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In today’s news, Japan donates ultrasound machines to improve prenatal care in Namibia, researchers in United States investigate inflammatory condition in children arising after recovery from COVID-19 infection, waste disposal site to become forest in Bulgaria, Scotland to ban single-use plastics, New Zealand truck driver transports animals in need during his runs, Singapore’s first-ever fully automated vegan meat factory opens, and bumblebee-person remains three days with rescuer in California, USA.

Japan provides needed ultrasound machines to Namibia.

The government of Japan has donated 16 portable ultrasound machines, with an estimated value of over US$50,000, to the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services via the World Health Organization (WHO). The units will be deployed to remote clinics to improve diagnosis, treatment, and health outcomes for pregnant mothers and their babies. This donation is part of a tripartite project which began in March 2021, to which Japan has donated approximately US$270,000. The initiative aims to better equip healthcare professionals and facilities to enhance maternal and newborn care. Japan is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Generosity, and Animal Protection laureate. Our sincere accolades, Japan, for your considerate and kind-hearted donation benefiting the wonderful Namibian mothers. May all babies in Namibia grow up healthy and happy, in Heaven’s tender care.

Severe inflammation in some children occurring after COVID-19 infection.

Researchers in the United States are currently trying to determine the cause of a dangerous inflammation, called Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C), that is occurring in a small percentage of youth around a month after a COVID-19 infection. Approximately 80% of the patients who experience the condition need placement in an intensive care unit, and sadly, at least 46 children in the US have not survived contracting MIS-C. While the affected do not test positive for COVID-19, one theory is that the virus may still be surviving in an organ like their intestines. Coronavirus spike proteins may be leaking into the blood and triggering an overreaction of the immune system. Thank you, scientists, for helping to discover the cause of MIS-C so effective treatments can be made available. May the pandemic soon end as our choice to become vegan generates abundant good fortune and protection, in the benevolence of the Providence. Vegan: only if u have a compassionate heart.

Up next, waste disposal site to become forest in Bulgaria. We give thanks to social publicists, who work together with film producers to create press releases for their upcoming movies. When we return, more rejuvenating news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Good day, gentle viewers, I’m Angelo, a vegan gentleman from the Great Crested Grebe kingdom. After I went vegan, I no longer eat the animal-people that live with me in the freshwater lakes. I thank you for doing the same as well. Today, I have a dog-person companion tip for you. If you observe that your canine-person friend is sleeping a lot more than usual and/or doesn’t have much of an appetite or thirst, you will need to have them examined by a vet to find out what is going on. Furthermore, if they are drinking more water than usual, they should also be checked to make sure they don’t have a condition like diabetes. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and your dog-person buddy will be grateful that you helped them to heal. Thank you for tuning in, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us co-inhabitants. Now, the worldwide weather.

Bulgarians plant trees on waste disposal site.

Non-governmental organization SaGrazhdani (CoCitizens) is working together with the city of Ruse, Bulgaria, to convert a former garbage disposal area into a forest and recreation space. More than 150 volunteers from the local community recently initiated the project by planting 300 trees around the periphery of the site. SaGrazhdani provided training to participants to ensure the saplings were placed in the ground correctly so they would have the highest chance of survival. The various tree species planted included linden, oak, and pine. Once they grow and biomass accumulates, more will be planted moving towards the center of the space. What a grand idea, SaGrazhdani, city of Ruse, and community volunteers, to reforest a disposal site. In the goodness of the Divine, may your forest soon thrive and provide a habitat for many sentient beings, as well as an area for people to connect with the blessings of nature.

Scotland to prohibit single-use plastics.

Scotland will be the first country in the UK to ban the sale of single-use plastic cutlery, straws, cups, and food boxes, which will come into effect on June 1, 2022. Exceptions will be made for people who need plastic straws for medical reasons. Commenting on single-use plastics, Scotland’s Circular Economy Minister, Her Excellency Lorna Slater, said: “They litter our coasts, pollute our oceans and contribute to the climate emergency. That has to end and this ban will be another step forward in the fight against plastic waste...” Many thanks, Scotland and all involved, for taking this essential step in enacting legislation to help reduce plastic pollution. In Heaven’s continued guidance, may your efforts in passing laws that take care of the planet we inhabit for current and future generations be blessed.

New Zealand truck driver enjoys extra job as pet-people chauffeur.

The 49-year-young New Zealander, Morgan MacAllister-Robb of Canterbury, has been a trucker for three decades. Recently, he appeared on Good Sorts, a news segment for TVNZ (Television New Zealand) that features ordinary New Zealanders doing something extraordinary. The kind gentleman combines his adoration of people from the animal kingdom with his love for truck driving by transporting typically homeless dog- and cat-people to their new forever home. Since he started, Mr. MacAllister-Robb has conveyed almost 200 animal-persons, including providing free transport for three animal-people rescue groups. The dog-people stay safely next to him in a crate in the cab, but at napping time, some contentedly sleep with their chauffeur in his bed. Thank you for your kindness, Morgan MacAllister-Robb, and happy travels to you and your animal-people companions! In God’s Blessings, may you and the people from the animal kingdom whose lives you touch be forever loved and cared for. “Meat is not good, meat is unclean.” ~ Lankavatara Sutra (Buddhism)

Coming up, fully automated vegan meat factory opens in Singapore. We will pause for a moment to check out the oranges in our garden to see if they are ready to harvest yet. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Splendid News for a Bountiful World.

First fully automated plant-based meat factory in Singapore launches.

Vegan meat producer Growthwell Foods has opened a new innovative research and development manufacturing center. The facility will be able to produce 4,000 metric tons of plant meat per year, which is enough to supply protein to 100,000 people. Products will be available in early 2022 under the brand name Happiee and will include chicken-flavor nuggets from chickpeas, salmon-flavor patties from konjac, and more. The launch follows large investments by the Singaporean government into food technology, as it plans to produce 30% of the nation’s nutritional needs locally by 2030. Growthwell’s goal is to “feed 100 million across Asia with plant-based foods.” Kudos, Growthwell Foods, on the opening of your new vegan protein production plant. In Divine grace, may the amount of plant-protein manufactured in the world continue to quickly rise as we shift to the sensible vegan way of nourishing our bodies.

Bumblebee-person stays three days with her rescuer.

When walking on the beach during a camping trip with her family, Tiana Gayton from Los Angeles, California, USA, found an exhausted little bumblebee–person stuck in the sand. Realizing that the bee-person, whom she named Bumble, could not fly properly, Tiana picked her up and repeatedly tried placing her on a leaf. However, sweet Bumble had decided to stay with her rescuer and slept on Tiana’s hand. Later, Bumble moved to a sunflower, where Tiana saw her the next morning walking around. After three days, darling Bumble was able to fly and ready to leave, coming back to kiss Tiana’s hand before departing. What a touching story of friendship, Tiana and Bumble. It’s time for us humans to treasure the presence of our beautiful animal-people co-inhabitants as we pray all of humanity will soon change into their resolute protectors, in Celestial kindness.

Laughter is great for keeping the mind healthy! Here’s today’s joke of the day titled, “Wonder of the World.”

A teacher is leading her class in a discussion of geography …

“What’s your favorite Wonder of the World?”

“The Pyramid of Vegan Pizza.”

“Do you mean the Pyramids of Giza?”

“I mean the pyramid-shaped building downtown that sells vegan pizza.”

“But that isn’t a Wonder of the World!”

“Apparently, you haven’t tried their vegan pizza yet.”


And now we have a heartline from Hsiang-Ting in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

In May of this year, I was given an assignment to research King Gesar of Tibet for the Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet. A fellow initiate had an inner experience related to Master’s picture on the cover of the Supreme Master Ching Hai News Magazine No. 44. Master’s air of sovereignty in the picture is reminiscent of King Gesar. Master’s attire in the picture is simultaneously a portrayal of an Emperor in the Qing Dynasty of China. I was also privileged to have an article of mine (“Emperor Chien Lung’s Royal Cooks”) published in this very issue of the Supreme Master Ching Hai News Magazine. It also happened that the Emperor’s sword worn by Master at the time became part of my personal collection. On May 11, the day after I completed my research assignment, a pleasant surprise came from the Taipei Center – the paperwork for the acquisition of the Taipei Center was completed – our Taipei fellow initiates now had an official home! In addition to that, May 12 was Master’s birthday, which also happened to be my 31st initiation anniversary day. Suddenly, I felt Master’s immense and wondrous Love. I am very grateful for Master’s Divine Love that has accompanied me all the way over the past 31 years. I pray to Heaven and Earth that Master will always be healthy, that humanity will awaken and embrace the vegan lifestyle, and that we will all find our souls’ true Home. Hsiang-Ting from Taiwan (Formosa)

Kind Hsiang-Ting, Thank you for sharing your serendipitous experiences on your path to enlightenment. King Gesar had a great love for His people and was a wise and virtuous ruler. We are happy you were able to contribute to the program concerning His life. May you and vibrant Taiwan (Formosa) always enjoy the favor of the Divine, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some loving thoughts to share with you: “Awakened Hsiang-Ting, the synchronicities of a life lived in the Grace of the Master Power are amazing. When we allow Heaven to arrange our life, it becomes a wondrous experience filled with awe and miracles. Thank you for sharing your stories and inspiring others to follow the Way of Heaven. May you and the wondrous Taiwanese (Formosan) people forever live in the Grace of the Buddhas.”

No 2 vegan: cuz hell is terribly attractive 2 ur type.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May your life be adorned with heavenly glory and wonder.

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