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Forgiveness Dissolves Vengeance and Brings World Peace, May 19, 2022

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Host: On Thursday, May 19, 2022, during a conference with Supreme Master Television team members, our Most Benevolent Supreme Master Ching Hai provided some fascinating details about another planet, which She shared from Her diary, and later graciously gave Her insights on questions and good news brought up by the team.

This is on the 28th of April. Just because I saw one of the UFOs that people displayed on the internet. But they don’t know where it’s from and if it was a UFO or what. […]

It is a UFO, though, (Oh.) these special vehicles from other planets that are more advanced than us. But to tell you the truth, except hell, every other planet is more advanced than us. Such a sorry and sad story. Because we keep killing each other and destroying everything. […]

I know this UFO came from only about 152 light-years from our Earth. […] They call it Diw. D-i-w. Diw planet. (Oh.) They just came to check out our world – why we have sent so many signals of trouble and discord. But they cannot help much. (Wow, understand.) Even if they help us now to erase all the wars that we have, humans will continue to kill each other. If not the next day, then maybe next week, next month, next year. If he’s not next door, then another next, next, next door. […]

They came just to check out to see why it’s so noisy here. And so much lamenting and sorrowful wailing that they can hear. There's nothing lost in the universe. Our brutality toward each other and other beings shook Heavens and Earth, I told you already. (Yes, Master.) Shook the universe even. (Wow.)

Because that's a kind of dark energy, but powerful dark. (Right. Yes.) Maybe you don't feel it, but everyone else does. Even the ghosts and demons, they all feel it. That's why they are attracted to our planet, because of this kind of dark and powerful energy that they can thrive on. (Yes. Understand.) Just like Heaven beings, they thrive on the Light and the Love of God; that kind of energy. […]

Any other questions? […] (We have some other questions about Ukraine, if You’re OK. […]) Tell me.

(Master, Russia has sent away, expelled dozens of French diplomats out of Russia, including a total of 85 embassy staff from France, Italy, and Spain. As France or Macron seem now to be friendly with Russia, why would Putin do that, Master, expel the French diplomats?)

I told you it’s only a one-way affair, no? Even though President Macron tried hard to be diplomatic or affectionate, supportive with the Russian president, but it doesn’t amount to much.

Maybe they don’t like the French. (Oh, right.) People like to go to France because it’s famous. It’s for tourists and coffee shops, and like me, I like vegan French cakes and coffee, or vegan French cheese, stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) […] People love France for that, but maybe they don’t like the French people. (Yes, Master. Right.) Maybe they don’t like them, that’s why they threaten France so heavily. And then, just one minister said something and they threaten the whole of France. And even not just President Macron but Madame Marine Le Pen. […]

Madame Marine Le Pen was very pro-Russia, pro-Kremlin, and one time she visited him. (Yes.) And it’s printed in the newspaper, I read it somewhere, that Putin told her that Russia doesn’t interfere in the French voting system, voting affairs. He said straight like that. Maybe she wanted him to support her, to help her in some way financially or some other secret way to become French president. (Yes, Master.) Because this is the third time that she […] applied as a presidential candidate. And she fell again. But this time she gained a lot more votes than usual. Almost half. (Wow.) She gained maybe 41 or 42%. That’s a lot more than before. More than 40%, anyway. And Macron gained 58%, the majority. (Yes.) Both don’t need the Russians’ backing anyway. Who knows? Maybe their visit also has some influence for them, for both. (Right.) Quietly. Maybe underneath. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t know why they think like that, because there was a scandal, a rumor, that Russia helped Trump to gain votes in that Presidential election of 2016. (Yes.) But after so much research from the FBI even, CIA, they found nothing. (Right.) No trace of it. And they still worry about that. Every time, some problem, they say, “Oh, Russians.” (Yes.) Russians, maybe. Russians behind it. Blah blah blah. (Yes.) And, because the President of Russia and President Trump were on friendly terms. (Yes. That’s right.)

Trump wants peace. (Yes, Master.) So, he makes friends with enemies (Right. Yes.) to destroy the enemy. (Yes, Master.) So, when he was there, there’s nothing of the such. No threat. Nothing. Not moving in the war direction. After he’s down, that’s it. Boom. Everything has gone chaotic, (Right.) and unpeaceful. (Yes, Master.) From the North Korea threat to Russia, and to who else? I can’t remember anymore. (Yes, Master.) Taliban, or other rebel groups in Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and other places. Small and big every day. In Mali. In Africa somewhere. In so many places. Small or big. (Yes, Master.) And Ukraine is the most explosive one, and the most sudden. (Yes.) There was no warning in advance, except for those times that Russia prepared at the border. (Yes, Master.) But that was very short. […]

I told you, it’s only a one-way street. (Right, Master.) […]

Alright. What else? […] (I have another question, Master.) Tell.

(There are over 260 Ukrainian soldiers from the Azovstal Steel Plant in Mariupol. They were evacuated to Russian-controlled territories. Now, some prominent people in Russia are labeling them as “terrorists.” Why would they call them that, Master?)

Why not? Because their President Zelenskyy is a fascist, and a what? (Nazi.) A Nazi. So, if they’re terrorists, why are you surprised? (Yes, that’s right.) I don’t know if there’s any other vocabulary that Putin can use to label anybody he wants. (Yes, Master.) […]

Also, the reason is because right now, Ukraine’s independent court is investigating war crimes, with evidence, from maybe some individuals, crazy Russian youngsters. (Yes, Master. Yes.) They’re only 20, 21 or 18, 17 even. (Yes, Master.) So, they probably don't know how to handle the situation and they may be scared. (Yes.) So, they just shoot before being shot at. They’d rather shoot before others, the so-called enemies, shoot at them. (Yes.) Either that or maybe they are a crazy person or sadistic.

There are all kinds of mentalities in any society, especially in the army. When they group together, there’re all kinds of ego, all kinds of mental states of mind, all kinds of sickness also; (Yes, Master.) mental sickness, psychological disorders, etc. (Yes.)

But saying that doesn't mean that atrocities have not been committed, (Right.) or should be just forgotten. (Yes.) The Ukrainian people, they have had their family members shot for no reason. (Yes.) They have had their children raped and murdered. (Yes, Master.) They cannot just say, “OK, forget it, because this guy is young. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) He didn't mean to, or he's scared. It doesn't matter.” A crime is a crime. They have to investigate. (Yes, Master.) And with so much evidence, they cannot just ignore it. (Yes, Master. That’s right. That’s true.)

So, Russia just wants to label. If they do label these heroes of Ukraine as terrorists, it’s a laughing stock anyway. Anybody would know. (Yes, Master.) You come into people's country and they defend their own country for their people, their nation, and you label them “terrorists?” It should be the opposite. Russia should be called terrorists. (Yes, that’s right.) (Yes. It’s true.) So, you know the answer. Even a five-year-old can tell you. (Yes, Master.)

Alright, good. Anything else? (We don’t have other questions, Master. But we have some good news.) Tell me. Good. (Yes, Master.)

(Ukrainian officials say their troops have reclaimed some towns near Kharkiv in northern Ukraine. Military analysts also say Ukraine’s northern campaign continues to successfully push Russian forces back towards the border.) Yes, they did. They even brought a big frontier post to put it there and take photographs together. (Yes, that’s right.)

"May 15, 2022 (In Ukrainian) Soldier (m): Mr. President, we have reached it, we are here. Here, the frontier post, with us, we put it back up, a sign behind our back. Mr. President, we have reached it, we are at the border."

They did take Kharkiv. They reclaimed many other areas as well. (Yes, Master.)

It's just Mariupol is a bitter pill. For both. For Russia as well. And they just want to take control of that. Just for their interests, strategic gain. (Yes, Master.) Just like they want Odessa and/or Crimea for the controlling of the Black Sea. You see, the ports of Ukraine, where Ukraine can export their wheat, oil and other essentials to other countries, by ship. (Yes.) And it's quicker, because ships can carry more than trains or trucks can. (Yes, Master.)

"Media Report from NBC News - May 19, 2022 Reporter (m): Russian troops were first driven back from Kyiv and now from around the eastern city of Kharkiv, where Ukrainian forces have been blowing up bridges to stop Russian advances. But while Russian troops are struggling to hold territory, their grip on the port city of Mariupol and a naval blockade in the Black Sea are strangling Ukraine, cutting off many imports and the export of the country's most important commodity – grain. The head of the World Food Programme made a direct appeal to President Putin to let Ukraine export its grain for the sake of global food security.

David Beasley: It is absolutely essential that we allow these ports to open, because this is not just about Ukraine, this is about the poorest of the poor around the world who are on the brink of starvation as we speak. So, I ask President Putin, if you have any heart at all, to please open these ports."

So, they control that. That's what they wanted. They want to control the whole of Ukraine, but they failed. They failed at Kyiv, so they just turn to lesser areas, just to claim something, these strategic points. (Yes.)

Good news. I saw that also and I’m happy. Some part of me is happy. But there are many more suffering still. Mariupol, I hope the Ukrainian soldiers will reclaim it soon. Just as they reclaimed Kharkiv. (Yes.) Maybe slowly, but I think they will. They just cannot protect many points at the same time. (Yes, Master.)

So maybe temporarily, they let the soldiers come up. The soldiers did not want to. Their family wanted them to. (Yes.) And none wanted to. But maybe President Zelenskyy wanted to save their lives. (Yes.) That’s why he probably ordered them to come out. Even though there are Russians outside.

Otherwise, they did not want. They said they wanted to fight till the end, even if they’re agonizingly wounded or having injuries without medicine, losing arms and legs without any help. (Yes, Master.) It’s just that President Zelenskyy didn’t want them to continue to die in such an agonizing way like that. (Yes, Master.) Probably he ordered them to come out. Not surrender. Just tell them to come out to save them. Because if they are prisoners, they’re still alive. (Yes, Master.) And later, they already plan to swap prisoners. (Yes.) Or just kick the Russians out altogether, then no need to swap anything. (Yes, Master.)

Because their family requests. (Yes.) I saw some family members even went to p. Francis to beg him to help their husbands who are the defenders, the soldiers in this steel plant down there. (Yes, that’s right.)

So maybe pressure from all sides. So they both, President Zelenskyy and the soldiers down there are also thinking, “We better just ease it off for now. And we take it back later. Or we swap the prisoners, so at least the wounded will be treated.” Even treated under the Russian control, it’s still better than losing their lives or dying in such a painful, agonizing, undignified way. (Yes, Master.) That’s why it is, otherwise, they wouldn’t want to go. (Yes. Right.) If they wanted to, they would have gone a long time ago. Or when they were wounded, they would go and surrender for treatment. They didn’t. (That’s right.) They didn’t care about treatment even. They were buried in there for months already. (Yes, Master.)

"Media Report from PBS Newshour - May 18, 2022 Reporter (m): They held out for nearly three months, living and fighting from tunnels designed to withstand nuclear attacks. Their resistance prevented Russia from consolidating its gains, and today Ukrainian officials called them heroes."

"Media Report Channel 4 News - May 17, 2022 Reporter (m): They’d fought, even though they were outnumbered and surrounded. The steel factory was their last holdout, their Alamo. But it couldn’t last forever. Footage released by pro-Russian separatists proports to show some of the wounded, who’d been holed up in (the) Mariupol steelworks for months. Late on Monday, (the) Ukrainian forces that occupied it, ordered by President Zelenskyy to leave. The last remaining stronghold in the southern port city. More than 50 of the most severely wounded were transferred to a hospital in a nearby town. Those who could walk out themselves were sent to another. Both towns controlled by Russian-backed separatists. Ukrainians insist that this is the start of a prisoner swap.

Ukrainian: Glory save Azov! Glory save Azov!

Reporter (m): The wives of the soldiers inside had begged the Ukrainian president to save their husbands. And this from the Ukrainian president himself, a carefully worded message, a demonstration of the tightrope he is walking here, by way of a deal.

President Zelenskyy: I want to stress that Ukraine needs Ukrainian heroes alive. That’s our principle. I think that any reasonable person will understand these words. The operation to save the defenders of Mariupol has been started by our military intelligence. The work continues to return guys home. And this work requires delicacy and time."

Next. Anything else? (Yes, next good news. The world’s most powerful industrialized nations have announced Russia’s territorial claims in Ukraine have no legitimacy. In a statement, the G7 [Group of Seven] said: “We will never recognize borders Russia has attempted to change by military aggression, and will uphold our engagement in the support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including Crimea, and all states.”)

Bravo! That’s what I said – don’t give them anything, not even one inch. Because give them this, they want that. (Right. Yes.) Give them an arm, they want a leg. This type of mentality has no shame, no morals, no reason, no logic, nothing. Just go and kill and kill. (Yes.) And take their land and then submit them to you, because of terrorizing tactics, just like they did in Finland some decades ago.

At that time, the Finnish people, they were also very gentle and they just gave in to save people’s lives. (Yes, Master.) That’s why this time they didn’t wait, to join NATO. (Right.) They already officially submitted, and NATO already accepted their submission. But protocol, must discuss and all that. And the Finnish government even said to their citizens to brace themselves, and their soldiers all ready. Because, they say, “In the waiting period, we are vulnerable.” It is like that. Because they’re not officially a NATO member. (Yes.) So, Russia could just come in and attack them.

But when the President of Finland talked to Putin, he was supposed to have said, “Why? We don’t threaten you. It’s a mistake that you join NATO.” But very calm. (Oh.) Not threatening or anything. Yeah, yeah, but cut electricity first. My God. Not threatening. Don’t have to threaten, just do it. (Yes, Master.) One way or another. Who knows what he’ll do next? So, Finland was rushing, said, “We join, don’t wait further.” And the whole nation supports it. Parliament and everybody support that decision. First, they have to talk to each other within the country, their own government. And if they’re all OK, then they join NATO. (Yes.) They already gave the application. It’s official.

"Media Report from PBS Newshour - May 16, 2022 Judy Woodruff (f): As we’ve reported, Sweden's Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson today announced that her country would join NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, ending more than 200 years of military nonalignment. The announcement follows a similar one this weekend from neighboring Finland."

"Media Report from Guardian News - May 20, 2022 Jon Henley: Finland and Sweden's decision to apply to join NATO really does represent a historic shift. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has really proven it to be a really unreliable and positively dangerous neighbor. It's caused Finland and Sweden to perform a really dramatic U-turn on decades of previously nonaligned security policy.

Sauli Niinistö: They (Russia) are ready to attack a neighboring country.

(In Swedish) Magdalena Andersson: Should Sweden be the only country in the Baltic Sea region that was not a member of NATO, we would be in a very vulnerable position."

"Media Report from PBS Newshour - May 16, 2022 Nick Schifrin: The invasion of Ukraine has changed everything. In 2017, 22% of Finns and 32% of Swedes supported joining NATO. Today, those numbers are 76% in Finland and 53% in Sweden."

"Media Report from Guardian News - May 20, 2022 (In Swedish) Woman: It feels like we have to pick a side, and in that case, I choose NATO every day of the week ahead of Russia.

Man: I used to be against it, but after the war in Ukraine, I’m very much for it.

Woman2: I’m afraid that they would kill everyone and that they would change everything.

(In English) Jon Henley: This really shows that actions have consequences and that they sometimes have quite the opposite consequences of what might be intended. Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine partly on the pretext that Ukraine was about to join NATO, and so there's a quite remarkable irony – the very expansion of NATO that Putin was seeking to prevent, he has actually caused.

Journalist (m): Do you fear it could be seen as a provocative gesture by Vladimir Putin?

Sauli Niinistö: Well, my response would be that 'You (Putin) caused this. Look (in) the mirror.'"

"Media Report Channel 4 News - May 17, 2022 Reporter (m): In an extraordinary move, a Russian military analyst and retired general told Russian state TV that the war saw no good outcome for Russia.

(In Russian) Mikhail Khodaryonok: In a way, we are in full geopolitical isolation. And however much we would hate to admit this, virtually the entire world is against us."

It’s not like, OK, if you want to join NATO, you should jump in. It’s not like that. There are many conditions, many requirements, on whether you can join NATO or not.

(At the moment Turkey’s President Erdoğan said they opposed it.) Yeah. Perhaps Turkey is somehow pro-Russia. Because I read it in the news that the oligarchs’ ships, which were supposed to be already sanctioned by the West, but some of them are docking in Turkey’s sea. (Oh, yes.) Turkey’s water. And also, there are many homes bought by Russians there, Russia’s rich. (Ah, OK.) Recently, more than before. Recently, there is a rush in properties in Turkey. (Trying to avoid the sanctions.) Yeah!

So, what about that? On one side, one foot is in NATO, and another foot is for Russia. (Yes, Master.) So, what right or for what reason should Erdoğan prevent or try to obstruct Finland and Sweden from joining NATO? (Understand, Master.) I hope that’s a good answer to your question? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

This world is… most politicians, they have double standards. That’s why recently there was a big protest, a big rally supporting the opposition leader. (Oh, OK.) They are not all clean. I hope some are clean. Otherwise, the world is all corrupt.

What can Turkey do anyway? I mean, it’s just because there are some conditions in the NATO policy. They ask many questions. Whether or not the country can join, according to this and that requirement. (Yes.) And maybe one of the requirements is that whether or not in your country, your government ever oppressed any minority, or was aggressive, or anything like that. (Yes, Master.) Or maybe tendency, or siding with terrorist groups. Such things like that. (Yes.)

And Finland is supposed to be reportedly siding with the Kurds. (Yes, that’s right.) And the Kurdish people are the so-called enemy of Turkey, or President Erdoğan. (Yes.) So, they use that, trying to split hairs. (Yes, Master.)

But I don’t know if they have evidence enough. Because Finland was a neutral country. (Yes, Master.) So, being neutral, they don’t make enemies or side with anybody. (Yes. Right, Master.) So, because of that, maybe they’re friendly or just neutral with the Kurdish people, or Kurdish group. (Yes.) But that doesn’t mean that they’re against anybody else. (That’s right.)

It’s just like Switzerland, they’re neutral. (Right.) If France and Germany were fighting, they probably don’t join any of them. And they really broke their protocol helping Ukraine, to some degree. But they didn’t help at all in the end, because they stopped Germany sending some equipment, some important, big, relevant equipment to Ukraine, because of their neutrality. (Yes, Master.) They do help some themselves, but they don’t let Germany send more weapons by Switzerland. Maybe Germany has their companies there. (Yes, Master.) Just like many companies go to China and make business there, open companies there, like that. (Yes.) […]

But I’m not happy either, when they’re killing. (Yes.) But there are some possessed by demons. For example, like that young soldier just killing all innocent children and all that. (Yes.) A lot. Many of them who has nothing to do with him, who didn’t harm him. (Yes, Master.) My God. So, because of this trial of the war crimes, Russia wants to step up their level of accusation. (Right.) Go a step further.

"Media Report from NBC News - May 18, 2022 Richard (m): The Ukrainian government said they'll be part of a prisoner swap, but Russia said tonight it's considering labeling the Ukrainian soldiers members of a terrorist group, and will investigate each fighter for possible crimes against civilians. It appears to be Russia's way of pressuring Ukraine not to put more Russian soldiers on trial for war crimes."

Not just war crimes, but “terrorists.” (Yes.) Oh, yeah. You go into somebody’s country, I told you already, and then bomb the hell out of everybody, and then accusing their defenders of being terrorists. (Ridiculous.) Oh, this is too much. (Yes.) Oh, God. They know no moral limit. No shame, nothing. […]

I just felt sorry for Putin, because I’m thinking how he is going to suffer endlessly and inconceivably in hell. And it will be like eternity, and he doesn’t even know it. My God, how ignorant can human beings be? Even if you are a devil, you should know that there is the law of cause and retribution for everyone, no matter if you’re a king or a slave or, street sweeper or champion in the world, it’s the same. Everybody has to go under this law: cause and effect. (Yes, Master.) Like, if you plant an apple seed, you will have an apple tree. It’s so simple. He doesn’t know it. My God. (Yes, Master.) Nobody can help him. That’s why I feel sorry for him. (Yes, understand, Master.)

But of course, that doesn’t mean that I could ignore all the atrocities that he did to the Ukrainian people. (That’s right.) Oh, God. I don’t know how to explain all this. I don’t know why people can be like this. It is also the influence by the negative power. (Yes.) That’s one way I also feel sorry. (Yes, Master.) That devil should never exist. And because we also partially are creating the devil by the bad energy that we emit through killing, and being bad and denying God. (Yes, Master.) I mean the humans living like there is no tomorrow, not caring who dies or who lives, who dies and how, as long as you are good. It’s terrible. (Yes, understand.) […]

(Why do You feel sorry for Putin, Master?) I don’t know, my love. It just came naturally like that. And it’s still lingering there together with my sorrow and anguish for the Ukrainian victims and their nation. And the injustice and unfairness of it. (Yes, Master.) Maybe because I know he’s also badly damaged by the bad energy, and the bad influence of, for example, these killer entities from the black hole. (Yes, Master.) It’s the atmosphere in our world that breeds this type of energy and these types of entities like Putin. (Yes, Master.)

I did not want it. I did not even think of him. I never thought I would feel sorry or love for him. Just like a mother’s love for the son. That much. (Yes, Master.) And I don’t even know him. I never met him or talked to him. He has nothing to do with me. And for all that he does, I expected that I would hate him. (Yes, Master.) But I did not expect that I would love him or feel sorry for him. (Yes, Master. That’s just the natural way of a Master. You feel love for everything.)

But I’m surprised myself, too. Why would I love an entity like that? (Yes, Master.) The whole world hates him and curses him. Why does such a love come over me? (Yes, understand.) I feel so sorry and so like I would want to comfort him. That much. (Wow. Yes.) And to tell him to turn around now. But, of course, nobody would listen to me. Least of all, Putin. (Yes. That’s right.) I talked to all the sane people in the world and not many listen to me anyway. If they don’t harm me, it’s already God’s blessing, God’s protection.

I’m also surprised that this love has come over me, I cannot help it. It’s still there. (Wow.) I mean, it’s not all day all night, like whenever I think about it, it’s still there. (Wow.) I thought it was just for that moment. (Yes.) Maybe something touched me. Maybe his face looked sad or something that touched me that day, that moment, maybe. But it’s still there. This kind of very unattached, unconditional love. (Yes. Understand, Master.) But, very real. Very deep. And very surprising to me. (Wow.) I never thought I would have this kind of love for a person or entity like Putin. (Yes, Master.)

(Could it be that he’s praying inside, or something that reaches You? Or no?) Possible. But I could not find out. Heaven doesn’t let me know anything. I just feel this love for him. Probably, if I have enough time to meditate and deeply investigate it, then maybe I would know why. (Yes, Master.) But right now, I truly don’t have time. (Yes, understand.) Time for praying, for World Vegan, for the animal-people, time for praying for humans. Time to pray for individual countries like Ukraine or Syria, or whatever country in trouble. (Yes.) […]

I guess it’s just something from inside. (Yes, Master.) Just something natural suddenly comes out. And I had a vision of him. Like, he’s kneeling in front of me, next to me and I feel like he wants me to embrace him or put my hand on his head, to say, “It’s alright. I forgive you.” (Oh, wow.) I do forgive him and I told him, “I do forgive you. It’s just that I don’t know if other souls will forgive you or not.” He said to me, “Sorry,” while he was kneeling like that in front of me. (Yes, Master.) Like very close, no feeling of fake embarrassment or shyness, or any distance. And I truly feel that I feel love for him. And I feel that he truly is repentant. But how I can even show this to anyone else? I said, “I pray that Heaven forgives you. I do forgive you and I do have love for you. That’s all I can say.” And he just didn’t want to go. He just kneeled there and wanted me to put my hands on his head. (Wow.) That’s all. Just a feeling, he did not demand. (Yes, Master.)

It’s very difficult to live in this world. You just can’t have things black and white. And people do crazy things under the influence sometimes. (Yes, Master.) Like a demon took over the body and the mind and then they use that body to create havoc, and the real soul of that person might not want it, might not want any violence or might feel really repentant but the mind might not know it. That’s the thing. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t think Putin will ever come and kneel in front of me and ask for forgiveness like that. He didn’t ask for forgiveness, he just said, “Sorry.” Just one word, “Sorry.” And really, he was very sorry. (Yes, Master.) I could feel that. He didn’t have to fake it. (Yes, understand.) That was between the souls. (Yes, Master.) Soul talk.

Perhaps that’s why I feel like he really repents and truly feels sorry. But I don’t know what else to do. I keep telling him, “Putin, just call your troops home, first. Then I’ll see what else I can do for you. I’ll do my best.” But I don’t think this is mind talk. It’s soul communication. And I’m not sure if his soul can get to his mind, to tell the mind what to do. […]

So, that will answer your question. (Yes, Master. I hope his soul is strong enough to be able to talk his mind out of it, out of the Russian invasion.) Yes. Yes. The sooner the better for him. (Yes.) And, of course, much better for the poor, innocent Ukrainian people. (Yes, Master.) I’m torn. I’m torn daily seeing, hearing their suffering and pain, and feeling so frustrated and helpless. (Yes, Master.) But karma is karma. […]

It felt like he’s truly, humbly sorry. But I cannot do anything with other souls, whether or not they forgive him. (Yes, Master.) That’s for them to decide. I do hope they forgive him also. What’s the use of carrying a big burden of hatred and vengeance in your heart. It just makes you feel more heavy, in your mind and in your feeling. (Yes.) But it’s difficult to forgive people. Difficult. That’s why we continue to have war and hatred and sorrow and pain and pandemic and disaster and hunger and all that. Because the hatred cannot dissolve, the hatred energy. And it keeps clinging to these people who carry the hatred and vengeance program, wanting to revenge. (Yes.)

I just hope one day, either this or that, maybe the hatred will be dissolved and that we will have peace, World Vegan, World Peace. (Yes, Master.) That’s all we have to do: all people go vegan, all people make peace. It’s not difficult. (No, Master.) It’s doable, it’s just people are too fixed in their own way and don’t want to change. […]

Host: Our immense thankfulness for Merciful Master’s guidance of humanity towards a more noble and uplifted world, as well as Her loving sacrifices and blessings during this important time on Earth. We pray that we may all open our hearts to unconditional Love, in order to accept each other as brothers and sisters, to achieve real and lasting equality between all pure, beloved children of God. May this Love help us adopt the peaceful, vegan diet, for a brighter and more tranquil planet. We wish Master safety and vigorous health, in the kind assistance of all Splendid Heavens.

To learn of the intriguing details about the planet described by Master in relation to a recent UFO sighting captured from Earth, as well as more of Her wisdom on some recent world events, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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