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Veganism: Creating Heaven on Earth While Stopping Climate Change - Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Discussions, Part 2 of 5

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese (中文)
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“Truly if human just turn away from meat and forsake that killing, then Heaven will be different. Heaven will be blessing human a lot, because when you turn away from badness then you face goodness. There are only two things in this world: goodness and badness. When you turn away from the darkness, then you see the light. Turn away from negative, then you face the positive. It's very simple and logical. You turn away from killing, then you have a longer life. You turn away from causing suffering, then you have a happier existence. Very logical. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ So, I hope everyone in the world will truly turn away from this negative habit of meat eating because that is indirect killing. And that won't help us to live a long life or eternal life. We have to turn away from badness, so that we can be the way we are, because we are divine.” “You see, the cycle was supposed to reach the golden time according to the evolution of our planet. But humans were too slow to accelerate, so there was much cleansing going on, and we still have a chance to keep the Golden Age if we stop all the violence, and return to virtuous living. If you look into the recent period of time, then I think you will know that it's better than many previous years ago. At least, talking from our group first, we can feel and be more free to practice in different centers. And more governments and people are supportive of the vegetarian (vegan) diet. And more vegetarian (vegan) people join in the vegetarian (vegan) circle, more humane animal treatment, more peace overall, more cooperative attitude between nations or more tolerance and more forgiving, more help to each other, etc., etc. So we have to look at the bright side. (During the 2007 Formosa retreat, You mentioned that we were still climbing the slope to reach the peak of the Golden Age and at that time, we were only one third of the way, not even half way yet. If we can save our planet, will we be able to reach the peak of the Golden Age right away, meaning 4 or 5 years from now?) Sure, sure, almost right away. If all of the humans adhere to the new way of life, meaning being vegan, vegetarian, at peace, love, and green, we would reach the top right now.” “If the world population joins in vegetarian (vegan) circle, at least 2/3 of them, and green technology, and preserving forest, and plant trees, etc., or organic farming as well, frugal lifestyle, every little effort helps along. But I wanted more so that we have assurance. So keep doing what you’re doing. Also, please keep envisioning the positive picture of the good world, the world that you want it to be, where everyone lives in peace, in love and safety, a vegan world, a heavenly abode where all beings enjoy life without fear of one another, where all are treated with kindness and due respect. Just envision all that.”
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