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Between Master and Disciples

Catholic Priests Should Preach the True Gospel of Lord Jesus, Part 6 of 8, Nov. 19, 2021

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God bless us. Thank You God for all this possibility, for entrusting us with such noble, though very challenging, work. Thank You for blessing us so much, giving us all these chances to help Your children in time of need.

So, these priests and the pope are doing evil things. They should know better. They’re older, they’re stronger, they’re not in vulnerable and needy situations. (That’s right.) They should be more clear-minded and tell them what’s the right thing to do. (Yes.) They can even build an orphanage for these cases. (Right.) (Yes, Master.) They have a lot of money. The church is very rich everywhere. (Yes. Exactly.) Instead of using tens of millions for their house and car or whatever, (Yes.) they can use it for an orphanage, helping to raise God’s children. (Yes.) Instead of that, they tell them, “OK, go ahead, kill your child. I will forgive you. You will be forgiven by us, the holy priests, the holy pope.”

Who are they to forgive them? Who are they? What kind of power do they have? Nothing! They eat meat and drink wine daily like that, (Yes.) and do nothing at all, just repeat God’s words and blah-blah some prayer, meaningless. They don’t even mean anything. They don’t even put their heart into the prayers. How can they even forgive them? They have no power. (Understand, Master.) They go against God’s commandments. (Yes.) They oppose the teaching of Jesus. How can they have any power, except the devils’ power, which wants to kill, to destroy? (Yes, Master.) And they’re following that power.

Instead of helping the vulnerable, weak woman and saving a life in her womb, they lead her in the opposite, sinful direction. (Yes. Really terrible.) So this karma, this sin, the consequence of it, they will not be able to escape. (Yes, Master.) Even the most powerful Master will not be able to rescue them. (Wow.) They will have to go to hell.

You understand now? (Understand.) (Yes, Master.) Because “as you sow, so shall you reap.” The law of the universe will never fail for anyone, no matter who they are. (Yes, Master.)

Any more words, my love? (Yes, Master. Biden said after his meeting with the pope, that the pope told him that he is happy that Biden is a “good Christian,” and that he should …) No, “good Catholic,” he said, not “good Christian.” (Oh, “good Catholic.”) Yes. (And that he should continue receiving Communion. Master, what do You think about that?)

I believe it. I believe that’s what the pope said to him in private, outside of earshot. (Yes.) That’s why when Biden visited the Vatican, they abruptly stopped the live streaming, so nobody could hear the evil things that he said within the walls, in private, because he received them in private. (My God.) He received Pelosi in private. I wasn’t there, but all the photos are all over. (Yes, Master.) And then the Vatican did not deny it. The pope did not deny and say, “Oh, no, I didn’t say that.” (Right.)

And on one hand, said one sentence, said, “Abortion is evil,” when somebody asked. Oh, he has to say like that. He cannot say, “Abortion is an angel.” No? (Right. Yes.) He said that just for show, theater. (Exactly.) He has no heart in his talk. All he wants is just more fame, more power, more money, (My God.) to get more fat, as if he is not fat enough. He’s four times bigger than you already, and still not big enough. Right? (Yes.)

Of course, he would say that to Biden, because Biden is powerful. (Right.) You see? (Yes.) And can make more of the faithful donate more, or his party’s people donate more. (Yes, Master.) If the pope praises Biden, then the followers of the Democratic party will donate more to the churches, (I see.) and they get fatter, more power, more convenience, more luxury to live on. (Understand, Master.) What else? (Yes.) It’s the influence of the politicians that he wants. Of course, Biden will adore him. (Understand, Master.) And if he goes to the United States again, he will make a big lavish reception. (Oh, yes. Right.) What else do you think? (Understand.)

Oh! So ugly, filthy and evil. (Yes.) I don’t know why anybody would even follow this Catholic system. Follow the Bible, follow Jesus’ teaching, follow God, yes, but not this Catholic, evil system, like the pope and other high priests are leading. (Yes, Master.) They should disown them. They should kick them out and select somebody else who is more morally fit for the job, (I agree, Master. Yes.) who is a better example for the faithful to follow. (Yes.) Not the evil pope and the evil high priests who throw them in harm’s way and then lead them to hell for punishment eternally. (Yes, Master.)

God is looking. Heaven is seeing everything. You cannot do anything and get away with it. Never! (Yes, Master.) This kind of priest and pope, my God, even a five-year-old kid, homeless on the street, they have more common sense, they have more morals. (Yes.) (Right.) They have more righteous thinking than these so-called evil pope and evil priests, high priests. (Understand, Master.)

Blessed are those who preach the true gospel of Jesus and who fear God and who worship God. (Yes.) I will help them. I will help them, spiritually. (Yes, Master.) These evils, even if the world doesn’t punish them, hell will. Mark my words.

I never told you a lie, did I? (Never, Master.) Up to now, right? (No, Master.) No. And what for? (Yes.) What for would I tell you a lie? (Right.) What for would I go against these powerful powers that be in the world? (Yes, Master.) Politically and religiously. (Yes, Master.) What for do I risk myself to do that? Because I have to tell you. I have to teach you. (Yes.) I have to clear your mind. (Yes, Master.)

You must understand, because I’m your teacher. (Right. Yes, Master.) I do my duty only. I have to teach you the right things. (Yes.) Have to clear your doubts. (Right, Master.) I don’t want you to fall into these evil traps also. Got that? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

If you think that I say this to have more disciples, you’re wrong. We have already a lot, a lot, hundreds of millions of followers on the website on Supreme Master TV. (Yes, Master.) I don’t need a bunch of evil priests, (Right. Yes.) or their wrong-concept followers. (Yes, Master.) And even to be my disciple, it’s not that easy. You have to learn my teaching, you have to practice first, moral correctness, and then I still need to see whether or not Heavens want to accept them. See that? (Yes, Master.) I have to select also.

Before, it was easier because I went everywhere and I just let it all open. (Yes.) This is a serious screening time. I’m not allowed to do that anymore. (Right.) You see, even Convenient Method, cannot, because they will use it for evil purposes. (Oh, wow!) Just like these, they use their position, they can abuse anything just to strengthen their evil power, to do harmful things to humanity, and that cannot be allowed. (Right. Yes.)

To be my disciple is not all that easy. It’s not like I want to amass a lot of disciples. They have to be better. They have to be better humans. (Yes.) Otherwise, I will also be in trouble. (Understand.) So, it’s not like I want a lot of disciples. You know that. (Yes, Master.) It’s easier if I want a lot of disciples. I don’t have to tell them, “Eat vegan.” I don’t have to tell them to keep the moral standard precepts. (Yes.) Swear to keep it. I don’t have to spend so much money on Supreme Master Television. (Right.) Or traveling the world before. (Yes, that’s right.)

Spending my own savings. You got that? (Yes, Master. Right.) I don’t have to do that. And every day we meditate one hour; in that one hour, we still need to pay. You see? (Yes.) Every TV system, they couldn’t do that. (Right.) Every second is money-making for them. They cannot afford to just stay still for one hour doing nothing, just to pray. (Yes. Understand, Master.) (Wow.) So, you can see that. (Yes, Master. Clearly, very clear.)

I have no reason to not tell you the truth. (Yes.) I have to. I’m morally obliged to teach you. Since I accepted you, I mean not just you, I mean you as general, all disciples, I have to fulfill my duty, no? (Yes, Master.) And have to tell the truth, only the truth, nothing else but the truth. (Yes.) So, I have to say something. Otherwise, why should I risk my safety and peace? (Understand, Master.)

And they are powerful. They live in fortified fortresses, and big churches and security in place. With their own bodyguards and whatever. Guards and all that. Like queens and kings.

I live alone. Nobody around. Not even attendants. Attendants are for dogs. They don’t do anything for me. (Wow.) (Right.) I wash my own clothes, I clean my little “palace,” two meters by three, four meters “palace.” (Yes, Master.)

And what else do I need anybody for? They cannot help me with Supreme Master Television. I mean in the editing part. (Yes, we understand.) They’re doing everything, and I have to be examining whether or not it’s worth airing, if there’s any wrong thing, as far as I can, (Yes.) whenever they send something. So, I don’t know why I’m telling you all this again.

God bless us. Thank You God for all this possibility, for entrusting us with such noble, though very challenging, work. Thank You for blessing us so much, giving us all these chances to help Your children in time of need. (Thank You, God.) Forgive us if we did anything wrong. Forgive us, I mean, when we do the program, if something is wrong there, please forgive us. But I try my best to correct everything I can. (Yes, Master.) As far as I know. (Yes.)

And I also have to watch the news also. And I have to… I don’t have to, but I have to do many things. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Even taking photographs takes me many hours. (Yes, understand.) And then saying many things or writing things. (Yes.) Correcting things. And photographs come back, I have to edit. (Yes.) Select and edit. So that they come out better than the original. Because sometimes nature is beautiful, but sometimes something should not be there. (Yes.) Like too many leaves or too many branches. Sometimes it doesn’t look good. (Yes.) I have to edit it before I send it out. (Understand, Master.) And then one of your brothers receives them, one or two receive them, they help a little further. (Yes.) To decorate or to enhance, then you put it on to air. (Yes, Master.)

It’s quite some work. (Yes. It is.) I enjoy it a lot, except when I’m busy. I took some photographs two, three days ago; I haven’t got time to edit them yet because there are many. But as I told you, I have to edit them first, before sending. (Yes.) Just like, some things are all natural, everything is beautiful.

If you go to my place, you could not find anything the way I took it on the photograph. You will not be able to identify it. (Wow!) You’ll say, “Where are they, Master?” You will say, “Where are they?” You just have to have an eye. (Yes, Master.) Have the keen eye to look for beauty. (Yes.) But they’re beautiful everywhere. It’s just that sometimes, they are beautiful, but you cannot put it into a photograph, (Exactly.) (Yes.) because of too many obstructions. (Understand, Master.) Either a roof protruding out or too many leaves cover it. (Yes.) So, I just have to be very, very, very delicate, very attentive.

(Your photographs are beautiful, Master.) Oh, thank you, thank you. I know. I know. (Yes.) Most of them I like very much, most of them. (Yes. Some are like a painting.) Yeah, yeah. (Yes. Looks like a painting, exactly.) (Beautiful.) Yeah. Exactly like that. (Yes, beautiful.) Or flower arrangements. (Yes.) Not always abundant or not always too little. (Yes.) It depends. I have to edit to become like that, and sometimes too much obstruction, I have to take away. (Yes, Master.) Before, I could also tell your brothers, “Please take this away, that away.” But now they’re too busy, I do all myself.

And sometimes when it’s too dark, then we have to brighten it. (Yes.) Also, like that. Not just taking away the obstruction. Sometimes the obstruction is too much. Even though those natural things are beautiful, but you can’t edit too much. (Oh, yes.) (Understand.) It takes too much time. (Yes. Right.) So those photos I just have to regretfully avoid. (Yes.) I know it’s beautiful, but I cannot have it on photos. It won’t be beautiful on the photos, that is the thing. And I apologize to them, say, “Oh, sorry. Maybe not photogenic. Your surrounding is not photogenic.”

You see, just like for example, if a flower is behind too many bushes, even though alone the flower is beautiful, but you can’t have it singly on the photos. (Need to clean around.) That’s the way it is. If a little bit bushy or leaves here and there, I can take them away, but if too many, then it’s too much trouble. (Understand, Master.) Maybe impossible also. (Yes.) So, I have to sacrifice some and I feel very, very sorry. (Oh, understand.)

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