not my problem.” (Aw.) That’s what he told me. Probably tired of too many questions from tourists. (Yes, understand.) But anyway, we left the restaurant after that. I said, “OK, fine. We go find another restaurant. Even if they have some vegan food here, I don’t think the waiter would let us swallow it whole, complete, and peacefully.”

You see, sometimes, life is like that. People are so different. People have all kinds of logic and reasons to be mad, to be rude, or to be insensitive. (Yes, Master.) So, we just have to take care of ourselves. That’s all. Just take care of ourselves, the way we could. (Yes, Master.) Anything else? (No, Master. That’s all.)

There is a good news. I read in the news the other day that his party said that after all, they recognize that His Excellency, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is the most effective PM. (Wow! That’s good!) I read that some days ago, but I didn’t have a lot of time to tell you. So, after I read that, I thought, “Wow, finally! Finally, some wisdom.” (Yes.) So, I hope he will come back – in dignity and honor, and with all the warm welcome that he deserves. (Yes, we hope so.) Or he could go to Ukraine (Ureign) and be a prime minister over there. They invited him, remember? (Yes.) Not that he has nowhere to go, or no position to apply for. (Yes.)

OK, fine. Anything else, my love? If not, then go eat your vegan cakes, your Christmas cakes. (Thank You, Master. Merry Christmas, Master. Merry Christmas and thanks for calling, Master. Thank You, Master. Thank You very much, Master. Thank You.) OK, fine. I’ll talk to you next time. If nothing else, then I wish you all the best for the next coming year. And I wish you feel always God’s love, and a little, at least, of my love. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master. Thank You very much, Master.) Ciao, ciao. (Ciao, Master.)

Host: With joyful hearts, we deeply thank Most Benevolent Master for Her infinite Love, and for always brightening our days and filling our lives with beautiful meaning and noble purpose. May Heaven help us all to get in touch with our innate Divinity, which offers us enlightenment and eternal freedom as children of God. We pray for a new and pure start with World Vegan, World Peace, as we enter a fresh and blessed 2023. Wishing Precious Master to be always surrounded by all Celestial Protectors and to have sound health, safety and tranquility.

To hear Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) further explain how people can become enlightened and happier, please tune in on Sunday, January 8, 2023, on Between Master and Disciples, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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