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Between Master and Disciples

Catholic Priests Should Preach the True Gospel of Lord Jesus, Part 4 of 8, Nov. 19, 2021

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It’s all church politics. (Yes.) There are also religious politics and there are also secular politics. (Yes, Master.) There’re all politics because they’re not enlightened, they don’t understand a thing about what the Bible said. (Right.) And even if they understand, it’s just minimal.

Ask me something else. Anything else? (Yes, Master.) (During the conference of the Catholic bishops,) Yeah. (Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, who is pro-life, “called for bishops to find common ground, where politicians agree with the church’s vision for ‘the dignity of the human person.’ But he also urged them ‘not to be afraid to fulfill their obligations, to let them know how serious’ it is to dissent from church teaching.”) Yeah!

(Master, why are there still some bishops who won’t fully agree with that? Why would a person of the faith be afraid to act on the protecting of basic human rights and teachings of the church?)

Because they are evil, also listen to the pope who supports that way of doing. (Yes.) Because they’re afraid. Even not to talk about they are evil or not, the pope and these are against Archbishop Naumann, against the pro-life, because they’re afraid to lose their faithful, physically, materially speaking, not to talk about spiritual. (Yes.) They’re afraid because, I read somewhere in the news, that 60% of the Catholic believers support abortion, say abortion is OK. (Yes, Master.) It comes from the top! (Yes.) The pope knows that most of the devoted Catholics are women. (Yes.) So, he’s afraid to lose them if he goes against their will. (Understand, Master.)

So this is all for fame and gain. (Oh, gosh.) It’s all church politics. (Yes.) There are also religious politics and there are also secular politics. (Yes, Master.) There’re all politics because they’re not enlightened, they don’t understand a thing about what the Bible said. (Right.) And even if they understand, it’s just minimal. (Right.) They’re there just to be a big shot so people worship them and make donations to them, and just, life is too good. (Right, yes.) Life is too good to lose. Their lifestyle. (Yes, Master.)

Anybody just goes in and then studies the Bible, and after a while, you become a priest. And then if you stay longer, you will become a cardinal and archbishop, and maybe become a pope. (It’s just a hierarchy.) Just that. Nothing. What do they teach the people? (Nothing.) If they don’t teach the basic commandments, what do they teach? What does the church exist for? (Yes. Right.) What are the priests there for? (Understand, yes, Master.) A blind leads the multiple people into the ditch together. (Oh, gosh!) You can see that. (Yes, it’s clear.)

You don’t have to say who you are or what you know or what level you are, your actions, your speech (Exactly.) are very loud instruments to proclaim who you are. (Yes.) If you are ignorant, that’s what you do. And not just ignorant, maybe evil inside. (Yes.) In the sheep’s clothing. The wolf. (Yes, Master.) So anyone that has to do with it will be harmed, because the people believe in them, and harm maybe not even physically only, but mentally, spiritually. You see that? (Yes.) They lead them farther and farther from God because they do exactly the opposite of God’s commandments and God’s teaching. (Right.) You can see that very well. (Yes. Very clear, Master.)

I don’t know why people still believe in them. They’ve been brainwashed since a young child already, go to the church and listen to all this evil garbage. You got that? (Yes, Master.) That’s why 60% of the Catholics are OK with abortion. (Oh, my God!)

"Media Report from EWTN News – Feb. 28, 2020 Reporter (f): And we take another look now at our EWTN News’ RealClear Opinion Research poll of Catholic voters in America. Tonight, their views on vital moral issues that involved intrinsically evil acts, those considered by the church as always immoral at all times, regardless of intention or circumstances. The poll found 72% of Catholics surveyed, believe certain acts are intrinsically evil, but less than half would say abortion, euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide would fit that definition."

What kind of religion is this? (This is so wrong.) (It’s a basic…) And in another breath, they’re condemning Muslim terrorists and all that. They are also terrorists, in a different way. (Exactly.) (Right.) (Yes.) It’s just more legal, and… Oh God! (Different form.) All this evil. No wonder John Lennon said, wonder what the world would be like without religion. Probably a better place. (True.)

And people don’t go to church because they don’t believe it anymore, and then they say, “Oh, these are atheists.” (Yes.) The priests who are doing criminal activities like that, or molesting children, they are worse than atheists. At least the atheists, they have their own morals, they don’t go around just harming anybody, (Yes.) or abusing any power to do harm, just for their own gain and position. (Yes.)

You know, all these priests who don’t dare to directly say their opinion about opposing abortion or refusing Biden Communion, it’s because they’re afraid, I think. (Yes.) Afraid for their position, afraid of vengeance, afraid of losing their position, afraid of losing the congregation. (Yes, Master.)

"Pro-life protest – Oct. 3, 2020 Randall Terry (m): We’re in Wilmington, Delaware, in front of the rectory, the parsonage, the home of Bishop Malooly, who is Joe Biden’s bishop. After years and years of public scandal – public scandal, not one time has Bishop Malooly said anything about Biden receiving communion, about Biden promoting the murder of babies, about Biden saying that he wants taxpayer money to pay for the murder of babies. Not one public word from Bishop Malooly regarding this horrific public scandal and this public betrayal of God and of righteousness, and of babies. Sixty million children are dead, and the bishops of this country, by and large – there’s a handful of exceptions, thank You, God – but the bishops of this country are in a conspiracy of silence. They are not telling the truth. And they know the truth! Is it from fear? Is it from the want of government money? Is it from the desire to have rich Democrats who are in their dioceses continue to support them financially? I don’t know. It really doesn’t matter. Their motivation, whatever is crippling them, whatever has literally disemboweled them of courage, castrated them, whatever it is, that’s not the issue. The issue is that they need to repent, throw off the shackles, and do their duty as shepherds, protect the sheep, and stop protecting and defending wolves."

Even the pope, I saw it on the video in the news, he even bowed his head in front of Biden. Believe that or not? (Wow.) Oh, man. (Wow.) He is officially the king of this Catholic system and the so-called representative of God on Earth, and he bowed to a secular power, (Wow.) meaning the lay power, the worldly power. (Yes.) He really kept bowing his head. (Oh, my God.) Oh, man. That wasn’t humility. He knows already this guy is bad. And he bowed, kowtowed to him. (Unbelievable.)

That’s why I told you before, I can’t believe it, that the religious head kowtows to the secular one. (Yes, Master.) Just to try to keep himself on that seat, on the chair of the Vatican. (Yes, Master.) It should be “vacant,” not “Vatican.” Vacant, gone. All these people who live in there who have no morals, no stable faith in Jesus’ teaching, and no fear of God, should be gone, “vacant” out of the Vatican. (Yes, Master.) (Yes, right.) So, now you know. (Yes, Master.)

You see, of course these priests, they normally just don’t know how to deal with politicians. (Yes.) And it’s like in the case of the United States, Biden, they may be scared also because of his demon power. Even makes the pope bow down. (Yes.) The pope has less demon power than Biden. I told you already long ago. (Understand.) These are invisible things. Only some people can see. (Yes.) Many can see.

At least 90 people in the United States of America saw that. So, his dark energy, Biden. And we don’t talk about that even, just the obvious things, physical things. Anybody who criticizes Biden or doesn’t agree with him, they go to jail. Even one of the army lieutenants or something, just voiced his opinion about the Afghanistan withdrawal. (Right. Yes.) He just voiced his opinion, like there are other alternative ways to do better. (Yes.) And then he got punished. Went to jail. (Right, yes.) Or punished in some way, I forgot. It was in the news. It’s still there. (Yes.)

"Media Report from RT – Oct. 6, 2021 Reporter (m): U.S. Republicans are accusing the military of double standards. A Marine facing a court martial for criticizing the Biden administration’s pullout from Afghanistan. It is in stark contrast to another officer who was hailed as a hero for standing up to the Trump administration.

Reporter (m2): Scheller was an active duty U.S. Marine whose frustration over the bungled retreat from Kabul led to making videos bashing Biden and the Pentagon brass, that quickly went viral.

Scheller (m): People are upset because their senior leaders let them down and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability or saying, 'We messed this up.' I’m not saying we got to be in Afghanistan forever, but I am saying, 'Did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, “Hey, it’s a bad idea to evacuate Bagram Airfield, a strategic air base before we evacuate everyone?”' I am submitting charges against General McKenzie for his bad assumptions, not because I’m vindictive, but because the senior leaders need to be held accountable to the same standard as us.

Reporter (m2): He’s now accused of breaking four laws, though there are not formal charges yet. Now, Scheller is not the first military man to raise a voice about issues. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman was on active duty when he first spoke up against the Pentagon brass. He testified Trump’s impeachment proceedings as a Pentagon whistleblower. He claims that Donald Trump had made a quid pro quo (exchange of favors) with the president of Ukraine. He was anointed by mainstream media and the Democrats as a saint. Military leaders who criticized Donald Trump got talk show appearances and book deals, treated almost like heroes, while one who just criticized Biden is facing a hearing and a potentially long-term spell behind bars."

And even one person just mentioned some Brandon or some name, (Right.) maybe it’s associated with something else, but then he’s fired. (Oh!) A pilot, fired. (Yes.)

"Media Report from Fox News – Nov. 2, 2021 Reporter (f): Southwest Airlines is launching an internal investigation after a pilot mentioned the anti-Biden phrase 'Let’s Go Brandon' over the intercom on a flight from Houston to New Mexico. The line is taking the Internet by storm after it originated at a NASCAR race last month. There’s now a social media push to boycott or cancel the airline."

And maybe many other instances, I did not read, and I don’t really like gossip too much. I just, by the way. I just read it because it’s right there. (Yes, I saw it also.) So, they get punished by Biden or his administration if they do something against him. (Right.) Those were just small things even. (Right, yes.)

Imagine if you are against his policy, like killing babies, I don’t know what kind of punishment they will get. And the priests, they are not like the pope, they don’t have any bodyguards or anything. (Yes.) So, they are afraid. They might not be all evil. Not all of them are evils, just some of them are influenced by the evil force from other priests, (Yes.) or feel very afraid of vengeance. I told you already. (Yes, Master.)

Not like under Trump. People call him all kinds of names, liken him to even animal-people and all that. All kinds of names, and criticize him or slander him outright on the mainstream media. Even the famous reporter, calling him a dead turtle, stuff like that. (Really bad.) And get nothing. (Yes.) It’s just after Trump is out of the White House, they lose so many, a huge number of audience, of viewers. So that’s why now and then, they still have to attack him, or mention him, so that they get viewers back. (Yes, really cruel.) And many people betray him. Even his family, relatives, betray him and call him all kinds of names or recount all kinds of negative things. His employees before and all that, saying all kinds of lies, just to sell the books. And they earn so much money and attention. (Yes.) Degrading President Trump, and then get all the attention and all the money. (Yes.) Compared to under Biden. (Yes. It’s really not equal.)

So the priests, they are scared. The treatment is different. The punishment is harsher under Biden. (Understand.) Under Trump, they earned money at his expense, telling all kinds of negative things about him, and then get more good attention and big money. (Understand.) So many books are written about him or around him or of him. I don’t know if any other president ever had so many books written about him, (Yes.) and mostly negative even. And earn money and get all the attention from the mainstream media. (Right.)

It’s really sad, but it’s so ridiculously funny. (Yes, they seem not to be afraid of Trump, actually.) Yeah, because they know he is sweet. (Yes.) He is gentle, even though sometimes he seems like irritated, but it was because of all the bad energy around him from the White House. (Yes.) And all this pressure and unfair treatment are all around him from all directions. (Yes.) And he is just very… (He’s soft inside.) He didn’t do anything. I mean, he doesn’t revenge in anything. (Yes, he’s not going after them.) He doesn’t do any revenge.

So now you know. Maybe this is one big reason why all the priests are afraid. (Understand. But still, fear should not control the bishops.) Of course. But they worry. The bishops, they just don’t know much about political power. They’re afraid. They see things all vengeance around them like that. (Yes.) They worry. Also, the pope even pressed them down. (Yes.) So, two big powers. Religious power, top is the pope. They are Catholic, so in the Catholic system power, the top is the pope. And the American top power is Biden. So, both of these powers pressure down on them, so they should be afraid. (Yes.)

Of course. Mostly they are older priests already. (Yes, they are.) And they don’t have anything to protect themselves. Not all of them have good protection. (Understand. It’s a pity that things should work this way.) Yeah, I know. Just let you know why. That’s all. (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

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