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Between Master and Disciples

Catholic Priests Should Preach the True Gospel of Lord Jesus, Part 8 of 8, Nov. 19, 2021

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So God will not be more lenient anymore. (Oh, understand.) Nobody can do much. You see? (Yes, Master.) No matter how many vaccines they develop, the COVID will find another way. (Right.) Or another sickness comes. (It won’t stop until they wake up.) I don’t know if they’ll wake up. A lot more people will die. That is for sure. That’s what Heaven told me.

If I can, I explain to you everything. (Yes.) Except the inside, the inner Heavens or new Spiritual Realm, I cannot explain, because it’s too… There’s no language to apply for that. (Understand, Master.)

It’s just like a long time ago, I told you that story again and again. One officer from Âu Lạc (Vietnam) went to France to study something. Only one person. At those times, it’s not that easy to travel from here to there. (Yes.) Just like Columbus’ time. (Yes.) So he went to France, studied, and came back, and he told the king and the whole imperial court that, “Oh, in France, the light comes from the ceiling or comes from the wall, and the water also comes from the wall.” Oh, you know what it is like. Right? (Yes.) We have tap water, we have light from the ceiling and all that. (Yes.) But the king chopped his head off because the court said that he disrespected the king, taking the king for a stupid person, and telling all these fanciful lies, thinking that because the king didn’t go to France, he didn’t know anything, so he just fabricated all that, to make a fool out of the king and the court.

So, he’s dead for telling the truth. Just even to tell about the light and the water. (Wow.) (Yes.) (Amazing.) Because at that time, Âu Lạc (Vietnam) didn’t have those things. (Yes.) No water from the wall, we took it from the well, from under the ground, but not water coming from the wall of every house. (Yes. Understand, Master.) And now you know very well, that we take water from the wall, and it’s true so. Right? (Yes.) You go to your bathroom or washing sink, you just turn the tap or even push with your elbow, and the water comes out from the wall. (Yes, exactly like that.) We don’t even see any wells there, right? (No.) Just a little button and then twist it, and then the water comes out. (Yes.) Oh, my God! Even Moses couldn’t make this miracle.

So that’s how it is in this world. Many things people in this world still don’t know. (Yes.) That’s why they crucified Jesus, assassinated Buddha, and persecuted the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, for example. (Understand. Yes, Master.) And also persecuting the Sikh Masters, etc., etc. (Yes.) You can read thousands of those stories, very heart-wrenching. (Yes.)

I’m glad I have a chance also to teach, to explain, to clarify through the Supreme Master TV, at least for my disciples, so they don’t fall into the wrong view. (Yes, Master.) Because the wrong view can also bring you to hell. (Yes.) (Right.) If you have the wrong concept, you go to hell also. (Right.) Because the wrong concept doesn’t align with Heaven. (Understand, Master.) Either you go to hell if it’s too grave, or you go back to the world, become anything like humans or animal-people or whatever again, and spinning in this recycling system of the shadow universe. It’s not fun. (Yes, Master.) It’s a lot of suffering.

Can you see now, humans are going through a lot of suffering? (Yes.) (That’s true.) They already had the vaccine, and it got better because it’s like God gives us more time, more chance. (Yes.) But nobody wakes up, nobody wants to change. So, heavy dose again. You see that? (Yes.) Getting even worse now. Europe is closing again. (Yes, right. Yes.) America, many different strange diseases come, even monkeypox. I never heard of that. And a big cluster of flu in one university, 500 people or more. They just found out 500 people got all these flu symptoms altogether. For example, like that. And what is monkeypox? It’s truly monkey business. And many other diseases are springing up. (Yes.) Even small, small clusters here and there, but it’s still relentless. (Yes.)

"Media Report from CNA – July 7, 2020 Reporter (f): The United Nations says zoonotic diseases, which jump from animals to humans, are increasing. The UN says they will continue to do so unless action is taken to protect wildlife and preserve the environment. Ebola, the West Nile virus, and SARS, they all started in animals and made the jump to humans. Epidemiologists say bats were probably the source of COVID-19. The UN report blames the rise in these diseases on high demand for animal protein, unsustainable agricultural practices, and climate change."

"Media Report from DW News – June 3, 2020 Reporter voice (f): A study showed that the number of emerging infectious diseases in humans almost quadrupled between 1940 and 2000. And there’s not just more types of diseases. The number of outbreaks is rising too. In fact, the number of outbreaks of all diseases has roughly tripled since 1980."

And the Delta makes another variant, for example, and different variants are springing up. (Yes.) And now, many government leaders give up. They admit that it’s not possible to quell this COVID-19. More people will die. (It’s getting worse.) More people suffer, and some people don’t die, but they suffer. Brain damage, heart damage, or mental damage, long-term disability, for example. (Yes.) It’s not just like you take a shot and you’re cured, not all that. (Yes.) Many people suffer long-term effects, (Yes, Master.) and they still suffer so much.

"Media Report from Good Morning America (ABC) – June 10, 2021 Dr. Jen Ashton (f): There are worse things in medicine than death, and this new study is shedding the light on just how debilitating this post-COVID syndrome can be. This study found 45% of patients who were hospitalized with COVID-19 suffered functional decline upon discharge from the hospital. That means that they were in need of things like assistance with walking, home oxygen, speech therapy, and this was not just in older individuals. Possible causes into this post-COVID syndrome – still under investigation. It could be inflammation, it could be a result of an autoimmune response, it could be a combination of both. Some of these patients showing signs of autonomic nervous system dysfunction, meaning difficulty with their heart rate and respiratory rate, just doing everyday things like walking up and down a flight of stairs."

So it’s like they’re half dead. (Right.) These people cannot function. Some dead, some not functioning. Some don’t know that they will also have long-term effects later on. (Right.) Some don’t come right away. (Yes, Master.) It takes its time. Or another kind of variant will infect them. (Yes.) And the more variants come, now they say some are evading the vaccine.

"Media Report from NBC – Dec. 13, 2021 Reporter (f): In the headlines lately…

Reporter (m): COVID breakthrough infections.

Reporter (f): We’re increasingly hearing about fully vaccinated people infected with COVID."

"Media Report from NBC – Dec. 17, 2021 Reporter (m): Omicron is expected to cause more breakthrough infections than Delta."

"Media Report from CNBC – Dec. 20, 2021 Dr. Walensky (f): What we do know about the Omicron variant, it’s got over 50 mutations, and because of those mutations, just being vaccinated with two doses may not be enough."

"Media Report from WION – Dec. 21, 2021 Reporter (f): Now, COVID 19 infections have broken records in parts of Europe in recent weeks. WHO officials have alarmed that Omicron variant appears to be better at evading antibodies generated by some COVID-19 vaccines. Now, officials say the Omicron variant is also spreading faster than the Delta variant, and it is causing infections in people already vaccinated."

And many vaccinated people still get COVID again and die. (Yes, right.) All over on the news. (Yes.)

"Media Report from 11Alive – Oct. 15, 2021 Reporter (f): The number of people dying from the virus every day, it is still very concerning. Shawn Kuhn, who was fully vaccinated, died Monday from complications from the virus."

"Media Report from KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas – May 7, 2021 Reporter (f): At least two people in Clark County have died after being fully vaccinated against COVID."

"Media Report from ABC 10 News San Diego – Oct. 7, 2021 Reporter (f): Loved ones are mourning the COVID death of a beloved Linda Vista grandfather who was fully vaccinated. His death comes amid new data looking at the waning immunity of the Pfizer vaccine.

Grieving family member (f): He did everything right. Something that people don’t talk about, is people that have been fully vaccinated are still dying."

"Media Report from THV11 – July 8, 2021 Reporter voice (f): As of April 30th of this year, a total of 10,262 COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections had been reported from 46 U.S. states and territories. A little more than 4,400 patients with the infection were hospitalized and 879 of them died."

And they still get COVID, and they still can transmit to others. (Yes, it’s true. Yes.) Not just themselves but transmit. That is the thing. (Very dangerous.) Because even if they have the vaccine, then they feel like they’re OK, secure, so they’ll be more daring. Then they got COVID and they come back and infect other people who are not yet vaccinated, or even vaccinated but useless. (Yes.)

So many side effects, so many troubles nowadays. More people will die. It’s not done with us. The cleansing of sins is not done with us yet. (Wow.) It’s all over everywhere now.

"Media Report from NBC News – Dec. 18, 2021 Reporter voice (f): The Omicron variant spreading at an alarming rate. It’s now being reported in nearly all 50 states. Doctors are sounding the alarm.

Dr. Prickett (f): It just seems to be going faster. So you hear (of) more people that are positive, and it’s coming at a much rapid, more accelerated pace.

Reporter voice (f): Hospitals already stretched thin are bracing for more trouble ahead, with the virus roaring back like never before."

"Media Report from WION – Dec .21, 2021 Reporter voice (f): The new variant has fueled record case surges, forcing a return to harsh restrictions in some countries. Experts have warned that the new variant could bring critical infrastructure to breaking point."

And it’s not just that, it affects the economy. You see? (Yes.) And then people will fall into poverty. The government cannot continue paying them forever (Right.) for sick leave. (Understand, Master.) And yet, they cannot work because of sickness, or because of the lockdown again, third time, fourth time, fifth time, whatever time. (Yes.) And they opened it, and they thought, “OK, just have to live with it. We open it, everything, again.” But then they got immediately pushed back again into lockdown. (Understand. Yes.) Because more infection, more sickness, more deaths. There’s no end.

Before, I thought at the beginning, after the year ends, it will be better, but then people don’t wake up, don’t change. So God will not be more lenient anymore. (Oh, understand.) Nobody can do much. You see? (Yes, Master.) No matter how many vaccines they develop, the COVID will find another way. (Right.) Or another sickness comes. (It won’t stop until they wake up.)

"Media Report from CBS 17 Raleigh – Oct. 4, 2021 Reporter (f): Sooner rather than later. That’s what medical experts and scientists say about the next pandemic.

Reporter voice (m): The next virus, the next pandemic. Not the next strain of COVID-19 but the yet-to-be-determined sequel. As man encroaches on animals and their territory, those animals become more likely to pass on a new virus as hard or harder to contain as COVID-19.

Prof. Pimm (m): We’re chopping down the forests where these viruses and bugs live, coming into contact with animals that carry them. That’s not good. And then we’re also butchering those animals for meat.

Dr. Paul Cook (m): There is absolutely no question in my mind, there’ll be another virus, and I’m not talking about another strain, as you mentioned, but another virus that is highly transmissible and poses a worldwide threat as this one has done."

"Media Report from CNA – July 7, 2020 Jimmy Smith (m): There are predictable consequences of the ever-intensifying interactions among humans, animals and the natural world."

I don’t know if they’ll wake up. A lot more people will die. That is for sure. That’s what Heaven told me. (Wow.) Or half-dead like that. (Wow.) Like brain-dead or inability to work, to think, or to function, to contribute to the world.

Oh, my God! I tried my best already. I don’t know what else to do. Truly, I can’t. Heaven is shaking Their heads. (Wow.)

We are praying for the World Vegan, so maybe it lessens the karmic burden for the world, but I don’t know. I don’t know how long we should continue to pray. Looks like the world is deaf.

It has improved somewhere, like more vegan food here and there. (Yes.) But people have to wake up morally. (Yes.) (That’s right.) Must be willing to obey the commandments of God. “Thou shalt not kill.” (Yes.) That’s the most important one, because that breeds many others. (Yes.)

Killing people doesn’t have to be just physical. (Right.) You can kill people’s emotion, mental, psychological, and spiritual. (Yes.) All these deaths have to be also accounted for. Not just die of sickness. (Yes, Master.) Especially death of the spiritual aspect is the worst thing. Going away from God, from all that is Heaven quality. That is the worst death of all. (Yes.) That’s why Jesus said, “Oh, let the dead bury the dead.” Because to Him, He can see that they’re all dead. They’re zombies.

Without spiritual awakening, you are nothing. (Right.) That’s why you can do all wrong. You have all the immoral concepts and you think it’s OK, and follow the devil’s way because it’s easier. (Yes. People need to open their eyes for what is wrong and what is right.) Yeah. They know, they just don’t follow.

You can see all the priests, they read the Bible every day. And what do they do that’s according to the Bible? Nothing. Just eat, sleep, and repeat the Bible like a parrot-person, and do just the opposite of it. Not just being a parrot-person or a stupid priest, harmless. No. He’s even dangerous. (Oh, God.) (Yes.) Leading people into harm’s way, not just physically only, but leading them away from God, from righteousness. (Yes, Master.) Then these people can never go to Heaven. (Yes.) All of them go to hell with the priests. (Yeah. Wow.)

Sixty percent of the Catholics are OK with abortion! Then I feel helpless. (Understand, Master. Yes.) They are not to be helped. I don’t think they can be helped. (I read somewhere that 42% think that it should be illegal also, actually.) Yeah, I know, (But still…) because only 60% agree to it. (Yes.) Another 40% either don’t know, have no idea, or say it’s not good to allow abortion, should not be allowed.

Not all of them are clear-minded like that. Sixty percent support abortion, but 40% is not all in the clear picture, like “cannot have abortion.” (Yes, Master.) And they can be swayed again also, to go into the 60%. (I see.) Because they are stronger. Sixty percent, you see, the majority. (Yes.) And if you don’t have a strong moral concept, if you don’t really respect the commandments of God, then it’s easy to be swayed (Oh, yes.) to the opposite direction. (Right.) (Yes.) Very easy. (Yes, Master.) With the majority of bad energy and the devils’ influence, it’s easy to fall. (Yes, Master.) If 60% can fall already, how can another 40% not? (Yes, understand.) No guarantee, is there? (Right.) (Not stable, yes.)

Any more, love? (I think... No, Master.) No? The other two? (No, Master.) No, OK, fine. Alright. Then we shall say so long. (Yes, Master.) (Yes, Master. Hope people will listen and…) Yeah, maybe some. Some. Some who question the authority of the Catholic system will listen. (Yes.) If some are already deep in poison, then they won’t. (Yes.)

OK, thank you, then, for everything that you do for the world through your own capacity. But we have to thank God for giving us that. (Yes.) For the gift. (Thank God.) We’re born with nothing, remember? (Right. Yes, Master.) So, whatever we develop, it’s all God’s Will and God’s Blessing. (Yes, Master. Right.) We thank God for everything good that we have received, and for protecting us from all the wrong concepts and evil. (Yes.) (We thank for that) Thank you. (and for finding a purpose) Yes. (to be useful for something.) Yes, you are. You’re doing well. You are doing good. All of you.

All of you, inhouse and remote, I thank you again, all of you, for doing the right things, for listening to God’s inspiration inside, and for being able to understand and appreciate God’s Blessing through our work. (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You, God.) The world thanks you also. (Thank You, Master.) The animal-people thank you. And Heavens thank you.

Ciao for now. (Ciao, Master.) (Take care, Master.) (We love You, Master.) (We love You.) (Thank You, Master.) Love you too. Au revoir (“bye” in French). Adieu (“bye” in French). Hasta luego (“see you later” in Spanish). A tout à l’heure (“see you later” in French). How others say? Arrivederci (“bye” in Italian). (Arrivederci.) Sayonara (“bye” in Japanese). Cảm ơn (“thank you” in Aulacese/Vietnamese). Chào (“bye” in Aulacese/Vietnamese). Ciao. (Ciao, Master.) Adiós (“bye” in Spanish). (Adiós.) (Bye.) Au revoir (“bye” in French). (Au revoir.) Chinese, zai jian. (Zai jian.) “Zai jian” means “see you again.” (Auf Wiedersehen [“bye” in German].) OK. Hasta luego (“see you later” in Spanish). (Hasta luego.) Hasta la vista (“bye” in Spanish). (Hasta la vista.) My Spanish is… It doesn’t improve. (It’s good, Master. It’s good!) Doesn’t improve anything. It gets worse only. It was bad already, before, and it only gets worse because no time to practice. So, the same. Meditation, we must practice all the time (Yes.) so it doesn’t get worse. (Right.) OK, my love. (OK, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Love you and God bless. (We love You, Master.) God bless.

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