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Between Master and Disciples / The Life of Lord Mahavira

The Maya Is Gone & The Life of Lord Mahavira: The Deliverance of Chandana, Part 7 of 7, Nov. 24, 2019

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文),English
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I don’t know if any man or any woman would do such expressive sympathy like that. Because the dogs, they do that. They do it with all their heart, you feel it. It’s not just the actions. It’s all their love put into that.

“An orphan princess, sold as a slave, arrived at the house of merchant Dhanavah. But his wife…” Oh, man. You can tell the rest. I didn’t read it, but you can tell the rest. Another woman again. “But his wife, Mula, became doubtful as soon as she saw the divinely beautiful girl entering her household. The moment Mula set her eyes on Vasumati, she saw a rival…” As I guessed, as you guessed. “…a rival for the favors of her husband.” You can’t blame her, can you? Women, we are like that. What to do? We love our husbands so much, we cannot think anybody else should be around, look alike, and even more beautiful. Bad, bad news. “Sown were the seeds of doubt even for her upright husband.” Her husband did not think anything like that. He was just feeling very compassionate, and sorry for a pure innocent girl being in such a degraded situation, so he wanted to help her. But the husband thought like that, the wife could not believe. So now, “Due to her sweet demeanor, Vasumati had a magical influence over the household. The fragrance of her poise and coolness of her nature inspired Dhanavah to call her Chandana.” It means chandan wood. Chandana. Sandalwood. Because she’s so pure and innocent and sweet, like sandalwood.

Sandalwood, people in India revere. They use it for holy ceremonies. They use it to offer to Saints and Sages. They use it for very high purposes, and for perfume, for highly born householders, princess and all that. (Yajna. Yajna. When we light the fire, yajna is a holy fire during which mantras are recited.) Yes. When the sutra is recited. (That is called yajna. Yeah. When we recite the mantras, we do the yajna.) Yes, they use that as incense. (Yes.) And when they recite the holy sutras or holy scriptures, they throw a little bit in the fire (Yes.) to offer it to the sutras. Just as if it’s offering to the God who spoke the sutras, or the Saint, or the Buddha. Therefore, they use it only for holy purposes, and some people use perfume. And the Saints and the Sages in India, if they ever use anything, they just use sandalwood fragrant oil or powder, or paste to protect from mosquitos. Or to make themselves smell decent when they have to interact with other people. So, many lay disciples in the Buddha’s time, when they came, they always brought sandalwood powder or oil to offer to the Buddha, and/or for the monks around Him.

How old is your daughter by the way? Thirty? (Twenty-four.) Twenty-four, no wonder. (She’ll be twenty-four in December.) Everyone about twenty-five, they think only of themselves. That’s what they said to me. They have not grown up properly until thirty. Thirty, then you become grown-up. The apple’s gone. You lost it. Lucky, he gave it back to you. The blessed apple, you treasure it with your life, man. If you let it go, people will… you know how. They’ll jump on it; you might never see your apple again. True, no? (Yes.) You know I know everything. Master knows everything.

So, of course, the father, second adopted father, also doted on her and even called her Chandana. It means sandalwood. So, it means fragrant, precious, pure. (Pious. Pious.) Pious, beautiful, holy, that even. Oh, how could the wife bear it. Could you? Maybe not. If he adopted a beautiful daughter like that, like me for example, I think you would not call me Chandana. You’d probably call me whatever, “What? You, whoever, get out.” “His wife Mula was smitten with envy. She thought that this poisonous flower should be nipped in the bud.” Poisonous flower, she called her. She should call her daughter, because her husband adopted her, and even called her Chandan. Wow, I didn’t know we women are so bad. Oh! Repent and repent and repent. Maybe I would be the same. Of course, I would be the same. I am not better than anybody else. Lucky, I don’t have any husband, so that thing spares me. Spares me, because I don’t have a husband, so I don’t have to worry about that. (Master, you are joking.) I am kidding, of course. I thought Indian wives were very pious, very obedient to their husbands. How come these two women demonstrated the opposite? What happened to Indian women in those days? I thought old days Indian women it would be better, more obedient, more submissive than modern day Indian women. I am wrong. Look at this!

They said Indian women never divorce their husbands. It’s probably not too true nowadays, anymore. They go to college, they meet the boys of their choice, and they tell the parents, “Either him or nobody.” What can the parents do? Otherwise they leave home. They have diplomas, they are young, invincible, they go out together, they find a little apartment, stay together. And when they have a little baby, they bring him back. Then you all forget, forgive and love so much and forget everything. And when they have problems, they come home also, and then you have to solve it. (Actually, Master, at that time, there were multi marriages. Husbands used to do multi marriages; many husbands could keep two, three wives.) After Muslims came or before that? (It was at that time only.) Before… (Now) No. (we can’t keep more than one wife.) Only one wife? (Yes.) But Muslim men can still marry many wives, right? I saw. (Yes.) I saw it. (Yes, Muslim men can.) I met several men who had already three, four wives. (Any Muslim...) So, when he talked to me, he looked at me, I didn’t look at him. To avoid misunderstanding that I want to maybe apply for the fourth position or something. And I talked to him with a very serious face. (That’s why they envy. So, that’s why they are enemies for other women.) Ah! OK. Why? They can do that. (Yeah, yeah.) OK. Never mind, it’s not our business. Here we have one. One is enough problem already, don’t you think? I think any man who likes to have two wives, he’s a brave man. We have to say, “Wow! Hero of the wrong source.”

Any man, any woman, who can live together half of their lives, I already worship. My marriage was very good, but only couple of years, more or less, several years, so I cannot say much whether or not I could carry on. But for you guys to live together, two strangers from nowhere – different countries, different names, different backgrounds – get together and live together the whole life, stay together 24/7 even, sleep together. Some business they make together, so they stay together 24/7. I really worship you. I admire your strength. I don’t know if I’d last now. Before, I was just a girl, a normal girl. I went to work, husband went to work, came back and saw each other at night; only weekends, went dancing, saw movies, went to see relatives, went shopping. So, the time was very simple and sweet. It was nothing to quarrel about. But now I’m already quarreling with the whole universe, so I don’t know if any husband can bear me, or I can bear any man around me. I don’t know if any man can last five minutes as a husband around me. Or I will last five seconds around any husband at all. So, I don’t know. I see you have been married a long life, and have children together, and still happy together. I really feel it’s a wonder. You have magical power. Really! Because nowadays, I think, I don’t know if I can bear any, except my dogs. My dogs, they don’t talk back at me. And they’re so sympathetic. They never judge me, not inside even.

My dogs are not only nice; they’re sympathetic, they’re loving and kind. Last night, I told you I was very exhausted and overburdened all day, all night working with that, with all the things that they did without telling me. Everybody wants to become a boss. If I use them for a while, they become a boss. They decide everything themselves, even wrongly. They don’t tell me. Just to feel good or something? I don’t know why. Ego or maya? Low level? So last night, I was really out of my sync, and then I just sat there and I had documents and computer in front of me, but I was so tired that I just shook my head and put my hand here and put my head on the table in despair. Physically only. My soul, of course, is always good, my power is still there. Just physically, I was exhausted. So, I put my head on the table like this. And my dog came, kissed me from head to toe, and from toe back to head again, and from head to toe again. How did she know that I needed that? I didn’t even expect it. Normally, this dog, she is not a very kissing kind of dog. She wags her tail, she comes and sissy sassy, but she is not the one who kisses a lot. The other ones kiss a lot. Some dogs they kiss a lot, they lick you a lot; some dogs don’t. Sometimes, only very little, but last night she gave me the whole shower. And then I just had to forget everything, and come hug her, and say, “OK, OK, enough. I’m all wet now. All wet, all wet.” And she continued, and came and lay on my lap, and turned around – backside front and upside down, left side right – and looked at me, and continued her shower job. And I said, “OK, never mind. I forgot it already, don’t worry. I’m just tired. I’m not all that troubled. Don’t worry, don’t worry, I am good. Look at that! Let’s dance together and…” I don’t want them to worry also, because whatever I feel, maybe they feel. They are very sensitive. So, sometimes I’m very stressed, worried, but I always play happy so that they don’t get affected. You are responsible. If you have children, you cannot always let them see you’re stressed and sad because that makes them sad and stressed as well. And dogs are also the same. Otherwise, nobody tells anything. I never taught her to kiss, so that she can have a snack, nothing! And she normally doesn’t kiss me so much. She just came and kissed me, so I had to slide down from my chair and then hug her, and then we danced and talked and sang a little bit, and then I took her out. Then we were OK.

I don’t know if any man or any woman would do such expressive sympathy like that. Because the dogs, they do that. They do it with all their heart, you feel it. It’s not just the actions. It’s all their love put into that. And I couldn’t wash right away. I changed so much after I had dogs. Before, if anything strange touched me or like that, I’d have to go wash right away and shower, but I can’t do it nowadays, anymore. Sometimes I forget. I feed the dog with one hand and then I take and eat with the same hand. And I say, “Oh, my God! Never mind, OK, never mind. You forget once already, it doesn’t matter.” Or I go out and wash and then continue eating. And dogs, they kiss me everywhere. I don’t have time to immediately shower. And I couldn’t care less anymore. It doesn’t hurt me. This thing doesn’t hurt you. Other things might hurt you. Emotional things, stress can hurt you, but dog’s saliva doesn’t hurt you. That’s what I do. Normally, I’m very clean, I cannot bear that, but nowadays it’s OK. Especially when it’s love, comes from love, so you just feel so clean. I’ve changed so much. I couldn’t believe that I’ve changed that big. For me that’s a big deal. Before, animals lick me, kiss me, or I touch them, I have to go wash right away. Not because of them, but maybe they carry germs or worms, whatever, whatever they say in the books. Now I’m OK. I say, “Whatever, whatever, whatever.”

Because it’s time to go for dinner, I’ll let you go. Let’s go! Bye-bye. See you later. (Master, we love You.) Thank you. Love you. Love you, too. Love you. (Master, we love You.) All the fruits. The people who did not have, can have. Be careful with the monks. Be careful. Don’t bump into the monks. Come over here. Over there you don’t have? Have? There. Those from China can take one. Each person can have one. Not those who just received initiation. If you’ve got one, then don’t take anymore. From China, OK? If there are initiates from China, come. If you haven’t got one, come and take one. And I even have to wear high heels, imagine that? It comes with the job. Imagine any job you have to wear high heels? My job. (Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. (Thank You, Master.) (Master, I love You.) Thank you. Love you. (Master, I love You.) Love you. Love you. OK, I have walked around once. (Master, I love You.) (Master, please take care of Yourself.) (Master, I love You.) (Please take care of Yourself.) (Wish You to stay healthy.) (Thank You, Master.) (Master, please take care of Yourself.) (Thank You, Master.) OK. Go get apples and things. (Stay healthy.) (Long live Master.) Thank you. (I love You, Master.)

You are leaving now? (No, we are leaving two days later.) OK. Some are still around. I have more time during the retreat. I attended the retreat after I finished all the things. So, I can spend more time with you together. I don’t have a lot of time on Sunday. If you have any questions, write them down. The answers will come to you soon. Then, you don’t need to ask me questions every time. (Hallo, Master.) Ah, hallo, hallo. Hallo comrade. Hallo comrade. When on retreat, I will see you, one country at a time. Right now, there’s not so much time. I have to take care of the new initiates. I need to take care of those who just received initiation. I am sorry. I am very busy with my work. Not outside, but very busy inside. I am also busy outside, but not as busy. Love you guys. Love you guys. (I love You, Master.) (I love You.) Try to look at me as much as you can. (Hallo, Master.) (Thank You very much, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Try to look at me as much as you can, because there are a lot of people. Just look at me more. Look at the eyes. (Hallo, Master.)

Wait a minute. Sister, can’t you have the operation? (Doctors say…) No? (I don’t know. They said they couldn’t do it at the moment.) Even in America? Check on the computer. Check the internet to see if there are specialists, OK? (OK.) If you don’t have money, I will give it to you. We girls love to be beautiful. Inside is also very important. But it will be more comfortable if outside is beautiful as well. (OK, thank You.) More confident, right? (OK, thank You, Master.) But it doesn’t matter. If we don’t have this, we will have that. (Thank You.) OK. You look very happy. You are good. You should continue to live like this. (OK.) It’s also good to be like this. Do you understand? Boys will not bother us. Less karma. (OK.) (Take care, Master.) You take care too. OK. But it’s strange that my heart softens when I see you. I am not angry at you. I am angry at those working staff, who don’t do things with conscience and are not responsible. Understand? (Understand.) This makes me feel ashamed. If they do these kinds of things to me… What I mean is, that if they do these kinds of things to me, what would they do outside? Will they deceive others and get money and make a lot of karma? If I don’t teach them, it will get worse, right? (Yes.) What do you think? (Yes. We are grateful to You.)

(Master, I wish You to be forever healthy and beautiful. Master, I wish You to be forever healthy.) Thank you. (Master, I am going back tomorrow.) You are going back? Sorry. Come again when you have time. (OK, thank You, Master.) From China? (Yes, from China.) For those who couldn’t make it to get what is left. If you don’t move quickly, I also can’t make it, even with my magic power. I am sorry. Take my love back with you. (OK.) Love you. (Thank You, Master.) Wish people in your country to be safe, healthy, happy and peaceful. (Thank You, Master.) Wish your government to be open minded. Wish your people to be happy. (Thank You, Master.) China is getting better and better. (China is getting better and better.) I am also very happy. I am also very happy that your government is open-minded (Thank You, Master. We are grateful for Your blessings.) and loves its citizens. (Master, I wish You to be healthy.) Your government also looks after the environment and built many environmentally friendly things. Yes, many of them. There have been a lot of changes. The government also signed contracts for vegan foods. (Yes.) That’s really great. (Thank You, Master.) If everyone in China goes vegan, it will be amazing. There are too many people in China. The government can’t even provide all of the supplies. The government has signed contracts with many vegan companies. But there are too many people. You know that Chinese are very difficult to teach, right? So, you can’t blame the government. Very difficult to teach. The head is not that soft, right? OK. (Thank You, Master. Master, eat well and sleep well.) OK. Eat well and sleep well. You are dreaming! But thank you anyway. Thank you. I also wish I could eat well and sleep well. Everyone, take care. (OK. Thank You, Master.) Take care of your inside. (OK.) Inside is more important, OK? (OK. Master, I love You so much.) Love you guys. Love you. Love you, too. Love you, too. (Master, we love You. Hallo, Master.) You can see me better outside, right? Take care. Take care.

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