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Between Master and Disciples

Parents Are the Best Gift on This Planet, Part 4 of 5, Nov 24, 2019

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)


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(Master, I just wanted to tell You that we are very, very grateful to be part of Your family. And this is really like a dream. Very much like a dream.) You enjoy yeah? (Yes. Thanks a lot. Thank You.) Good. Good. I’m glad. I’m glad.

(Vegan) Apple pie, only I have? You don’t have? (Do we have more [vegan] apple pie?) (There are some more.) Don’t other people have this? (There are more. Some have [vegan] scones. Master, some have [vegan] apple pies and some have [vegan] scones. There are two kinds.) OK. Thank you.

You want some? You want? Today you eat everything. They are happy when she’s not here. I don’t know why; I always give her a lot of things. And they are shy, they don’t look and I forget. Today she is not here, I remember they exist. You take some back for some of the girls. Do you have a meal box? (Yes.)

(This is water snowflake vegetable.) One more. Wow! Very delicious. Thank you very much. Do the monks have enough food? (We have enough.) The two of them have nothing to eat? Take it over there. (Master, we have enough.) One piece for each person. Just for fun.

Did I give you this? No? You guys can share. Can share. This one is for you guys to share. Very little, sorry. (Yes, Master.) Break it, like that. Anyone who wants to break it? One, two, three, zack! It’s OK. Eat it, eat it, don’t worry.

Take this and share with the kitchen, OK? (OK.) Kitchen. (OK. Thank You, Master.) Delicious! It is very delicious. (Do You want some more, Master?) Can I? (Yes, there is a lot.) No. This is for you. (There’s a lot. OK, I’ll get some more.)

You are hungry still? Don’t be shy. She is easy to take care of, she eats anything. You brought her up well. Not picky. Oh, I have to go upstairs.

(Master, I just wanted to tell You that despite all the things that You said, and all the things that You are not satisfied (with), but we are very, very grateful to be part of Your family. And this is really like a dream. Very much like a dream.) You enjoy yeah? (Yes. Thanks a lot. Thank You.) Good. Good. I’m glad. I’m glad. Now you remind me I had to go upstairs soon, quickly and go! You guys can go, don’t have to wait for me. I have to take care of the new people.

(Master, this vegan kimchi is very delicious.) Oh, delicious. Kimchi? So special. (Kimchi with steamed glutinous rice.) No wonder. The glutinous rice makes it different. Is it something special of Taoyuan? Specialty of Taoyuan? (Taoyuan.) Specialty. (Yes.) I’ve never tasted this kind of food before in other places. (Yes.)

Can you eat this type of thing? Agar-agar. No? (I don’t know.) For fun. Not much. Oh, they bring again. I know it! (A jelly made from luffa gourd.) Thanks a lot. You’re very generous.

The two of you haven’t eaten yet. That guard hasn’t eaten yet. I have one piece here left. Did you eat? Go eat. OK.

You eat every week. Did you eat diligently even when I was not here? So fortunate. What a good life! The kitchen team treats you so nicely, that you’ve become attached to them. Have you?

When we go upstairs, it’s not too noisy, you can tell me again. (Yes, OK. I just said that we are very grateful and happy. We are happy to be a part of Your family.) Oh! (And we love You.) “And we love You,” I hear that. That - no need translation. Thank you. We are going up soon. You guys eat…

(Are You getting a massage after that? A massage. Are You getting a lot of Thai massage?) Massage! (Yes!) No, no. I am very ticklish. (Oh.) Thank you. (You’re welcome.) Everybody is dying to massage me. I always say, “No, no, no, no.” Sensitive. Cheers!

(Dear Master. It was a long time ago I came to see You. It was 2006) Oh. (that last I saw You. Do You permit me to come with them? Can I come with them, sit with them, with new initiates? Can I come?) Yeah, sure. (Yeah? Thank You.) Can do. (Thank You.)

This is also very good. They keep bringing, so I have to eat something. Did you eat this? Good? Want some more? Yes? No? No? (I’ll take it.) You are learning. Good, come. Good disciple. (Thank You, Master.) There, all mine now. Want some? Here. This is so small. I’m worried it’ll run down the side.

What’s that? I try to get rid of it, it comes more. You guys still want to eat it, That is sweet potato. The Latin Americans, they like them. That’s why I give you the whole thing. He’s behind you. Latin Americans, they like sweet potato. This is new. Sure you don’t want some? (I’ll try it.) You’re so shy! Why are you so shy? You should stay and then you’ll learn something. In the Ashram, if you are shy, everybody else wants it. Right?

Want some? Sure. Very good. Tell me about your country. They have an ocean? Or inland? (Pardon, Master?) You have sea around? (No.) Water? (But not in Ludhiana, not in Punjab, but in India there is.) Yeah, I know. I know. (Yes, but not in Punjab.) Not where you live, right? (No, no.) Oh, I like the ocean. I don’t know why.

Wow, more food! Tastes good. Yum, yum, yum, yum. I like this one. I like this one. This one. I like the gourd. Anybody else want, raise hand. Take some! One person, come here. You didn’t have enough? You want some more food? You are still hungry? If you are, you go ask the kitchen for more. They have some. I just like this, like an appetizer. Good?

No need. (It’s all right. It’s just a little bit. Master hasn’t eaten any.) Yes, I ate a lot already, and you still keep serving. Thank you. You need something more? (It’s OK.) Eat for fun if you can. If you have any problem, you tell the... whoever is responsible here. Any group will take you to the doctor. We have a doctor in the house. And I told her to stay here to take care of you, so she’s here 24/7.

Good idea. It’s for the kitchen. Put them together for the kitchen team. I don’t want to go to work. I want to sit here, eat. Seems like a good job. Sit here, everybody loves you and you eat. Oh, good job. Why go anywhere else?

We have translation. Look. Korean, no? Ah! Chinese. Chinese only. Good, good. Only for translation into Chinese? You want a banana? (I ate already one banana.) Have more. Because you only have fruit, you didn’t eat other things.

Good. I feel embarrassed now to stay here, so I have to go. Go upstairs. OK. Let’s go upstairs.

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