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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 133 - The Norse Mythological Story of Ragnarok

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“She (the seeress) sees a hall, brighter than the Sun, bedecked with gold; it stands at Gimlé. There shall the righteous people dwell and forevermore enjoy their happiness.”

Over the past few weeks, we followed the catastrophic end of the world described in the Norse myth of Ragnarok, and saw how astonishingly similar it was with our current world happenings.

Today, the prophecy continues with the new era that will follow Ragnarok. We discover a world renewed, and this will be aptly symbolized by the resurrection of Baldr, the Norse god of light, spring and joy.

Let’s explore the hopeful verses from the Poetic and Prose Eddas:

“A second time, she (the seeress) sees earth rise out of the ocean, growing green…”

“Unsown shall the fields bring forth, all ills will be mended, Baldr will return. Hodr and Baldr reside in Hropt’s victory-walls…”

In the new world, there will be a new Sun, the daughter of the previous destroyed one, signifying the return of light and life. Crops will grow abundantly and all the surviving gods of Odin’s clan, and Baldr, will reunite at Idavoll, a meeting place for the gods.

“Then again shall the wondrous golden tables be found in the grass; those they had owned in early days.”

“(What is initiation?) It is the beginning of our homeward journey. It is the beginning of the awakening of our Self-realization. At the time of initiation, I do nothing to you and I speak nothing, but you will realize what you long to realize, and then you will know what to do every day to regain more knowledge of your great Self, of your true Self.”

“(What do You mean by “immediate enlightenment” after initiation?) If I show you something which is in your pocket, can you immediately take it out or not? Yes. That is what it is. Because you have it within you, I just point out to you where it is so you get it.” “Enlightenment is so simple and immediate because God is within us. The Kingdom of God is within ourselves. ‘Know you not that you are the temple of God, and the Holy Spirit dwells within you?’ If we have enlightenment, if we find the power inside which fulfills all desires, which is above all desires, then we are free from all desires. We will have everything; we will have more things, but we don't desire anything.” “We have to bless the creation by our greatest power inherited from our Father. If we don’t know that, we suffer a lot. If in the course of learning to know the creation and we do not use and we forget our princely position, that’s when we are in trouble. Otherwise, you understand? That’s why we have to be enlightened, we have to remember again who we are, why we are here doing all the checking and all the learning and that.”

If everyone on this planet knows God, or at least half of mankind know God, let's say one-third of mankind know God, or one-fourth even know God, there will be no more war, no more famine, no more trouble of any kind. This planet will become Heaven. There will be no more religious battles between different religions, or even between the same religion, because everyone will understand that we have only one God, and human languages call Hirm in different names, describe Hirm in different loving terms – it's no problem – and that we have only one Father, and we speak only one universal language, and we will understand each other without having to speak one word.”

“We must know what is our birthright, like if we are the children of God, we must reclaim this glory. There is nothing easier than seeing God, because God is within us, God is ourselves; we are a part of God, we are one with God.”

“We came from Heaven. We were all Masters, we were all Christs, and we were all Buddhas. I'm here to teach you once and for all that you are the Teacher, that you are God. And please try to remember this through my scientific, spiritual scientific method, day by day, so that you can reclaim your glory, even without my presence after today. Because once I teach you, you will never forget, because the God within you, you will know. And the God is the one who will awaken again Hirmself and direct your mind and your brain, which up to now, we think is us.”

“The Saints, like Jesus and Buddha, are those who have had remembered how to utilize this greatest power within ourselves. Within this power, there lies beauty, virtues, and the almighty ability to do thousand and one things at once, but then the person doesn't need to do anything. Because we transcend the level of mundane activity, but we enter into the level of almighty network. So, since I am already in your country, I would like to present you with some gift before I go, just like a good guest would do. So, that is the gift of eternal virtues, eternal happiness, eternal beauty. When you wear it, you will be forever beautiful, you will be forever wise, forever virtuous. And whatever you wish for will be there because that is the way of a great man, the way of the Saints since times immemorial.” Etc…

Also as part of the renewal, two humans who hid during the destruction, will survive to repopulate the new world. (There is even a hint that this new race will live on lighter foods.)

“Líf and Lífthrasir, these shall lurk hidden In the Holt of Hoddmímir; The morning dews their meat shall be; And from them mankind shall grow.”

Now we come to an important part of the prophecy: It tells us that the righteous and worthy people of the new world will live in Gimlé, the most beautiful place in the Celestial realms of gods. Gimlé is also described as protecting the blessed from hell and from the fire at Ragnarok that burned the whole world.

“She (the seeress) sees a hall, brighter than the Sun, bedecked with gold; it stands at Gimlé. There shall the righteous people dwell and forevermore enjoy their happiness.”

I have created a special area, a special spiritual land for all of you and whoever, under the wings, under my wings. (Thank You, Master!) The Fifth Level is only a station that you go to, and then you’ll be whisked to a very special area beyond, better than the Fifth Level. (Wow!) Because no other Master wanted to save any of my so-called disciples. So, I had to make a new Buddha’s Land, (Wow, Master. Thank You.) which is better, beyond and better than the Fifth Level. It’s not the Original Universe but it’s very special. Beyond and above the Fifth Level, better. Special place. And we will be happy together there forever. (Thank You, Master!) Just be helpful to the world, do your best, unconditionally, then you will get there, with me. (Thank You, Master.)”

“(Master, about this place that You created, where is it, exactly?) It is between the 11th Level and the Ihôs Kư, in that buffer zone. I said new, because it hasn’t existed before, but it’s not new. It’s not new like my island, only about, around 30 years old, no. That one is a thousand plus years already. (Wow!) And lots and lots and lots of souls, who have been so-called rescued by Tim Qo Tu, since time immemorial. Since a long time, they all went up there, the worthy ones. And it is better than any other universe, OK? (Thank You, Master.)

(What made Master decide to create the New Spiritual Land, one thousand years ago, or, when was the Spiritual Land created?) Yeah, because there were some leftover, so-called leftover humanities, who also wanted to practice but they had too much burden with karma, and other Masters cannot do it, and other Masters don’t have enough affinity to create, to give them a room in their own created domain. (I see.)

Tim Qo Tu doesn’t need all that troublesome affinity. If some people really yearn to go Home and suffer too much and call out for help, even just one time, Hes will help, OK? (Wow.) Yes, Master. Thank You, Master. Because, Tim Qo Tu. Yes. Yes, Master.

All beings on this planet, as long as I live, as long as your Master lives, She will uplift them all to the New Land, but gradually; depends. But at least they’re liberated. They’ll be liberated in any case. Then they will go to the New Land, finally. But first they have to wait somewhere, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. The people who finally made it to the New Spiritual Land of Tim Qo Tu’s, they’re all cleaned, all cleared, so there are no different levels or no different dimensions of spiritual consciousness anymore. All the same. And you can be there with Tim Qo Tu all the time, to your heart’s content.

You see, the ones who will be uplifted to the New Land are the virtuous, the repentant, the charitable, the true religious followers, and the followers of your Master, of course, in their hearts.

And not all are officially initiated; not all can make it. But if they’re sincere in their hearts and if some sinners they repent, they can also go.”

Meanwhile, the unrighteous will go to where they belong…

“…and all men shall live, such as are just in action, and be with himself in the place called Gimlé. But evil men go to Hel and thence down to the Misty Hel; and that is down in the ninth world.”

In Norse mythology, “Hel” is the underworld where the dishonorable dead are punished. The Misty Hel is considered to be the lowest level of Hel, and a cold and foggy place. The word for “hell” in English came from this Norse “Hel.”

Thus, the righteous and evil will go where they deserve, Heaven and hell, respectively. Supreme Master Ching Hai also confirmed that this – the Final Judgment – is truly taking place now, and has been urging everyone to turn to the safety of righteousness.

“It’s not like before, lenient and wait and patience. (Yes, Master.) It’s the order of Heaven right now. Now it’s just black and white. Go to Heaven or you go to hell, accordingly. So, even sinful people or beings, if they repent, they can go to Heaven. At least outside of the Three Worlds, meaning they will not ever be destroyed. Anything in the Three Worlds, including the Three Worlds themselves, will be destroyed one day, because they are not made to last.

And the Lord of the Fourth Level. He’s very gracious to coordinate with me, to work, so whoever repents, I can ask the Ihôs Kư Guardians to bring them to the Fourth Level. So, out of the destructive sphere forever. That I can do for them. That’s the best already. Not all of them can go to the New Realm, but they go to the Fourth. And then they could go to the Fifth later if they’re diligent and study with other Masters there. OK? (OK. Thank You. Wow.) They are safe forever.”

Over time, Norse mythology and Christianity blended together. Hence, the following stanza appears in a later edition of the Ragnarok prophecy: “Then comes the Mighty One to the great Judgment, the Powerful from Above, Who rules o’er all.”

This is considered to be a clear reference to Lord Jesus Christ and His Second Coming at the time of the Final Judgment. The Mighty Christ will return to reign over a new world of justice and peace, and take the righteous humans up to Heaven. The Norse element of Baldr the god of light’s return resonates beautifully with Christ’s return. But no matter how the Norse myth of Ragnarok has evolved over time, what is important is the meaning and wisdom we take from it. We believe that our world is at the end of Ragnarok now, and that a Beloved Bearer of Light and Joy has indeed returned, most radiant and beautiful. With open arms, She is welcoming as many people as possible to join Her in the golden halls of Heaven, if we but answer Her loving call…

I also want to affirm to you. I'm also affirming that hell exists for all sinners and even just animal meat-eaters, sentient being meat-eaters. So, that's the truth. But Heavens also exist. We have a choice! We can turn around right now and then walk Heavenward. Even if you have done thousands, millions of sins before, if you turn now, change your heart, you will be forgiven. I promise. I promise I will be there for you. Heaven or hell, if you repent and change your lifestyle into a benevolent vegan diet, to save the world and to stop the suffering of animals, I will be there for you. I promise you as an honorary citizen of the world, that I have enough power, Heaven bestowed, to rescue you, to help you to go to Heaven. That you will not have to go to hell if you change now, change soon, change quickly.

Please take heed. Please feel my sincerity and my love. Please love the animals, the same way I love you. Then you will know. You will feel a different person inside you awaken, and you will feel proud of yourself. And you will feel your life is worthwhile, Heaven or not. But if you change to vegan, I promise I will take you Home, wherever you call Home is. But not to hell. Definitely, I promise you that. And if anyone who also produces weapons to kill humans or animals, if you turn away now, you U-turn right now, and you never make that business again. Do some more benevolent business, making clothes, making a (vegan) restaurant, making a (vegan) hotel, something that people enjoy and feel comfortable with. I promise, I also will take you to Heaven. May God bless us and bless our world.”

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