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Keep Replenishing Our Protection Power and Be Unconditional, Part 1 of 2 July 5, 2018

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Yeah. Actually, you do your best. And just always have to be unconditional, OK? (Yes, Master.) Never take advantage of your situation or your privilege to gain anything for yourself emotionally or any otherwise. (Yes, Master.) It’s just ego, just Maya cheating.

(Hallo, Master.) Hey, you’re all there? (Yes, Master.) Wake up already, yeah? (Yes, Master.) Wakey, wakey. Do you know why I woke you up? (No, Master.) Yeah! To talk to you. I’m lonely. Retreat is a lonely business, you know that? (Yes.) All by myself. No dogs, no humans. Yeah, I guess I’m just a lonely, old woman, no? Don’t you think so? Yes or no? (Yes, Master.) Yes!? You believe that? (No, Master.) My God! You guys have no humor. How can I be lonely? I’m surrounded by Godses. (Wow!) It’s just I have to work. They cannot help me much. Human effort is needed. (Yes, Master.) That’s the price to pay.

I woke you up so that you would have a little taste of what it’s like to wake up when you don’t want to, when you’re not ready. Join the club, join me, yeah? (Yes, Master.) I do that all the time, because of meditation hours, because of urgent stuff, because of dogs, because of this and that. The world people they do that all the time. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, they have to wake up at certain odd hours for baby feedings. (Yes, Master.) Or for puppy dogs or for whatever work they have to do. They have to go out and fight, for survival. (Yes, Master.)

I know one of your brothers; he has to wake up every day, about... He has to go about three or four o’clock in the morning, even though he doesn’t have work until eight o’clock. Because he doesn’t want to get stuck in the traffic, understand? (Yes, Master.) So he gets up early, goes to his working place. He’s a professor in a university. And he goes to that working place, and he sits there and meditates, until time comes. (Yes, Master.)

People don’t always have it easy. Most people, they have to work very hard, even your brothers and sisters who work remotely, (Yes, Master.) to contribute to Supreme Master TV. We have to thank them. And I really have a very deep impression about them, because they have to work also. (Yes, Master.) Work, take care of themselves and their family. Even though they love them, love also costs something. (Yes, Master.)

People say, “All we need is love,” but love alone in this world needs a lot of other ingredients to add into it, yeah? (Yes, Master.) Money, food, car, tax, insurance, house, mortgage. telephone, aircon, heater, cooler, all kinds of things. (Yes.) They need a lot of things just like everybody else. Nowadays, the more we have, the more we work harder to earn, to buy them. (Yes, Master.) Some are really not necessary but still, they get used to it. Nowadays, to live a simple life is more difficult than before. (Yes, Master.) You’re so tempted with all kinds of facilities, and we get used to it. It’s more comfortable like that.

Unless you go to the Himalayas, then you have no choice. Yeah, go to where I went. Then you’ll feel, “Wow! I really live a simple life.” You have no choice; there is no aircon to bring it up there for you, no heater. (Yes.) And food should be limited. Only rice and dahl, salt. That’s it. That’s all you can have, because it’s a long way for even a laborer to bring it up. And it snows almost all year around at the end of the Ganges River, upper level, upper, even higher than the Ganges.

Source… there is a place called Gomukh. Many yogis… not many, but quite some number, they live there all year-round; they can only have supplies in the summer, when the laborers come up, or maybe their devotees bring up something. But very limited, because it’s a long way to carry a lot of supplies. You understand? (Yes, Master.) So they can have only like wheat flour for chapattis. Or rice and dahl and salt, a little sugar, maybe that’s it. And the water, they use the ice to melt, to cook. And they have fire embers on all day, 24/7. Otherwise it’s difficult to get even a lighter, or matches. Matches probably don’t work there. It’s too wet. Also the air is very thin. The atmosphere is different. It takes a longer time to cook. Anyway, when I was there, I ate raw. It’s more convenient.

OK, what I want to tell you is that... hang on, I have some more interesting things saved to at the end, OK? (Yes, Master.) Just perk your ears up.

Are you feel comfortable here? All of you? (Yes, Master.) Men, women. (Yes, Master.) If you’re not comfortable, then you can go out and check it out if there is something better outside. I tell you what, no, OK? Here is the best for you. (Yes, Master.) Outside maybe you earn a lot of money but then you will spend a lot also, (Yes, Master.) sweating around just for something; not as good as here. Here you are working to spread the good teaching. (Yes, Master.) That’s the best merit. If you don’t believe me, you ask the Buddha. You can ask the Sutra.

The Sutra is what the Buddha pronounced. He said, “Donating Dharma,” meaning the True Teaching. It’s the best donation, the best offering. You get the best merit. (Yes, Master.) Without any bad karma or good karma attached to it; means pure, pure spiritual merit. And then you can go up higher. That’s why the Buddha exalted the monks. But monkhood by no means the obligatory and… But some lay people are very sincere practitioners as well. (Yes, Master.) Because they are sincere, they work and they even use their spare time to contribute to Supreme Master TV to help the world. So you guys here don’t be too proud. (Yes, Master.) Of course I praise you, because you did your best. And it’s not easy to come here like that. And living almost like ascetic life, (Yes, Master.) and doing, working, at any odd hours.

To be alone is really good. I mean, here I’m not absolutely alone yet, but still better. (Yes, Master.) I think you would have some of that experience, because sometimes you’re OK working in your place, and if you go out a little bit and meet that people or see that people, mingle around with people, and suddenly you have some kind of negative feeling or thinking. No? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, and then you might think it’s you. It’s not like that.

It’s a contaminating. The society. Some places are more contaminating than other places. By no means humans are bad. It doesn’t mean humans are bad. They are good. They are just contaminating each other. Some bad ones contaminate the good ones and the good ones becomes middle good, and so on and so forth. Because the Maya controls their minds, controls some of the weaklings and vulnerable ones, makes them less than good, and then they contaminate other good ones etc. The cycle. It’s not very easy to live in the society without being contaminated.

Just have to know, and then have to protect yourself with the means that I have given at the initiation time. (Yes, Master.) The Holy Names and the practice of (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound. The more you do that, the more you’re protected. For example, even me, I need, every day, 194% protection proof. (Wow.) That’s the minimum. OK? (Yes, Master.) Minimum. To keep my head above water because I am even more vulnerable. (Yes, Master.) Everybody’s dragging me down, with their karma, with their all kinds of lowly desires, and stuff like that.

Be unconditional. That’s the only way you should be because if you have any lowly desire or any self-interest behind any actions with me, then you lost all the merit. OK? (Yes, Master.) And also incur karma. That’s the thing. You have to be careful, OK? (Yes, Master.) Not because of losing merit or gaining more merit, but we should be noble. (Yes, Master.) We are practitioners. We are saintly people. We cannot think lowly, or even a subtle hint or subtle idea of benefiting self. Like, “if I do this She will like me more, or She will love me more.” “I’ll try to prolong conversation, so I can talk to Her more because I like Her.” Everybody likes me. (Yes, Master.)

I treat you all like family members. All the same. Some I work with more, some I work with less, just because of affinity or efficiency. (Yes, Master.) Your expertise or something like that, or affinity from past lives. That doesn’t mean you are more important than the rest, so don’t look down upon anyone, just because I work with you more, or work with other guys less or something. (Yes, Master.) Always unconditional, pure thinking. (Yes, Master.) Anything else is detrimental to you. Anything lowly, anything less noble, it will be detrimental to your spiritual progress first of all, and also even affect the Master together. (Yes, Master.)

You also should not be proud anyway. There’s not much, even though you left everything to come here, to come to work with me as a team. But there’s nothing much you left behind. Is there? (No, Master.) Except your parents. What is it that’s so valuable? (Yes.) Even if you’re a millionaire, billionaire, so what? They all just… You know, how much can you use per day? You have a private airplane or you go by commercial airplane; there’s not much difference, is there? (No, Master.) Just maybe a little bit more convenient timely-speaking; otherwise nothing. And then you come here; what do you do? Just push some buttons. Anybody can do that if they learn. (Yes, Master.) You’re not smarter than anyone.

Oh, you’re smarter than me, computer-wise. I have no idea what to do. I never have time to learn so much. I wasn’t also interested. I didn’t want to crowd my mind too much about things, so I can do other things. I have different jobs; that’s all, OK? (Yes, Master.) But nowadays, I can use a computer already. I mean, not to chat with anybody, or with you, but I use it for checking up scripts and all that. Checking up videos, at least I can do that. Before, I could not even do that. I tried to learn to move the mouse, but I couldn’t find it. It always disappears. I don’t know where did it go, where does that go? The file, before, it’s gone so fast. I couldn’t control it and now I can. Better than before. Well, at least it’s functioning enough to work for whatever’s really necessary.

So, just do your work very humbly and sincerely and perfectly. (Yes, Master.) And don’t feel too proud because your ego will take away all your merit. Because ego, it belongs to the negative realm. Understand? (Yes, Master.) The Maya’s just waiting around the corner all the time for you to slip and then he takes your merit away. And the stronger he is, the more he can attack you and the weaker you become. (Yes.)

Always have to meditate as much as you can, any minute you can, any minute counts. Whenever you take a rest, or even while you’re eating, you should recite the protection names. (Yes, Master.) Because if we don’t keep replenishing our protection power, then we lose. In this world, that’s why people are not going up anywhere. They become very vulnerable to the influence of the negative power and of the world, of any kind. So, here you are very more protected, OK? (Yes, Master.) And you have everything you need. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, everything is at your beck and call. Day and night, anytime. So, I think you are very lucky workers. (Yes, Master.)

That’s why I don’t complain also, but I work so hard; I’m telling you. How can one person take care of all the puppies and then working with all the paperwork and the scripts and deal with all this ego and emotion and business and… Oh, God, sometimes I thought, “How am I going to live?” So, in order to do all that, I need to meditate more. Understand? (Yes, Master.) If I were to continue, then I have to at least do a retreat every month; once or two times, depends on how many days, depends on how much is needed. Because when I was working, the meditation went low. Understand? (Yes.) It’s so much work every time you give it to me. It’s like books. It’s not just paper, it’s like many books. And I have to read through all that, checking it all and so many other work to do.

And the dogs, they are very demanding emotionally. They need that; they are still puppies. But they are very good already. Before, that was really… oh God, it was so much work. Imagine you take care of eight babies at the same time. More, there were nine. Some are gone; I told you already in some of the talks. So if you complain that you’re working hard, the only person who should be whining, complaining is me. (Yes.) I’m a woman. I’m excused. I’m old, tired, and a lot of work. But many of you, most of you just do one type of job. So it is not all that difficult. (No, Master.) Any complaints? (No, Master.)

Yeah. Actually, you do your best. And just always have to be unconditional, OK? (Yes, Master.) Never take advantage of your situation or your privilege to gain anything for yourself emotionally or any otherwise. (Yes, Master.) It’s just ego, just Maya cheating.

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