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Buddhist Stories: “The Story of Lakngaisaiya,” (Part 2 of 3) Sept. 3, 2015

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Only persons (who are) noble, like Buddha. Or the Masters they come, they know it’s a very bad time for them. They know they will suffer, but they come. They sacrifice, they come. They sacrifice Nirvana to come to hell. This world is almost like hell. The Buddha, an enlightened Master, like Buddha, or Jesus, they knew all this, but still came down, because they love us. It’s very difficult to love us, but they try. The love is like that, the love is to jump into a burning fire. The love is to cut your own head to make offering. The love is to sacrifice your eyesight to make offering so that you can become Buddha sooner in the future. The love is to give all the property to a poor person without knowing that person, just to save him. The love is to kill yourself so that five people can live. That is the love, the true love. The love not wanting anything in return, just truly giving. Yes, this is true love. 
The parents also love the children. It looks also unconditional, but it has also a little condition in it. But that love of the Buddha is truly, truly one thousand, one million percent unconditional. Because the Buddha sacrifices just for anybody to become a Buddha, to earn the merit, to earn the affinity with that person or with this person, or to earn more merit so that he can become Buddha in this world, so that he can save many in this world. That is truly unconditional. He doesn’t do it because that person is his parent, or his wife, or his beloved children, or anything. He does that, just pure love. That is pure love. That kind of love we feel very comfortable with. That’s why people loved the Buddha. That’s why people loved Jesus Christ when he was alive, or loved the great Prophet Muhammad, or the great Guru Nanak. That kind of love they feel. They love the Buddha because they feel the Buddha loves them. They feel that this is so comfortable. So comfortable, you don’t feel like that with anybody else. You feel this love is so free, so unbinding, so unrestricted, and just gives you happiness and freedom, and elevation. 
If you practice the Quan Yin Method, you could become Buddha. To want to become the Buddha, you have to practice Buddha’s method, you don’t just recite Buddha’s name. The Buddha’s name is only for the persons who just happen to hear my talk and don’t follow my teaching and don’t get initiated and don’t meditate, not that much. So, save them from hell. If they are going to hell and they believe what I said about the Buddha, they remember Buddha’s name, then they’ll stop in front of the hell, not enter. Because sometimes if they enter, never come out again, almost like never come out. Some of the hells, you stay a long, long time. It depends on the crime. So I do hope that people out there, if they happen somehow to hear my lecture, they should really sincerely believe what I said about the Buddhas and recite their names, whatever Buddha’s name they like to recite, and then save themselves. Even if they don’t believe in me, but because they heard my lecture, I give some of the blessing into that as well, the living blessing, the live energy. It’s not just the Buddha’s name only. So therefore, they will be helped if they believe in it.
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