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Between Master and Disciples

Adam and Eve’s Exile From the Garden of Eden, Part 3 of 9, Feb 11, 2021

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The food that they harvest is fresh, is next to them, with their own energy permeated in it. Thus, I guess, they eat, they feel healthy and happy also. (Yes.) This farming food doesn’t have to go through any long distance and be contaminated or maybe influenced by other people’s energy, mood, and maybe sickness, even. Just like now we have with the pandemic.

That is the thing, when we have something, we also have to be more responsible and more… take more care of it. And that is the problem. That’s when the conflict can arise, because of worry, because of deadline, because of too much responsibility, or feeling too responsible. Like, we have to put the best out for the world to look. And we have to do this, we have to do that. We have to improve all the time, we have to organize it, we have to coordinate, we have to fix the things, we have to edit, we have to ponder which one, and what is good for the viewers. All that adds up sometimes to the tension. And the viewers saw us, saw me, and then that adds up also to the tense energy, that it makes me sometimes, often, very tense, very tense. The karma of the world. (Yes, Master.)

Listen, god has only two kids: Adam and Eve, at that time. And he is so… aggravated like that. Adam ate only one apple and he kicked them out. Both of them. And here, we have a lot of responsibility, a lot of work, and so if sometimes we have a little on-edge feeling, then it’s normal. (Yes, Master.) No wonder god was very tolerant to humans. Because he said to the angel: it’s so easy for you to be dedicated and working smoothly because you are made of fire. I think maybe fire could also mean Light. (Ah.) And humans are made of earth, of soil. Therefore, it’s heavier, it’s a more inert material. (Yes.) And the other one, material is, you can see… OK even if it is fire, it’s very light. Nothing you can catch, and you better not catch the fire. Anyway… And now you have it, now you don’t. Yes, it’s very simple. The condition of the wood, or the oil, or the petrol, those things, and the wind, and the air made up to create the fire. But then it could also be gone, if those elements are not found together.

The same with us. Actually, we are also made of many elements together, like fire, ether, air, water, and also some iron. The iron in our body could make a couple of nails. (Yes.) Imagine that. So we are not all that expensive really. All the iron can make only a couple of nails. What can you do with a couple of nails only?

I use a lot of nails. Whenever I move somewhere, I always bring a box with me, a screwdriver, some screws, some nails, different sizes, and then I will nail them wherever I can to hang my clothes, or to hang the stuff that I don’t have space for or I don’t want it on the ground. But if we… take some nails inside our body, only a couple, then we cannot do much, right? I need more than a couple. You too, if you need them.

I am very handy. Everywhere I go, I take some very handy stuff, like some metal wire, very thin, easier for me to twist them, and a hammer, a screwdriver, a Swiss knife and what else, the pliers. These I always take. Mostly when I can. If I am too in a hurry, then I cannot of course, but then I would ask to buy or I buy it myself.

These things are very handy. You can do many things with them. You can also stretch them outside to hang your clothes. Like that. If the wire, you don’t make it too straight, you make it loose, you can put your clothes, twist a lit bit and then your clothes will hold on it. When you don’t have other things, like the coat hanger, or any clothes pegs, (Yes.) then you can use the metal wire to twist your clothes, corner of your clothes and it holds. I can do many things. If I don’t have that, then I have softer string. I have these coat hangers, the triangle one, I would also make it loose, the string is loose, and I use the coat hanger to hang on it and then I twist the thing to hold the hook. (Yes.) So the coat hanger will stay. (Wow!) So you don’t need to have another peg on it.

Whatever situation, you can try to use your IQ. Because if I keep moving a lot, I cannot have a lot of people with me. I don’t want to. I don’t want to bother people. And also people’s energy are different from me. So sometimes being alone is a blessing.

And then if you keep moving, you cannot always have everything. If I don’t have anything else, then I hang on the tree branches and all that. It’s also OK. But it is easier to fly away so I just have to tie the two sleeves together. (Yes, Master.) You knot the two sleeves together so it doesn’t fly away, also fine. Or if I’m on the river bank, then I just put it on the rock. Just flatten it out on the rock. And when it’s a sunny day, it dries in no time. Of course, I don’t wash when it’s raining.

All right, my God, where am I going? We’re supposed to stay in Eden, but now we are kicked out already, fine.

“After god kicked Adam out of Eden and one time he missed him. (Oh!) He missed him and he felt sorry that he had kicked him out of Eden into the hardship of the material world, that he has to sweat to find a living, to find sustenance.”

Like planting vegetables, planting another apple tree from which he can eat as many as he wants without god watching. But it’s hard work, the farmer’s work is very hard work. (Yes.) I wonder, maybe that’s the way god ordained us to do. That’s why farmer people, they are very happily married. They say the most happy marriage is the farmer’s marriage. (Oh.) Maybe because that’s the way we should do. We should labor with the sweat of our brow in order to find the food to eat. Maybe that’s the way god ordained it. Maybe that’s why farmers are happy. They are the most happy.

Then the next is, I think, doctors. And the other is business people. There were four, five types of marriages that last longer and are happier. That’s what they said.

But I remember that farmers are the most happily married people. Maybe they toil together every day. (Yes.) One has to rely on the other. And then at the end of the day, they can harvest their own food and feel contented. (Yes.) And the food that they harvest is fresh, is next to them, with their own energy permeated in it. Thus, I guess, they eat, they feel healthy and happy also. (Yes.) This farming food doesn’t have to go through any long distance and be contaminated or maybe influenced by other people’s energy, mood, and maybe sickness, even. Just like now we have with the pandemic. (Yes, Master.) So everything is contained in their own environment.

Actually, there is somebody that has said to us that we should eat local, within a 50-kilometer radius, not further than that. I guess because of energy, the question of energy. Because even though you live with other people but within the 50-kilometer radius, you are mixing already with them, together, like a family. The energy is kind of harmonizing with each other. So it’s not too far from your own elements or your own energy. Thus, when you eat these foods, you do not feel too much conflict with your cells, with the elements within your own body. (Oh.) That’s what I guess, I think.

So now, “God, one day, sitting alone…” I guess he’s lonely, “…sits alone in Heaven, and then remembers Adam and feels kind of sorry. So one day, god went down to the material realm to look for Adam. He asked if he’s OK, he’s healthy, how is he doing. And then he asked Adam to come with him to a special place, already prepared with all the best food, everything the best, the best delicacies and everything. So, Adam sat there and ate vigorously.” “After Adam ate and drank to his heart’s content, god asked him: ‘Hey, Adam, now, do you wish to go around the whole material world, so that you can have a glimpse of everything or not?’ Adam said to him: ‘No, I don’t want to go anywhere.’”

Typical man. When he’s comfortable, he has his food, he has his drink, why would he go anywhere? I agree also, I am also like that. But unfortunately, I had to keep moving, but I am lazy to move, I don’t feel like it. Even when I was younger, I went around, because in Europe, like in France, in the month of August, it is the law that you cannot work that month, that your employer has to let you go on holiday that month. Mostly Paris is empty in August, no matter what. I even went to some other country, Italy, but I never go anywhere. I just went because I had to go. I mean, they pay for you one month, free, you can go on a holiday. So I just went, why not? That’s all.

“So he said he doesn’t want to go anywhere. But god insisted. He said, ‘Anything you want from here, you can take it with you. Anything that your heart desires, but you have to go.’” I guess god understood. He’s a psychological expert. So he worried that maybe Adam did not want to go because, here has food, has drink, has beautiful scenery and so why should he go anywhere? So god knows that.

“He said, ‘Anything you want to take, please take it with you. But you must go.’” Oh my God! I thought god was just asking, but now he forced him to go.

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