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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

Sorcery Contest, Part 11 of 12, Aug. 11, 1991

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I’m telling you this by the way. This is a true story. Those ghosts really exist, and hell really exists. But everything is created by the mind. It depends on what we did in our past lives and what we do in this life. When we die, we will bring out that vibration, that kind of expectation and desire. Then we get used to it, as if we are frozen at that level.

I told you about a couple last week, about the person who had written many books. He was afraid of others. He was afraid of running into others, or someone suddenly coming in. One day, they were not prepared. When we go out to work and become used to it, we know how to be prepared inside at all times. Recite the Five Holy Names, pray to Master, and pray to our inner protective power all the time. It’s a habit. But if we are at home, with family members or fellow practitioners, we are more relaxed and not on guard.

They couldn’t stand people. They could not bear the vibration of the people next door, barking of dogs, and noise from the children. They wanted tranquility to be able to communicate with the higher world. I won’t tell you which level is the so-called higher world of theirs. I also don’t know. So we won’t talk about that. OK, they could not bear the disturbance. Only the two of them were home usually, the husband and wife. They could not bear it if other people came in, so they seldom invited anyone into their home. Even if they did, they were very careful. They first checked if the person was fine before inviting him. They did not invite just anyone. They tried to protect their spiritual magnetic field. OK, that is all right.

Once, his disciple or fellow brother… His TV was out of order. The TV was broken, so his disciple took the TV out to be fixed, and then asked two men to bring a rented TV inside, a temporarily rented TV. The couple was inside and did not know about this, because the disciple had not told them. When they were not home, he dealt with things like that. Their trusted disciples occasionally came to help. So he changed the TV set. The couple happened to be home doing something when suddenly two men entered with the TV. The couple began to roll around on the floor, their stomachs, heads, and bodies hurting all over. It was unbearable. They said they had never felt like this. It was because of that TV and the two men. The TV had been used by too many people, who sometimes watched when the atmosphere was not clean. So that TV was surrounded by vicious astral beings and ghosts. When they saw the couple, they immediately began to hit them.

I’m telling you this by the way. This is a true story. Those ghosts really exist, and hell really exists. But everything is created by the mind. It depends on what we did in our past lives and what we do in this life. When we die, we will bring out that vibration, that kind of expectation and desire. Then we get used to it, as if we are frozen at that level. Sometimes we come across reports in newspapers and TV about investigations of sudden deaths, like those killed in battle or those who die in the army. They die suddenly without being mentally prepared. It seems that they are shocked and die unprepared. It is very sudden. The so-called silver cord is cut off abruptly. It is so sudden that they cannot bear it. They are suddenly frozen in that situation, like they are trapped in a box from which they cannot escape. And they deeply believe that they are still fighting the war and are still in the army. They remain there shouting and yelling every day. And they kill anyone they meet and anything they see. They regard any illusions, people or things that they see, as their enemy, and they are still fighting a war.

So those soldiers or those who die suddenly, are really to be pitied. Without a Master, they are unable to break free from that situation. It is the same with suicide. The confusion and pain one feels at the time of suicide will remain after death. Death does not lift one out of the sea of misery. No, no! If we don’t learn anything when we are young, we won’t have knowledge when we are old. Like, if you are poor now, how can you become rich when you get old? It is the same. The atmosphere of war is the most terrifying. It prevents many ghosts from escaping that state of existence. And after a long time, if someone does escape and becomes a human again, he will still be inclined to live that kind of life. He will still fight, and remain in a state of wrath. This world really harms people a lot.

That’s why most spiritual practitioners are opposed to war. Of course, they cannot oppose it openly all the time, as if they are starting a revolution. They may be misunderstood as being involved in politics. But they are very opposed to it inside, because it is harmful to people. No matter what the excuse is, it is never good. It’s not good for people. They won’t have peace even after death. That can’t be helped.

Now let’s go back to the TV. That TV was full of that kind of violence. OK, so that kind of energy will attract those vicious war-like astral ghosts. Because those ghosts have been fighting in wars life after life, thousands or hundreds of years ago. And they are still not free from that state of awareness. They still think that they are generals or tyrants, that they have many troops, and they keep seeking people to fight, to protect their ideals or position.

So the couple came in contact with that TV and the two men. The two men were not clean, not because of their appearance, but their spirits were not clean. So they brought in that kind of energy, because like attracts like. Those war-loving or vicious people would attract vicious astral beings. They would attract them to their homes. But they also knew that it was a practitioner’s home.

Don’t think that devils dare not go into the homes of spiritual practitioners. They like them the best! A practitioner’s home is a devil’s favorite place to go. So you see, sometimes we have many obstacles in our practice, even more obstacles than before. It is because they want to make trouble. They like to come and absorb our magnetic field of spiritual practice. Some are kind enough to just stand by or enjoy it from a distance, just grabbing a little. Some come in and create disturbances for us. Because it’s their habit. They are used to fighting with others, snatching things and disturbing others’ mental peace. So when they come into a practitioner’s home, they don’t respect the rules. Instead of taking things quietly, they do it with violence. So they create great disturbances to our spirit.

When those astral beings came in, they immediately grabbed the couple around the solar plexus and attacked them. The couple rolled on the floor, suffering severe pain for one or two hours. But within that couple of hours, some of their so-called invisible brothers who practiced well, immediately came to their rescue. They dragged the astral beings away and taught them a lesson. They didn’t drag them with violence. They used light. By continuously projecting light on them until they softened and became more spiritually inclined.

They finally softened after bathing in the light for a couple of hours. Can you imagine that? It’s so scary. They used light to cleanse them. After the cleansing, they became good and obedient, and were willing to leave on their own. They knew that their past actions and level were not good. So they wanted to move quickly to a better place. Our Taoist sister said the same thing just now. The ghosts said to her, “Now we want to leave this dark world to go to a better world.” They attained this realization and left because they’d been reformed.

We don’t use knives or swords, or shoot swords of light at them. We don’t chase after them either. So sometimes you ask me to banish someone who’s possessed. I will not do it. It’s no use driving someone out. It’s better to reform him. If he commits the same offense repeatedly for a long time and refuses to change, then I will kick him out. But it doesn’t mean abandoning him. Kicking him out, but helping him invisibly. That is different. It is just so he could not disturb others here, but I’ll let him go somewhere else and teach him in different ways. Do you know what I mean? It is not abandoning him, ignoring him, or killing him. It is teaching him in different ways.

The couple was almost killed after being affected by the astral beings. If their invisible brothers who had great spiritual power did not come to help, they wouldn’t have survived. But even though those astral beings came to attack the spiritual practitioners, they still benefited from the light from a good level. So those who harm spiritual practitioners also go unpunished sometimes. Their level was already too low to drop any further. You know what I mean? In fact, how much more could they be punished? They could only be punished by becoming demons, which they already were.

But if we human beings have that kind of vicious heart, we will sink down to the level of demons. But when I think about it, the way I see it, even someone who harms me, will not go to a very bad place. He will definitely regret it someday, though. Because he has met Master, he cannot help being touched by Master’s Light. He cannot help being affected by Master’s spirit of practice. So sooner or later, he will regret it. When he does, he will get his chance. He can’t help it. It is impossible to run away from the Light. Where can he go to get away from the infinite and limitless Light? That’s why it’s called Infinite Light. How can he run away from It? Anywhere he goes, he is still within the Light. So he will not be hurt much.

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