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A heartline from Ukraine (Ureign): The power of prayer is infinitely far greater than most people realize and can produce miracles!

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Greetings from Ukraine! When the war broke out in my country, there were many calls from different countries, from America, Canada, Mongolia, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, and other countries. These calls flickered like flashlights in my life. These were calls from the disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai, with support, offers of help and even invitations to come to them for temporary residence from the horrors of war. In my country, bombs are being blown up, houses are being destroyed, children, women, civilians and soldiers are being killed. And it is especially touching to realize that there are those who will help when it is so necessary. I realized that I am not alone, there are millions of us all over the planet, because compassion has no borders, love has no borders, cordiality has no borders – this is all that unites people and makes the world peaceful and happy. And the other day, humanitarian aid was organized and delivered from Poland and Germany, not only to us, but also to our cat-people. They ate a special vegan cat food for the first time and were very pleased.

I pray for peace in the world and peace in Ukraine. I ask that the war end immediately. I asked Supreme Master Ching Hai to help in this. I asked that the mayor of Melitopol be released within two-three days. On the third day of my request, he was released – everyone saw it on television. This is a real miracle. 

I asked for the Chernobyl zone: I said, “My favorite Master, I ask the Russian troops to leave without a single shot, without casualties, to take away their military equipment and go away. I do not know how to do it right, but I beg it to happen, and as soon as possible, because in this area, it is dangerous not only for Ukraine but for the whole world, because there is radiation.” And so it happened as I asked. Again, a comparative miracle.

When there is a connection, I call my mother (my mother is now in the occupation zone) and tell her about the news on Supreme Master TV. She always listened with interest for a long time and thanked Master for Her endless Love and sensitivity, and then my mother said, “Master Ching Hai, She is not simple, but a special Lady, because the blood of the Goddess flows in Her.” I am very pleased to hear this from her and I am proud of my mother for her conclusion. 

I have more private good news I want to share with you. My husband is a vegetarian, after watching Supreme Master TV, and maybe even my example worked, he said that from April 30 this year (2022) he will become a vegan! Wow! Glory to Master Ching Hai!

Thank you to everyone who is not indifferent to Ukraine. Thank you to the Supreme Master Television team. Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai. May Her heart always shine like a diamond, and may the Heavenly Light always protect Her. Dasha from Kyiv, Ukraine

Resolute Dasha, We are deeply touched by your heartline. In your desperate situation you have not lost faith in God and instead have kept positive and used the power of prayer to help bring about miracles in the world around you. We honor you and pray along with you for peace in strong Ukraine. May God’s Love and care be your shield and forever protect all in your admirable country, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. We are pleased to send you this reply from Master: “Beloved Dasha, with all the Love in my heart, I embrace you in my arms with flowing tears for you and all the suffering people of your Land. May you and all on Earth soon know peace. The power of prayer is infinitely far greater than most people realize and can produce miracles! Continue to pray for your countrymen and women, for all to have peace soon. Love you and I am with you and your freedom-loving people. May God’s perfect Love touch your heart and the hearts of all your devoted Ukrainian co-citizens.” 

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