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Between Master and Disciples / The Life of Lord Mahavira

The Maya Is Gone & The Life of Lord Mahavira: The Deliverance of Chandana, Part 2 of 7, Nov. 24, 2019

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You know what? Maya is gone! Forgot to tell you. I like that very much. Wow, a lot of work, but I really cannot bear that guy anymore. I know everything is illusion, for me; but for all the beings, they are not illusion. They are in true suffering, pain, sorrow, anguish, untold misery.

The children can come sit here, sit around here. Just leave me that much to walk out because I’m not that big, so it’s OK like that. Come here, children. Children, if you can see me, you cannot see me, you can sit a little more in front. Sit anywhere you can. Sit in front here, also OK. I don’t need this big. Actually, the hufas take more space than I do. I only walk like this and they walk both sides. OK. Good huh? Can see me better, huh? And the new initiates can also invade this space. Come over. Put that on, so you can listen to me. If you don’t want to listen, it’s OK also. You have an inside Master, we’re connected inside. We talk inside, it’s the best. Actually, it’s the best if we don’t use language because sometimes it’s very frustrating to talk to people and then you realize you’re only talking to yourself. Nobody listens.

Are you OK there? Countess. You’re not right? No. You are my countess. I treated you like one. Are you OK there? Can we talk? (Yes.)

Good, finally. The Lord Mahavira waited a long, long time for the story. We put it off for a long, long time. I have so many things I could tell you, but we’re short of time. In retreat, so many things I recover or discover, but I cannot always tell you. Oh, some interesting things. You can actually do retreat forever, you know that? Because the inside world is full of interesting things compared to what we have outside. This we already talked about last time. The new one, I left it at home in a hurry because I’m too busy taking care of everybody else. I have written so many things during my retreat, but I’m not sure if I could tell you. Some things about humans, about animals, about many things. Oh my God.

Nowadays, some of you asked me before how many realms I pass every day now, that I can’t even count anymore. No. So many, it’s like limitless. So, even sometimes, if I have a message from a Higher Heaven to warn me of something or to tell me something, it has to be divided into many sections. Because like every two, three seconds I pass through countless realms, so when I am passing through, I cannot talk. I cannot communicate inside or outside. Nothing. And then, so maybe I have a message, like for example “Do not go to New Land today because…” And then stop. I have to wait until I finish flying to other regions and then I come back again. “Because…” And then, “Because what?” “Because of this and that and other problems.” And stop. “What problem?” “Cannot know yet.” Stop. And then go to different realms, come back again. “Tell me.” “Blah, blah, blah.” Stop. Sometimes, They are very protective. They told me, “Don't go to such and such new area because the snakes will bite You.” Snakes. I said I have no bad affinity with snakes. I don't fear snakes. I’ve often rescued snakes before, so I don't think I have bad affinity with them, but then They said, “These are different snakes. It's driven by...” You know.

By the way, you know what? Maya is gone! Forgot to tell you. I like that very much. Wow, a lot of work, but I really cannot bear that guy anymore. I know everything is illusion, for me; but for all the beings, they are not illusion. They are in true suffering, pain, sorrow, anguish, untold misery. And he always interfered with my job, also. He wanted to slow me down, he used the dogs, he used humans, he used all kinds of things just to stop me. And one time, the last one, I asked him, “What did you do that for? This time, why you did that?” And he said, “To kill You.” Kill me not like immediately but wear me out. By this and that problem. And another thing, the negative force is also gone. Bye-bye! Maybe the future generation will be better than our generation. Much lighter. Easy to understand the Truth, easy to believe the Truth, easy to practice the Truth. One more thing, not yet. And the force of karma is? (Gone.) Gone! Bye-bye! These three things I took care.

But I forgot, there is another problem. From now on, whatever you do, whatever anybody does, whatever any being does on this planet, is their own responsibility. There is no excuse anymore. That is the problem. That’s one problem. Before, it’s the maya who’s driven and making trouble and tempting you and deluding you and all kinds of things, so if you make something wrong, there is some excuse to forgive. Now, no. So, there is good and bad, but I like it. I don’t like these guys. But still, not like completely clean.

It’s the beginning of a Heaven kind of energy. It should have begun a long time ago. But I was too busy, I forgot that guy behind my back all the time. He interfered with my job all the time. Not only he dragged me down, he made me tired, he made me sick through something else, or wanted to kill me here and there, but he interfered. Like, for example, like good and bad, the right and the left hand angel. If I said, “I like that person. I think she’s going to be a good assistant to help me with my dogs.” And immediately, he said, “No, no.” And he told me all kinds of history of that person, very, very negative, very, very bad. Always like that, and made me hesitate, of course. And even if I wanted to take that person in, I hesitated, number one. Number two, I had to check whether or not what he told was true, or what was true, and it wasted a lot of my time! So, that’s what I don’t like. That’s why I tell you I don’t like this guy.

And now, the negative force is gone, the maya is gone, locked in hell forever, at least for now, long, long, long, long, long, long time. Locked. But don’t thank me. I am just the commander-in-chief. Thanks all the Godses, all the Universal Beings, who put all Their power together; otherwise, it won’t work. So all are from the Original upwards.

One day, I was so mad, because my dog was so sick. And even I tried to give Him power, my energy and power and that, He won’t heal, and He cried, and that breaks my heart. And one day, I was so mad. I don’t know how to re-enact this drama again, but I’ll try. I was sitting with my dog on the floor. And my dog was crying, and I was crying, and then I suddenly got so mad. I said, “Hey!” It was not as loud as this; there was no microphone. I said, “Hey, you. I know you are not going to back off, so now you will have to be destroyed. I am sorry. I warn you now so you know before I strike.” So, I told all the Universe. I cannot re-enact because I am not angry now. But I was very loud, and very anguished, and very, very frustrated, and very, very truly angry inside. I was angry, there alone with my dog. I don’t know if I can re-enact it. It’s embarrassing, but when I was angry, it was different. I forgot what I said but very, very loud, very angry. I forgot what I said to the Godses in the exact words. Something like ordering. I said, “All of you, listen to me!” I was very angry, louder and more angry than that. “You, get all the power together, all of you, right now! Destroy that maya for me. NOW!” And then, of course They did it. Didn’t take long. Oh, I was surprised. And I repeated three times, “All of you, get together all the power, concentrate together and destroy the maya. And NOW!” I said, “NOW! NOW!” Three times, the same thing I repeated. But by the second time, They’d already done it. The third time I just… It was already coming out, so it was just going out like a train. It was already coming out, I couldn’t stop it midway. My power, my anger, my energy just streaming out, and I couldn’t stop, so I just made the three times. And then I asked Them, “Done?” They said, “Yes.” And They’re all jumping and the whole universe, oh, endless of beings that you cannot even see how many. You can only see some in the front, jumping and crying, “Maya is gone, maya is gone, maya is gone!” And they’re just jumping and crying, happy, very much.

And the same, the same with the negative force. But not the same day. I didn’t think of the negative force. There’s also a bugging kind of troublemaker. And the other day, a few more days later, I just remembered him. He did something. It’s not just an entity. It’s the power that he carries with it. Just like I’m standing here, it’s not me, it’s the power that I carry with myself. So, we can destroy that entity also and the power also. For example, if I die, gone, maybe some leftover energy, but nothing more. I cannot do anything more. So, the physical body is very important. And this guy, he used many physical bodies to bother me. Yeah! You have no idea. If I told you all kinds of stories about how he does things, oh, I would never have time enough to eat, sleep, meditate or to look at you. So many things he does.

And so, the negative force has to be also eliminated, so all beings will be more elevated now automatically and then easier to take care of. And then the next generation will be much better. You see, in our generation, already many children who are born geniuses, and who are born telepathically intact and have many special powers. Sometimes we show it on our TV, the children are super nowadays. But in the future, more, better. So maybe what Nam Sa-go said is true, “The basics of Heavens will be established.” The basics, not completely like Heaven. Because we still have this brain. We still have the body and the body is programmed to have desire, to have greed, to have anger, to have sorrow, to have worry, all kinds of things. And when you’re in a lower level, you’re still following your instinct, your ego, your negative tendency, your programmed kind of traces of negativity.

So, it’s not like completely eliminated just yet. Because it’s inherent already; it’s already [engraved] inside the present generations and probably a couple of generations ahead, until all the cells, the DNA, the blood type, everything changes, eliminated, purified, washed. But still, I’m very happy. I’m very happy. But it will be better, of course. Even if you have these negative traces in you or embedded in you, or the outside people have it, but the majority will feel much lighter, brighter. More themselves, more free to think, to act, to organize their lives, and to express their love to people around them, to their families, and to do it more actively, in compassion, in mercy, in love, more than before. You will see. It takes a few more weeks to really feel the effect. Just like last time when we destroyed the machine, the controlling machine, it took two months to take effect. This one, it’ll take maybe some more weeks, but it will. You will see the change, bigger changes, better changes, and you will feel more light in yourself, easier to meditate, calmer. And everything will be better. But still, be responsible for your actions from now on. There is no more maya to blame. He’s locked. Stay put. And the same with all the negative entities and power, the ones that maneuver human’s negative tendencies, the ones that seduce humans to do bad stuff against their will. They even pushed the dogs to fight with each other. Even in the same family. I was mad because of that. Daughter and mother even. The daughter wanted to bite the mother and wounded her. That's what made me more mad. And it kept boiling, boiling, until boom! Within one week, I destroyed the three biggest enemies of yours and mine. Your enemy is my enemy.

Really. I didn’t think I would tell you, but then I told you, didn't I? Always the same. You, your eyes, your ears just keep pulling out things from me before I can even control, before I even know what I am talking about. Too bad. Never mind. It's not bad things. It’s just that we have to be responsible for ourselves from now on. Control our negative traces, which are still left over inside, inside all of us. We have negative and positive sides and we use the positive more from now on. And whatever negative, you have to know it’s not you. If you think something wrong, immediately correct yourself, say, “No, it’s not me! It’s not me. It’s not me. And I don’t want that.” Get rid of it. You can pray to the Godses. They can help you.

I summoned all the Godses from the Original Universe and the Cosmic Beings as well. And I said, “Borrow some power from me if you have to. Take some from the Almighty Store even, Almighty Store of Energy. Take them! Take anything you need. Just go destroy that guy right now!” Oh, They were fast! It’s not like when we work here, it takes some time.

I regret I didn’t do it earlier. Maybe it’s just time. In a way, my dog’s suffering helped me. Because I asked my dog, “Why did you bite your mother this time? You know she’s your mother. You should not do that. Why did you do that?” I was angry with her. She said, “Not willing to. Absolutely not. Just being pushed and surrounded, cornered by negative power.” They’re just dogs. They have power of course. They have some magical power. They have benevolent power. They have dog’s power. But nothing compared to this, the negative force. Nothing compared to that. Even we humans cannot fight against it, not to talk about my little dog. So, I was going to punish her, like not let her see me, not give her goodies, not give her snacks. But then, after she said that, and she felt very, very sorry, very, very bad, I said, “OK, don’t worry. I will deal with this guy. I will deal with him. You are only a victim. I forgive you. I really forgive you and I love you.” So, we hugged and made up. But then I said, “I promise you guys I will, I will really deal with this maya and the negative power.” And I did.

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