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Adam and Eve’s Exile From the Garden of Eden, Part 7 of 9, Feb 11, 2021

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Only if you go inside and be yourself again, be the soul again and disconnect with this body, that is then when you recognize yourself, and then have more power. Then you can go to Heavens because the soul will understand where to go. Not the body. Not the mind.

“So, now Eve felt absolutely like rubbish inside, rotten and so guilty, so she fainted on the ground. At that time, satan, the king of devils, told Adam ‘Because of you I was expelled from Heaven.’ Satan, this is one of the fallen angels, I guess. (Ah.) So he accused Adam, he said, ‘Because of you’”, because Adam is human, (Ah.) one of the humans. “‘It’s because of you, I am expelled from the Garden. When your form had been just created, I was kicked out of Paradise, out of the sight of the holy face of god. And then, I was also dismissed from all the angels’ company, from all the angels’ unit.’ So, after Adam heard that, he begged god to please, move, place this enemy far, far, far, far away from him. Because this enemy has always wanted to ruin, to destroy his soul and his purity. (Oh.) After that, satan became invisible and disappeared out of sight of the humans. And then, Adam ends the period of repentance and begins a new life with his wife, Eve, of course.” So, end of the story. (Thank You, Master.)

Thank You, God. Thank you all who collect all these stories for us. It’s amusing at least. (Yes.) Even if it’s not true. But it could be true. It sounds very familiar to us. (Yes.) Many of our brothers and sisters are also falling. Going back out again to fight with the whole world to survive, for survival only. What else? What else is out there? (Yes.) What else is out there except just for fighting for survival? Maybe you have a flashy car, and you have only a golf cart to run around. Maybe they have it, the ones who went out, have a flashy car and you have a flashy golf cart. Maybe they go out and eat fancy food, and you eat whatever is cooked for you; sometimes fancy, sometimes not. But I have to tell you, when I saw, when you give me some of these food shows, like in Paris, vegan bakery shop? (Yes, Master.) Oh, my God! (Yummy, yummy.) I am not sure how tempted Adam felt when he saw that apple. But I can tell you I was very, very, very tempted when I saw all those cakes and bakeries and, oh my God, all sizes, all shapes, all colors, all my favorites when I was in Paris. And I really truly wished, I remember the host asked, “Oh, don’t you wish that you could live near there?” I said, “I do! I do!”

Ah, man. No wonder we have so many apples. Because once he tasted it, he will remember forever. So, he kept planting apples. We have a lot, a lot of apples. And also invoke in you something, these kind of sensual pleasure feeling. So, don’t eat a lot of them. The kitchen gives you a lot. Apples, right? (Yes, Master.) It’s OK. You eat with many other things, maybe OK. The problem is that maybe Adam ate only that apple that day. He should have eaten it with like organic brown rice or Loving Hut-made protein, and stuff like that. Then, maybe not so concentrated, it could dilute it. He would probably have had less problems.

Any questions, anything you want to tell me about this story? (Yes, Master.) Tell me. Wow! Nice clothes for New Year! Nice, nice. Don’t kneel, it hurts your knees. (I’m OK.) Just sit, sit. Is the floor clean? (Yes.) OK, sit, please, yes.

(For the origin of life stories, in previous lectures, Master talked about the Buddhist stories where we were ethereal beings, or we were invisible, and then we slowly drank the ocean and ate the foam of the ocean and became more materialized, and then became humans. How does the story of Adam and Eve work into that?) I wasn’t there, baby. I guess similar. I guess it’s similar.

The Buddha’s story was that we were originated from Brahman Heaven, the third Heaven even, very high. And then we came down. Originally, we can fly, we are light, we are not heavy and solid like this now. We can fly anywhere, we can do anything, go anywhere that we want. In the beginning, this world was empty. There was nobody. One of the Brahmans saw the throne is ready, but empty for a leader. So, he went down. (Oh.) He sat on the throne. But to be a king alone is very, very boring. So, he needs some more company, to be his subjects, to rule, to feel important. Thus, slowly he attracts others, tells all of them to come together.

Originally, everyone is like Heavenly beings because we came from Heaven. Third Heaven is a very big deal already. Many people, many monks or priests, they practice all their life, very, very ascetically, still could not even reach that, unless you have a real method. Because the method, the real Self has nothing to do with all the material things. So, if you punish yourself, or if you do too much ascetism or deny yourself many of the material pleasures, it has nothing to do with the soul. The soul doesn’t even need anything like that. Only if you go inside and be yourself again, be the soul again and disconnect with this body, that is then when you recognize yourself, and then have more power. Then you can go to Heavens because the soul will understand where to go. Not the body. Not the mind.

In the beginning, even though we also have other kinds of bodies, but the third Heaven body, not the causal body, not the astral body, even. The Brahmic body. Very, very big shot already. Then came down, everybody has fun, fun, fun. They saw things on Earth they wanted to try. Originally, they saw some foam, a kind of foam. Probably, not just foam, but maybe some kind of jelly, something that’s manifested by the water, then they just eat that, and feel, “Oh, it’s good,” and continue eating, eating. Perhaps those, in the beginning, there’s some sea beings, sea materials, just like maybe seaweed or something. But it wasn’t so solid like the seaweed that we have now. Probably in some kind of transparent form or very tasty, delicious. Or, because the body of the Brahmic being never tasted any such things, so when he tasted it the first time, he felt so good.

Then they continued to eat, they told each other, “Hey, try that! Try that! For fun.” Because they had nothing to do. Imagine, you have everything, all the power, you can fly everywhere, you can manifest things, you can read each other’s minds, you have no hindrance, because your body is almost like ether. And then you are bored. (Yes.) I guess that’s why the angels fell. Because too bored. Too good. Everything is so smooth, so easy, whatever they wanted to do, it’s just simple. Whatever they wanted to have, at the blink of an eye, they have it. So, maybe too boring. More boring. And that was the reason also, this world was created.

In another kind of legend, one practitioner stood on one leg for many, many kalpas to worship God, so that he can have a boon. And then God give him a boon, said, “What do you want?” He said he wanted to create a world in which he rules, because “the world that You created, it’s too, not just boring, but too regular. Nothing interesting, nothing striking.” So he wanted to create a world in which he rules. So God promised already, and then he created the world like this right now. So maybe that’s why the Heavenly beings, they came down, some of them. They fell. Because they wanted to have something different.

There’s another story like, one of the Saints, going up to Heaven, he saw some people are staying together in one very dark place, full of smoke and toxic kind of air, dim light and all that. They stay there playing cards together and drinking wine, or alcohol and stuff. So the Saint took pity on them, and said, “Oh, why don’t you follow me? Then I can take you to Heaven.” “Ah, OK.” In the beginning, they said, “OK, why not? We can try. It feels like it’s good.” Then they went to Heaven and they cannot play cards there, because people don’t do it there. After a while, they feel bored, they want to go back into that dark, filthy, smoke-filled and toxic place, just to sit there and play cards together. Habit. Habits die hard. That’s what we say.

So that’s why not always people like Heaven. But after, if they… It’s just a legend, it’s just a story, it doesn’t mean it’s always like that. But it could be true. Because, look, many people… I saw in Malaysia, when I was there for a lecture tour, some of my beginning lecture tours. I saw some big, high buildings, not very high, but many-stories buildings. It’s all empty. And opposite side of that, under some trees, there are some shabby… It’s a simple, simple hut and house, small, small hut. People live in there. I said, “Oh, what a contrast.” One of the disciples told me, in the taxi or something. He said, “Oh, the government built those high-rises for them, for the people who live in the shabby houses, but they didn’t want to go up there. (Oh.) They want to continue to live where they do.” (Yes.) Habit. They feel more homey there. (Yes.)

I guess it’s like me. They do build some houses for me, but I prefer to stay in the small hut or cave, whatever is available. Only when nothing is available, then I live in a big house. I don’t like it too much. I don’t like to ask people to help me clean, all the time. But the big house, you must clean. I like cleanliness. If a big house, and I don’t want people to come cleaning, then I have to clean. (Yes.) I feel better in the smaller house. And especially when I have a lot of work to do, then I can concentrate better, because I don’t need to worry too much about cleaning the house. It takes only two minutes to clean the little hut or maybe a tent or a cave.

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