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In today’s news, Greece contributes relief aid for Haiti, international scientists detect series of cosmic explosions from constellation, California, USA city turns to tiny houses to help unsheltered, Indigenous peoples to receive financial assistance from international partnership to safeguard forests globally, young cancer survivor in United Kingdom brings joy to disadvantaged hospitalized youth with Christmas toys, majority of United States children say eating meat is “not ok,” and Europe’s first elephant-people retirement home opens in France.

Greece provides humanitarian support to Haiti.

On behalf of the Greek government, His Excellency Nikos Dendias, Minister of Foreign Affairs, donated €100,000 for relief assistance to Haiti in the aftermath of an August 2021 earthquake and hurricane through the World Food Programme (WFP). Amir Mahmoud Abdulla, the Deputy Executive Director of the WFP, happily received this generous gift at a meeting in Italy. His Excellency Nikos Dendias shared, “With this symbolic move, Greece today stands in solidarity with the suffering Haitian people, and does not forget that Haiti was the first country in the world to recognize Greece’s independence in 1822.” On August 16, 2021, Supreme Master Ching Hai also arranged to send a humble US$30,000 to the Haiti Red Cross (through the International Committee of the Red Cross) for the victims, “with all love and sorrowful prayers for the deceased and for the speedy recovery of the nation.” Our heartfelt appreciation, government of Greece, for your kind support to our Haitian sisters and brothers in need. Thank you also, WFP, for your vital assistance. May the fine people of Haiti soon recover and flourish, in God’s Love.

International scientists identify independent cosmic explosions from constellation.

A team of researchers led by Dr. Li Di and Dr. Wang Pei from the National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences detected 1,652 cosmic explosions, called Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), during a 47-day period in 2019. The FRBs emanated from the constellation of Auriga approximately three billion light-years away. These findings, which were recently published in the journal “Nature,” were made by using the 500-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope located in southwest China. FRBs may be as short as one-thousandth of a second, yet are filled with the equivalent total energy the sun produces yearly. First discovered in 2007, the phenomena still remains a puzzle to scientists. Wow, what exciting news, Dr. Li Di, Dr. Wang Pei and co-researchers. May we cherish the opportunity to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Universe, in Celestial light. “Not by shedding innocent blood, therefore, but by living a righteous life, shall ye find the peace of God.” ~ The Gospel of the Holy Twelve (Essenes)

Up next, California, USA city turns to tiny houses to help unsheltered. We are now going to thank the vegan gelato producers who make these sweet frozen desserts that come in different tasty flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut and more. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more significant news.

Hallo, virtuous viewers, it’s Musukoi, a vegan duchess from the Mudskipper kingdom. Don’t you think it's time to make this world a paradise? I think so too! So, let’s join in the benevolent spirit of the vegan way. I have a tip to keep our fingers healthy! Unlike fingernails, cuticles require moisture to thrive. Your cuticles are susceptible to drying out that can lead to painful cracking. Try applying some vegan, cruelty-free moisturizer on them. Additionally, you should never cut your cuticles as this can cause an infection. Love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! And thank you for your attention. Here’s the weather around our beautiful globe.

Tiny houses offer solutions to homeless individuals.

The city of Oakland, California, United States, is making tiny homes available to about 120 unhoused persons to quickly provide temporary shelter. Two mini cabin villages have been created on vacant public land, with each unit costing less than US$8,000. Oakland has allocated approximately US$2.4 million to the initial stage of the project and will pay the local non-profit Housing Consortium of the East Bay US$1.3 million yearly to manage one of the sites. Each resident is offered their own unit, and there are onsite security and showers. Animal-people companions and visitors are welcomed, and transformative help in the areas of healthcare, employment assistance, public benefits, housing applications and credit repair will be provided. Bravo, Oakland, for your vital aid to your precious, vulnerable residents. May all people enjoy the tranquility of a comfortable and secure home, in Heaven’s protection.

Indigenous people and local communities (IPLCs) promised funding to protect forests.

The announcement of US$1.7 billion in funding was made at the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) and recognizes the vital contribution of Indigenous people and local communities as guardians of the Earth’s forests and land and supports their forest tenure rights. Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States pledged the financing in collaboration with 17 organizations that will contribute over US$600 million. This is part of the global efforts to “reverse forest loss and land degradation” by 2030 to address climate change and safeguard the environment. The allocation will support IPLCs’ self-governing capacity and national land reform as well as assist with registration and mapping work and in resolving any territorial-based disputes until 2025. Such a positive step, generous governments and groups, on your forward-thinking commitment. In the guidance of the Providence, may we all become compassionate stewards of this beautiful planet.

Altruistic nine-year-old fundraises to give Christmas toys to young patients in United Kingdom.

Elliott Furse from Cornwall was surprised with an exclusive trip to kid-oriented theme park Legoland in Windsor to turn on the Christmas lights. He also received £1,000 worth of Lego for his annual Elliott’s Christmas Toy Appeal, which he started in 2018 to give gifts to hospitalized underprivileged youngsters. Unused funds have previously gone to providing laptops for disadvantaged children who are homeschooled. In 2020, Elliott was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent two operations and treatment. Fortunately, the sweet youngster is now in remission. Elliott’s “dream project” is to buy a trailer so that children with cancer can come and enjoy a holiday in Cornwall. Samantha Furse, Elliott’s mother, shared that he is already planning ways to fundraise for the trailer. We gratefully applaud your tender heart, Elliot Furse. May you always enjoy good health as you inspire others with your noble spirit, in Divine benevolence. Vegan: u r a friend of Heavens.

Coming up, majority of United States children say eating meat is “not ok.” Now let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that we don’t need to worry about where our next meal is coming from. More gladdening news coming up on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Engaging News for a Heaven-like World.

Majority of children in United States think it is “not ok” to eat animal-people.

Recent research published in the “Journal of Environmental Psychology” has revealed that over two-thirds of children think it is “not ok” to consume cow-, pig- or chicken-people. Of the younger age group within the study, the opinion was even stronger, with around 80% saying that eating pig- and cow-people is not acceptable. The paper showed that almost a third did not realize that animal-people products in various forms, with the exception of dairy milk, actually come from people from the animal kingdom. The investigators theorize this is possibly because the food’s name is often unrelated to the source and it is processed into products such as bacon, hamburgers, hot dogs, and others. Thank you, researchers from the United States, for helping to highlight the confusion among children about the origins of animal-person products. In Celestial oneness, may all youngsters be guided to use their compassionate, gentle hearts to make the wise decision to be vegan.

Former zookeepers create first European retirement home for elephant-people.

Following the banning of wild animal-people in circuses across 23 European countries, with France soon to join, Sofie Goetghebeur and Tony Verhulst have established the Elephant Haven European Elephant Sanctuary in Bussière-Galant, France. Located on a 29-hectare area within a nature park called Périgord-Limousin, the facility has been blessed with its first resident, a 52-year-young elephant princess named Gandhi, formerly part of a circus and later a zoo, who is adjusting to her new environment. Ms. Goetghebeur and Mr. Verhulst hope the sanctuary will eventually provide a forever home to six or seven pachyderm-persons. The couple believe there are currently about 100 elephant-people in servitude in European circuses. We cherish your passion and work for pachyderm-persons, Sofie Goetghebeur and Tony Verhulst. May all the tender people from the animal kingdom soon bask in freedom and peace, in God’s everlasting Grace.

Now it’s time to dive into laughter! This joke is called “Exam Results.”

Estella got her exam results and needed to tell her dad.

“I hear that your exam results are in.”

“Daddy, do you remember Amelia, who used to be number one in our class? She failed.”

“That’s terrible. What happened?”

“Do you also remember Sophia, who tutors me at home? She failed too!”

“What? Really?”

“Even Charlotte, who won the Science and Math competition, failed.”

“So how did you do?”

“Daddy, if all these people failed, how could you expect me to pass?”


And now we have a heartline from Baltasar in Germany:

Dear Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai and the diligent Supreme Master TV team, To all the prophecies about the Golden Age that aired recently, I would like to add my own little prophecy or vision about the end times which I had as a child. When I was about seven or eight years old, my best friend and I were lying on the grass outside under the blue summer sky, talking about how we picture the future in our minds. When it was my turn, I suddenly had this clear vision in my mind, that there will be a time when there is upheaval in the world and the people of planet Earth will be divided into groups, according to their moral standard. I saw the “good ones” being rescued in spaceships and brought to beautiful and bright places, whereas the “bad ones” were either left behind to die or were taken to dark worlds that suited their mindset and behavior. I described what I saw to my friend, and we both thought it to be a wild fantasy. Only much later, I realized that this vision is similar to many others about the end times, and this would be the direction we are heading to if the world doesn’t adopt the vegan diet and vegan way of life soon. It also strikes me that I still have a vivid memory of the event after all these years, being over 30 now. All the best and much love! Baltasar from Germany

Clairvoyant Baltasar, Thank you for your heartline. Supreme Master TV has worked hard to find and air the Prophecies of the Golden Age, and it is always with lots of joy that we present the stories of initiates, who also had similar predictions shown to them. It reinforces the message that all of humanity is now at a crossroads. We must all make the most important choice: practice Ahimsa and survive or, unfortunately, be taken to unpleasant places, or/and suffering worlds such as hell. We wish for everyone to quickly choose the loving, vegan option! May you and wonderful Germany enjoy the favor of the Providence, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has a similar wish to share with you: “Insightful Baltasar, the people of this planet will not be able to say that they have not been warned. It is of the utmost importance to obey Heaven’s universal laws, the most important one being that every single being is born with the right to live its entire life in peace. I hope my message is very clear when I say that no harming of any kind will be tolerated anymore, and you, my dear, have seen the consequences of not making the correct choice. So, let us all pray together that humans wake up and start treating other beings with all the dignity they rightfully deserve! May the Creator envelop you, forthright Germany and the entire world with boundless Love and much needed Guidance.”

Vegan: the true Jain.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May your every moment be filled with Heavenly benediction.

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