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The Entwinement of the Positive and Negative Power, May 29, 2022

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Host: On Sunday, May 29, 2022, during a phone conference with Supreme Master Television team members, our Most Loving Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously shared Her wisdom while answering a question and commenting on some collected good news by the team.

(It seems like the Democratic Party has become better, that they’re handling some things better. Is that so, Master?)

They should be, they should be. Because we also have some of our people in there. (Oh, wow.) If you see anybody who looks good, bright, nice color, and says something good, does something good, then you know it’s our people. (Oh. Wow. Good.) So, somehow, it’s a little more balanced than if there are not. (OK, Master.) It’s like that.

In this physical world, do you see the symbol of the Tao, in Asia. (Yes.) Tao, it’s round, and then, there’s one part white, one part black, entwined, intertwined with each other. (Yes.) So, in the white, there’s a dot of black. (Yes.) And in the black, there’s a dot of white. (Right.) So, you see, sometimes, the Republicans also mess up. And then, influence other decisions, other members. (Yes.) Because of that black dot. (Understand. Yes.) And then, in the Democrats, sometimes you see some good decisions, some good handling of some situations. That’s because of the white dot. (Ah. Right.)

God doesn’t let, even in this world, all completely dark, or all completely bright. (Yes, Master.) Thank God for that. (Yes. Thank God for that.) God thought of everything. Not like us, we don’t know what we’re doing. Fumbling in the dark without even a flashlight. […]

Within the black portion of the Tao, there’s only one small dot of white. (Yes.) That’s a symbol of positive energy. (Right. Yes.) And the black dot in the white part of the Tao symbol, represents the negative power. (Yes.) So, the thing is, it’s harder for the positive power to feed that white dot, that small circle of positivity inside the black, inside the darkness. (Right.) It’s harder to work, but it’s still something. (Yes. Understand.) So, now and then, you will see a flash of some hope. (Yes. Right.) And then, in the white part, meaning in the positive area of the physical world or the universe, there’s a black dot. There are always some obstructions there.

Both are balancing each other though. (Yes, Master.) Because in this universe, that’s to say, in this physical world, nothing works just at will. (Yes.) The will of God is not always obeyed in this universe, in this physical world. (Yes.) Therefore, you can see a lot of trouble and mishaps here and there, or war and famine and trouble because of the negative working inside even the positive area.

So, we see this world is not always happiness, even though it’s supposed to be. We can make it all happiness, with plentiful fulfillment and contentment. But cannot. Because this world’s consciousness is not ready. So that’s why we have war, and we have violence almost everywhere in the whole world, even in the best countries, so-called best countries. (Understand.) It’s just less. Less in some countries, more in other countries.

And by the way, there is a very sad news in America. A boy went into an elementary school, and shot 21 people. (Yes. That’s right.)

“Media Report from Nightline - May 25, 2022

Mireya Villarreal (f): Earlier today, a mass shooting at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killing at least 21 people, including 19 children, the deadliest school shooting in nearly a decade, and the third deadliest in America since Virginia Tech.

Elizabeth Neumann (f): The size of the devastation here, the number of lives lost is very significant.

Brad Garrett (m): It's elementary-age kids; nine, ten. Totally helpless, totally harmless. They’re shot in their own classroom. That image should really burn in people's memory, as we shouldn't have to relive Sandy Hook.

Mireya Villarreal (f): Officials say the alleged gunman, Salvador Ramos, also shot his own grandmother before attacking students at the elementary school.”

“Media Report from Today - May 25, 2022

Operator (m): We’ve got a 6-year-old female with a gunshot wound to the right side of her face and jaw.

William (m): Law enforcement came in, they locked down the school really quickly, and they started evacuating children out through breaking windows and pulling children out.”

“Media Report from MSNBC - May 27, 2022 Student eyewitness (m): We have a door in the middle and he opened it. And then he came in and he crouched a little bit and he said, ‘It's time to die.’ When he shot, it was very loud. And it hurt my ears. When I saw the bullets on the floor, it was real. I was telling my friend to not talk because he's going to hear us. The cops said (yell) ‘help’ if you need help. And then they got one of the persons. And my class said, ‘Help.’ The guy overheard and he came in and shot her. And then the cops barged into that classroom. And the guy shot the cops. And the cops just started shooting.”

Mostly children, it’s horrible. (Yes. Terrible.) And it’s in a peaceful time. It’s not like they have war or anything. (No.) And just for no reason even. (Yes.)

So, you can see this is the work of the negative. (That’s right, Master. Terrible.) Evil force. Because there’s no reason for the boy to do that. (Right. Yes.) I mean, he even shot his own grandma whom he’d been living with and was taking care of him. And she looks like an ordinary grandma. It’s not like she looks vicious or bad or anything. (Yes, Master.) And normally grandmas, grandpas, they spoil their grandkids anyway. They will not treat them harshly or anything like that. So, there is no reason for that boy to shoot his own grandma. (Yes, Master.)

So, you can see clearly this is the negative force at work. (Yes, Master.) And the boy is also only another victim of it. (Yes.) I told you, the black hole, so-called star that comes out, I told you it is a killer entity. […] I’m so sorry for these family members and for the innocent children. (Yes.) Just for no reason, they just died like that. Not even at war. Oh, it’s terrible.

This is the problem when we keep inventing these killing machines. (Right. Yes.) In some countries, they forbid all these assault rifles altogether. (Yes.) And the trouble is less. (Yes.) We don’t hear too much of the shooting at random, or a mass shooting like that. It’s not the first time in America. (Yes. That’s right.) The mass shooting is not the first time. It’s mostly even started with the youth. (Yes.) Not just like some crazy old man or a grumpy, frustrated husband or something. Many (shooting) are in schools, by the children. It’s terrible. […]

So, my condolences to all the families for the loss of their precious children and the teachers as well. And condolences to America. As a whole society, they have to improve somehow. Like this, everybody keeps shocking themselves to death. It can’t continue like this.

You see, in Switzerland, many citizens have a gun. (Yes.) At least have something, like ammunition and guns, ready. (Yes.) In case of war. But they don’t use it for this random violence. (Yes, Master.) You hardly hear anything like that in Switzerland. (Right. Yes.) Or maybe Finland, for example. (Yes.) They do have weapons in the house but their mentality is different. They are disciplined. (Yes, Master.) They have higher consciousness.

America is a mixed pool of everything. Some are so good, and they are very generous and kind. I think maybe they are the most generous people in the world, in terms of charity. (Yes.) They help their neighbors, they help anyone in need, they help other countries. And that is a very good spirit of the United States of America. But on the other hand, they have other mixtures of darkness. (Yes, Master.) They don’t have enough discipline, they don’t have enough control of their minds, some of them. So, we have often heard of these kinds of tragic incidents. (Yes. That’s right.) Which nothing can compare and nothing can repair. It’s terrible, it’s terrible. (Yes.)

So, if you really want your countrymen to have weapons, maybe for defending themselves, you have to see whether or not they’re fit to be entrusted with that. (Yes.) Like in Switzerland or Finland, for example. They have armies, yeah? (Yes.) They have weapons, but they don’t use them at random for violence, with no cause like that. So, this is very difficult for Americans to decide. You see, at 18 you can buy a rifle already. (Oh.) This boy, he just turned 18, and he immediately went and bought it. (Oh.) Because he wanted it for a long time already. (Gosh.)

“Media Report from CNN – May 25, 2022

Adrienne Broaddus (f): Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez says the shooter, ‘had no problem legally purchasing the assault-style rifles used in the massacre.’

Roland Gutierrez (m): He went to high school here in Uvalde and unfortunately, on his 18th birthday, he bought those two assault rifles that you've been talking about.”

This kind of mentality has been nourished by some dark spot of the society. (Yes.) This is deliberate. It is not like, OK, in one moment he got angry and then he lost it. It’s not like that. He even asked his sister to help him to buy a gun, the year before. (Oh.) Because he wasn’t 18 yet. (Wow.) So, his sister refused. And when he turned 18, immediately he carried out his wicked plan. (Wow.)

Oh, my God. This is truly the bad influence of the demons. (Yes, Master.) And killing children. (Oh, shocking. Scary. Terrible.) Yeah, so that they can eat, I told you already. (Yes.) They love children. The demons, they love to eat the spirit, the energy of the agonized children who died like that. (Whoa. Understand.) […]

Terrible. Even just some of them, they concentrate in some place and cause tragedy there. (Yes.) It doesn’t have to be a lot like before. (Understand.) Before we had a lot more, so we had World War I, World War II. (Right.) And now, maybe we are on the verge of World War III even, if Russia doesn’t change. (Yes.)

But you know what? Oh, I don’t dare to tell you anything. (What, Master? Can You share it? Please?) (Please, Master. If You can.) Let me think. My God, let me think if it’s beneficial. (OK, Master.) Otherwise, we will know it when it comes anyway. (OK, Master.)

But I think Putin is dead, that’s what it is. That’s why he went to kneel in front of me and asked for forgiveness, because he was so scared of hell. (Oh, wow.) So, anyway, he’s dead. I don’t tell you where he is now. (Oh, wow.) Maybe I’ll tell you later. (Understand, Master.) But now, the war is still going on because somebody is afraid to let the world know that Putin is dead. (Wow!)

You see, so that’s why there's some news that made fun of Russia, because they took many photos and films, showing that the Russian president went to see the injured soldiers for the first time. (Oh, yes.) But then some people spotted and said, “No, this is the same guy from the factory somewhere.” Because they showed some spots that indicate these are not the soldiers at all, they’re the same ones he met some time ago. (Understand. I see. Yes.)

Not just the face only, but the clothes that they wear, there is something special on it. (Oh.) It’s not the soldier’s uniform. It is some factory people’s uniform. (Oh, wow.) And then it has the sign still on the clothes. Same color clothes also, for example. And they made fun of him, they said he’s staging it.

It’s not – he’s dead. Some weeks ago. (Oh, wow.) When I told you about the kneeling, it’s not that day that he kneeled. (Ah, understand.) I told you about the vision from before. (Yes.) So I said, “I had a vision.” I forgot to say how long ago. But it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, this I cannot prove to you. So, you believe it or not, it’s up to you. (Yes, Master. We believe. We believe You.) You can see. Why do they give an old picture when it’s something so extraordinary like that, that the president went to see the injured soldiers for the first time? (Yes, right.) And why couldn’t they have a real picture? (Yes, Master.) Something like that, they would let all the media know. (Yes, Master.) And it cannot be that they use the old photo. For what? (Yes, Master.)

And they said he even shook hands with the soldiers. No! He shook hands with the manufactory worker. A long time ago, some other time. (Yes.) This is just some physical hints. (Yes.) I can’t tell you anything because I don’t have any evidence for you. (Understand, Master.)

And then also, another thing is, when the Finland president called him, so-called Putin, to say to him that we are going to join NATO. And Putin was very calm, no accusing, no threatening, nothing. Very calm and collected. I mean, through the voice. (Yes.)

“Media Report from CNN – May 15, 2022

President Ninisto (m): It was, like I said, quite calm and cool.

Dana (f): Did he say anything that did surprise you?

President Ninisto (m): Actually, the surprise was that he took it so calmly.”

And many other things very suspicious. Like he sat together with the UN Secretary-General at a long but round table. But the face is far away. (Yes.) And they zoom in a big face, from some other conference. […]

What else, what else? So, there are some good people working for the positive power in the Democratic party. Same with the Republicans. There are some negative people working there. You can see very well. You can see who is who. If you watch the news carefully, you will know who is what. (Right. Yes, Master.) I don’t want to name names. (Yes, Master.) I know exactly who is who.

And of course, the positive people who work with the negative, you can see clearly. Their manner, their way of doing things, the way they talk, is completely different from what you expect from other Democrats. (Yes, Master.) Same with the Republicans. They are still pursuing President Trump to no end. (Yes. Understand.) And most of them, their faces are like stone, or a very nasty face. Very vicious face. (Yes.) Those who persecute him, or who try to bring him down, most of them: stone-faced. Or very ugly-faced. Very vicious face. Not friendly, not good. Not bright. Not bright in manner, in the talk and in the facial expression, physically even. (Yes, Master.)

So, there’s always some hope somewhere. (Yes. Right, Master.) So, the Democrat party is not always all negative. (Yes. Understand.) There are good people in there. There has to be. (Yes, understand.) Otherwise, the world would become worse, or the Ukraine war would have been worse, if there is no positive power helping. They’re helping all the time still. (Yes.)

Is that all there is? Tell me then. (The first news: a Russian diplomat, Boris Bondarev, who worked at the Russian mission to the UN in Geneva has quit his job in protest of the bloody war unleashed by Putin against Ukraine.) Good job that he quit his job. Some people have a conscience. (Yes.)

“Media report from VOA - May 27, 2022 Henry(m): Forty-one-year-old Boris Bondarev forged a 20-year career in the Russian diplomatic service. Until this week, he worked at the United Nations in Geneva. He confirmed his resignation Monday in a letter posted on Facebook, saying, ‘never have I been so ashamed of my country as on February 24 of this year,’ the date Russia launched its latest invasion of Ukraine.”

“Media report from Guardian News - May 23, 2022

Boris(m): I, as a Russian diplomat, can no longer be associated with this. Ukraine is a pivotal moment because then there is no choice after that. There is only one choice – to leave, to quit. The question is when and how, but it's not to quit or not to quit. That's not the question, for me. I kept things clear, asking questions regarding what the final goal of all these things and why it should be done like that and not by the negotiating and some other peaceful, diplomatic means.

Andrew(m): What do you think the message is that people should read into the fact that you are resigning?

Boris(m): I think the message is that sometimes you must do something to be able then to look in the mirror.”

It’s very good. Very good. And also there are some other regions. Two lawmakers also asked Putin to stop the war in Ukraine. And immediately the governor told his guards or something to escort them out, calling them traitors and threatened that he will deal with them as traitors later. (Yes.)

“Media Report from The Telegraph – May 27, 2022 Leonid Vasyukevich (m): We, a group of lawmakers, are appealing to you. The legislative assembly of the Primorye region a few days ago adopted a number of steps to support (the) families of the servicemen who died and were injured in the special military operation. We are fully aware that unless our country stops the special military operation, there will be even more orphans in our country. As a result of the special military operation, young men who could have made a substantial contribution to the development of our country are dying and becoming cripples. Almost three months since the start of the military operation has shown that it is impossible to succeed with military means. Further actions will mean more dead and injured soldiers. We demand an immediate withdrawal of the Russian troops. We demand an end to the hostilities.”

Some brave people know the risk, they still do it. (Yes.) You can see these are from the positive side. (Right. Yes, Master.) You can see their actions, their speech, their manner, then you can see who is who. Even in the dark, there is some light. (Right. Yes.) And in the bright area, there are some dark corners. You saw that now. (Yes, Master.) That is the meaning of the symbol of Tao, in Taoism. (Understand.)

Very good. There are some more. But sometimes they walk back because they’re scared. Like a top colonel of Russia, he went on TV and said that we’re going to lose the war and Russia cannot win, and the whole world is against us. (Oh, yes. Yes.)

“Media Report Channel 4 News - May 17, 2022

Reporter (m): In an extraordinary move, a Russian military analyst and retired general told Russian state TV that the war saw no good outcome for Russia.

(In Russian) Mikhail Khodaryonok: In a way, we are in full geopolitical isolation. And however much we would hate to admit this, virtually the entire world is against us.”

And some days later he walked back, he said, “Oh, Russia still can win.” (Oh.) I’m sure somebody maybe got hold of his wife or his daughter or something, and said, “You walk back, or else.” (Oh, yes. Yes.) You live in Russia, how can you run anywhere? (Yes.) But good that he said something, and everybody understands why he has to walk back. (Right. Yes.) They will not criticize him. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

It’s not just this colonel that walked back on his brave talk, but some other officials also. (Right. Yes.) They denied that they had asked the Kremlin to stop the war. They were supposed to have done that before, to have asked the Kremlin to stop the war in Ukraine, and later they denied it. (Yes.)

I guess the system in Russia makes people scared somehow. They can coerce them into saying anything they want. Even though they had a brave spirit, but later, something else clipped their wings, so they don’t dare to continue their brave stand. (Yes, Master.)

But sometimes something happens. In one of the interviews, one of the persons said on TV, “You know what? Many countries are lining up, waiting to join us.” Meaning joining Russia, like the Russian union again. So, the host kind of sarcastically said, “Yeah, yeah, sure. Many countries are waiting to join us as we have no Visa, no Mastercard, no McDonald’s even.”

I think they have had it, so sometimes they can’t help it. They just spit it out. It’s very funny. I think it’s very funny, Russian television. Normally they do not dare to. But recently, it leaked out here and there. (Right. Yes.) Colonel this, official that, and lawmakers here and there. And the television host just spit it out like that. (Right. Yes.)

“Media Report from CNN – Mar. 13, 2022

Erin (f): A remarkable show of dissent against the invasion of Ukraine, happening in the unlikeliest of places, Russian state TV. On Wednesday night, a Russian filmmaker said this to a pro-Putin anchor.

Translator (f): The war in Ukraine paints a frightening picture, and we should be aware that it has a very oppressive influence on our society. Emotional. This is Ukraine. Whatever your attitude may be, it is something to which we are bound by dozens and hundreds of ties. It is where the suffering of some innocents is no compensation for the suffering of other innocents.”

Of course, they are all humans, just like all the oligarchs in Russia, they have to work. (Right. Yes.) They have to live, they have to survive there, they have children, they have grandchildren. (Yes, Master.) They have their life, so they cannot just do anything the way they think they should.

Still, some try. (Yes, Master.) Even some soldiers refuse to go to war. (Yes.) Many of them like that. And the Russian court or government sometimes admits some, but the numbers are more than that. (Yes, Master.) They just admit some cases that they cannot hide. Other cases, if they can hide, they don’t mention. (Yes.) Just like they said there are only two generals who died in Ukraine. Just recently, there is another one who already died. (Yes.) And the estimate from Ukraine is about 30,000 Russian soldiers died there. (Oh. Yes.) Estimate only, could be more. (Yes.) […]

My God. Nothing has been so damaging like that before, in other wars. (Yes. Right.) Not so fast, not so many people died like that. Even in the Iraq war, only about 4,000 US soldiers, […] more or less died. And the Iraq war is about eight years. (Yes.) And the total is only about 4,000, but that’s a terrible number for all the families who lost their sons and daughters already. (Right. Yes, indeed.)

But Russia, now we talk about 30,000 in three months. Oh, this is incredible. This is like, end of the world, Armageddon for the families already. (Right. Yes, Master.) Terrible. If you have a brother or a son, then you understand. (Yes.) We can only imagine the pain they have to go to through.

“Media Report from BBC News - Mar 17, 2022 Steve (m): In Russia, they are grieving too. Mikhail was killed in action in Ukraine. Angelica is his widow. How many Russian soldiers have been killed in what the Kremlin still refuses to call a war? One family’s pain is being repeated across the country.”

Not to talk about the physical pain of the soldiers, who languish with their injuries in the war, in the cold and in the discomfort of a strange land. (Yes.) And some are shot by their own commanders so they don’t have to carry them when they retreat. Just shot them dead like that, when they’re wounded. (Wow.) And other soldiers lamented, they said they could have been saved. They could still be saved. (Yes.) Like, some are not deadly wounded or anything. If they carried them home, they can take care of them. (Yes, Master.) I mean, back to their station. But the commander just shot them so that they don’t have to take care anymore. They left them there. (Oh, God.)

“Media Report from The Sun - Mar 17, 2022

Soldier 1 (m): The men were saying they finished off their wounded.

Reporter (m): Right. What do you mean by ‘finishing off’?

Soldier 1(m): Just like that, that a wounded soldier is lying on the ground, and a battalion’s commander shoots him dead with a gun. It was a young man, he was wounded, he was on the ground. He was asked if he could walk… so he was shot dead.

Soldier 2 (m): The most important thing – this wasn’t a single case. The Lieutenant colonel was walking around. He shot four or five like this. They were all young men.

Soldier 3 (m): They could have been rescued, given help, taken out of there. He simply shot them dead.

Soldier 4 (m): Mum, I’m alive, all fine. I’m in captivity in Odessa. I’m facing jail. Mom, we are not the peacemakers here, as we were told. We are invaders here, we killed civilians. Mom, it’s such a nightmare. We are about 15 to 20 people here from my unit, those who survived. The others are dead. We are the fascists here. What we did to people was a nightmare. We were misinformed. We weren’t told the truth. They said there were fascists here [but] mum, we were shooting at civilians.”

I wish all the mothers in Russia know this. How their sons are sacrificed for evil, for an indignant cause, for no noble cause at all, and die in agony, or wounded without anyone taking care. (Yes, Master.)

Anything else, my love? (Yes, Master. Lithuania is ready to treat wounded Ukrainian service members. The Lithuanian defense minister said on May 24th that “in the coming weeks, Lithuania will accept Ukrainian soldiers for rehabilitation.” He also said Lithuania will continue to provide training and military equipment to Ukraine.)

Wonderful, wonderful. (Yes.) Bless Lithuania. […] Some neighbors are very good, like Poland, Romania, Italy even. (Yes.) They’re all helping, but just second best. Better than nothing. (Right. Yes, Master.)

I don’t know how long Ukraine can sustain this war, because after a while, maybe people get tired, are not enthusiastic and not helping anymore. (Right.) And because of that, maybe Russia would take advantage. I’m worried, but I hope Ukraine will win, because they deserve their freedom. They deserve their democracy. (Right. Yes, Master.) They deserve their land, which they value more than their own life. (Yes, Master.) So that should impress everyone, even the enemy. But Russia still continues to make trouble like this, but I hope it will end soon. (Yes, Master. We all hope.) We just pray for them. That’s all. (Yes, Master.)

Anything else? (Yes, Master. In an 80-minute phone call with Putin, France’s president Emmanuel Macron and Germany’s chancellor Olaf Scholz asked him to release some 2,500 defenders of Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant, who were later taken prisoner by Russia.) Yeah. (They asked Putin to hold “direct, serious negotiations” with President Zelenskyy.) And then? (The French and German leaders also “insisted on an immediate ceasefire and a withdrawal of Russian troops.”) Yeah. (That was two days ago.)

And then what happened? (So, we don’t know of updates on that.) What did so-called Putin say? (He didn’t say anything. Not that we know.) Is that a videoconference? Or just a talk? […] (We don’t have footage of that. Just talk.) OK. (Interesting. Yes.)

Yeah, so now he’s calm. He talks to whoever wants to see him. He’s very calm and he doesn’t talk on video. All is good. I told you, even if some so-called Putin talks, even in his own body, that is some possessed spirit. Not real. (Yes.) Because I know where he is. (Oh. Right.) I saw it. (Understand, Master.)

I’ll tell you when I tell you. (OK, Master.) I’m sorry. I am also tied, hand and foot. (Yes, Master. We understand.) I am not allowed to say, because if I say things then the negative will find other strategies to defeat it, to change it. (Understand Master.) (Yes, Master.) To change it to make me look bad and to defeat the purpose. (Oh. Yes.) They are always around. Just like the black in the white, and white in the black. (Understand, Master.) I’m always watched with eagle eyes. (Yes.) With hawk eyes. (Yes.)

Anything else? (Yes, Master. More meat and dairy farmers are turning to vegan farming. When UK farmer Laurence Candy lost most of his cow-people to bovine tuberculosis, he decided he would no longer send animal-persons to slaughter. He decided to instead concentrate on growing cereals such as oat, wheat, barley and broad beans.) Wonderful. We will buy it from him if we can. Bless you. (Yes. He has also been working with a Scottish organization called Farmers For Stock-Free Farming, which has been set up to support meat and dairy farmers who want to transition to animal-free agriculture.)

Very good. Excellent. (Yes.) God bless. (Very good.) Thank God for that and we pray for more. (Yes, Master.) Because that’s the only lasting solution for survival for our planet people and all beings on it. (That’s right.) The way we’re going, if we don’t change, we will destroy ourselves. We will. Through the hands of nature. (Right. Yes.) You can see there is flooding, unprecedented floods or landslides, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes everywhere. (Yes, Master.)

There’s not even one day that goes by when you look in the news that you don’t see any disaster or some killing at random or war or famine everywhere. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) Not even one day that we have true peace on the planet. (True, Master. Yes.) I mean we all die one day perhaps, but we didn’t have to die this way. (That’s right. Yes.) Not agonizingly by pandemic, or strange disease, uncontrollable sickness, incurable disease, or disaster, war or famine. Not like that. (Right. Yes.) God did not intend to give birth to us so that we can die in such a horrible way. We make ourselves die in such horrible ways. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) We cannot blame anything. We can’t even blame the enemies.

We attract them. We invite them into our world, into our lives. We really destroy ourselves with our own un-God-like quality of daily activities and daily mishandling of each other and of other species like animal-people. And even the forest, the jungle, I mean nature itself. We destroy them. We destroy everything and then, of course, we destroy ourselves. Because that’s the outcome of destruction. (Right. Yes, Master.) You know all that. I don’t want to keep repeating the same thing again. But it’s not all for you. It’s for the world to remind them. (Understand, Master.)

Host: Most Compassionate Master, Your benevolent presence in our world gives us hope and a clear vision of the paradise that humanity could create – one of pure happiness and joy. We pray that God’s Love and Wisdom brings out our innate courage and sense of righteousness for the protection of all beings. May people’s consciousness soon be uplifted, bringing brighter and more positive days and putting an end to all wars and cruelty through the support of the plant-based diet. We wish Precious Master robust health, peace, and safety, with the kind help of all Heavenly Protectors.

To hear more of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s thoughts on these topics, as well as an interesting story about an Aulacese (Vietnamese) king and the positive effects of hunger, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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