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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

Sorcery Contest, Part 5 of 12, Aug. 11, 1991

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Did anyone else try to shoot me before? Please come up. How did you do it? There are quite a few qigong masters here, quite a few men. Are you all hiding? I would not take revenge. The best revenge is to take you beyond the three realms, so that you wouldn’t want to shoot me anymore.

Master: Master Ji Gong told many people to come to me. You were not the only one. He said very clearly to some people. He also told them that he’s not up to Master’s level. He meant I was a little higher than him. That’s what he said.

Q(f1): Actually, You are much higher.

Master: Lovely! (Yes.) It’s hard to measure “a little.” How much does “a little” mean in the Buddha’s realm compared to this world? Then what happened?

Q(f1): The day after Master Ji Gong spoke to me, I saw Master wearing a monastic robe with Her head shaved, like in the early days. And You said to me, “You can be my disciple now.” Something like that.

Q(f3): The second day, she saw the inner Master come to tell her, “You may become my disciple.” Master: OK.

Q(f1): Then I bowed to You. I said I did not have enough merit. I dared not. Then I withdrew. The second day You came again, again wearing the nun’s robe. I stood there and You walked around me three times and said, “You can practice the Quan Yin Method with me now.” Still I said that I dared not. The third day, I only saw You wearing the golden garment, just like in the early days, but You said nothing. And then…

Master: I already told you twice. What more could I say? I was too tired the third time. You were lucky to see me appear again. Other Masters would have let you go. (Yes.) And then?

Q(f1): Then I finally came to Hsihu ashram. The first time, a fellow initiate drove us here. On our way here there was a heavy storm. The rain was so heavy that it was almost impossible to drive. But we came anyway. We heard that Master was giving initiation that day. But when we got here, we found it had been rescheduled. The second time, again there was a storm and Master was going to give initiation, but the initiation was canceled again. The third time, we also traveled through a storm. But when we arrived in Hsihu, the day was clear. The rain had stopped. That day happened to be Your birthday. And on that day, I also thought that I must challenge You.

Master: At that time, she still wanted to challenge me. You see? That was too much! (Yes.) To have disciples like this. Hard like a stone. Master Ji Gong already told her to be my disciple. The deity from her own religion already told her to come learn with me. And my transformation body also came and told her three times. She still came here to shoot me. See? Always the disciples are like this. See how hard it is to teach you! I have to suffer so much. You don’t understand. So much hard work! You wouldn’t know if she didn’t tell you. It’s good that she told you a little bit today. There are quite a few other disciples who wanted to shoot me. You didn’t know. If I was not powerful enough I would not be here today.

Q(f1): Then after initiation, I went back to stay in an I-Kuan Tao temple.

Q(f3): She stayed in an I-Kuan Tao temple, focusing on spiritual practice.

Master: Oh.

Q(f1): Yes. I stayed in an I-Kuan Tao temple. I practiced the Quan Yin Method there and meditated. But I felt very different after a week. I believed that the so-called deities and gods in I-Kuan Tao were at the astral level. When we meditate and practice the Quan Yin Method, our inner Buddha light shines out, emitting immeasurable merits. And the astral beings would come and try to grab this light.

Master: Grab your light? (Yes.) It happens! (Yes.) Then what happened?

Q(f1): After seven days of meditation, I felt that my practice was not on the right track and my spirit seemed to have gone away. Like it had unraveled. So I knew that the registers for heaven and hell mentioned in I-Kuan Tao did really exist.

Master: I don’t understand.

Q(f3): I don’t understand.

Master: Please explain the last sentence.

Q(f1): I-Kuan Tao mentions a dragon heaven chart. Do You know that? It means the registers for heaven and hell.

Q(f3): They have a dragon heaven chart.

Master: What about it?

Q(f1): The dragon heaven chart is like the chart used in Taoism for liberating the dead.

Master: But what is the connection between this and your spirit going out?

Q(f1): Oh. Now we’re talking about the deities and gods in the I-Kuan Tao temple.

Q(f3): The problems with the deities in the I-Kuan Tao temple were what she was talking about.

Master: Oh. Go ahead. (Yes. And then…) You talk about the problems of those deities.

Q(f1): Yes. They say that spiritual practice can liberate us from the cycle of birth and death. Yes? They say we can be elevated from the cycle of life and death. At that time I believed it, that our names could be removed from the list for hell and added to the register for the astral heaven.

Master: Do you understand? (Yes.) Yes.

Q(f3): She said that it’s called the Long Tian list, or Dragon Heaven list. (Yes, the register for heaven.) The soul could go to the Asura world. She said that the purpose of practicing spiritually is to be liberated from the cycle of birth and death. (That… Yes.)

Master: Put the microphone further away, then your voice might sound clearer.

Q(f1): OK. As for the register for heaven, the name will be removed from the list for hell and registered for heaven. Meaning your name will be removed from the list for hell.

Q(f3): She said that our names would be added to heaven’s register and crossed out from the hell list. That means we would not go to hell.

Q(f1): Yes. So after we die, we would not go to hell.

Master: I’ve told you this many times. But you don’t believe me. Then what happened?

Q(f1): In I-Kuan Tao, it’s said that Master Ji Gong would bear our karma, but only for three years. After three years we’re on our own. Yes. Paying no heed to you after three years.

Master: Oh! What happens after three years? (After three years, it’s up to us.) OK.

Q(f1): Yes. It depends on our level of practice. If we cannot bear our own karma, then after three years…

Master: It’s already good that he carries your karma for three years. (Yes.) Otherwise, who wants to take your karmic burden?

Q(f1): Yes. That’s why I believed in I-Kuan Tao. But now I have learned the Quan Yin Method and saw that You are a real living Buddha, who can save sentient beings, truly save our souls, and liberate us from the cycle of birth and death. That’s why I want to be a nun.

Master: I see! (Yes.) OK. (That’s all.) It’s good.

Q(f1): Yes. It was all arranged by Master.

Master: It’s good that you believe me. (Yes.)

Master: Where is your magic sword now? Where did you put it?

Q(f1): Oh that! I threw it away! I’m done with it.

Master: Good, good. Don’t use it anymore.

Q(f1): No. Now I’ll concentrate on the Quan Yin Method and practice for Buddhahood.

Master: That’s wonderful! I do not blame you for shooting me. Because if you did not try, you would not know who I am. (Yes, I learned my lesson.) You were thinking, “what if she’s evil?” Right? (Yes.) “I’ll shoot her, and if she doesn’t die, it means she’s good. Then I could be her disciple!” It’d be troublesome if we found the wrong teacher! No? She was trying to find a real Master, because she had been practicing since childhood. She has an intense longing for the Dharma. If she found the wrong Master, her whole life would have been wasted, understand?

Q(f1): Yes, that’s why I had only one Master before, Master Ji Gong.

Master: He is also a good one!

Q(f1): Yes, but he’s not as high as You! That’s why he wanted me to come to You!

Master: What did you say? (He was not as high as You. That’s why he wanted me to learn with You.)

Master: Great. He’s honest. He will have merit for this. Master Ji Gong is good. But he’s not in this physical world anymore.

Q(f1): No. He doesn’t have a physical body. So he cannot bear our karma.

Master: Right. Anything else? (That’s all.) That’s all? (Yes.) Tell me more after you become a nun. OK. (Thank You, Master.)

Master: Did anyone else try to shoot me before? Please come up. How did you do it? There are quite a few qigong masters here, quite a few men. Are you all hiding? I would not take revenge. The best revenge is to take you beyond the three realms, so that you wouldn’t want to shoot me anymore. That’s revenge from the core. End the hatred forever. If I take revenge on you, I’ll not be able to eliminate it from the core. I always deal with things from the core. It’s good, isn’t it? (Yes.) OK. That’s the real solution. End the cycle of revenge.

Master: OK, who else? Anyone has better magic? You can also show your small magic. Just for fun. It’s a pity that she could not perform for you. But I believe that she does have this magic. She would not lie to you. You can tell from the way she talks. She truly has magic power. It’s not easy to have achieved this. If your wisdom eye is open, you can see the sword she manifested was like a real sword, but it was thousands of times more powerful. You could not stop it! You could not control it. If you don’t have much spiritual power, you’d be shot by it. Then you would probably die, even without any sickness. Not only in this life, but many lifetimes! No one could save you unless you met a high-level Master. The sword could penetrate your spiritual body. After that you’d be controlled by her. You would listen to her command, unable to do anything with your own will. Your soul would be controlled! You’d be seriously injured, deeply wounded! No one would be able to save you. It’s very scary. So if a sorcerer has no morals, it’d be really troublesome. Yet this is how she came to believe Master. It’s not because she was jealous or had bad intentions. You cannot say that she’s not loyal to the Truth. She just wanted to test whether I was a demon or not. She thought she could be like the Monkey King, protecting people from evil by eliminating a big demon. That’s why. When she failed, she knew that I was not the bad one. She was. I’m just joking.

You see, it’s not easy for her to obtain such power! She has meditated since childhood. She has been training since she was little. It’s easier if you learn from childhood. You’re more innocent and can concentrate more easily. If you start from childhood, you would be very powerful and have great achievement. There are some who have achieved something similar. But you don’t have to manifest such a long sword to kill a person. This is enough. It’s already a great achievement for her. I am small. For me, just this long is enough. Isn’t it? With a few centimeters to spare. It’s a waste to use so much energy to manifest this. OK. If you want to shoot me, then make a small one. Don’t need to waste so much power. However, there is one thing not so good about it. Not only do you use this power to harm people, you also use it to kill and eliminate. Annihilation. (To annihilate him.) Saving people is really what matters. What’s so great about killing people? People learn two things: To kill and to save. To kill is so simple. To eliminate someone is so easy. It’s also easy to eliminate ghosts. But it’s better to save ghosts and demons. Isn’t it? If you just kill and eliminate anyone and everyone, it’s no good. Right?

Master: Well, anyone else wants to share something? Just to pass the time. Let’s not be too serious. Come, come. Yeah, I remember him. I remember him. He told us some stories at the 7-day retreat, didn’t he? Come sit here. OK, sit anywhere you like, as long as you’re comfortable. You don’t have to look at them, if you are worried that they will make trouble for you later. Tell me.

Q(m1): I once tried to exchange qi or energy flow with You by releasing it from the top of my head. That was during a lecture by Master in Pingtung.

Master: I don’t understand. Come closer. Come over here. Here we can talk better. Come, come. You’ll feel more comfortable. OK, now we can chat. Sit down. Sit here. It’s OK. What are you afraid of? You already know I am not a demon. Sit! We can talk casually, like friends. They would just listen by the way.

Q(m1): One time Master was giving a lecture in Pingtung, At that time I didn’t know who Master was. I was practicing qigong at the time. I could exchange my qi (energy flow) with trees.

Q(f3): He could exchange energy with trees.

Master: Oh! (I could…) Exchange qi with all beings. (Yes.) And?

Q(m1): My qi would flow from the top of my head into a tree.

Master: Into a tree? (And then…) Draw energy back from the tree? (I can absorb energy from the tree.) And? (When you were giving the lecture…)

No wonder your face looks so green. You’ve almost turned into a tree. And then what happened? This is not easy. It’s not a simple task. I know. It’s similar to the way Arabian people practiced. I know. There was once an old Arabic witch. She was an old practitioner, an old woman. She did not have to eat. She just absorbed energy. How did she do it? For example, if she was going to perform, she would pick a grapefruit about this size. She would just lie there with her eyes closed and do nothing. But suddenly the grapefruit would shrink, leaving its skin dry. She had extracted the juice inside! Is it like that? If you extract qi from the trees, will they die? (No.) No?

Q(m1): They are grown trees, not small trees.

Master: So you used bigger trees?

Q(m1): Just ordinary trees. I dared not exchange qi with very big trees. I had heard a story about a person who knew how to exchange qi. He tried to exchange qi with a sacred tree. A sacred tree is one that has lived for hundreds of years. As a result, his qi was sucked away by that tree.

Master: So small trees are better? Yes. That’s right.

Q(m1): His whole body stayed cold for a whole month.

Master: Oh! Was he OK?

Q(m1): He recovered slowly. So I only do it with smaller trees.

Master: Yeah, they are kinder and do not react so severely. Stick to smaller trees in the future. Didn’t your teacher tell you that? Why go to sacred trees? They are old and more powerful. Even I know, that old people are not to be messed with. Then what happened? Continue your story.

Q(m1): So Master was giving a lecture in Pingtung. I was ignorant of Master’s Power. Master was sitting on the stage, and I tried to send out my qi to exchange with Master’s.

Master: You aimed your qi at me? Oh, you were only trying. (Yes.) You did not see my light?

Q(m1): I did. But I did not realize that it was the Buddha Light. My qi dissipated when it touched Your Light. Again and again, I sent my qi and it was gone.

Master: You lost your qi. (Yes.) My goodness! Lucky you are still alive! And then?

Q(m1): Actually, this ability came naturally after I practiced qigong. It was very sudden. It was not my original intention.

Master: Understand.

Q(m1): I practiced qigong to strengthen my internal organs. This was incidental.

Master: You tried to shoot your qi at me. Then what happened? How did it disappear?

Q(m1): Once I released my qi, it dissolved just like materials melt upon contact with the sun. I don’t know where my qi went. It seemed to have hit something and was dissolved right away.

Master: OK. Did you run out of qi?

Q(m1): I dared not continue. I stopped after trying a few times.

Master: You stopped? (I stopped just in time.) Good. Otherwise, you would have no qi left. (That’s right.) Anything else?

Q(m1): I just wanted to try out my sorcery skills. By practicing qigong, I also achieved some other skills, such as external qigong. External qigong is…

Master: Did you practice neidangong or internal alchemy?

Q(m1): No, it was qigong. The real qigong.

Master: Qigong, OK. There are many kinds of qigong. (Yes.)

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