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Between Master and Disciples

Adam and Eve’s Exile From the Garden of Eden, Part 9 of 9, Feb 11, 2021

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The mind is the one that makes it move. The soul is controlling the mind. And the mind controls the body. So if the ghosts have all these conditions, then they can control the robot and make it live. Just like a person, and has feeling, of course. Ghosts have feelings, because they have souls in them.

I guess the Buddha lives in India, and Adam lives in Egypt or somewhere. The Tigris or Jordan River, where is that? Somewhere in the Middle East, right? (Maybe Iraq.) Arab? Somewhere in the Arab area. (Yes.) Maybe all the stories traveled to different landscapes and become modified a little bit, so I guess that it’s similar. Maybe it’s just one story, but explained in different ways, more graphically in the different situations. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You.) I guess that’s what it was. All right. Any other questions you didn’t think of before?

(Master, You mentioned before that some planets have evolved to merge with AI (Artificial Intelligence), and also our planet at the moment, we’re heading towards more advanced robotics and they are talking about merging even humans with AI so we can live longer.) Oh, yes. (Is this moving away from God’s will or is it OK to do that?)

It’s not OK. It’s not OK. They are already planting chips in some monkeys, (Yes.) and they’re kind of thinking of planting chips in humans’ brain, or in humans’ body, maybe with some substances or elements to strengthen you, or to make you more intelligent. I am not sure, this is uncharted waters. OK? (OK, Master.)

(Have other planets had experience where maybe they destroyed themselves by going too far in that direction, away from GOD?)

Possible. Possible that we stray from nature, but what can we do? Humans are like that. They have to experiment with things even though sometimes it’s catastrophic. They don’t know it until it is catastrophic. You see, we experience many things. And then we make like atom bombs. (Yeah.) Now, most, many of the strong countries have atom bombs or H bomb, whatever you call that, and whatever that is, it’s a bomb, it’s destructive, and it’s explosive. It’s very difficult to get rid of them, because everybody has it, so nobody wants to kind of get rid of them because they worry that if you get rid of the atom bomb or you don’t make one, then the neighbors stronger than you will take advantage of your weakness, etc. So, this is a kind of very dangerous development. But humans, they are doing this all the time, one way or another, they will probably try to experiment with something. They already are doing it. It’s just maybe in some corner or maybe military or maybe some secret laboratory, beyond our eyesight, don’t want to let the public know yet. Many things they have developed, they use it only for military, or some secret agent stuff.

Oh, whatever. What can we do? Cannot stop them. I don’t know if we live longer with that, and if we do, what kind of humans will we become? It’s uncharted waters yet, but some people just have to develop it or experience it so we just have to wait and see. (OK, thank You, Master.) Or don’t ever see. So there maybe always some kind of experiments going on all the time in the human’s world, (Yes.) which is good in a way, otherwise we would not be able to talk like this now. (Yes, Master.) Without some experimentation, or trying the unknown, we would not develop this and that physical technology to make life more comfortable. But sometimes too comfortable and not too natural anymore. Then we’re just greedy for more and more stuff and don’t know where we are going.

And the moral standard keeps going lower, that is the problem. (Yes.) If it goes together with the development, then it’s easier to control, but if people just develop like AI (Artificial Intelligence) without any source of morals and limit control of the actions, of the consequences, then it could be not very safe. (Yes.) So, wisdom has to go with love also and morals, otherwise it could be dangerous. Look at the atom bomb. (Yes.) Now not only we can’t get rid of it, other countries also are trying to develop it to be as strong as the neighbors, for security or just for showing off. Whatever reason, it’s not safe. (Yes, Master.) Just a button or just some mechanism and then one country maybe “boom,” done, gone, or the world even, or most of the world, or half of it, or some quarter of it.

It’s a very dangerous situation that we are living in, it’s on edge, it’s edgy. Luckily nothing yet happened like that. But there is always the possibility. Nowadays we develop too much into the wrong direction. So, that’s why any country has to buy some weapons from a stronger country or develop more because the other country is maybe too strong and it might swallow this country up and all that. (Yes.)

Your question is also a very good question, but I don’t know how to control that. I can’t. The humans, they just do all kinds of, they have to try all kinds of things. Until maybe it all blows up in our face like Atlantis and Lemuria. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes people come across, they dig out some big cities buried under the earth. Could be one of those accidents where the whole city was destroyed, ruined, kaput and go to the sea or either buried underground. Some of these bomb accidents, some chemical things went wrong, some experiments did not succeed and we are still doing it, so, what to do? Just take care of yourself, practice, meditate, (Yes.) in case you have to go that way, we have somewhere to go. (Yes, Master.) That’s it, that’s the main point. Any more questions, love?

(Master mentioned about the Martians? And Mars was destroyed due to meat eating and such and some survived. Does that mean they are more spiritual now, the underground Martians?)

Yeah, a little bit more, like Fourth Level. (Wow.) They have a Master, a Fourth Level Master, (Wow!) so some are Third, some are Fourth Level down there. (Yes, Master.) They have very limited resources, so they eat only, almost recycling things, and eat very little.

(Do they have the technology to hide themselves like the underground Earthlings here?) You mean bunker stuff? (To hide themselves from the Earthlings.) From the Earthlings. (Earth people that would come.) I’m not sure, baby, I have to ask them. And I’m not sure if we can hide anything from humans, I mean in the long run. (Yes, Master.) They are very curious, very stubborn and very strong-willed. Or maybe Martians don’t want to hide, or maybe they don’t have enough technology to hide because after their world was ruined, there are very little elements or materials left. So, they live frugally and simply. Oh, whatever happens, happens. (Yes, Master.)

(Master,) Yeah. (the IBM company has made a quantum CPU recently. It’s about hundreds of millions times faster than the super computer that we have now, so the AI (Artificial Intelligence) tech might develop like humans. And in some AI movies, there are robots that seem to have feelings. My question is if a soul can live in those robots with this kind of highly developed AI technology?)

OK, possible. (Possible.) Possible that some soul wants to occupy the robot and move around with it, or some demons or some ghost. Because sometimes ghosts, they even occupy some statues just to have somewhere to inhabit. Or they occupy the trees, become tree gods and all that. The Buddha was one time a tree god, the deity of the tree. He told many stories about that, didn’t have time to read all that for you. So, in the evolution of humans, we became many, many things and many beings, even trees, and even rocks.

Remember the story in the Surangama Sutra, I have told you that even some of the substances from the Moon or from the other planets fell down on the gold and then it became some ghosts and some demons or some stuff? Don’t remember? So, if some essence or some substances could turn some piece of gold or rock into some living being, then anything is possible with the robots, that probably some of the souls or wandering ghosts had taken up that robot to use. This body was taken up to use. (Yes.) It was dead already, cold and stiff. That’s why my face has some imperfection because the body already became stiff. My face, for example, this side, a little different. Can use.

The soul is powerful or some deities are powerful, and ghosts and demons, they can make use of them, and thus you feel like they have feeling. So some films make it out of that. Maybe they know some of that. Maybe just imagination, maybe it’s from some true story. OK? (Thank You, Master.) Yes, because if a soul or if a ghost occupies the robot, which he can make use of movements and all that, and the robot, if it’s made so sophisticated as if a human, it’s just only a material thing, just like our bodies also are material things. The mind is the one that makes it move. The soul is controlling the mind. And the mind controls the body. So if the ghosts have all these conditions, then they can control the robot and make it live. Just like a person, and has feeling, of course. Ghosts have feelings, because they have souls in them. And demons too. So, it’s possible.

Is that your question, answered? (Yes, yes. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. Your voice is different. Very American. Any other questions? Women, no questions? (No, Master.) No, too comfy, sit there sleeping already after all these cakes, candies, and chocolate. How can you even move? I’m glad that you still sit there, looking polite.

Then I’ll let you go if you have no more questions. Let you sleep. Have a very good New Year’s dream of cakes (Thank You, Master.) again. You’re welcome. (Happy New Year, Master.) Happy New Year. Better New Year. And thank you for all the hard-working years and will be. Ciao, baby. (Thank You, Master.) (We love You, Master.) Love you, too. (Love You, Master.) Behave. Love you! Ciao!

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