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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

Sorcery Contest, Part 12 of 12, Aug. 11, 1991

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The precepts must be strictly kept. Veganism is very good. We should have love for all beings, otherwise, we would be learning from maya. If we don’t have any compassion for the helpless animals, how can we then tolerate our enemies? No matter what good deeds we do, I’m afraid that our love is not deep enough.

I don’t know what it was like in the time of Jesus Christ and Shakyamuni Buddha. Those who harmed them would all go to hell, and for a long time. But for those who harmed me, I haven’t seen them go to hell. They were ignorant, weren’t they? They did it out of ignorance. If they’d known, they wouldn’t have done it. It’s OK for the people who know. We only pity the ones who are ignorant. Like little kids who hit us recklessly, would we hit them back? Little kids who are one, two or three years old. Sometimes they play with us parents. They hit us and pull our beard or our hair, but we wouldn’t hit them back or get angry. Because they’re ignorant. Even if human beings have that kind of vicious intention or action, it is because they have not reached that level of understanding. So how can we blame an ignorant and thoughtless person? We are great gentlemen who know a lot. So we should forgive those people. I certainly will not punish them. But it is not good for them. They have to bear their guilt for a long, long time. And it is rather pitiful for them. They will regret it one day. They will, for sure, very soon. There’s not a single person who would not regret it.

As I told you, when I first came to Taiwan (Formosa), there was a lot of slander. Every day we seemed to hear about some reports in the newspapers. Not anymore. No more. It was the same with us Aulacese (Vietnamese), when the Aulacese (Vietnamese) people shared my teachings at first. But not lately, not anymore. That was in the past. Almost every day I received one, two or three slanderous letters, which were so bad, so vicious and so nasty. Not anymore. I don’t know where they disappeared to. People will surely regret it and realize it one day. Because they chant the name of Ching Hai every day, it must have some effect. Yes! It doesn’t matter how you say It.

When the doctor gives you medicine, it doesn’t matter if you take it with resentment or with delight, it still has an effect. Like when the doctor gives you an injection, whether you hate it or not, it still has an effect. You can’t help it. It just serves its function. Otherwise, what is the use? It would mean it is ineffective, and biased in some way. I’ve talked about the power of the Buddha, the infinite love and compassion, without discrimination. He doesn’t know if any person chants His name with resentment or delight. Chanting is chanting. Just hearing the Name is enough. There’s no need to differentiate between people who resent it and who do not. That would be too much work. Why would we make our Buddhas so busy? Being so calculating, just like worldly people. I do not keep an account. Chanting with evil intent is also chanting. It doesn’t matter how one chants. One can chant in an intangible way, without feelings or heart, or with resentment, love or respect. It would all be effective. What happens if we touch water accidentally? We’ll get wet! What happens if we touch fire accidentally? It burns! Similarly, if we meet the Buddha or Bodhisattva accidentally, resentful or not, it’s all the same. It’s fun this way! I think it’s fun.

So now, I want to tell you that even if we can see the past and the future and many high realms through spiritual practice, those astral beings may still disturb us. Therefore, we have to be careful all the time, recite the Five Holy Names all the time, and protect our inner peace all the time. In any situation, we should know that it is only an illusion. Immediately pray to the inner Buddha for help, pray to God within and the Master inside. Don’t wait until it is too late and then cry. Sometimes that causes a lot of trouble, which may hurt other people. Also, don’t allow others to harm us so badly, as this also harms them. Do you understand what I mean?

We just pray all the time, and it will be all right. It won’t do any harm. Even if it is not effective, it won’t hurt. It is better than gossiping. Then our spirit will be at ease. Even people who have a ferocious heart would be affected when chanting the Buddha’s Name, let alone those of us who are cool and calm, kind and virtuous, who are always praying. Of course, it will be more effective. If it is not better, then it would be similar anyway. So don’t wait until the time has passed and the matter is overdue, before praying to Master or reciting the Five Holy Names. Sometimes there are serious consequences. It’s troublesome. It’s not that you cannot be saved. That’s the only method that can protect us.

The couple, for example, practiced quite well, they called themselves masters. Masters who could teach people and emit light. OK, I believe that. But despite that, they couldn’t save themselves. When somebody came in suddenly, the impact was so strong. They were often like that. They dared not get close to people. Even disciples were not allowed to be around them. They had to learn everything by heart. Very few could enter their home. OK, I believe the degree of their sensitivity. But I think it is probably because they ate meat. They said that they didn’t drink and could not bear the smell of tobacco smoke, so they dare not go anywhere. But they could bear meat. They could bear it.

It didn’t matter what level they were at, if they ate meat, they couldn’t withstand it. They had little capacity for endurance. That is why they dared not touch people, not to mention thousands of people coming to be initiated. Before people even meet you, you’d be finished if they just say your name. So being loving and vegan will reform people a little. That’s why you shouldn’t listen to people outside and be tempted when you see them eat meat while practicing spiritually.

The precepts must be strictly kept. Veganism is very good. We should have love for all beings, otherwise, we would be learning from maya. If we don’t have any compassion for the helpless animals, how can we then tolerate our enemies? Our enemies may put up a strong resistance, while animals are helpless, defenseless, and innocent. If we can bear to eat them, I’m afraid that we do not have enough love. No matter what good deeds we do, I’m afraid that our love is not deep enough. Not deep enough to be moved by the animals.

I don’t know how you feel since becoming vegan. When I see an ant was accidently stepped on, and he rolls back and forth, or has one leg or some other part broken, it tears my heart out. Sometimes I stay there and watch him for a long time. I cannot bear it, and keep saying to him, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I really feel great pain in my heart, seeing him struggling between life and death. I cannot even kill him to relieve his pain. Because if I kill him, after he dies, he’ll remain in agony, thinking he is still alive and rolling back and forth there. This is like when people get wounded or have a car accident; after they die, they still think they are covered in blood and their face is smashed. Sometimes they show that face to people. Or if people who drown are not liberated and don’t have a Master to guide them, they think that they are still alive and feel cold all the time. No matter what clothes you give them to wear, they’ll say that they are freezing. It is because our astral body is very sensitive, similar to our physical body, only more sensitive.

That’s why we say spiritual practitioners are hundreds and thousands times more sensitive. After we practice spiritually, we become more and more separated from this physical body. Our spirit becomes very much detached. We still have to roll around in this world, but our sensitivity increases hundreds of times. We still have to live in such a coarse place. We are already very sensitive, but still we have to stay here. We’ve become different.

Sometimes the more you practice, like if you help with my work, with my lectures or whatever, then later you don’t eat much. Not because you are full. Not because the food is not good. But because your level has risen far above the world, and into the far future. So the food seems rather strange to you. You don’t belong to this world. It is just that we have to endure this place, but our Self is no longer here. Sometimes we have to come and go, in order to deal with the karma of the world. So when we come back, we are under great pressure and suffer a lot.

So sometimes the more we practice, the more pressure and pain we feel. Don’t be afraid. That means we are already on a very high level, because we are more sensitive. It is not that the world gives us more pressure. No, no. Sometimes our level is so high, we cannot bear the pressure. We still have to be patient, OK? Be patient, recite the Five Holy Names, and practice more. After a few decades or a few years, we will be gone. It won’t be long. This is your last life. You only have to bear it for the last time, OK?

Thank you, thank you for coming for tea. OK, you may go eat now. I am a little bit late once in a while. Will you blame me for it? (No.) Just pay a little bit more for the tour buses. If you don’t have enough money, you can ask us for it, OK?

(Hallo, Master.) (Hallo, Master.) (Hallo, Master.) (Hallo, Master.) Are there people who are not coming? Those who didn’t come, please raise your hand. (Hallo, Master.) It’s hotter here, isn’t it? (We can bear it.) Yes, it is bearable. How is your husband? He didn’t come to see me? (Hallo, Master.) Thank you. (Master.) Hey, it’s you. Bye! (Master, You are really beautiful.) I need to make myself look beautiful once in a while. Otherwise, you will think that I became your Master because no one wants me. Otherwise, you will think that you’re the only beautiful ones. OK, bye! (See You, Master.) Where should I walk so it’s fair to everyone? (Hallo, Master.) OK. You can never see enough. Do you know that? Bye-bye, bye-bye. (Hallo, Master.) Everyone, take care. Did anyone translate for him? Does he know Chinese? (He knows Chinese.) Wonderful. There will be an initiation next week. OK?

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