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In today’s news, Swiss charitable organization and partners support food security in Tajikistan, British Columbia, Canada, experiences extreme flooding in wake of scorching summer temperatures, researchers in Great Britain hope to bring low-cost ventilators to developing nations, social companion robot improves patients’ positive outlook at United States children’s hospital, Brazilian artist creates comfortable beds for animal-people from discarded car tires, Taiwanese (Formosan) entrepreneurs found company seeking to transform vegan meat manufacturing, and Iranian man cares for almost 100 homeless dog-people.

Tajikistan receives food support from Swiss humanitarian charity and partners.

Non-profit Caritas Switzerland, with funding from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), has provided Tajikistan with 22 tons of food assistance to bolster the country’s emergency food supply for those in need, including the contingency of a large influx of Afghan refugees. The initiative also plans to help boost the production of various crops to make food more affordable and sustainable while protecting the environment. The ongoing project has provided seeds and other material to participating farmers in the rural regions of Khatlon province and the Rasht Valley of Tajikistan to help them manage their land more sustainably. Additionally, Caritas Switzerland has helped 15 women-run agricultural production groups to improve household food and income security. Many thanks, Caritas Switzerland, WFP, and SDC, for your loving support and care. May the gentle people of Tajikistan live in abundance and happiness, in Allah’s abiding care.

Flooding in British Columbia, Canada leads to state of emergency declaration.

Following unprecedented scorching summer temperatures in the province of British Columbia, record-breaking precipitation in November 2021 led to massive flooding and landslides that destroyed highways and bridges, isolated communities and sadly led to four human and almost 700,000 animal-people deaths. In the wake of the calamitous weather, officials declared a state of emergency. British Columbia Premier, the Honorable John Horgan, spoke of the “unprecedented challenges” for his province in the areas of “public health, wildfires, heat domes and now debilitating floods that we have never seen before.” We pray that all the affected British Columbian residents rapidly recover from the devastation and send our deep condolences to the families who lost loved ones. May the souls of all the animal-people who perished in the floods rest in peace. May humanity quickly embrace the life-sustaining and planet-protective vegan solution to halt climate change, in Heaven’s grace. No 2 vegan: only people who seek God choose it.

Up next, researchers in Great Britain hope to bring low-cost ventilators to developing nations. Let’s now pause to thank the tax lawyers who help their clients with tax-related issues. We’ll be right back, with more comforting news on Supreme Master Television.

Good day, inquisitive viewers, it’s Mateo, a vegan handyman from the Common Green Magpie kingdom! Uplifting the planet is so simple. Just elevate yourself with benevolence and kindness. This is my dedicated vegan path. Today, I have a helpful bike tip for you. Your geared bike won’t run as smoothly if the shifter cables do not work properly. There are various reasons why they may stop functioning, including getting too dirty, rusty or are bent. Cables rust, fray, and wear when they are exposed to corrosive factors and should therefore be replaced regularly— typically once every season for those who ride often. You don’t want to wait until you notice a problem with shifting. Generally, it is best to replace the cable housing at the same time you replace the cables. However, if the housing is clean, without any debris, you may be able to reuse it. Much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Thank you for watching. And now for the weather around the world.

British researchers look to bring low-cost ventilators to developing nations.

Scientists from Britain’s Imperial College London endeavor to bring an inexpensive ventilator they have created during the COVID-19 pandemic, called RELAVENT, to developing nations to help alleviate shortages. Existing ventilators are too expensive to purchase and challenging to maintain for these countries, and because of this, more people in these places lose their lives to pneumonia, influenza and tuberculosis annually than to COVID-19. The new design is simpler to manufacture. A company called Phaedrus World Medical Limited has recently been established to take the device through regulatory approval and then onto the market. Wonderful news, Imperial College London researchers and Phaedrus World Medical Limited, on your mission to help save lives with your technology. In the blessings of the Providence, may we all work towards the greater good of all beings on the planet, as we care for and love one another.

Study finds visit from human-controlled robot fosters positive attitude in child hospital patients.

Robin is a 1.2-meter tall social companion robot controlled by specialists at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) Mattel Children’s Hospital. The machine can move, speak and play. As part of the UCLA study, the Child Life Program conducted hour-long video visits with patients using Robin which were compared to hour-long video chat sessions using a tablet. Children who had a visit with Robin were reported to have a 29% positive affect increase that included having more positive emotions, interactions with others and with life’s challenges, compared to a 43% decrease in positive affect resulting from using the tablet. The senior author of the study, Dr. Justin Wagner, commented that Robin’s presence has helped the children, their parents and healthcare workers during the challenging pandemic time. Thank you, UCLA researchers, for finding new ways to bring patient care for kids to a whole new level. May we always look after our precious youth with the utmost attention, in Divine beneficence.

Talented Brazilian craftsman upcycles old tires into animal-people beds.

Since starting his project in 2018, 26-year-old Amarildo Silva Filho, from João Pessoa in northeastern Brazil, has created 6,000 adorable beds for dog- and cat-people using abandoned car tires. After seeing that animal-people love to sleep in old tires, Amarildo started collecting, cleaning and decorating discarded ones to transform them in to cute beds. He also sewed comfy mattresses and personalized them with the animal-person’s name, donating them to local animal-people shelters. His creations became popular and soon, he received orders from around the world, prompting him to start Caminhas Pets. Mr. Silva is thankful that his work not only benefits animal-people but also helps protect the environment. Thank you, Amarildo Silva Filho, for your devotion to improving the well-being of our delightful animal-person co-inhabitants. May all people from the glorious animal kingdom be supported to flourish, in God’s Bliss. Vegan: cuz we r ashamed 2 bully the helpless.

Coming up, Taiwanese (Formosan) entrepreneurs found company seeking to transform vegan meat manufacturing. Let us now enjoy Shashmaqom music, a UNESCO-recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is a genre that originated in the pre-Islamic era in parts of Central Asia, which make up present-day Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more worthwhile news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Favorable News for a Humane World.

Entrepreneurs look to revolutionize vegan meat production.

A duo from Taiwan, also known as Formosa, has established a US-based company that will be producing a tasty, plant-based fat for use in alternative meat products. Drs. Huang Jen-Yu and Michelle Lee, both from Taiwan (Formosa), met while studying at Cornell University in New York, USA, and decided to combine their entrepreneurial and food science talents to create a firm called Lypid. The startup has developed a special technique that mimics the mouthfeel and taste of animal fats, which are key to vegan meats replicating the characteristics of their animal-based counterparts. Owing to its huge potential, Lypid has been selected by the important biotech accelerator IndieBio, which has opened up funds, equipment and networking to the startup. Lypid intends to start mass production with partners in 2022. Bravo, Drs. Michelle Lee and Huang Jen-Yu. May your endeavor to enhance plant-based products please palates everywhere as your company grows and thrives, in Buddha’s delight.

Iranian man cares for homeless and disabled dog-people.

Saeed Javaheri Zarrin operates the “Mehrtabiat” shelter in the capital city of Tehran, Iran, that cares for almost 100 homeless and disabled canine-persons. He established his charity after switching from his previous job as an artist and painter working to beautify the city. Mr. Zarrin made the change because of his deep love and compassion towards our animal-person co-inhabitants and is grateful to Allah for being able to carry out his life’s mission. Many of the dog-people have had amputations, and all are lovingly cared for. Our gratitude, Saeed Javaheri Zarrin, for your selfless life of service to our loving animal-people co-citizens. In Allah’s Benevolence, may your shelter always have sufficient resources and assistance to ensure the beautiful canine-persons of Tehran have a safe place to stay and enough food to ensure their lives are dignified and comfortable. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Thankfully present the Shining World Compassion Award to Saeed Javaheri Zarrin, plus a US$10,000 humble contribution to support your caring work for the sweet canine-people, with Love, gratitude and best wishes, in Allah’s Blessings and protection.”

Don’t you just love to hear new jokes, and sometimes older ones, too? This one came our way, so we’d better check it out together. It’s called “Too Hard.”

A teacher asks her student:

“What will you get if you multiply 50 by 3 and subtract 32 from it, and divide by 19?”

“I will get it wrong, teacher!”


And now we have a heartline from He-Ping in China:

Respected Master and Supreme Master TV team, Thank You for Your inimitable work to purify and elevate the atmosphere of the world. Everything related to Master is very powerful. After distributing Master’s Buddha Chanting audios for some time, I am honored to have the opportunity to help with S.M. Celestial Jewelry work now. Wow, S.M. Celestial Jewelry is just too marvelous! It seems that the S.M. Celestial Jewelry pieces have eyes to choose to whom they will belong. This is very true, as I’ve seen fellow initiates, even when having enough money, still lose their chance of getting the S.M. Celestial Jewelry which ends up going to other initiates. The Celestial Jewelry designed by Master comes from Heaven, and each of them carries a secret code that has unimaginable Blessing Power and Grace. A sister was wearing a necklace from one series of S.M. Celestial Jewelry when she went to visit a patient who was experiencing unbearable pain. After the patient saw the necklace, she couldn't take her eyes off it. She even asked the sister about the Celestial Jewelry. After a while, the patient said that her pain had lessened, and the sister then took this opportunity to talk to her about the vegan diet. When meditating, fellow initiates also wear different pieces of the S.M. Celestial Jewelry, which are Master’s wordless teachings. The incredible power of S.M. Celestial Jewelry helps our practice from inside. When the powerful S.M. Celestial Jewelry pieces come together in a certain area, it’s as if magical messages and signals are emanated to make the area become better and better… Perhaps, if people ever get to know the miracles of S.M. Celestial Jewelry, they would try to acquire it even if they had to exhaust all their wealth. Thank You, Supreme Master, for unceasingly blessing the world with Your inspirations from Heaven. Pray for Master. Pray for World Vegan. Pray for Supreme Master TV. Saints, Thank you for your amazing work that is constantly uplifting the vibration of the Universe, which is so rare and precious! I am always touched each time I see Master on the TV screen. During our meditation at midnight, Master’s voice from Supreme Master TV protects us and reminds us to stay awake. In silence, we feel the infinite Love and Glory of the whole Universe, and we are deeply moved. It’s so wonderful to have Master and you on this beautiful planet. With Divine Love, I wish to do a lot more for Master and for the world. May World Vegan come soon. He-Ping from China

Blessed He-Ping, Thank you for your wonderful message about the power of S.M. Celestial Jewelry. We agree; it is magnificent and mighty as everything Master creates carries Her Blessing energy into the world. It is good to share this with the public so that all may come to know Master’s Grace through Her creative works, as well as Her lectures and Supreme Master Television. May you and the engaging people of China always enjoy the favor of the Buddha, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has an appreciative message for you: “Insightful He-Ping, thank you for diligently helping with Heaven’s noble work. I appreciate all you have done to support the Holy mission and your sincerity in doing so. S.M. Celestial Jewelry is just one of the many ways to reach the people of this world and to inspire them to remember who they really are. I use every means available, and beautiful jewelry can help people to elevate their thoughts and energy. Looking forward to the day when the beauty of Heaven emanates from everything in our world. May Divine Light shine on you and imaginative China.”

“I'm on a mission to go vegan, people. Animal cruelty, global warming and our personal health is at stake.” ~ Sir Lewis Hamilton (vegan)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

It's been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May your sojourn on Earth be filled with Divine peace and inspiration.

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