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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

Sorcery Contest, Part 7 of 12, Aug. 11, 1991

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The qi inside the human body is physical. The Quan Yin Method is the superior qi and has superior power. The vibration is different. Without the power of Quan Yin, there would be no qi, no physical body, no talent and no magic. It’s not wrong to practice qi, but basically, everything originated from the Sound.

Q(m1): You once told us that qi only exists when we have the physical body. If we die…

Master: We’ll have no more qi. (What can you do then if all your qi is gone?) Yes. (So practicing qi does not help to liberate the soul.) That’s right. We can collect qi or qi flow in the body to do many things. The physical qi inside the body is already so powerful. Can you imagine what we could do with the spiritual qi? When we practice the Quan Yin Method, our physical qi can also be activated and evoke many of our inner abilities, even skills we have never learned before. But not everyone can do that. Only the ones with highly developed wisdom. Because we have learned many things life after life. Once we reach complete enlightenment, we can bring out everything and use it in this world. Some people have been in this world many times. And because they were smart, they learned a lot of things when they were here in this world. So when they come down again, they know everything. They can do a lot of things naturally. They even know how to activate qi.

Q(m2): Yes. I too was suddenly able to use my qi. No one taught me.

Master: Yes, yes.

Q(m1): This qi is inside our body, just like the power we rediscover through the Quan Yin Method. After some practice, we can develop this power. Same as the Quan Yin Method. Humans are the most powerful beings in the universe. Through the Quan Yin Method we can rediscover this power. They are the same thing, but the level is different.

Master: I think they are different. The qi inside the human body is physical. The Quan Yin Method is the superior qi and has superior power. The vibration is different. The physical qi can help the circulation and digestion of the body to keep us warm and active. It helps the body stay healthy. But the Quan Yin Method is different. Without the power of Quan Yin, there would be no qi, no physical body, no talent and no magic. It’s not wrong to practice qi, but basically, everything originated from the Sound. Qi has a different function and purpose. If we focus on this purpose, we forget about the highest source. That’s all.

Master: OK, anything else? What else did you practice? Apart from qigong (Tai chi, karate.) Karate and tai chi. What else?

Q(m2): That’s all. No more.

Master: You practiced those for 30 years?

Q(m2): Yes.

Master: Wow! Impressive! You practiced every day?

Q(m2): I used to practice very diligently, for over 13 hours a day.

Master: Wow! Over 13 hours! (13 hours every day.) You see! You only meditate two and a half hours every day, and some of you do less than that. You should feel ashamed! Whatever you do, you should do it wholeheartedly like this. Yes! The martial arts people practice very hard, and eat and sleep very little. Even when they sleep, they still think about their practice. That’s how they become… Kungfu masters. You just practice for two and a half hours but you complain a lot already. No wonder you did not become Buddha. And then you blame the Master. You see! That’s just an ordinary kung fu practitioner.

Master: Did you say you were No. 1 in Taiwan (Formosa)?

Q(m2): My master was the head of a branch in the field of tai chi. My skill in this aspect is…

Master: And you were his No. 1 disciple. (I was his major disciple.) Just for martial arts. 13 hours a day! Do you think he still had time to sleep? Did you have time to earn money? (I had a job.) You worked? And you still had time? (I just used all my spare time to practice martial arts.) Yes, that’s right. (I didn’t do anything else.) Yes. (I didn’t even think about anything else.) Because you were very focused. It’s best to focus. No wonder he became the major disciple!

Master: And I tell you, Brother Ke once told me that one of the initiates has now gone back to what he was doing. When he wanted to learn feng shui and fortune telling, he went to the top master in Taiwan (Formosa) He had very few disciples. If you wanted to be his disciple, you had to kneel… Brother Ke, come up! You can tell the story. They won’t believe what I say. You tell them. Today we have all kinds of masters here. Now listen.

Q(m3): I have a friend who learned Chinese astrology from the top master in Taiwan (Formosa). Most of the famous astrologers in Taiwan (Formosa) are students of disciples of this master. It was more than ten years ago when he learned from his master.

Master: Tell them like you told me last time. (OK.) Don’t miss anything!

Q(m3): The master was very strict about accepting disciples. He lived near a cemetery. The students came at 10 every night. In the beginning there were about a dozen of them. They had to kneel outside the gate until 2 in the morning. Then the master would ask them to come and kneel inside the courtyard. And he would start talking from inside the house. The students were not allowed to take any notes. They could only try to remember it. In the beginning there were more than ten students. After ten years, only three stayed.

Master: They could not take it anymore! (No.) Their knees hurt too much! (One of them was…) They knelt from 10pm to 2am? (Yes.) And after that? (Then he began his lecture. He would only start to teach after they had knelt until 2 AM.) And they continued to kneel?

Q(m3): Yes, they continued to kneel while he lectured. I have a classmate who is outstanding. If you spread out the mahjong tiles, and let him take a look, and stack the tiles after shuffling, he can remember which tile is which without touching them. A deck of cards has 54 or 52 cards. You show him the cards once and turn them over. Then you draw a random card and he knows what card it is. He has that kind of talent. He later continued to learn with his teacher. Because the master didn’t allow them to take any notes, they could only listen and try to memorize it.

Master: This guy had good knees! Knelt from 10 PM to 2 AM and then until the lecture ended in the morning. How many hours? (He taught until morning.) Let me see. At least six hours! (Five or six hours.) Every day! Every time!

Q(m3): And they had to concentrate while kneeling. Maybe kneeling can help us concentrate better.

Master: Really? Good! I’ve learned the secret. We can give it a try.

Q(m3): As to how accurate he is in fortune-telling, I can share a story about my daughter. I had not yet met Master at the time, when someone stole my daughter at the market. This classmate of mine was working with me, and was very worried when my daughter went missing. He said, “Alright, let me check.” He predicted that if my daughter did not appear at a specific gate of the market at a specific time, it meant that she would go missing for at least one year. He also said that we might as well file a report with the police. Many good friends of mine helped to look for my daughter. This classmate stood at the gate, the gate of the market. And my daughter appeared at the time he predicted. He was so accurate. Friends in the entertainment circle all know him. Actresses like Ling Po and Chen Li-Li, who once played a prince, came from Singapore and Malaysia to have him tell their fortunes. During New Year holidays and festivals, people from southern Taiwan (Formosa) came on chartered buses to visit him. There are three thick books on the market about Zi Wei Dou Shu, or Purple Star Astrology. These are basic-level books. However, mastering these three books… People who want to learn this art study these three books, which are very thick. They’re written by a Mr. Tsai and Mr. Tsai is… the student of those who had studied the art before. The teacher that he studied with was a spiritual practitioner. When that teacher was about to die, he called my classmate and asked him to notify several others that the teacher was leaving the world. The teacher left his handwritten notes to three or four disciples.

Master: OK. Thank you. Go on with your stories. He was only learning fortune-telling and had to kneel for so long. What about learning to go beyond the three worlds? What should he do then? OK, what else do you have to say? If not, (Nothing.) then show us what you’ve got. We are all fellow practitioners. Don’t forget that. Control your vanity a little. It doesn’t matter who wins. OK, give it a try. Ah, come on! Tell us first if you don’t have much power. The sword is merciless.

Q(m1): For iron palms, this part of the palm is trained.

Master: Yes. (To practice iron arms, it’s from here to here,) Yes. (the whole part.) How did you practice? Which part do you practice now? (I used to practice it.) What would you like to show us? (I’ll let him check how tough my skin is.) Do you still have the power? (I found that after practicing the Quan Yin Method, my power is still there.) It hasn’t disappeared. That is great. It even increases, don’t you know? It would increase more. (That means you can…) You may come over here, it’s OK. There’s more space here. In case you are too strong, let me protect myself a little. Om mani padmi hum. OK, if your qi goes all over the place, it would be troublesome. (I don’t need to use qi…) If I fall, we’ll know that it is these two. OK.

Q(m1): You can use your hand to pinch yourself. You can all try to pinch yourself here and see if it hurts.

Master: Ouch! It hurts!

Q(m1): And does it hurt to pinch yourself over here? Now we will invite this brother to pinch me. Pinch really hard. Harder! Harder. Still harder.

Q(m2): He has been practicing.

Master: He has? (I can tell when I touch him.) You can tell by just touching? Terrific! Ah! (He does not feel pain when pinched.) Awesome. (The skin is separated from the bones, the flesh, the muscles and the fat. He has positive electricity so we can’t feel it.) Ooh! (When qi is able to get through, it can form a thin film. When you touch it, you can feel that the skin and the flesh are slightly separated. It is also like this if you practice tai chi.) Yes? It will become hard? (Yes, yes! It will also be like this.) Touch and see. I can’t tell. (I can tell by touching. Just one touch. I am very sensitive.) Good! (Very sensitive.) Then we don’t have to try any more.

Q(m1): Anybody else wants to try? Come and touch, free of charge.

Q(f3): Free of charge.

Master: You have to pay him even! What do you mean by “free of charge”? Your karma may transfer to them if they touch you.

Q(m2): This is also one of the skills in tai chi.

Master: Yes. (Sometimes it looks very soft, very soft on the outside, but the bones inside are very hard. We also practiced this kind of skill.) That’s what I thought. (Yes, this is a kind of kung fu.) Right, sometimes they can use a paper fan to knock someone over. (Yes. We can send someone flying through the air with a light touch. We have that power.) Show us then! Would you like to come up and try him? Or you two can test on each other. (Someone here has also practiced tai chi.) Which one? (The one who just became a monk.) Find him. He’s the one who practiced drunken boxing. (Yes, I’ve seen him practicing it.) That is no big deal. (You can also get some big guys to come up.) Ah! Little sweet potato, come here. (He has trained before.) He is the prince of Shaolin. (He has practiced it.) OK, give it a try.

Q(m1): And the bones. I make this part of my bones become like this, and you can use the same part, like this. Try to knock it.

Master: Just joking.

Q(m2): Then, you knock mine.

Q(m1): And here. You don’t have to use too much force.

Q(m2): Yes, yes.

Q(m1): You can feel it by hitting here.

Q(m2): You can hit me hard.

Master: Yes.

Q(m2): Harder still.

Q(m1): You can feel that…

Master: This is a joke. I can also do it.

Q(m2): Master, this power is called “drive,” not “strength.” The bone marrow has been reconditioned to be like that of a tiger. Bones have three layers. The second layer becomes very dense, so it becomes very heavy. When he just gently… I have practiced the same thing.

Master: I see. (When I touch it gently,) I see. (It hurts a lot. If I give a push like this, his head might crack.) Oh, I see. (Yes, yes.) Then I take it back. (Yes. I have practiced the same kung fu.) I dare not let you hit me now.

Q(m1): It feels different from someone who has practiced it.

Q(m2): We know from one touch.

Master: If it were someone else, he would die in pain.

Q(m2): No, no.

Q(m1): If it were someone else, it would be more intense.

Master: So we can’t do that.

Q(m2): No, the bone may break. I know just by touching him.

Master: Can we bring bricks here for you to try then?

Q(m1): I hit him very gently. He would feel the difference.

Q(m2): You can try hitting me harder.

Master: He wouldn’t do it. Let’s use bricks then.

Q(m1): You just need to see how hard the bones are. You don’t have to…

Master: Just go fetch some bricks and then we’ll know. Is that OK?

Q(m2): No, you have to feel it in order to perceive his power and bear the “drive” in his punch. You can’t use bricks.

Master: The power goes inside. (Yes, so we can’t use bricks or stones.) I see. Then don’t do that. (This power is different from the power used to hit a brick.) It’s not just by force, it’s the power of the qi. (It is called the “power without power,” so we call it “superhuman power.”) Understand. (In the “Complete Works of Boxing”, it is called the “superhuman power.”) OK. (He has also read the “Complete Works of Boxing”.) I see, so what can the superhuman power do? (It can help you concentrate on your willpower and create a strong explosive force.) Explode from the inside. (Yes, explode inside.) When you touch this kind of person, you would slowly become ill? (He is so small. It would send him flying through the air.)

Q(f3): He’d fly very far away. He’s afraid that he’d fly very far once he makes his move.

Q(m2): Someone has to hold him from behind, or it would be dangerous.

Q(f3): He would fly through the air.

Master: It’s dangerous, so what can we do?

Q(m2): My wife is here, she can hold him.

Master: He knows kung fu. Maybe it’s OK for him to fly. Would anything happen to you?

Q(m4): I don’t know. I have never met a top kung fu master before.

Master: Which one is his wife? OK, you can use it on your wife, since you both know kung fu. But we wouldn’t know if they pretend. (You may get other people to try, it’s OK.) Are you really that powerful? OK, OK. (You help me hold it.) Don’t cheat. Take off your glasses. (No one is holding him from behind. Please tell them to stand up.) Move away!

Q(f3): Block him.

Master: Block him! (Get somebody to hold him, otherwise he might fall and get a concussion.) OK, catch him then. Form a wall.

Q(m1): He’s getting into action.

Master: Another wall over there too.

Q(f4): Do you want to push me?

Q(m1): The taller person.

Q(m2): It’s OK. It doesn’t matter. Push him then.

Master: All right. You can also push her. (I’ll push her first, then…) Yes. And somebody can hold him from behind. It’s all right. How far away should they stand? (Brother Hsu, please come up here.) Please tell us how far away they should stand. Get them in place. Stand up. Form a wall. Hold on well. So he does not fly. Who is this guy? (The dentist.) Dentist, right. (His brother-in-law. Have you also practiced it?) You also trained your bones? (Tai chi.) Tai chi, OK.

Q(m2): Very gently…

Master: Wow, that’s amazing. (Very gently.) I know, I know. It looks very gentle. Wow, that’s it? Very gently like this. (Yes, just like this.) Wow, impressive! Do you two fight at home? Better not. OK, you give him a push and see.

Q(m1): You can tell by watching his feet. If both of his feet leave the ground, that means it’s working. Usually, when people push, only one foot leaves the ground and the person keeps moving back. But when both his feet leave the ground.

Q(f3): That means it is working.

Master: Understand! Try your best. Wow! You still flew away! Only one foot is off the ground. So it is no big deal. Ah, so soft. That’s it. (One more time.) OK. Use another method. (Stand firm.)

Q(m1): You have to loosen your bones first.

Master: Wow! It’s also useless. Amazing. OK, OK. Admirable! He’s so gentle, that’s truly amazing. The gentle one always wins over the tough one. (Very gently.) Yes. Yes, toughness is nothing.

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