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Between Master and Disciples

Catholic Priests Should Preach the True Gospel of Lord Jesus, Part 7 of 8, Nov. 19, 2021

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Anybody understands that killing is murder. (Yes.) And they support it, by being silent or outright supporting, or forgiving as well. (Yes.) Who are they to forgive? How can they forgive the suffering of the innocent, helpless, defenseless little ones inside crying for help? And nobody hears.

Any more questions, my love? Or opinion? Comment? Whatever? (I was wondering, these priests and bishops who have committed these heavy sins, still doesn’t anything happen to them in this physical world, like obvious to us, at least? Or how come …)

How come they are not punished physically? (Yes, or because of the heavy sins that they have, maybe their merits run out, so in this way their sins will be revealed to the world.) Maybe. Maybe someday. It has already been revealed. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know all this. (Yes.) The thing is, what the world will do with it.

All this molesting are on the news all over. It’s just the law didn’t do anything, (Yes.) and the Vatican just turned a blind eye, don’t do anything, so that they continue to have their hierarchy. So they can continue to be powerful. See that? (Understand.)

“Media Report from The New York Times – April 1, 2014 Reporter(m): As more scandals broke, it became clear the problem was often not just crime but cover up.

Goodstein(f): Every bishop is the ruler of his own diocese and reports only directly to the pope. And so, every bishop was following his own policy. Some were more proactive. Some were completely negligent. And some were criminal in that they were covering up known abusers and failing to report them to law enforcement.”

Because every church has to be administered by some priest. (Yes.) Or cardinal, or archbishop, whatever, in each region. It’s like a government. (Understand.) They don’t want to lose all that. Whom will they be able to order, or control, or mislead if they don’t have anybody around to transmit their evil orders. (Yes, Master.)

Because the pope says, “Oh, just ignore the abortions or forgive the abortions,” then all the priests down there do the same. (Yes.) I mean most of them. (Right.) Only the right-minded like Archbishop Naumann (Yes.) and some others, righteous priests. (Yes, there are others also.) Yeah. Otherwise, others will just follow the pope. Why? It’s easier. And then the pope will like you, and then more favor, and maybe you come see him often, have more favor, and then you can get more donations or… Just follow the trend of the 60%, of the pope. (Yes.)

The pope leads 60% to be OK with abortion, so the priests do the same. (Yes.) Some of them. (Yes, Master.) Only some morally uncorrupted dare to oppose the pope and Biden, for example, the powers. But even then, subtly. You see that? (Yes.) Don’t dare to say it to his face. (True.) And don’t even dare to say that this is absolutely taboo according to Jesus’ teaching. (Yes, Master.) All of them are cowardly evil. (Yes.) Especially those who support it. (Yes, Master.) They all tread it with tiptoes, so that they continue to have their power. (Yes.)

There’s only one cardinal in Germany who wanted to resign. (Right.) Only one, because he feels so ashamed. He’s the only one who has some decency. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about humanity or morals yet. (Yes.) At least he’s decent enough to want to resign. (Right.) But the pope doesn’t allow.

“Media Report from DW News – June 11, 2021 Reporter(f): Cardinal Reinhard Marx is seen as a modernizer in the Catholic Church. He wants more ecumenism, but above all, he wants a thorough clarification of the abuse scandal. Marx has heard the victims and regrets that he himself did not do enough to protect them. According to a study, Catholic clergy in Germany have sexually abused at least 3677 children since the end of World War II. The number of unreported cases is likely much higher. But clarification has been slow. Marx believes the church is at a dead spot and that there need to be consequences.

Cardinal Marx(m): It’s about recognizing on the one hand the failure of individual officials, but also responsibility for the institution itself. Who’s job is that? Only the bishop can do it, for the past, for the time before me as well.”

So much for the freedom of belief. You have to listen to the pope because he’s the head. And when the head is rotten, the whole body will be rotten, sooner or later, or affected. (Right.) If you have a brain problem, sickness in there, then slowly the body will decline too, (Yes, will be affected.) be rotten, one organ after another. (Yes.) So, I hope not, but continue this way, all the church will be rotten. It’s all evils inside, nothing else. And Jesus’ teaching will be lost. It’s already lost, almost.

So last time I read to you the prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad, (Yes.) Peace Be Upon Him. (Yes, Master.) He said that when the religious teaching is lost, then it is the end time. (Oh, my God.) All these signs are obvious, and these priests they are evil, evil incarnate. If you support evil things, then you are evil. (Yes.) Same minded. (Yes.) So, they’re from hell. Maybe working for Satan. (Yes.) Some people look like humans, but they are not. They’re devils incarnate, just to harm humans and other beings. They eat the animal-people, they drink alcohol, which are all forbidden. (Yes.) Should not drink alcohol and intoxicants. (Exactly.) (Yes.) And then they eat the flesh of other creatures of God’s creation, (Yes, Master.) which is not supposed to be.

What’s the difference between them and any other so-called Catholic believer? They also eat meat, they also drive luxury cars, better than many of the lay people. They live in good housing, and they just get paid for nothing. Just to repeat the Bible. And giving wrong concepts to the people, poisoning people’s minds. (Yes. Oh, terrible.) So, worse than even normal people. (Right, Master.) Anybody can read the Bible, but of course, not anybody can preach the evil concept. They can do it, so that means they’re evil. They’re devils incarnate. You understand me now? (Understand, Master.) Because every day they read the Bible, how can they not understand? (Right.) (Agree.)

Anybody understands that killing is murder. (Yes.) And they support it, by being silent or outright supporting, or forgiving as well. (Yes.) Who are they to forgive? How can they forgive the suffering of the innocent, helpless, defenseless little ones inside crying for help? And nobody hears. And the so-called priests and the pope are supposed to be the holy compassionate, loving souls. (Yes, Master.) Garbage. They’re devils, believe me. Whatever you do bespeaks of you inside. (Yes, Master.) Just like the fruit from the tree tells you what kind of tree it is. Right? (Exactly. Yes, Master.)

There are some poisonous trees. (Yes.) There are some trees, they call it “hai pingguo,” meaning the sea apple. They look beautiful, shining, and they are green color, and when they’re ripe, they’re like a beautiful purple color, but they’re poisonous. (Oh!) And some similar tree, even if you sit under it during the rain, you’ll be also poisoned. (Wow.) They call it “hai pingguo.” In China, they have some. I have some in some of my old quarters. I wonder why they planted such trees in front of my so-called kitchen. (Oh, no.)

My old kitchen. I don’t use it. I used to use it to receive guests and disciples. (Yes.) And if not, then, eat together with the residents before. (Yes, Master.) I’d take turns to invite them before. When they did something in the ashram before. Like woodsmith people, (Yes.) or repairing cement people. (Yes.) They are my VIPs. Well, you can see, maybe some of those gatherings are still in some old videos somewhere. I’m not sure if they recorded anything. Because normally, I never think of recording things like that. But it could be possible that they recorded some. (I see.) They were my VIPs, the residents who can do some woodsmith, or repair the cement of the house, or repair the road. These are often more in my house. Before. (Yes.)

Now I’m not having anybody. I live alone. I take care of everything alone. (Yes.) And minimize anything possible of reparation. No need. As long as the rain doesn’t come in, you don’t need repair. (Yes.) That’s what I think. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want people around at the moment, because I need to concentrate. (Understand.) I cannot be having like a party mood like before. Vegan barbeque and stuff like that. Or having attendants or anything to clean my house. The house is very, very small. It takes me five seconds to finish.

The place I live. (Yes, Master.) Truly five or ten seconds. You just wipe it quick with the hands and a little towel, and it’s done. No need for anybody to come in, you know, mixing with the energy. (Understand, Master.) I want to protect the energy as much as possible. (Right.) Sometimes some people, they work outside, around somewhere, nearby, and they also affect me, give me bad, irritating mood, for no reason also. (Yes.) At that time, better you don’t go near, you don’t go near me. The karma will rub off on you − their karma. Their karma on me will rub off on you. Just like if I’m near the waterfall, then I get wet. (Yes, understand.) And then if you go next to me and you rub off on me, so the wetness will come onto some of your clothes, (Yes, Master.) (Understand.) on your shoes or your hair, stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) It’s possible like that. (Yes, understand.)

I’m just joking, we are never near each other anymore. You won’t have a chance. Sorry. You won’t have a chance to share my karma, my world karma. It’s good for you also. (Yes.) Good for you also.

Anything else, my love? Any of you want to say something? (I’m just grateful, Master, for You sharing Your wisdom and teaching us always the right thing, showing us the right path to follow.) Yeah. (And thank You so much for doing everything for the world, for the unborn, and) My pleasure. (for the vulnerable beings. Thank You so much for speaking up. Thank You so much.)

Thank God. (Thank You, God.) Everything is inspired by inside God Power. (Yes, Master.) So maybe I will forget in the next minute. Don’t ask me, “What did You say, Master?” Unless you recorded it, otherwise, I don’t remember anything, after a while. Of course, the pain and the knowledge of it, the summary of it, I will remember. (Yes, Master.) But I try to block it out, so I don’t feel too painful every day. I need to work. I need to work on our job, on our teamwork. (Yes, Master.) Supreme Master TV teamwork. I’m your team. (Yes, Master.)

I have to be sane. (Yes.) I mean, clear and concentrated, so I can help you. (Understand, Master.) (Thank You.) We work with each other. We have to. Otherwise, I would be like, buried in my sorrow and pain, watching the world like that. (Understand.) I have to try to bury it and forget it, often, so that I can continue to work. Sometimes in the middle of crying, I say, “No, no, no. Stop it. Stop it. Find some work to do, quick.” (Oh, Master.) Any work at all ‒ labor work, or cleaning the yard, or washing whatever. (Yes, Master.) And then I come back, so I can continue working, outside work.

Inside work is also sometimes disturbed by the outside circumstances. (Yes.) And if I don’t meditate well enough, it’s painful, more painful. (Wow.) You know, like you eat a lot of food and you can’t digest? (Yes.) It’s just as bad as being hungry. (Yes, right.) You get sick, no? (Yes.) If you eat too much (Exactly, yes.) and don’t have time to digest, or don’t have a good rest to digest, then you’ll be in trouble. And sometimes it’s a lot of “food” forced on me, I mean, karmic “food,” not the food that you enjoy. Just like forced to eat karma. Sometimes too much, and I don’t feel well. It’s OK. The price to pay. The price to pay.

Anything more, my love? You thank God. Whatever I do is God-inspired and God’s Blessing. (Yes, Master. Thank God…) The same. (we have You here and we can hear the truth as it is,) Oh, I have to. (and the world can have this access to the truth. And it’s just so important nowadays. We just thank God for You, Master.)

OK. I thank God also, for me. Listen, I have to. I have to tell you all this, because someday maybe somebody asks you, (Yes.) then you have to know the right view to tell them. (Exactly.) (Yes, Master.) And when you work for Supreme Master TV, you also have to have the right mind, (Yes.) the understanding and the willingness to work because you know why. (Yes, Master. Yes.) So, it’s also my duty. If I can, I explain to you everything. (Yes.) Except the inside, the inner Heavens or new Spiritual Realm, I cannot explain, because it’s too… There’s no language to apply for that. (Understand, Master.)

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