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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 131 - The Norse Mythological Story of Ragnarok

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Ragnarok: The end has come. The forces of Light face the forces of evil. What will be the outcome of the final battle? To find out, please watch on for Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 131 – The Norse Mythological Story of Ragnarok.

In our previous episode, we explored the old Scandinavian prophecy of Ragnarok, a bleak fate of cruel winters (Fimbul-winter) and moral chaos, natural disasters and a raging final battle between the gods of good and creatures of evil.

The Ragnarok prophecy suggests that with the hardships due to Fimbul-winter, human society and morals will collapse.

“Brothers will fight and kill each other, cousins will break the bonds of their relationship. It will be harsh for heroes, much depravity, age of axes, age of swords, shields cloven; age of winds, age of wolves, until the world is ruined. No man then will spare another.”

“Imagine if these people, they have nowhere to go and then they will all run into the city, higher land, and there’s nowhere there is no flood, no disaster, and then where do they go? They lost everything then Nothing to lose anymore and they will be very chaotic. They will go and loot the cities and they might even have worse war than what we’re having now. So you understand what I mean? So whatever affects them, affects everybody. It’s not like, OK, ‘I am President, it doesn’t concern me.’ Or ‘I am Governor, high official, it doesn’t concern me and I live in the high land, I don’t live next to the sea, it doesn’t concern me.’ It does concern everybody because if they come in hundreds of thousands at the same time, hungry, stressed, disoriented, starving and confused, they’d do anything. They will be the worst, like so-called zombie soldiers that you ever confronted with. They don’t know anything anymore at that time. It’s too big a grievance for them to even keep their minds together. And there’s no weapon that can stop this kind of war. It will be terrible.”

“Tonight there is nothing united in many states in America. They are in fact deeply divided states in crisis…”

“It has been a painful night of violence and protest…”


The Ragnarok prophecy describes a final battle that will take place. On one side are the gods, led by the noble chief Odin. On the opposing side, monsters and giants will gather to form a fearsome army. They include, for example, the fire giant Surtr and the frost giants’ leader Hyrm, plus the monstrous wolf Fenrir and the Midgard serpent Jörmungandr – whose destructive powers we have mentioned. These monsters and giants are led by Loki, the god of mischief known for using magic. Loki reminds us of the king of maya, and his army of giants and monsters seem to represent the negative force. The gods, then, represent the positive force. They are the protectors who maintain the order of the cosmos.

The prophecy goes into details of the final battle, which we will not cover here. But all in all, the gods fight valiantly, knowing that a too-powerful army led by Loki would attack them on all sides.

“It’s like a wounded animal, it gives itself the best, the best fight. I told you we have only some millions of the other side left, but they’re everywhere, they’re posted everywhere. But I have to also tell you that it has never been so strong like this before. Wow! The whole day I have been kind of in a battlefield. I have to think all kinds of strategy, to get somebody out of trouble, to smooth out the problem. They do that, it’s just maya. It’s not even them; they are just the instruments. It’s just one after another like this. Almost every day, something. Whew! Almost every day, something. While you are sitting here, all quiet, I’m running: ‘Hah, huh, hah, huh...’ Kung-fu here, Kung-fu there! Don’t worry. They are dying, that’s why. The negative power, dying.”

“Whenever the retreat is, before retreat, during retreat, or after retreat, there’s always some turbulence, disturbance. Because the maya cannot want me to have peace. So it takes tremendous power to concentrate. You know, like you’re fighting and concentrating at the same time. Can you imagine that? (Wow. Yes.) OK. In some movie you saw some heroes. (Yes, Master.) They have to fight at the same time while they’re wounded. (Yes.) While they’re wounded already, have to still fight and have to bandage themselves or do something for themselves, you understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) And still fighting and still having to protect others at the same time. You saw some of those movies like that? (Yes, Master.) Yeah. But that is the movies. In my real life, it’s worse than that. They’re really fighting hard right now, but I won’t give up. I told them, ‘Do what you want, I won’t give up.’ Normally I don’t anyway. I tell them all the time like that.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai also told us about the strong power of the zealous demons. “Ihôs Kư could not take these because they are the superior kind of demons. (Yes, Master.) My people, Ihôs Kư protecting Godses, cannot take them down. I had to do it. (Wow.) You have to know the negative power is as strong as the Buddha’s power. (Wow.) Except the love power they don’t have. (Yes.) Their power is the power of like, ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ And meanwhile, they entice you to make you do bad things. Then, they can control you forever.”

Some scholars view the final battle as a fight of the benevolent side of human nature against the barbaric side.

“It’s not just the meat diet. It’s the alcohol, it’s cigarettes, it’s the drugs, it’s the poison, it’s the war… It’s the laboratory cruelty, it’s animal cruelty everywhere, not just in the slaughterhouse. (Yes, Master.) And there is cruelty to humans, and domestic violence, and children abuse, adults abuse. There’s so many things in this world! And many places are so damaged, and ongoing kind of disasters. Typhoon and floods and…

I don’t know if we have ever had so many disasters like this before. I don’t think so. And they still cling to that bloody, dripping, bleeding piece of meat in their mouth and call that food. Don’t even care if anybody else is dying around them or children suffer. And poverty and everything everywhere.”

“But on the contrary, some lay people, they came from a higher level. They came down, they still help the world. We have many helpers in the world. You see outside there? You see? (Yes.) Like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) organization, human rights organizations, many, many organizations and groups in the world and individuals, they are fighting. You see? (Yes, Master.) They are fighting with the dark force in this world. But mostly very difficult, a lot of obstacles for them. But they still continue. (Yes.)”

What will be the outcome of the final battle between the light and dark forces?

“One time I was so tired and I could not meditate very well that day. I said, ‘Sorry, I feel like I’m so lousy, so lazy, but my body really is so tired. I don’t know why.’ So the Godses told me, ‘You are not lazy, You are not lousy. It’s the karma of the world that drags Your body and mind to tiredness often. Not Your fault. Heaven Beings know Your heart, know what You’re doing.’ I said, ‘Thanks for loving kind words. Always feel I not do enough.’ So, They said, ‘Not worry, You will win.’ (Yay! Yes.)

…And the God of War and all that and God of Info also, I thanked Them. And then, He told me also, ‘Love will win.’ (Wow.) I said, ‘Tell me. What kind of love, which love, whose love?’

So, quotation marks: ‘Yours, plus beings in the OU (Original Universe). (Oh. Wow.) Ihôs Kư Godses.’ They keep telling me, ‘Love will win.’ Even recently. (Yes, Master.) I thank them for giving me high hope.”

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