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From Jainism's Holy Sutrakritanga Sutra: Book I – Lecture 6: Praise of Lord Mahavira

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One of the oldest religions in the world is Jainism, traditionally known as Jain Dharma. Lord Mahavira, who is considered to be the last Tirthankara, was born around the 5-6th century BC, as a prince of the ancient kingdom of Vaishali. He later forsook His royal status to pursue the spiritual path. After attaining kevala jnana, or all-knowing intuitive vision, He spent the rest of His life giving discourses on spiritual truths, which form the present-day tenets of Jainism. We present to you today excerpts from Book I - Lecture 6 from Jainism’s Sutrakritanga Sutra. “This wise and clever great Sage possessed infinite knowledge and infinite faith. Learn and think about the law and the piety of the glorious Man who lived before our eyes! This wise Man had explored all beings, whether they move or not, on high, below, and on earth, as well as the eternal and transient things. Like a lamp He put the law in a true light. He sees everything; His knowledge has got beyond (the four lower stages); He has no impurity; He is virtuous, of a fixed mind, the highest, the wisest in the whole world; He has broken from all ties; He is above danger and the necessity to continue life. Omniscient, wandering about without a home, crossing the flood (of the Samsara), wise, and of an unlimited perception, without an equal, He shines forth (or He does penance) like the sun, and He illumines the darkness like a brilliant fire.”
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