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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

Sorcery Contest, Part 8 of 12, Aug. 11, 1991

Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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I will walk around outside. (OK.) Look at my magic! Look at my magic: Om mani padme hum! Isn’t it great?

Q(m2): I can show You another move. Not even four or five monks together would be able to make me move.

Master: OK, come up and push him. Recite the Five Holy Names. Tong, all come up. Push one by one, or two at a time. (Do you need someone to catch you from behind?) Behind. (He won’t budge.) No need. No need to block, just make sure the camera’s not blocked. Don’t embarrass us. One, two, three! Ah, can’t budge him! Impressive!

Q(m2): More people can come. (More people.)

Master: Tong, don’t be so polite. All right, never mind. Otherwise, they might think we’re bullying them with so many people. That would be embarrassing. One, two, three, go! Oh! We are finished. Tong… (You can’t protect Master.) You can no longer protect me. Forget it.

Q(m2): I would really like to teach them this skill.

Master: Ah? (I would like to teach them this skill.) Yes, come and teach them. (I have been saying this to my inner Master for a long time.) I would love it. You didn’t come when I asked. All right, come and stay for a while. (I can teach them.) OK, you can teach them. It’d be fun! Teach me a little kung fu, OK? For self-defense. OK, come if you want. I wanted to find someone to teach them, but no one came. (But their kung fu would be different from mine. Absolutely different.) Never mind. You can teach them different things, right? We need to defend ourselves. OK, so it’s settled. Because you have practiced for thirty years, since childhood. (Yes, yes. I’ve practiced martial arts since I was a boy.) You have practiced since you were inside your mother’s womb. But Tong did practice qigong. Even knives and swords cannot hurt him. He’s not bad. But he’s not that powerful, because he didn’t practice every day. Your kung fu is more steady, with qi inside. (It is because when we relax, we can stick to the ground like dough. I don’t use any physical strength.) Oh, I see. (They had to use physical strength.) Oh, they had to try hard. (Because this type of kung fu is completely effortless.) Understand. (It’s suitable for smaller people to practice. Short people can do this better than the tall and big ones.) I see. (So they won’t be able to touch you.) Strange. (This type of kung fu is…)

Q(f3): The smaller the person, the better.

Master: The smaller the better? Then I have hope! I am the smallest one here. (Because this type of kung fu doesn’t rely on physical strength. The less effort, the better. The smaller you are, the smaller is your body surface area. So people won’t be able to touch you.) How strange! (This is the real tai chi. Not the kind they do for show outside.) Understand. (This is different.) Only real masters know this. (This is the real kung fu.) It’s great to be able to achieve this. Just like cockfighting. The champion rooster doesn’t have to move. Just seeing him scares other roosters to death. Initially he is easily agitated. But when he is trained to be the best, other roosters tremble and flee without him having to do anything. That is the best gamecock, isn’t it? It is the same with our martial arts practice and spiritual practice. With the Quan Yin Method, we don’t have to do anything. We stay still even if it’s stormy or chaotic outside. In the end it will all disperse, right? Everyone is just retreating, right? (Retreating to the mountains.) Retreated to the mountains. And the ones who shot swords at me have also surrendered. It is good this way. I have also learned something from you. Thanks a lot. (Thank You.) It is good to practice martial arts like this.

Are the tea and (vegan) food ready now? (They’re ready.) What about (vegan) cookies? Are they on those tables? (Yes.) Go out and check. (Done.) How much is there? Is there a lot? (Yes. A lot.) I’ll go and have a look myself. OK? You wait here for a while. Sometimes they try to fool me. They put only three (vegan) cookies on the table, and say that they’re prepared. I’ll come back after checking. OK? If it’s not so good, then let them do it.

Wow, wow! This is not good. The kung fu is not good. OK. Come back in a while.

Amazing. Where did you learn to be so good? Look, without using any tool.

OK. Not bad. There’re quite a few places, like the publications area and the park. And where else? Huh? (The warehouse.) The warehouse? Only three places, yes? Where did you place them? (There are also some beside the kitchen.) But that’s the warehouse beside the kitchen. (There are some in the warehouse.) Yes or no? (Yes.) Eh! Don’t start, you people out there. We haven’t started yet. You’re secretly eating (vegan) cookies and did not come in to listen to my talk. All right then, tea and (vegan) cookies are ready. Hmm, how many places? If it’s only three places, then it’s not enough. How many for each person? You didn’t say how many for each. (There are many tables of [vegan] food in the publications area.) Many? And you don’t know how many for each person? (There are a lot of [vegan] cookies.) How many is “a lot”? Can one person get three, four, five, or six? (Yes.)

OK. Three, four, five, or six per person. Take three first, and more later if there’s enough. If people in the front of the line take too many, then there’ll be none left for those at the back. That makes us greedy. We should share things here. Sometimes we’re unable to buy enough (vegan) cookies and candies in time. The shops may not have that much in stock. Even if we buy everything they have, it’s still not enough for us here. It’s not that one shop sells only one thing. They have a variety of things to sell, so, whatever we buy, it’s always not enough. Because there are too many people here. There’s no ashram that has so many people coming each week. So it’s never enough even if we empty the shops each time. I’m planning on running a big market here, which means you run, sell, and eat, all by yourselves. Or else we cannot meet this massive need. Good. Enjoy your day. Eat and drink as you like, then walk around. Chat with one another. Don’t worry about being orderly. Understand? (Understand.) We’ll talk later. OK? (OK.)

I thank those who came up to talk about supernatural power, and the two martial arts teachers. You’re great in martial arts. Write down his name. He said he’ll teach you. No? OK. Starting when? When will you start to teach? (It’s up to Master.) Tomorrow? Is it OK? They’re studying arts and literature here, but also have to learn some martial arts, so as to be well-versed in both. We have to preserve our Chinese tradition, don’t we? Otherwise, if you die with no disciples and that would be a pity. Practicing martial arts is also good for the body. Come and show some moves to me first. Tai chi is not bad. It is very beautiful and good for the health. And it doesn’t look violent. At least this way you can protect yourselves. But the best way is to pray to the Master inside. It’s the fastest. Because the inner Master knows all the martial arts. Hiers power is omnipotent. OK, enjoy your tea. (Thank You, Master.)

Wow, is it hot sitting up there? (No.) Do you know what kind of clothes these are? Aulacese (Vietnamese). It’s been altered a little. Something was added to make it brighter. The ones that you saw during the 7-day retreat were too fitting and looked too good. This looks more dignified, yes? (Yes.) Good! I will walk around outside. (OK.)

Look at my magic! Look at my magic: Om mani padme hum! Isn’t it great?

Look, strong magical power. (Master is beautiful.) (Thank You, Master.) What is important is the atmosphere, not (vegan) cookies or candies. Yes? (Yes, it is.) (Thank You, Master.) Hey, it’s you. Where’s your mom? (Where’s your mother?) Is she here? (Yes, she’s here.) (My mother went to enjoy her tea.) Enjoy her tea. OK, wow. So many people here. (Showing magical power again.) Wow, what a huge crowd. Is this the area they like the best? Can we go in now? (Yes.) Oh! It’s you again. Such a family. I can never escape your family every week. Gaining more and more weight. (Hallo, Master.) That’s for fun and not for satisfying your hunger. … Buy those… This is for those who are hungry. That one is fine. Why did you buy such a salty one? Strange. “Virtuous” (pronounced like “salty”) people buy “salty” things. (The [vegan] jelly tastes very good.) Do you know that they’re all “virtuous” (pronounced like “salty”) people? “Virtuous.” Very virtuous. Yes. Whatever a virtuous person buys is always salty. Wow, the crowd here is the biggest. (How are You, Master?) Fine. (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) (Hallo, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) See, nobody wanted the (vegan) jelly. (I want it.) Huh? Do you want it? OK. (How are You, Master?) How are you? (Hallo, Master.) Where are you from? (From Kaohsiung.) From Kaohsiung? That’s far. (Yes.) Ah-ya-ya. (What a beautiful Master.) Yes. Did you realize just now? Do you think I left home because my ex-husband didn’t want me?

Hallo, everyone. Here I am. Tea is good. It detoxifies your body. You can go home with a very healthy body. And you’ll say that Master’s blessing power is great. But it’s the tea, actually. Come to see Master and you’ll definitely have good health. You have to sweat a lot, anyway, having to jostle even for (vegan) food. (Hallo, Master.) Is the (vegan) food enough or not? Are there enough (vegan) cookies? (Yes.) There are a lot over there. There are a lot in the publications area. (There are a lot up there.) The (vegan) cookies they’ve prepared are not that good, are they? (They’re very delicious.) Are they good? (Very nice.) I think they’re nothing special. (They’re delicious. Thank You, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) It’s kind of salty. “Virtuous” as they are … (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. It’s good as long as you enjoy it. (Thank You, Master.) I’ll come back later. (OK.)

(Hallo, Master.) Wow, there are also many people here. (Hallo, Master.) Is there enough tea? (Yes.) Tell the kitchen if there’s not enough. Is there anybody who hasn’t had tea? Raise your hand. Why? Is there no more? There’s more in the dining area. Go and get it quickly. OK? There are a lot of (vegan) cookies and tea. Hurry. Why didn’t the kitchen prepare enough tea? Anybody who hasn’t had tea? (There’s not enough tea.) Over there. Go get it quickly. Don’t just look at Master. Go. (Hallo, Master.) It’s so hot. I’m going back to get some rest and some tea. OK? (OK.) (Bye, Master.) (See You again, Master.)

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