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Between Master and Disciples / The Life of Lord Mahavira

The Maya Is Gone & The Life of Lord Mahavira: The Deliverance of Chandana, Part 6 of 7, Nov. 24, 2019

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文),English
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He said, “‘Child, I am merchant Dhanavah. I am a follower of Nirgranth Shramans and live in this town. Looking at your troubles I feel depressed. If you do not wish to go with the courtesan, I will not allow this to happen.’”

Taiwanese (Formosan) people, they’re so soft and gentle. I don’t think they know how to be a guard, but just good looking. Just to make me look good, to have some guards around. Maybe some of you want to bother me, have to think twice at least. So, I let them do their job. They like it, they’re proud to be my guards. In Monaco, I didn’t have anybody. I live alone all the time. And when I need them, they’re nearby. In France, they could come to drive me around or help me. Mostly I walked. Monaco is very small and they concentrate in the square. They call it “Golden Square.” Sure is, everything is expensive. But every time, when I was sick, coughing, or cold something, I went there, I got cured very quick. Maybe too close to the sea, surrounded. It’s small and surrounded by the sea, and the fruit juice I drank every day helped me a lot. So, I have very good memories of Monaco. So, if I treat you special, think of it as a repayment of kindness of your people over there.

If you see the prince, tell him I said all this. Tell him a story, make him happy a little bit. It’s a very heavy burden to be a Monaco monarch. Everywhere else maybe it’s better, but in Monaco, because of the responsibility, all the VIPs live there. And very, very big responsibility to take care of a country where the security has to be tip-top for these people. But he’s a very popular kind of prince. When I was there, I met him a few times. He came and talked. He was dancing with girls, and then he came in front of me and he said, “Hah! It’s hot. It’s ‘ot.” No, he said it in American. “It’s hot,” like... He’s very friendly, people friendly. People like him very much, I think. And all the Monégasque people feel like they are also princes and princesses. I had that kind of feeling from them, like they feel very proud to be Monégasque and they feel themselves like royalty. And they deserve that because they are treated well. You don’t have to pay tax there, income tax, you don’t have to. The monarchs are very benevolent, and they build very cheap houses, cheap condominiums for the workers, so they don’t have to pay a lot. They can even afford to buy it. It’s only maybe 50,000 euros for one studio or apartment. It’s good enough for the workers. Very cheap. They build it next to Monaco, not in Monaco, in France. Monaco doesn’t have land anymore. Every little square is measured in gold, I think. Very good country, very safe. People are friendly, happy, relaxed.

Oh man. The Lord is waiting, and we go from India to Âu Lac (Vietnam), China, Monaco, France. Old times, I have so many memories from the old times, so I can talk forever. But I think you like it. Honestly. (Yes!) Yeah, I know. I know you like to dig into my life as much as you can. If you could go into my bedroom and take out the pillow and see how many threads are in there, then you’d be even more happy. I don’t mind. My life is not secret. If I can, I tell you. Wrong. Wrong one. When I wear this, I see you’re not very handsome and pretty. Whenever I wear this, “Oh, very beautiful! Beautiful!” I don’t see much. No shape, so everything looks beautiful.

Are you still at it ... no, still OK? Not tired? Not yet. These two tough guys, I like that. I like these boys, these people. You are not a boy to me. You’re already a man, right? Yes? Full initiation means you’re a man. You’re no longer a boy. “Bube” means boy, a little boy. I forgot, I called him “bube.” I said, “No, you’re a man now. You’re not a ‘bube’ anymore. Fully initiated, you’re a man.” Equal to all of this, with beard, whatever, who cares not, over there. Behind you there, equal, Buddha.

OK! The Deliverance of Chandana, “endlich,” finally. “From the capital town Kaushambi, King Shatanik ruled over the state of Vats. His chief queen Mrigavati was the daughter of Maharaj Chetak of Vaishali republic.” Means the king of that area, at that time. “Maharaj” means king. If I am in India, they probably also call me Maharaj or Mataji. No? Mataji. (Maharani.) Maharani, for women. (Yes.) I wasn’t a Master there, so nobody called me that. Good already. Good, good, good. Good. That’s the Indian talk, “OK.” It means yes, good. In India, if you want something and they ask you if you want it, you don’t say this. That’s no. You have to say, “Oh yes, I want it.” You have to shake your head, opposite. “The daughter of Maharaj Chetak of Vaishali republic. Anga was a neighboring state and its capital was Champa. The king of this state was Maharaj Dadhivahan. His queen Dharini was the younger daughter of Chetak. Dharini had a daughter named Vasumati who was very beautiful as well as graceful.” If you don’t know how beautiful she was, just look at me. Then you have a little idea. Your Master is very humble indeed, always. The most humble on the planet.

“Once, when King Dadhivahan had gone with his army to assist a neighboring king, Shatanik attacked Champa. The cruel soldiers of Kaushambi plundered Champa. The general and a great Charioteer of Kaushambi,” named “Kakmukh was attracted more by beauty rather than riches.” Some men like beauty more than money. “He entered the palace and kidnapped Queen Dharini and Vasumati,” her daughter. “On the way when Kakmukh intended to violate her chastity, Queen Dharini committed suicide.” Oh, sorry. “When Vasumati also threatened to do so, he had a change of heart. He took her to his home as a daughter,” instead. He changed. “When his wife did not tolerate Vasumati, he was persuaded by Vasumati to auction her in a slave market and please his wife with the proceeds.” So, this so-called enemy man, he took her as a daughter because the mother died, but then his wife did not like it, of course. Such a beautiful princess in the house, compared to the old housewife. Even though he took her in as a daughter, she still could not bear that. Who would? Jealousy, See. And then Vasumati herself, the princess herself persuaded her adopted father to sell her as a slave, so that his wife would calm down and his marriage would be happier. Besides, the money earned from selling her, he could give it to the wife to make her even happier. Such a noble princess. Very selfless. Not many would be able to do that. Many would do the opposite. Try to kick the wife out for some reason, because she knows that the adopted father likes her very much anyway.

So, Kakmukh, the idiot… Oh sorry, for me, he is an idiot. “Kakmukh took Vasumati to the slave market. In the auction, the highest bidder was a courtesan from Kaushambi.” Her country, I guess. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that was her country, her country before, before she was kidnapped and became a slave. “There was an altercation when Vasumati refused to go with her.” Why is that? Oh! OK. One woman wanted to buy this princess, but this princess didn’t agree to go with her because she was a courtesan. Maybe a courtesan, maybe she’d go and sell her to men in the “pink palace,” something like that. So, maybe she knew that, she refused to go with this bidder, even though she gave the highest price at that time. So, she did not want to go with her; refused outright. And because of this struggling, time passed, and suddenly, “at that moment, a rich merchant also from Kaushambi arrived there. Seeing the commotion, he inquired, ‘What is going on here?’ Someone from the crowd said, ‘Today a slave girl, lifted from Champa, has been bought for sale at a hundred thousand gold pieces.’” That’s very expensive. “‘She looks like a divine beauty. A courtesan has bought her, but she refuses to go with the new owner. She appears to be a high born and a chaste girl.’”

To tell you honestly, I didn’t eat anything since yesterday. I didn’t sleep and I didn’t drink coffee or tea or anything. I am surprised how I sit here and talk like this. I am surprised. And it’s often; it’s not the first time. Don’t complain. Join the club. Join my world. She didn’t sleep a lot, maybe two, three nights didn’t sleep. Because before you travel, you have to remember passport OK or not, money OK, house in order, children OK, husband sleeping already or not, and sneak out. Have to arrange everything. Put food in the microwave, or whatever. Feed the dogs three, four days in advance, before you leave, etc. It’s a lot of work. Even I, from my place to here, half an hour only, I normally have to plan ahead the night before. My makeup where to put, and what. Today I could not. I just threw everything in a big supermarket bag, like this, big. Big that you could even put me inside it because I couldn’t find another smaller one. Besides, it’s big, it’s is good so I can throw quick. I don’t have to open this, open that, or squeeze here, squeeze there. I just throw everything inside and just go, just like that. Could not even think. Too many things I have to think, for everybody else, and accommodate their mood or their… all kinds of things; correcting shows, clips, watching and writing – writing also, I have to write. I write something also for Supreme Master TV, not just correcting but writing. Correcting is writing already, but also writing. Many things I write also, I wrote. Ah, That’s better. Man! Why didn’t we do it earlier? This noise. Oh! Don’t you feel better? (Yes.) Master has to do everything, Master knows everything, Master can do everything, Master does everything. Master, Master, Master, Master… Can I eat for you? No. You take it and eat it yourself.

So, go back here. So, they judged from her appearance, her behavior, her manner, they thought she was some kind of high-born, from high society. They might not think she was a princess, but high society, and so beautiful as well and chaste. That’s why she didn’t want to go with this brothel mama-san. Courtesan is a nice name, nice title for that, but I think it’s a mama-san, buying beautiful girls, come back and make business. So, she knew it, she didn’t want to go with her, so she made a commotion there, and she refused and the guy dragged back and forth. So, “Immediately the merchant heard this story, he entered the slave market. He looked at the princess and was immediately drawn to analyzing the situation. He thought to himself, ‘No, she cannot be a slave girl. She is a divine person. O Lord! How evil the prevailing conditions have become! Such inhuman torture to such a delicate and cultured girl. A lovely girl in such a wretched predicament.’ So, the merchant was moved. He approached Vasumati and said, ‘Child.’” Child, he called her “child.” Not “beautiful girl” or things like that, not flirtatious, nothing. Fatherly like. He said, “‘Child, I am merchant Dhanavah. I am a follower of Nirgranth Shramans and live in this town. Looking at your troubles I feel depressed. If you do not wish to go with the courtesan, I will not allow this to happen. I will buy you by paying a hundred thousand gold pieces.’” Oh, now he also pays a hundred thousand gold pieces. “‘Would you come with me? Would you live with me as my daughter?’” Very kind. He followed Lord Mahavira. That’s why, you see? A practitioner has a little difference from other people.

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