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Veganism: Creating Heaven on Earth While Stopping Climate Change - Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Discussions, Part 5 of 5

Lecture Language:English,NP,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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“Now, if all human beings become vegetarian (vegan), then the whole atmosphere of the Earth will change. The magnetic field will change. The destiny of all inhabitants will change for the better, and the animals will also stop eating meat. And truly the lambs will lay at the side of the lions as it is mentioned in the Bible if all people turn to vegetarianism (veganism). The animals are also a reflection of our consciousness. So, if we change into a higher consciousness, then the animals will also change. If not, they will disappear. All the like attracts like. If the animals at that time cannot live up to the human standard of nobility and compassion, then the natural law will eliminate them.”

“Anyway we do hope and pray for the best, because everybody knows that the vegetarian (vegan) diet is good for health and to save the planet. So we hope that after they have learned the benefit of it, they will stick to it. I hope that they are not, like, feeling forced to be vegetarian (vegan); rather, do it voluntarily. It’s for their own good because they will be awakening their own great, compassionate, loving, self-nature. And then their level of consciousness will rise up automatically. And they will understand more than they ever did. And they will be closer to Heaven than what they are right now.”

“And we don’t even have that much time to allow to continue to change. We have to change fast. We cannot just say, ‘Okay, today I get another month and next year, I have another month and next year I have another month. And it will continue forever.’ It’s not like that. Maybe the world is not completely destroyed yet quickly, but the disaster still continues. It’s just not the end of the world. It’s just that it’s not the point of no return yet. That’s all there is. At the point of no return that would be rolling downhill then; no change can be taken place anymore. Nothing can help anymore at that time.”

“I don’t wish to have to teach you this. There is no need to talk about this right now because we still have time. Let’s hope we will change the course of the disaster. I really am hopeful. I’m feeling positive about it. I feel positive that people will change. Not only in Australia that we will avoid disaster, but everywhere in the world. That’s what I am positive about. I feel people will change; the majority of people will change. And I only need 2/3 of the population of the planet that change, then we can save the world and repair the planet. And the vegetarian (vegan) people will live happily on the world full of abundance, loving and kind.”

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