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Between Master and Disciples

Catholic Priests Should Preach the True Gospel of Lord Jesus, Part 2 of 8, Nov. 19, 2021

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They are the ones who should light the torch of wisdom and righteousness and moral concepts for the people to follow. (Yes. True.) That’s what people trusted them for, (Exactly.) and built a big church for them to live in and to be a big shot. (Yes, Master.) If you just condone or support anything, then you are the same as the evildoer.

I’ve been crying a lot for all these animal-people and babies who are so helpless, helpless, helpless. And the people treat them worse than in hell. (Yes. Unbelievable.) Worse than any criminals. (They don’t deserve this in any way.) No! Even the criminals, they will have a lawyer to argue for them. (Yes.) Or reduce the sentence. Or even have to have all the evidence in order to punish their crime. But these babies, they did nothing wrong. (Right.) (Yes. It’s really heartless.)

I don’t know what else to say. Is there anything else you want to tell me? I read some of these news also ‒ briefly, because I don’t have a lot of time ‒ so I know what you’re talking about. Any other things?

(Yes, Master, one of the arguments during the conference by some bishops who think that pro-abortion politicians should continue to be able to participate in the sacrament, was that, otherwise, it would be divisive and would politicize Communion.)

"Media Report from CBS This Morning June 17, 2021 Reporter (m): San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy wrote last month that weaponizing the Eucharist will bring the terrible partisan divisions that have plagued our nation into the very act of worship."

(Is this true, Master?) No. It’s not true. If they want to be united and undivided, then they should be one with the teaching of Jesus, (Yes.) (Understand, Master.) of God, of the Bible. You see? (Yes.) “Thou shalt not kill.” Very simple. (Right.) There’s nothing to argue about. (Yes.) And they are priests even. (Exactly.) They know all these commandments by heart. (Yes.) They lack nothing. People worship them and trust them, so they should guide people into a righteous way. (Yes.)

I’m glad you ask me all these questions. I was going to talk about it anyway, and I’m glad you ask so we can also talk together. (Yes, Master.) (We’re also glad, Master.)

Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. My God, it’s more than a horror film. (Yes, so scary.) My God. And it happens every day. (Yes.) Every day, how many innocent poor babies, helpless, defenseless, die in such agony? (Yes, Master.) And because the priests and the so-called pope, the king of the Catholic empire, encourage them. (Yes.) Not like he says, “OK, go ahead and do abortions,” but he encourages by silently acknowledging it’s OK, by not saying anything against it. (Yes, Master.) By not advising the faithful, “Please don’t do that unless it’s truly, truly necessary for the life of the baby or the life of the mother, or both.” (Yes, Master.)

They are the ones who should light the torch of wisdom and righteousness and moral concepts for the people to follow. (Yes. True.) That’s what people trusted them for, (Exactly.) and built a big church for them to live in and to be a big shot. (Yes, Master.) If you just condone or support anything, then you are the same as the evildoer. (Yes. True.)

They should teach the people the commandments: “Thou shalt not kill.” Anything you don’t want to be done to yourself, don’t do it to others. That’s very simple. (Yes, it is.) Even children five years old understand that. (Right.)

Suppose these priests are still babies in the womb, would they like their arm to be twisted out, (No.) pulled out, and then another arm and another leg, and the body and then the brain, crushed out like that? (For sure not.) (Nobody would like that.) Nobody! (Nobody.) And ask the priests themselves if they’d like to be like that, in the womb, so that they cannot be a person right now and talking big like that. (Yes.)

Blessed are those priests, you true priests who are pro-life, for life and compassion. (Yes, Master.) These are what the priests are supposed to be.

And whoever condones war-like… Because this is a war also. (Right. Exactly, yes.)

The Bible teaches that you have to love one another, because you’re all brothers, you are children from God. How can you go ahead and kill another brother or sister of yours, even if they are your children? Unborn children. (Understand, Master.) In God’s house, they are all brothers and sisters. They’re not even parents or children. (Yes, Master.) Because all are created by God. God wanted them to be in the world, to do something to help others. (Yes, yes.)

Imagine if we have no more babies left and we all die out at the end. (Yes. Not good.) You think God wants that? (No.) No! God created the world for us to live and to continue living. (Yes, Master.) (Right.) Passing on generation after generation. Even Jesus had to be born into this world in order to rescue souls, His disciples at that time (Yes.) or His generation at that time, those worthy. (Right.) His disciples. The most worthy and their families.

Every Master who comes, They rescue the disciples’ souls, and also the families and relatives that belong to that initiated soul, as well. (OK, Master.) And if this disciple has done nothing against the Master and practices diligently and believes in the Master, then for sure his relatives and family and generations, all will be liberated by his or her Master. You got that? (Yes. Got it, Master.) Only if they do what has been taught to them. (Right. Yes.) Keep the commandments, meditate, pray humbly, be grateful to God, and help the needy. (Yes.)

Of course, they have to meditate (Yes. Right.) to collect more energy and power to themselves in order to go with the Master. (Understand.) And also to bless the surroundings where they live. So more people, then more blessings will be in the world. More disciples, more blessings. (Right.) It’s like an electric grid distributes electricity through different channels, different cables. (Ah, yes.) (Yes, Master.) The more cables, the more channels, the more people will benefit from the electricity, even in remote mountains and rural areas and all that. (Right. Yes.)

When I was in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) still, many rural areas did not have electricity. We lived in a more suburb of the town. We did not have electricity. We used a lamp. (Yes.) Or we used an oil lamp or other kind of lamp which doesn’t need electricity. I think they use gas or something. But mostly, in rural areas in those times, they did not even need electricity. They lived simple. (Right. Yes.) They would rise up with the Sun and go to sleep with it. (Yes.) And all they needed was just a couple of lamps. You know, oil lamps, small ones. (Yes.) Old-fashioned. (Yes.) That’s all. They’re contented with their life. (Simple life.) Many did not have a television, nothing. Maximum, maybe a radio, using batteries. That’s it. (Yes.) Radio, that’s what they had. And not all of them had. (Yes.)

Many rural areas in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), they lived very simple, before. Now maybe they all have electricity already, I don’t know. I have not been home for 30, 40 years now. Oh, 60 years? No, no. Maybe 50 years or more? (Wow.) (Long time.) (Long time, Master.) Time passes so quick. (Yes.) What was that, your question? Did I answer already? (Yes, Master, You did. Thank You.) OK.

The priests are like the lighthouse for the faithful of different religions. (Yes, that’s right.) They must be first enlightened in order to guide others. (Right.) If in your hand you don’t have any torch, how can you light the path for other people who don’t even have anything? (True.) (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) And if your torch has no battery, is not charged, and you yourself also stumble in the dark, how can you lead anybody? (Right. Understand, Master.)

Most of the priests or monks and nuns, they just wear the robe. (True.) They don’t consider having more knowledge or true enlightenment from inside. (They are just pretending.) That’s why like those priests that you just mentioned, they are truly the wolf in sheep’s clothing, as the Bible mentioned it. The Bible warned us that, “Beware of those wolves in sheep’s clothing.” (Yes.) These priests are. The pope also is. Of course. (Yes.)

“By thy fruits so thou shalt be known.” (Yes, Master.) If you see the apples all over on the tree, then what kind of tree is that? (Apple.) Apple tree. (Yes.) If you see mangos all over on a tree, then what kind of tree is that? (Mango.) Mango tree. Very simple. (Very simple. Yes, Master.) And if the mango tree has a lot, a lot of fruits, then it’s a good mango...? (Mango tree.) Good mango tree. (Yes.) So, if these priests are not following the teaching of Jesus, and on the contrary, even saying things or doing things that are harmful to humanity, then they are truly wolves in sheep’s clothing. (Yes, Master.)

"Media Report from 60 Minutes Australia 2015 Narrator (f2): The Catholic Church has a terrible history of protecting abusers instead of protecting victims."

"Media Report from Al Jazeera Oct. 23, 2019 Narrator (f): For 17 years, legal scholar Marci Hamilton has fought for laws that give victims of child sex abuse more time to file claims. And in state capitals across the country, the Catholic Church has been her adversary."

"Media Report from Al Jazeera Oct. 6, 2021 Narrator (m): The Roman Catholic Church betrayed the trust of the young and vulnerable on a devastating scale around the world."

"Media Report from Al Jazeera Feb. 17, 2017 Michal-victim (m): It was basically a mafia. They have powerful friends. They have benefactors. They have people who want to be associated as being close to the church."

"Interview by the Huffington Post – Apr. 12, 2019 Woman (f): And it’s been going on for over 300 years. And the Vatican has it all, and it’s documented. And they’re more powerful than our government."

"Interview by 60 Minutes Australia 2015 Man (m): These are people who should actually be facing criminal charges now. Not just sanctions at the hands of the pope or the church, or the attention of the media. These are people who have allegedly allowed the abuse of children to continue, sometimes for many years. And that is an unforgivable crime."

Those who molest children, rape young children or teenage altar boys or girls from faithful families, they should be tried in the normal civil court, just like everyone else. (Yes, Master.) The clothes that they wear do not exempt them from their sin. (Yes. Understand, Master.) Any citizens in this world are world citizens, and they have to be respected like any citizen who is law-abiding. And any citizens who are sinful and bad and harmful to society should be tried like every other criminal in the normal court. (Yes, Master.)

Just because they are priests in the Catholic system, it doesn’t make them free from prosecution. (Punishment.) Yeah. If they do something wrong, like molesting children or doing something harmful to others, they are just like a criminal. (Yes.) (Everyone.) Just like any other criminal. (Yes, Master.) They should not be allowed to continue their office. (Exactly.) “The clothes don’t make a monk.” That’s what we say in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), or maybe many other countries. (Understand, Master.) (True.) And as the Bible says, the wolf in the sheep’s clothing doesn’t make that wolf a sheep. (Right.) (Yes, Master.)

So, just because they work with the Vatican doesn’t mean other governments’ laws don’t apply to them ‒ if ‒ if they harm their citizens. For example, if an American goes to France and does some bad things there, harms or kills other French people, they will be tried in France as well. (Yes.) Or if not, they could even be extradited to America and be tried there. (Yes, Master.) But tried they will be. (Yes.)

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