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Between Master and Disciples

Adam and Eve’s Exile From the Garden of Eden, Part 2 of 9, Feb 11, 2021

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The snake is the representative, a symbol of the negative power. But if we don’t listen to that, then we would not be harmed, we would not do anything wrong. It is also our fault that we listen to the negative tendency inside of us or outside influence. So we have to always keep vigilant.

Now we go to Adam. Go back to long, long, long… long, long time in the history, before you and I ever existed in the universe. Perhaps I did exist because I was very old, very ancient. Oh, many people saw me as an ancient one, ancient Buddha or ancient Sage or something that has very deep wrinkles, so old, so deep wrinkles that he has never seen such an old woman like that before. Why, why? Didn’t he just ever look at me? If he looked at me, then he doesn’t have to have that vision. It’s the same, no? I see some wrinkles. (We don’t see any.) Of course, the machine cheats you. The machine does many things. It could even cheat the votes. Machines are very smart.

Some people are scared already nowadays that we might be dominated by AI? (AI, yes.) (Yes, Master.) They’re a little worried already. There’s some fiction that in some other planet, the AI took over because they became so powerful, (Wow.) and the beings, they are so dependent on them that they became more and more developed in their own way. And they just took over and everybody was scared of them. Then they had to get together, had a secret meeting about how to get rid of these domineering artificial intelligence robots. So now our world is still human. It’s still very much human, but who knows in the future what’s going to happen. So enjoy while it lasts. (Yes.) Because in those societies, I read it somewhere, in some of the planets, some of the universes, the artificial intelligence there was so sophisticated, so real-like, looks like you and I. And they’re so smart. They can do many things, and they can answer all kinds of questions.

Excuse me. One moment, OK, guys. (Yes, Master.) I’ll be there in a second. Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. The most difficult part about a conference or going out to talk in the public is the part of being ready. Like getting dressed or getting makeup done. That’s the most difficult part. But once it’s done, I’m Ok. I really don’t like dressing up and doing makeup. I have to remember, look into the camera so that people can see my pretty eyebrows.

All right, now we’re going to the real calendar, Jewish calendar.

“Long, long time ago when Adam was still in Eden, god took care of everything that he needed. But one time he committed the grave mistake of not obeying god.”

All of you know the story? Yes? (Yes.) Adam and Eve. You know or not? (Yes, Master. We know, Master. Yes.) That he ate the apple in the middle of the garden, yes? (Yes, Master.) Fancy god. How can god punish a man just to eat an apple? And what for he has an apple tree there if he doesn’t want his son to eat? But I guess it’s something. It’s not just an apple. It’s just the parable. (Yes.) Maybe it’s about the relationship, the physical relationship between a man and woman. Maybe he shouldn’t have done that, shouldn’t have had close intimate bodily contact with the female counterpart that god had made just to accompany him. Well, but god should have known. Being a god without the physical body, he is all-knowing or omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. No? (Yes, Master.) Supposed to be. We, in this physical body, we have limitations. We cannot access so many things without having to go deep inside through meditation and contemplation. But god did not need to do much like that. He doesn’t even have Supreme Master TV to run. No? (Yes, Master.) He doesn’t have to cook his food or anything. Whatever god wants, immediately will appear.

So I do not understand why god could not foresee this event between Adam and Eve. Even maybe he has seen it, but he just let it be. Just like last time, the two angels? Remember, the two fallen angels? (Yes, Master.) We would think that the two angels, who were so close to god, would never do anything wrong, would never think even anything wrong. But they did. They did and they failed miserably. God should know that. If it’s an omnipresent, omnipotent god, then he should have known that. And he should not have planted organic…

(Master, we don’t see below Your mouth.) Oh, you guys, didn’t tell me anything. (Was waiting to tell You.) You can tell anytime. (OK, Master.) Don’t have to be polite. Otherwise, if you don’t tell me and I’m into my calendar, then the whole night you see me, nothing. You are too nice and then you won’t see me the whole night through. After that we finish and then, “Master, we have not seen you at all.” Whom to blame?

It’s good that you all look happy today. I can see the smile through your eyes, even if your mouths are closed. People can smile through the eyes. No? (Yes, Master.)

I feel sorry for our forefather, the first forefather, because why did god tempt him that much? First, he made a woman. He should know a man and woman are not supposed to be together, so close like that. Even the Chinese knew. The Aulacese (Vietnamese) knew. We say “A man and a woman should not be intimately close to each other.” (Yes.) Means the man and the woman should never be close together, not be so close, so intimate, and not touching each other, not even looking.

So, I wonder why god had not foreseen this happening. You think god has seen it beforehand? (Yes.) He did, huh? Then he didn’t say anything so he can blame Adam. Good excuse to throw him down. And otherwise we wouldn’t exist today. (Yeah.) God would be too busy. He has to make one Adam after another. He would make like… now we are like billions. (Yes.) If Adam and Eve had not done anything together to make god so so-called pretend angry, I think he pretended to be angry, and then god would have made all the humans himself. Like the number, the sheer number, he can foresee in advance, maybe. He can see that we will be billions. So he said, “Oh it’s better to let them do it.”

But, you see, because if he let them do it in Eden, then Eden is so small. It doesn’t mention that it has any vegetables or anything else except only one apple tree in the middle. Imagine billions of us. How can god… How can god raise us up, and no food? No drink? So it’s a good excuse to send Adam down to Earth and tell him he has to cultivate the land, farming and do anything with the sweat of his brow in order to survive.

Very clever god, don’t you think? (Yes.) I’m just guessing. Please don’t be angry if I’m wrong, Sir. You know better. Now, that is the thing. That’s what I guess. Maybe god planned it all along and then blames our forefather. Poor forefather. As a man, as all men, our forefather is also helpless. Helpless in front of god. He is naïve and innocent. And helpless in front of a… (Woman.) Woman! Oh, you know everything. How? How can you guess? Very smart, that is the thing.

There’re two things against Adam. One person. This is my calendar, it doesn’t write in here. I have not come to the story yet. You want me to come straight into the story yet? (No, Master.) (Master continue, please.) No. We have time. (Yes.) We can talk forever, listen forever. Our forefather Adam and Eve, they are the ones who caused their own downfall and like the two angels, the two fallen angels that we have learned last time, they are the ones who caused their own downfall. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) But in the case of Adam and Eve, there was a third person involved. There was a snake. The snake is the representative, a symbol of the negative power. But if we don’t listen to that, then we would not be harmed, we would not do anything wrong. It is also our fault that we listen to the negative tendency inside of us or outside influence. So we have to always keep vigilant.

Where was I? We go back to the story, and then if I remember or not, it doesn’t matter. We have another calendar anyway, another time.

“So now, when Adam was in Eden, god provided everything that he needs. Only when he sinned, he disobeyed god that time.”

Only the one time. So, you think god is very strict. Don’t you? He made only one mistake. Only one time. And god kicked him out of Eden already. So compared to… Your Master, She is more lenient, right? (Yes.) It’s not that. Just that god did not have Supreme Master Television. I have, OK? I have. I need you. The world needs you. And I work with you together. I understand your hard work. I understand your dedication. I understand your purity of love and protection for this planet. So I would not be so strict like god. That is the difference between god and this little superwoman. He doesn’t have the Supreme Master Television.

Before the Supreme Master Television, you remember I told you, we just had tents? And we had no care in the world. We just went anywhere on the riverbank. We had water right there, we filtered it, we cooked, we used dry wood from the forest. And we had the water right at our feet. The tent we used just to hide in when it’s raining. Normally, we all sleep outside. Or when it rains, some of your brothers just zip up to the neck, and stick the neck outside, like a turtle, very funny.

But we were very happy because we had no care, no worry. That is the thing, when we have something, we also have to be more responsible and more… take more care of it. And that is the problem. That’s when the conflict can arise, because of worry, because of deadline, because of too much responsibility, or feeling too responsible. Like, we have to put the best out for the world to look. And we have to do this, we have to do that. We have to improve all the time, we have to organize it, we have to coordinate, we have to fix the things, we have to edit, we have to ponder which one, and what is good for the viewers. All that adds up sometimes to the tension.

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