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Buddhist Stories: “The Story of Lakngaisaiya,” (Part 3 of 3) Sept. 3, 2015

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For you, the best already. Even better than that. So they will help you to pass through, to go to your goal. That’s the best you can do in the human life. There’s no need for you to go to the Sixth or Seventh Level. These are different worlds that belong to them. You belong in the Five Worlds. That’s good enough, it’s good. You just have to go Home, your original Home, where it’s better, safer and happier forever, forever! That is the thing. Now you see me here, every time you come, visit me, you say you are so happy. You tell me all the time, “I’m so happy seeing Master, and staying here is like Heaven.” Wait until you go to the Fifth Level, you will not know what to describe that. Even you go to Second Level or Third Level, if you really have enough merit to realize where you are, you feel so happy, happy. You won’t think of anything else. You will not think there’s a better world. You’ll never want to go anywhere else. So, if you go to the Fifth Level, that’s the end. You’ll never want anything anymore in your life, or in next life, nothing. You feel, “This is it, my home.” You feel content, you feel happy forever. This is forever, never suffer again. Here you don’t want to leave, nada. That is the problem. Too happy. But why? You see, why? This happiness is from inside, that is the happiness you will have. All your life now, and then in Heaven, it’ll never goes less, it will go more all the time only. And once you are in the Fifth Level, then you never want anything else. Even here, just seeing me here, sitting on the floor, eating two simple meals a day, sleeping outside on a thin mattress and sleeping bag, and you are so happy you don’t want to leave already. Imagine the Fifth Level, where you have everything else and your Master also, all the time. The Master will be everywhere. This is just physical. On Astral Level also, Master is there, Second Level, Third Level, always there with you, for you, and for other people as well. But more for the disciples, of course. Because there’s an affinity. And once initiated, have to take care all the way. Don’t have to, but like to. It’s like if you have your children, you like to take care of them until they grow up. This is it. The true happiness and the true love is different from the mundane love. You never get tired of it.
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