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Between Master and Disciples

Parents Are the Best Gift on This Planet, Part 5 of 5, Nov 24, 2019

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)


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How strange! Why? Why can’t you see enough of me? (We love You. You are our Master.) You don’t have to see Master. (Because You are our Master, that’s why we want to see You.) There are many masters outside. If you want to see a master, you can... (Our Master is the most beautiful.) Thank you, thank you.

I go upstairs. OK. Let’s go upstairs. Don’t look at this. Go! New or old people, go, go, go, go. Go up there. I’m coming in five minutes.

You guys have work at home, or you want to go up? Any urgent job? Can go up if you want. You want to go up-up? Go, go. Or you put your things anywhere. You guys want to go up-up? (Yes, Master.) Or you have to go home urgently?

Can go up. No eat? (Keep it as a midnight snack.) OK. (We eat what’s served on the spot.) You’re welcome. Camera. Thank you. It’s delicious. Thanks a lot. (Thank You, Master.) For everyone. (Thank You, Master.) One for each person. (OK. Be careful.) We might as well give it to people on this side. (Be careful.) (Thank You.) They’ve lined up. We will give it out. (Thank You.) (Thank You, Master.) You’ll have it. Slowly. Take it easy. (Thank You, Master.) Whatever we have. (OK. Thank You, Master.)

I don’t mean to give you the food unevenly. They just stick together and I can’t help it. (OK.) (Thank You, Master.) Wish you safety, peace and happiness. (Thank You, Master.) Be carefree physically and mentally. Get liberation soon. (Thank You.) There’s more. (OK.) This will also do. (This will also do. OK.) Come, those who haven’t got it. (Thank You, Master.) Those who haven’t got it, come over. (Thank You, Master.) Those who’ve eaten can also come. (We’ve all eaten.) (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. You’ve got it? (Yes. We’ve all had it.) Thank you.

(Master, we don’t have it here.) OK. (We don’t have it here.) Not yet? (Thank You, Master.) How pitiful. (Thank You.) How pitiful. Come, come. (Thank You, Master.) What do you have? You drop everything just for eating. (Yes, I have it. Thank You, Master.) Just a symbol… (Thank You, Master.) Have you got it? (Yes. Thank You.) Have you eaten it? (Yes.) Oh, so fast. OK, that’ll do. (Thank You, Master.) Is there anyone who doesn’t have it? Oh, this person. No one gave you anything. (Thank You, Master.) Just a symbol. Thank you. No, no. There’re still more. (Still more.) OK. (Thank You, Master.) Good job. Thank you. OK. Eat it if you want.

OK. I will go wash my hands and brush my teeth. Then I have to go upstairs to work. You have your work, and I have mine. (OK.) And then sleep. Be careful. (OK.) Thank you, everyone. Good. This is good. (Thank You, Master.) Simple but nice. It’s simple but nice. Some people didn’t know. Thank you. (Bye, Master. Thank You, Master.) Do all of you have it? (Yes.) Did they give you something to eat? (Yes, thank You, Master.)

Do you have it, brother? I didn’t give it to him? Put it down. (Yes, Master.) (I have it, thank You.) Oh, never mind, it’s OK. (Thank You, Master.)

Do you have it? (Yes.) It’s for fun, not that we have to have it. Thank you everyone for your hard work. Thank you. Thanks. Bye-bye. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you. Tough guy. Oh, very good. I didn’t know that.

(Thank You, Master.) Thank you, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank You. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your love. Thank you. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (Hallo, Master.)

You aren’t going upstairs, old man? Go upstairs. What language does he speak? He doesn’t understand? You take him to the fourth floor, OK? (OK.) One of the guards. Take him to the foreigner’s group. I can answer his questions by the way. Thank you. Very good.

Oh! How dare she compete with me, look. Her car is faster than mine. (Thank You, Master.) Watch out for the car. Never get tired of looking? Be careful, you guys. Watch your feet. Did you see that? I am not good at driving, as I told you. Have you seen me already? (Hallo, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) (Hallo, Master.)

Monks can go upstairs if they want. Koreans can go up. Can go up. Somebody help translate. You translate English? English? No. OK. No, no. Hallo, everybody. Got you. I am not good at driving. I told you not to stick around. Yet, you still do. (Master drives very well.) (Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (Master has good skill.) Thanks a lot. Don’t kneel, it hurts. Stand up please. (Master, I love You.) Thank you. You can’t even see me on your knees, can you? Thank you. Love you. (Thank You, Master.) Love you. I like your hair.

Never get tired of seeing me, no need to... Why do you bother to see me when you can never get enough? (We cannot see enough of You.) You see me today, and tomorrow you’ll want to see again. So, don’t worry about it. No need to see me again. (Master knows us too well.) No need to see me. Just like you eat today, but you’ll be hungry again tomorrow. Why bother eating? (It’s different.) It’s troublesome. Life is troublesome. How strange! Why? Why can’t you see enough of me? (We love You. You are our Master.) You don’t have to see Master. (Because You are our Master, that’s why we want to see You.) There are many masters outside. If you want to see a master, you can... (Our Master is the most beautiful.) Thank you, thank you. Old beauty. Not bad, huh? (You are beautiful, very beautiful.) (Very young, too.) You think I believe what you say? (Yes!) (Because Master is forever young.) You think I’m a kid and I believe everything you say? I have a mirror! I can see myself. (We would like to see a beautiful Master.) OK, thank you.

There’s a bright light over here, you can see me well. Are you short-stays? (Yes.) (We’re leaving tomorrow.) Tomorrow you are leaving. Bless you. (It’s true. It’s not easy for us to come because we are older.) I see. Are you older than me? (I’m really older than You.) I am already many millions of years old. Who is she? That’s nothing. Don’t say old. Say young. (It says in the rule, that older people are not allowed to come, starting December 1.) Who doesn’t allow you to come? (You said that those overage will not be allowed to come.) Huh? (Over the age limit. Even those with company are not allowed to come.) (Seventy years old.) Who said you cannot come? (It says so.) It says so? (Starting December 1, even overage people with company are not allowed to come.) (They cannot come in winter.) It’s too cold in winter. Come again in summer. Come again in a few months. Yes. (OK, thank You, Master.) Summer is fine. Spring and summer are fine. I’m afraid it’s too hard for you. (OK, thank You, Master.) Being old and having aches. (We want to see Master.) I know. But you look like you’re having back pain. Why the hardship? You can come in summer, OK? (OK, thank You, Master.) They need to take care of you because they’re worried that you can’t stand it.

(Master, if I am physically capable, can I come?) Huh? (OK.) (If I am physically capable, can I come? I’m 69.) Sixty-nine cannot come already? (I will be 70 in 2020. Can I come? Master, because I have a one-year multiple-entry visa, which is due in March. It would be a pity if I could not come. I cannot come after March. It’s a multiple-entry Free- Independent Traveler visa.) If you are still alive at that time, then we will talk about it. We don’t even know what will happen tomorrow, and you are asking me? Even if I promise you now, they won’t recognize you when you come. (Yes.) Maybe a long beard grows out or something. Then they’d say, “No, Master meant someone else.” We grow old fast.

Oh my God. So many short-stays? Or Taiwanese (Formosan)? (There are also Taiwanese [Formosan]. Some are Taiwanese [Formosan].) (We are from the mainland.) Taiwanese (Formosan) cheated; they stay behind. They share the benefit from the mainlanders. That’s how they can stay. (Yes.) And I have to see them too.

I’m going to work. (OK. Thank You, Master.) Thank you for your love. (Thank You for Your love.) I don’t know. I just gave you initiation. How do I love you if I don’t know you? I don’t know any of you. Who are you?

Kid, I’m sorry that you cannot go upstairs. They can after they grow up a little bit. It’s OK after six years. Six more years, very soon. Look how fast it is. I was young and beautiful when I first came to Taiwan (Formosa). Look at me now. (You are still beautiful.) Many wrinkles. (Master is forever 18 years old.) (Yes.) You haven’t kept the Five Precepts clearly. (Master is truly forever young.) Looking from a distance, yes, of course. (Really, Master hasn’t changed in 30 years. It’s the same every time I look at You. I love You.) It sounds nice. You haven’t kept the Five Precepts well.

I need to go take care of the new initiates upstairs. (OK.) Some of you can’t see me, I’m sorry. I’m not going to grow any taller. I also find it strange that God didn’t choose a taller person. Then I wouldn’t need to sit on a stage or anything like that. I could stand anywhere and be taller. Then everybody could see me better.

Kids, sorry, I have to go to work now. The kids can come upstairs later, OK? Now it’s different. Soon... Eat more and grow up quickly. Then you can go upstairs. Bye-bye. Thank you. Be good. (Thank You, Master.) Be good, kids. For the kids, not for you.

OK, thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Some of you cannot see me. I know. But I can’t help it. Right. I can’t help it. Can you see me now? Yes. Poor people. Taiwanese (Formosan) have no excuses. You’ve seen me for hundreds of years, many decades. (But we can never see enough of You.) How strange. Why? (I love You, Master.)

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