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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

Sorcery Contest, Part 10 of 12, Aug. 11, 1991

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In this universe, the “soft” always overpowers the “hard.” The more effortless, the more formless, the more invisible, the more gentle, the more powerful. See how important the air is for us! And water is able to wear away any rock. And qi can nourish the whole body and the whole universe. And that formless qi is the vibration of Quan Yin. That is more incredible. Nothing is better than that, because It is the Mother of the universe, who gives birth to the whole creation. If we can catch It, we would have all the secrets of the universe in our hands.

If we don’t train ourselves well, and don’t practice diligently, this mind of ours will not be convinced. It will think that we are lying, and will not let us go up. We will obstruct ourselves. Therefore, we still have to practice to cleanse our mind. We have to let the mind understand that we are different now, we are really fit to be a Buddha or Bodhisattva now, and then it will be convinced. Then we will have no problem.

In spiritual practice, we fix this mind, which has recorded too many bad things life after life. It won’t allow us to let go of our guilty feelings. That’s why we have to practice and train it. Every day we use the (inner Heavenly) Light to shine on all the cells in our body and to teach our mind.

Inside each of our cells, the good and bad impressions of past lives are recorded. This causes karma. Sometimes, even though someone only gets a glimpse of you, he knows what you did in your past life or in this lifetime. It is because all the cells and vibrations of the body record very clearly, our every action, every move and every thought. Our desires are written down very clearly. So we can’t cheat anyone. There’s a saying, that when we die and see the king of hell, there will be a mirror where we can see our whole life very clearly, just like watching TV. But it’s very fast and very easy. This is true. This is our own Self. Our own ability to record everything. That’s why people can tell. Spiritual practitioners can tell a person’s past, present, and future lives. Our own karma is recorded in our body and mind, or in the so-called vibration around us.

Everyone has that vibration, no matter if he practices or not. The more you practice, the less of that kind of vibration you have. So now when we go out and mingle with worldly people, we will definitely encounter that kind of vibration. The more we practice, the more sensitive we become. Don’t think that you will have more protective power as you practice more. You will, but your sensitivity will increase hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of times. Did you think that Jesus Christ felt no pain when He was nailed to the Cross? The pain was killing Him! It was more intense than other people would feel. Because His body was not like that of ordinary people. His body was very, very sensitive. All His cells were completely changed. It is dangerous, very distressing, awful and helpless for this kind of person to be in this world.

Sometimes they give me a massage, like these days when my body hurts. Whether or not it is due to karma, I just feel pain. The pain is unbearable. So some of them who know how, gave me a massage. They said that they didn’t exert any pressure, but I could not bear it as soon as they touched me. I am not the kind of person to cry out easily. Because my father was a doctor, I was not afraid to give myself injections when I was little. I gave myself injections here. Wherever it was easy to do, I could do it. Sometimes I could also inject here. You know, one-third of it here. It is OK here, very convenient. Or when others give me a shot or take my blood sample, “blood?” (Blood.) Blood. I am not afraid to watch. But some people scream before anyone touches them. I am not that type of person. But the massage really hurt. It was unbearable. Unbearable! So I pulled my leg away. They applied the same pressure as they do for people outside. They didn’t think that I’d be so sensitive. If you take a good look, you can see that my skin looks transparent, as if you can see the bones inside. It’s very fine and transparent. Every time I go abroad, it is easier to take her with me than others whom I usually work with. She has hands that really look like she has practiced karate. Wow! Whenever she touches me, I would scream and wake up the whole state. It’s unbearable. She has kung fu hands. Or it is because my body is very sensitive.

I can only speak for myself. I don’t know about others, like Jesus Christ. I haven’t practiced very much and yet I am so sensitive. Of course, it might have been even worse for Jesus Christ. It must have been very painful when He was nailed. I heard that He wept. He wept not only for Himself, but also for the ignorant beings who crucified Him. With the karma they created, who knows how many thousands of years are needed for them to be liberated. Because their level was too low. It was the level of demons and beasts. One must have no compassion to be able to do such things. They covered up their human emotions, and pulled their level down to that of demons or beasts. Of course, it would be very hard to climb up. That was why He wept.

Sometimes when I meet some ignorant disciples, who make me very sad and hurt, I really weep. I can only shake my head and say, “Oh, too ignorant, too ignorant.” That’s how it is. Then I also pray to God to forgive them, because they don’t know what they are doing. They wouldn’t dare if they knew. Every time I pray, I pray for those people. I do not pray for myself. What else can I get? Even if I become a Buddha, for example, so what? Or if I attain the highest position in the universe, what good is it for me? I cannot ask for anything.

Therefore I say, all the good and the bad we do will stick to us. It is written down very clearly. Anyone who knows the secret, whether spiritual practitioner or not, can verify this. Do you know what I mean?

So if we go out and mingle with worldly people, inevitably we become contaminated by their vibrations and our blessings pass onto them, even if they don’t want them. It’s like two water pipes, or two buckets, one higher up and the other lower down. Water will definitely run from high to low. So if you want to protect yourself a little, you should switch off the water pipe. Recite the Five Holy Names all the time, that is the only way.

Sometimes it might still leak, because you might forget. You forget that Master is there. But if you are willing to do bad things, and you do wrong knowingly, you will also sink. If you make a blunder, I will definitely protect you. But if you do it deliberately and do not pray to Master for help or let me intervene, putting Master aside, then I cannot help you. But if you ask, you will get an immediate response. If it’s carelessness on your part, Master will definitely save you. But if you know it’s wrong and you do it deliberately, and do not let Master help, then of course, I can’t help. Don’t blame me when that happens. You will keep sinking no matter where you fall. So there’s a way. It doesn’t matter if you forget me, just do not refuse my help. Do not refuse, do not think you are great and you can solve any problem. No, no, no! This world is not a fun place. The Buddha is one foot higher… what is it? (As virtue rises one foot, vice rises ten.)

As the Buddha rises one foot, the maya rises ten. The meaning is quite similar. The power is universal. Everyone can use it. But the point is how it’s used. We just heard from the brother, the kung fu expert. What did he say? He too used the wisdom eye before. He used it to send out qi with his mind power. Or the Taoist sister who used the wisdom eye to shoot a sword at me, to kill me. Fortunately I didn’t die, otherwise, no one would be speaking here today. It would be a great pity to have such a short life. I am not so bad-looking. It would be a pity to have such a short life without being able to show off the clothes. Well, they used it in a similar way. They also used the power there. Why not use all the power? They only used it to shoot a sword or send out qi. What a pity. It’s the same. So the maya is also very powerful. It’s not something we can play with. It’s not fun. We should not play where we practice spiritually. We are not supposed to mess around. That’s why it’s very difficult to select an Enlightened Master. Selecting a successor is also very hard. Otherwise, anyone could do it. It is truly so.

Sometimes I can even use non-initiates, let alone initiates. So sometimes, for example, a fellow initiate came to see me. She was initiated six or seven years ago. She was in a car with 5 or 6 people. As the car drove over the rail tracks, it suddenly stopped. It wouldn’t start and they started crying. They cried, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, somebody said to recite the Five Holy Names and pray to Master. As soon as they prayed, a policeman came and told them to get out and push the car. And that was it. They were not able to figure it out themselves. It was the Master power working through the policeman that reminded them. Sometimes when you run into trouble, you just freeze. You cannot figure out what to do, even though you are very clever. This was a teacher, not just any old woman who sells vegetables in the market. She was a teacher, a high school teacher. Even a teacher failed to figure it out. Why is that? When we encounter a sudden disaster or karma, we go into shock. We cannot think straight.

Sometimes, the monks here tell you that every day, I ask them to do things unexpectedly. “She would tell us to do things out of the blue.” Unexpected is good, too. Karma comes abruptly as well, doesn’t it? So we train ourselves to react quickly anytime, so that we can protect ourselves and get used to that kind of vibration. Later, when you become a Master, you can go up to Heaven or down to hell, just like this. If you sit there thinking it’s all too sudden and wondering whether it is time to go to hell or to Heaven, it won’t do. No, no, no.

The faster we are, the more omnipresent we will become. Coming and going will be like we have not come or gone. Because it happens too fast. It’s beyond the worldly concept of time and space. At that time, we fold up the space. Here and there becomes the same. I have told you about the ant. If it goes from here to there, it will take a while. And the Buddha folds the paper from where the ant is, so it just jumps over. The space is the same, but the approach is different. The same with learning martial arts.

There is a secret to learning everything, not just by working hard. OK. Similarly, the Buddha has His way of doing things. It’s done very fast and without moving. That’s why He is called “Tathagata”, coming and going without moving. He does not move, but He can do anything and go anywhere. He is present everywhere without going anywhere. That is true magical power. That is truly the highest level of spiritual practice. And it is effortless. So sometimes you say that Master’s transformation body comes here and goes there, does this and that, and saves you here and there. I don’t go anywhere, and don’t move anything. I don’t use any gestures. Mudras. It’s more or less the same. Same meaning. You can see that I don’t do anything. The monks are by my side. Do you see me doing any incantation? Or any mudras? No. I am probably sleeping at that time. Or playing a musical instrument, playing chess, reciting poetry, singing, planting grass, scolding people, it can be anything. It is effortless.

Like the brother who has mastered the martial arts. He doesn’t have to make any effort, but people fall when they touch him. Just by touching him! He doesn’t touch them. By touching him accidentally, you will also fall, for example. Some people practice kung fu to such a degree. They don’t move. Unlike those who kick about with great effort and look tough, but have nothing. Anyone who is stronger can make them fall. But the one who makes no effort, no one can make him fall. The “soft” one always wins over the “hard” one. That’s the reason.

In this universe, the “soft” always overpowers the “hard.” The more effortless, the more formless, the more invisible, the more gentle, the more powerful. See how important the air is for us! And water is able to wear away any rock. And qi can nourish the whole body and the whole universe. And that formless qi is the vibration of Quan Yin. That is more incredible. Nothing is better than that, because It is the Mother of the universe, who gives birth to the whole creation. If we can catch It, we would have all the secrets of the universe in our hands. Catching the mother means catching the children too. We’ll know where the whole family is. It’s very simple. Just like in the past when there was a battle, if the great general was defeated, then the army would be divided and in disarray, like a snake without a head. They could be defeated easily.

Similarly, when we study any scriptures, they all discuss the universal vibration and the Word. That is the Tao, the original power. So, if we can catch It, we will have caught everything. There’s nothing else to catch. If we catch other things, such as magical power or intelligence, or anything else, we catch only a little corner. We don’t catch the head. A human being or any animal would be finished if the head is caught. That’s why we say that the Quan Yin Method is the best, the most original, the fastest and the highest. This is the only one, truly. It is true, however you study it. So I am also very happy that I have caught this Method, and then you also caught It together with me. We are really very lucky, aren’t we?

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