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Adam and Eve’s Exile From the Garden of Eden, Part 8 of 9, Feb 11, 2021

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And from our desires, things come more. The more we desire, the more we are entangled with our desired object. Then we get more and more solid. More and more connected with this Earth, which is heavier than the Light and the original Vibration of Heavens.

They do build some houses for me, but I prefer to stay in the small hut or cave, whatever is available. Only when nothing is available, then I live in a big house. I don’t like it too much. I don’t like to ask people to help me clean, all the time. But the big house, you must clean. I like cleanliness. If a big house, and I don’t want people to come cleaning, then I have to clean. (Yes.) I feel better in the smaller house. And especially when I have a lot of work to do, then I can concentrate better, because I don’t need to worry too much about cleaning the house. It takes only two minutes to clean the little hut or maybe a tent or a cave. (Yes, Master.) It takes hours, at least one hour, two hours to clean the big house, like the house that I had that they built for me.

I never lived in the house, I told you before. Before, I did not. Just for a while before I had the cave built, I lived there for a while, but I never liked. And so after the cave was built, before that, I lived in a tent, and they took the tent away. They demolished all the grass and the flowers that’s natural around me, and I came back, I don’t have anything. (Oh.) Then they built the big house for me. Only a two-story building, but threatened to even build an escalator also. I was laughing. So I stayed there for a while, and then after the cave was built, I moved to that cave and I never came out. I never wanted to go to that house. Unless sometimes when some people have to come and then my cave is too small. So I went there, just for meeting, and then went back to my cave. Only after I came back, the first time I came back, after ten more years, then the dogs came in, so I had to use that house for dogs also.

But now, because I don’t have dogs living around, I need to work a lot and meditate intensively on retreat, so, I choose a small place again, which is very good. It’s getting smaller all the time. It’s happier for me. I don’t have to spend a lot of time for labor work. (Yes.) And I’m happy in it, because everything is nearby. (Yes.) I don’t have to go far to search for things and forget where it is. Here, I cannot forget anything, it’s right there. It’s always around.

For example, I use my bed for like a makeup table. And I use these plastic boxes with an opening on the side. I use them to put under one piece of wood. Then, that is a bed. (Oh.) And, because that is a bed, and I can open and put my things in it. (Ah.) So, if I put a sofa then there’s no room underneath. There’s a different place, you have to organize differently. (Yes.) And I also put a couple of these plastic boxes, these organizer boxes, (Yes.) but with an opening on one side, instead of open on top. So it’s like a drawer. (Yes, yes, yes.) I put a piece of wood on it, and that is my table, (Oh.) that’s the desk from which I’m talking to you right now. (Wow.) Wow!

It functions (Yes.) just the same. And I have room, I have drawers down below it to put my things inside. So if I want to reach for a book, it’s right there. Open, open, take it out. It saves a lot of space. I don’t need a bigger place, I don’t need a big house. If a big house, then you have different stuff, like you have big sofa in it, and you have a big desk. But if you don’t have room, then you put drawers underneath and you lay on top, or you work on top. Depends. (Yes, Master.) It’s the same, it’s functioning.

You saw me one time when you went together with me to my cave in New Land. Remember? (Yes, Master.) I have one of those steps they make, the plastic, to step on? But it’s like a chair also, (Yes.) because it’s short and it’s just a few steps for you to maybe climb to the shelf to take some books or something. It’s not a serious kind of ladder. And I worked on that as my desk. (Yes.) I used that also to climb into my tent. My tent is on the higher platform. Those platforms, they made them before. Not that I made it. They made them before. The old ex-owner, they put statues on it. Because that was like resort. People came to have fun and to bow to Buddha statues and all that. After they sold, they removed all the statues away and I occupied. My tent is kind of high for me. So, if I put that so-called steps next to it. I can step and go to my tent on the high level there, high platform there.

Then when I don’t need it, I take it out and use as a desk. It functions all the same. You still can work on it. Things are only good if they function. (Yes, Master.) So, it doesn’t matter. One of you criticized, said, “Oh, we have a better desk.” I said, “I know.” Remember? (Yes.) One of your brothers kept looking at it. I said, “What are you looking at? Somebody doesn’t like my desk?” He said, “We have better desks.” or something. I said, “Never mind, it works. It functions as a desk. It’s the same.”

Did I answer your question? Man. What was it? Did I say? How come it takes so… I went all over the place.

They eat these kind of things, because it’s material things. It contains inert materials, like something from the Earth, has soil substance in it, and water substance in it. In the Brahman Heaven, you don’t know these things. Because it’s a different world. So, when they saw it, they’re curious, flying around all day doing nothing, also bored. They tasted it and “Oh! Strange, strange but tastes good,” continue eating, continue eating. After the foam is no more, or they see other crawling plants, or crawling fruit, they begin to taste them also. The more they ate, the more solid they became, more heavy. They cannot fly anymore.

And, you know what they look like. Look at me, then you know. Or look at your neighbors. Probably we have eaten a lot. We still do. Right? (Yes.) So that is that.

Then in the beginning, according to that Buddha story, later on they have nothing more interesting. They prayed and then God gave them rice. In the beginning, there’s a big, big grain of rice. Then it was rolled to each house every day. Everybody can take what they need. And it was rolled to the next. But later, they kept eating, eating, then it’s not enough, so they wanted to plant them, so that they will have a lot. So, here we are. Now we have a lot of cereals, different types. Beginning and then afterwards, they organized it, they planted and then they put it all in one store. Anybody who needs, just goes there and gets. Later on, people are lazy, don’t want to go to get even. They go one time and they take a lot, a lot, a lot. Everybody goes at one time, take a lot, a lot, so others who come later don’t have.

And then begins this conflict because of food. We have nowadays, still. Then they have to have somebody, vote somebody to settle the dispute, see who is what, did what, why? That’s how police came into being and government came into existence. And that’s how we have a mess nowadays. It comes from food. It still does. We have any kind of government, we have to bear it and sometimes we protest, sometimes we have to accept it. We have done it all ourselves. We have done to us all this trouble. Because of food. So that was that Buddha story.

But what was your question? Can you refresh it, please?

(Well, I was wondering if like Adam and Eve, how do they work into that Buddhist story. Were they like one of those Third Level beings that came down?)

Perhaps. I did not ask him. But, perhaps. It’s similar, similar. Maybe it’s a similar, similar story. Adam and Eve, later they probably have to plant their own food. Maybe in the beginning, god took pity and then gave them some. Like the rice that was rolled to their house. Originally, we don’t have physical contact with each other or anything. But because they’re women and men, and then suddenly they eat, eat, and they became more desirous of other things, like the body changed and the hormones changed, DNA changed, their attitude changed, their mind changed, their thoughts changed, then they desire each other, and they couple with each other.

And then other people who did not do it yet, said, “Oh, how come? What are they doing, why are they doing that? This is not very good looking. It’s not dignified.” So they’re hiding. They find caves to hide, or if they don’t have, then they begin to build houses. That’s how they live together and then they have houses, and they’re comfortable. They don’t want to go to take food from the store anymore. They just take a lot so that it will last for a long time, so they don’t have to go every day. Then everybody does that, like copying each other, and slowly, slowly, we have men and women. And then we have this physical connection, and we have the babies and then humans just keep coming and coming. And this is how our world manifested.

I guess Adam and Eve, in the beginning are also similar like that. Maybe they found anything to eat, maybe leaves or fruit, anything. Slowly, if they discover, if they walk around, they probably find something and then they would try. And then they will probably plant more of that if they like it, for the future. Or maybe they eat and then they just throw the seed out and then they grow more. Some trees are so easy, the fruit just fall on the ground and they become trees, so quickly.

In one of the places where I lived before, they plant some, they call it, “Hai Ping Guo” meaning “sea apple.” The fruit, I was told that it’s poisonous, you cannot eat. I don’t see any other things eat it either. It keeps falling from the tree and they grow all over around the tree. If you don’t cut them and don’t take them away, there will be a jungle in no time. (Ah.) They just grow like that. Just fall on the ground and the flesh, and the skin becomes rotten after a while and then they just grow up, grow up, so fast, so fast. Many trees and plants, they grow so fast like that. Right? (Yes, Master.)

So that’s how things developed. And from our desires, things come more. The more we desire, the more we are entangled with our desired object. Then we get more and more solid. More and more connected with this Earth, which is heavier than the Light and the original Vibration of Heavens. So now, the Quan Yin Method is the one that you can see the Light again, and you can connect yourself back to the Vibration, original Vibration. That’s how gradually, eventually, you will realize that you are not the body, you go back to the Source. Because the more you eat before, the more we recognize this body as us, that’s what we say. We say, “I do this, I do this. I’m hungry.” The body is hungry, not you, that is the thing.

I don’t know if I answered your question correctly, OK or not? (Yes, Master, thank You, Master.) You happy? (Yes, Master, thank You.)

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