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In today’s news, Australia provides further assistance for mine-clearing in Iraq, Brazil’s major export crops at risk due to lack of rain, astronomers observe unusual behavior in huge star, computer program learns to predict people’s artistic preferences, Afghan doctor honored for helping refugees in Turkey, gourmet chocolate chain in the United States adds vegan ice cream, and bearded vultures reintroduced in Germany after 100 years.

Australia provides financial support for mine removal in Iraq.

The government of Australia has contributed an additional US$2.3 million to the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) to enhance its work in Iraq, bringing their total donation in the last five years to US$11.5 million. The funding is strengthening the Iraqi government and local non-profit organizations on demining action, while also encouraging the hiring of capable men and women alike to develop mine management skills. Australia is a recipient of five Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection and Good Governance; as well as a laureate of three Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Caring, Good Governance, Health Guardian and High Moral Value. Our sincere accolades and thanks, Australia, for your continued, compassionate support. May Allah bless the gentle Iraqi civilians to live in safety, peace and joy.

Brazil’s food crops at risk due to minimal rain.

Brazil, the world’s largest exporter of sugar, orange juice and coffee, recently had an extremely dry rainy season, which has left farmers with dwindling water reserves and concerns about the viability of this year’s crops. The current amount of oranges on the trees is already 31% lower than last year. Also, in some areas, farmers had to start irrigating their plants two months earlier than usual, and had only received half of the required water during the recent wet season. To worsen the difficult situation, food prices have already been increasing rapidly and along with the pandemic, hunger has become even more severe. Such concerning news, Brazil, on your nation’s lack of rain. In God’s Grace, may people’s lives and livelihoods soon stabilize as we work to heal the climate through our loving actions for all beings.

Up next, astronomers observe unusual behavior in huge star. We’ll just take a little time to thank the plant pathologists, who identify the disorders that plants may experience as well as studying their overall health. We’ll be right back with more splendid news on Supreme Master Television. Vegan side effect: your butcher will blame himself 4 your absence.

Hallo, beautiful friends, I’m Archie the vegan Arctic Fox. The secret to my happy life is that I’m vegan and I don’t harm others. What goes around, comes around, so let’s all be kind vegans – woohoo! If you’d like a cat to feel loved or more comfortable around you, try a technique called slow-blinking. Studies found that narrowing your eyes in a relaxed manner like when smiling, indicates ease or contentment for felines. Research also reveals that cats are more likely to approach someone if he or she had slow-blinked first. Thank you for tuning in. Good luck communicating! And love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

Astronomers surprised by dimming of huge star.

In 2012, a star codenamed VVV-WIT-08, which is 250 light years away from Earth and 100 times larger than our Sun, dimmed by 97% for 200 days before it returned to its full brightness. With the phenomenon still fascinating scientists today, almost a decade later, a new study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society revealed that the star only disappeared once in 17 years of observation. Data suggests that an object, opaque and much bigger than the star, had caused this unusual eclipse. Several theories were given, involving, for instance, a disk of dust and debris, or a black hole, but so far none of them conclusively explain the dimming. In Heaven’s guidance, we wish our dedicated astronomers success in discovering the secret of this unique star, while unlocking further mysteries in galaxies far away.

Scientists use data to predict people’s aesthetic tastes.

In a recent study at the California Institute of Technology in the United States, 1,500 volunteers rated their preferences in various genres of art. Then, through machine-learning of the initial results, a computer program was created that can foretell whether or not a person would like a previously unseen artwork. The prediction model was built by dividing paintings according to visual features such as contrast, saturation and hue, in addition to higher-level features that need human judgment to assess, such as whether the painting is still or dynamic. One finding was that there are three general categories that the subjects liked: abstract colorful paintings, complex paintings, and realistic object paintings. Thank you, California Institute of Technology researchers and volunteers. We marvel at the wonders of computer intelligence and look forward to its many beneficial uses, in a more benevolent, Divinely blessed world.

Afghan activist doctor recognized for helping refugees in Turkey.

In 2014, Dr. Zakira Hekmat founded the Afghan Refugees Solidarity Association (ARSA), a resource and healing center to help vulnerable people, regardless of their nationalities. As a child, she herself had been internally displaced in her homeland of Afghanistan, then eventually attended medical school in Turkey. Dr. Hekmat was recently honored by the Research Center on Asylum and Migration (IGAM), a Turkish non-governmental organization. Her exceptional work includes organizing refugee volunteers in 58 cities throughout Turkey to help newly arrived displaced persons during the pandemic. She currently focuses on assisting refugees, particularly widows and youngsters, raising awareness of their rights, and promoting education, translation and other programs. Congratulations, Dr. Zakira Hekmat, and thank you for your dedication. May all refugees find stable new homes and lead peaceful lives, in Allah’s compassionate gaze. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the Shining World Compassion Award to Dr. Zakira Hekmat, plus a humble US$10,000 to further this noble endeavor, with all love, praises and appreciation. May the Divine keep you and all the people you help in a safe embrace.”

Coming up, gourmet chocolate chain in the United States adds vegan ice cream. We will pause to thank Heaven for the life-giving lakes and reservoirs. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more gratifying news. Vegan side effect: can’t get any more nightmares. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Valuable News for a Precious World.

United States gourmet chocolate company launches vegan ice cream.

Ghirardelli, which has been around for 169 years, recently introduced an all-plant-based ice cream for the first time, to help satisfy the rapidly growing demand for dairy-free options. The delectable plant-based ice cream, to be produced by the American vegan dessert brand Coconut Bliss, will be made from organic coconut milk, Madagascan vanilla bean, and just a few other ingredients. A report by Grand View Research states that the vegan ice cream market could reach US$1.2 billion by 2025. Exceptional news, Ghirardelli and Coconut Bliss, on your partnership to make vegan ice cream even more accessible. In the love of the Providence, may all desserts soon be made from purely plant-based ingredients so our cow and chicken friends may live in dignity.

After more than a century, bearded vultures are reintroduced to German Alps.

Although once flourishing, bearded vultures almost became extinct in the Alps due to humans hunting them based on the mistaken belief that they were harmful. Recently, two three-month-old female bearded vultures, named Bavaria and Wally, were released at Berchtesgaden National Park in southwest Bavaria, as part of a project managed by the Switzerland-headquartered Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF). The two avians were hatched in Spain at the Andalusia Bearded Vultures Captive Breeding Centre of Guadalentín, which is also managed by VCF. In their new home, the young birds will be fed and monitored without human contact to make sure they are adjusting well. Plans are to continue releasing two to three of the rare vultures into the park each year. Thank you, Vulture Conservation Foundation, for your dedication and best wishes, Bavaria and Wally. May all members of your kind grace our skies once again, in Celestial splendor.

Here is a joke to relax your bones. It’s called, “When I Grow Up.”

Two 10-year-old friends were sharing what would each one like to be when they grow up.

“I want to be a billionaire, like my uncle.”

“Wow, your uncle is a billionaire?”

“No, he wants to be a billionaire too.”

And now we have a heartline from Yu-Lan in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

Master, lucky that You have come (to this planet), or I do not know how long I would have had to struggle in this mortal world. I don’t want to struggle, but I have to.

Master, lucky that You have come to cut off the chain of reincarnation on us, and promised us liberation in one lifetime. We have deep gratitude for Your great magnanimity. We are truly fortunate. I hope more people will have the same luck as us.

Master, lucky that You have come to save the planet, and disposed of the high-tech machines that controlled the Earth, thus returning freedom to all beings on Earth, and destroyed the maya, negative power and karmic force.

Master, lucky that You have come to take care of the suffering animals on the farms. It is cruel to let them endure any longer. One could not bear even for one more second to see the innocent, empty and sad looks in their eyes.

I pray that humanity will wake up quickly to become vegans, and our animal friends can live their lives freely as soon as possible. Thank You, Master and the Supreme Master TV team. Yu-Lan from Taiwan (Formosa)

Passionate Yu-Lan, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, which you have expressed beautifully through your sincere words. Lucky are we, indeed, to be born in the same era as Master and to witness some of the greatest events in the history of humankind that you’ve mentioned, through Master’s Grace. May we cherish one another as Heaven’s precious children.

Master has a message just for you: “Heartfelt Yu-Lan, my thanks to you for the lovely and expressive lines. I’m sorry that you have to face struggles in life, but know that this is all temporary. Our True Home is in Heaven, where only Love resides. Meanwhile, please pray for World Vegan. Together, we will help manifest Eden on Earth for all to enjoy. May you and the poetic people of Taiwan (Formosa) enjoy peace and prosperity, in Divine magnificence.”

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Thank you for your presence on Noteworthy News. May your life be filled with celestial glory and wonder.

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