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Between Master and Disciples

Catholic Priests Should Preach the True Gospel of Lord Jesus, Part 5 of 8, Nov. 19, 2021

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Because there are many teachers coming and going, and Christianity is a big religion. Everybody knows about the Bible and the Ten Commandments, and they are the ones who should be more modest, (Yes.) (Agree, Master. Yes.) more humble, more ascetic, (Yes.) and more righteous.

Any more questions? (Yes.) I remember you have.

(In 2016, Pope Francis permanently allowed Catholic priests all over the world to forgive the sin of abortion.)

“Media Report from The Economic Times – Nov. 22, 2016 Reporter(m): With the signing of this letter, Pope Francis has allowed all priests to absolve the faithful of the ‘grave sin of abortion.’”

“Media Report from CBS News – Nov. 22, 2016 Reporter(m): Priests can now forgive abortions upon confession. Catholic Church law traditionally demands that anyone who gets or aids in an abortion is automatically excommunicated. But in a letter to the Catholic Church, the pope writes, ‘I henceforth grant to all priests in virtue of their ministry, the faculty to absolve those who have committed the sin of procured abortion.’”

(Master, how come it seems that priests look up to the pope as such a big authority rather than to Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible?)

Yeah. How come? How come? Good question. Very good question. I also ask that myself. But as I told you before already, they’re evil. They’re working for Satan. Just like a secret agent. (Yes, Master.) They are secret spies, secret agents for Satan. (Oh!) You can see what they do, what they say, then you know who they are. (Right.) That’s why. (Yes, Master.) The secret agents, no matter where they go in the different countries, they will work only for their own country. (Right.) (Understand, Master.) They do anything they can, even killing, murdering people, or destroying lives, destroying buildings, bombing people, all that, because they are secret agents for their own government.

The priests are siding with the criminal, with a crime like abortion ‒ and encouraging it by forgiving it. (Right.) It’s so easy. Even if you just kill your child and go to the church, put five dollars in there, or confess it to another priest, then your sin is clean. Ha! Even a two-year-old won’t believe that. Even the priest himself is sinful, doing bad stuff. (Yes.) How can they forgive you? How can the priest take any karma for you or clean it for you? (Understand, Master.) Even in the name of Jesus. Jesus cannot work through all these dirty garbage cans. Even if you give good medicine, good food to the person who has a stomach problem, or internal sickness, they cannot digest the good food. (Yes. Master.) They even vomit it out or it turns into poison. (Exactly. Yes.) So Jesus cannot use these people to bless anyone. Jesus could not even use them to bless themselves.

Their sins are greater than the sky. So how can? How can you just do any sinful thing and go and confess and that’s enough? This is a wrong concept. (Right, Master.) They make all those excuses so that they can have more followers, more donations, (Oh, I see.) more power, bigger churches.

You see all the churches are very big. (Yes.) And many Buddhist temples are never as big, never as famous. (Right.) The people like it the easy way. (Yes.) And then if they are encouraged to be like that or to do that, then they continue. Why not? (Right. Yes.)

If you follow the Buddhist teaching and you see the monks, even though the monks don’t preach anything, but most Buddhist monks, they are vegetarian or vegan. (Yes, Master.) So even then, it’s always reminding them that they are doing wrong, they are not vegan, they are not vegetarian, the Buddhist followers. (Yes.) At least that example. (Yes.) And the Buddhist monk never would go out, kill anyone, (Right.) and never encourage anyone to abort babies. (Yes, Master.) So not many people want to listen to that.

It’s easier if you can just eat meat, drink wine, and do any possible unimaginable crime and sin, and you’re OK. (Oh, God.) Because the priest won’t say anything. You just go and confess, put a donation, the bigger, the better. You’ll be treated as a VIP if you make more donations. (It’s so wrong.) That’s why all the churches are bigger, the so-called Catholic Church. (They’re very rich, actually.) Yeah. Bigger, bigger and rich, rich. They live in luxury. (Yes.) (Understand, Master.)

Many priests have more than 10-million-dollar houses. (Wow.) You can see it on the news. (Yes.) (Goodness!) We also aired it on our TV last time (Yes.) (I remember.) somewhere. Because it’s in the news all over. (Right.) (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from Inside Edition – May 4, 2019 Reporter(f): They are some of the most popular and flashy TV evangelists in the country. These men appear to have made a lot of money, and they travel, well, like kings.

Reporter2(f): They are among the most popular televangelists in America. (I just need more. I just need more.) And they’re wealthy beyond imagination. (One of my chandeliers cost more than most people’s houses. I got 22 chandeliers in the house.) They live in huge mansions, drive fancy cars, and forget about flying coach. They own some of the best private jets money can buy.

Reporter(f): It’s impossible to know exactly how many millions of dollars these ministries take in every year because they are not required to make financial disclosures of donations received. By the way, all of it is tax exempt.”

And nobody does anything about it. They use the churchgoers’ donations just to eat meat, drink wine, eat the flesh of beings, and drink the wine, get drunk, and go to do all kinds of things. And then sin. Commit sin as well.

Their life is too good. They have nothing better to do. Nothing to do. (Right.) So, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” (Yes.) They don’t have any ideal, any goal to achieve, nothing. They just blah blah like a parrot-person, (Yes, Master.) reciting the Bible and talk nonsense, and talk harmful things like, “Abortion is OK.” (Yes.) Of course, the faithful, they’re even more ignorant, (Right.) they follow the priests and the pope. (Yes.) The blind lead the blind, all fall into the ditch. (Understand, Master.)

Not only they’re sinful themselves, they make bad, bad examples for the faithful to follow. Their sins are unimaginable. (Wow.) They will be in hell for long, forever. (Yes.) I don’t know how long. It could be forever. It depends on how much damage they do to the innocent, vulnerable people in the world. (Yes, Master.) Not only they do harm, they do sinful things to innocent children, but they’re also leading the world into harm’s way. (Yes.) So these priests, they are not priests. They should be tried like every criminal in the world. (Exactly. Yes.)

The Vatican should not be impenetrable, (Right.) should not be having privilege or immunity, (Yes.) special treatment, nothing. They do nothing good. They just read the Bible. (Right. Yes.) And even go to the funeral and read the Bible. That’s it! I can do it. (Yes.) (Anybody can do it.) Anybody. Even children can do it. (Right.) (Yes.) So what privilege should they have? They’re not even enlightened. They say wrong things, they commit crimes, and they lead people in the wrong way.

They should all be fired. (For sure.) I don’t know when they will do it. I don’t when the Vatican will even dare to do that. All of them should go, run. Run away and repent for their sins. Otherwise, the devil will be running after them, and molest them and kill them and torture them every single second in their life in hell. (Wow.) Well, that is the truth. (Yes.) They won’t escape the law of the universe. They won’t escape God’s Wrath. (Yes, Master.)

Because there are many teachers coming and going, and Christianity is a big religion. Everybody knows about the Bible and the Ten Commandments, and they are the ones who should be more modest, (Yes.) (Agree, Master. Yes.) more humble, more ascetic, (Yes.) and more righteous.

No, they are not. They’re nothing. They’re worse than criminals in the world. (Yes.) They commit unthinkable crimes (Terrible.) against humanity, adults and children and babies alike. They’re worse than criminals. They’re worse than devils. They should be in the deep hell forever. (Yes, I agree.) And the devils will do whatever they do with them. Nobody can help them. Even if they repent, I’m not sure how much God will be lenient, except if they really turn around. Be vegan, and really repent all their life, every little second of their life. Maybe. (Yes.) Maybe the punishment will be less. Got that? (Got it. Yes, Master.) (Hopefully they can wake up soon.) Yeah. Hopefully.

(Religious people are supposed to think about God every day, and still, they act like there is nothing bigger than them that looks upon and sees what they’re doing.) Of course. They act nothing like God. (Yes.) Nothing like even a normal person, normal lay people. (Right.) Normal lay people don’t go around and influence other people to do abortions and to molest, rape other children. (No.) So they’re worse than anybody. I told you they’re worse than the devils. They’re worse than all the criminals. They’re worse than all the worst criminals in this world. (Right, Master.) Or they are crazy. They’re brain-damaged. They should be treated, or they should be tried like a criminal. (Yes, Master.) Or put in a mental asylum, if they’re mentally not fit. (Right.)

Of course, “forgive the abortions,” sure − if they don’t forgive, then all the women will leave the church. Worry that nobody worships them, nobody cooks for them, nobody gives them donations, nobody hurrahs. (Oh, my goodness.) And the women, children will not go to the church also. They keep losing, losing, if they go against the women. They want their convenient life, so they kill their children, and the church “hurrah” with it. You see that? (Yes, Master.) It is all ugly devils. It’s no church, no priest. (Terrible.) They ruin Christianity. (Yes.) They ruin the teaching of Jesus. They push people away from God (Right.) by their talk, by their encouragement, by their so-called forgiveness. (Oh, God.) (That’s really evil.)

Sure, because all the women will leave them. (Yes, Master.) And then no more children for them to rape, to molest, or to murder. Got that? (Yes, Master.) You got the subconscious thinking of them? What else? (Unbelievable.) Yeah, unbelievable. Cannot even make a statement or preach to people. Maybe some people don’t listen, but at least they do their duty, preach to the people, say, “This is wrong. Killing your babies, your blood and flesh, is more than wrong. It’s evil.” No, don’t say anything. Don’t teach, don’t reprimand them, don’t advise them, nothing.

“Just go ahead, just do it, and you will be forgiven. Just give more donations.” (Oh, my goodness.) Women will give more donations. Women are more soft-hearted. (Yes.) In some moments of not straight-thinking, clear-thinking, they might kill their baby, but they will not forgive themselves all their lives, (Right. Yes.) and so they have to live with it.

“Media Report from BuzzFeedVideo – Sep. 29, 2018 Woman: What I wasn’t prepared for was some of the emotional aftermath.

Woman(2): I was basically just in my room for weeks and weeks and weeks. I started drinking pretty heavily. I couldn’t stop thinking about what if I hadn’t made that decision. It was absolute torture. Every year on that date, I kind of think like this would have been my baby’s birthday. They would have been this old.

Woman: I felt a sense of depression.”

“Media Report from 100 Huntley Street – Jun. 29, 2011 Jenny McDermid(f): Some women go into meltdown immediately after an abortion procedure and others can keep things buttoned down for a long time, and I was one of those. But there was a deadness and a flatness and a grayness to my life that I just could no longer deny.

Dionne(f): I just pushed it down, pretended it didn’t happen. But I found that something had really changed within me. I didn’t trust myself anymore, I didn’t trust other people anymore, I built a wall around myself. I didn’t let anybody in. I turned to sort of clichés, like drinking and drugs and food and just to block people away and just build a wall.”

Jenny McDermid(f): We hate what we have done, and we have to live with that.

But these evil priests and evil pope, they don’t care because they will have more donations and continue to have more followers, or maybe more children for them to rape. (Oh, my God.) In the church, in the holy place for God-worshipping. You got that? (Yes, Master.) (So scary.) Yeah.

This world is full of evil, and the church is full of them, more full than anywhere else. You can see that? (Yes, Master.) You don’t have to believe me. Look with your eyes. (It’s obvious.) Open your ears. (Right.) Observe with your mind. Then you’ll see what I’m saying. It’s clear, right? (It’s clear, Master. Yes.)

The women or young girls, young ladies, they have not much experience about being parents, (Yes.) or maybe it’s a first-time pregnancy. (Yes.) And in their vulnerable situation dealing with the worldly needs and material necessities, they become weaker in spirit, in their mind, (Right. Yes, Master.) and more vulnerable to any advice, even wrong. Even if they know in their heart it’s wrong to kill their own child, they still will do it if the pope is OK with it, not against it, (Understand.) not teaching them well not to do it. You see? (Yes.) And so many powerful priests, as well, all agreed to it. Then they just do it, like under pressure. Who are they to oppose them? See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Who are they to go against their advice? (Yes.) And it’s wrong advice, evil advice.

They still listen because they’re in a vulnerable situation, (Yes.) weakened with the material demands and the worldly, bad energy. (Yes.) Therefore, they probably do abortions against their own will and against their better judgment. (Understand.) (Right, Master.) Then when they are pregnant like that, they’re already vulnerable. (Yes.) It’s something growing in their body, they’re not used to it, especially the first time, (Right.) or having not a good relationship, (Yes.) or having it out of wedlock, or the boyfriend has run away, stuff like that. (Yes.) They are very weak already in their mental resistance, and they’re already feeling helpless, and very blurred in their mind as to what to do. (Yes, Master.) They don’t see the baby inside, or they just don’t feel much. And if they don’t have good moral advice and support, then they will be easy to be swayed with the evil advice. (Understand.) Therefore, they need help. (Right.) They need true help and moral support, not evil counsel. (Yes, Master. The priests should know better.)

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