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Between Master and Disciples / The Life of Lord Mahavira

The Maya Is Gone & The Life of Lord Mahavira: The Deliverance of Chandana, Part 3 of 7, Nov. 24, 2019

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The same with animals, the same with leaves and bushes and flowers. Even tables talk to them, respond in different ways. Everything is alive for the blind people. They see light everywhere, from everything, and inside everything, and within themselves. And they rely on this light, this energy, this quiet friendship that helps them in their daily life.

Even we humans cannot fight against it, not to talk about my little dog. So, I was going to punish her, like not let her see me, not give her goodies, not give her snacks. But then, after she said that, and she felt very, very sorry, very, very bad, I said, “OK, don’t worry. I will deal with this guy. I will deal with him. You are only a victim. I forgive you. I really forgive you and I love you.” So, we hugged and made up. But then I said, “I promise you guys I will, I will really deal with this maya and the negative power.” And I did.

I’m so happy that I did. I’m not sure if I’m happy, but I’m not sad. I’m not sad. It’s just also maybe like you; we have this physical brain. And it took me some time to realize what we have done, myself a little bit and all the Godses and all the Cosmic Benevolent Beings. Now that They’re already united, so They're powerful now, more powerful than before, when They were like divided into two groups. United already, so we have more peace. And now I gathered all of Them together, I thought They can do it. I thought we are together, we can do it. I said, “Take whatever You need from me. Take whatever You need from the Almighty Storage of Energy Power. Take them, whatever You need, take it, just so that we can destroy this guy for now, because he has been harassing, molesting, torturing, mischievously teasing and laughing and enjoying humans’ and other beings’ suffering for a long, too long, long, long time. So, this is the time, no more. No more.”

I did not realize how big that was. And now I am telling you, I realize a little, because I have too much work to do. I did not have time to celebrate, but I saw all the beings celebrating all around, everywhere in the Universe. They were singing, shouting, jumping. They still do now. They’re still celebrating.

But I, in the physical dimension, too busy, busy. Every day I am so busy that even when they bring me only one meal a day, I sometimes cannot come on time to eat it because there’s always something to do. The physical work. And if not, then I have to go inside to do the inside work, to help strengthen people's faith and energy, so that they continue to meditate and to be firmly on their paths towards their Greater Selves or God Selves. So, I am very busy also. And I also have to check different corners of the Universe, what’s needed and who needs what.

And I even have to check my dogs, what kind of things I can do for them. And I had to do a lot. Apart from physical therapy for them, I need to also do something. Thérapie. This is French - thérapie. Right? No? You don't hear? And so, sometimes I speak with a French accent. It is the same word. It’s just that in English I said, “Therapy, the-ra-py.” And the French say, “thérapie.” And we say hotel, they say (h)ôtel. It's very (h)ot (h)ere. Remember the joke I made?

An English agent sells a house. Two customers were looking at the house. One English speaks some French. He thinks he does. And one French speaks some English. He thinks he does. So, when he came in, because they just opened the door in summer and there is no air-con, nothing inside, so he said, “Oh, it's very (h)ot (h)ere.” Meaning it's very hot here. But the French, they don't speak the “h.” They say ‘otel instead of hotel. So “hot” they say ‘ot. So he said, “Your (h)ouse very (h)ot (h)ere.” Your house is very hot here. And the agent said, “What? What’s odd about my ear? And why should I be out?” “Your house” is “you out.” “Your (h)ouse very (h)ot (h)ere.” So, he was angry and said, “Why should I be out? And what’s odd about my ear?” So, the French said, “No, no, the air (h)ot.” The Englishman tried to help calm the agent down. He said, “No, no. He meant your hair is odd, not your ear.” So, because French people they don't speak the “h,” so when he said, “The air ‘ot,” the English thinks, “Oh, OK. So, he means the hair is odd.” Helping, sometimes the problem when you don't speak the language very well.

And I have been all over Europe, sometimes I speak like German people. I always tell my assistant, “Your car kaput?” She said, “What’s kaput?” Thai. “What’s kaput? What means kaput? I don't understand.” I said, “Kaput. You know kaput, kaput, kaput!” She understands little English. And I forgot my English. When I talk too fast, sometimes I forget what kaput is in English. Or I said something, I said, “That's it! That's it! It's all right! It's all right! Very well!” And they said, “What is it, Master? What did You say?” And I had to think a little bit. “I mean it’s very good, very good. You did a good job.”

We have this problem with our physical faculties. It's good for us, we think that we have the eyes intact, that we have the tongue intact, that we can talk to each other, we can see each other, we can appreciate things, beautiful things outside, but sometimes these things are a hindrance, big hindrance more than help.

Some blind people, blind children, originally, they could see, but then some disease made them blind when they were young, like six, seven, eight, nine. From the beginning, maybe they have difficulty. They might bump into things because they're used to going this way, that way and using their own eyes, and using their hands to do this, do that. But after they're blind, they have forgotten that they don't see things, so they bump into things. Or they used to use their hands to take the cup, but they cannot find it because they use the usual habit of doing things with physical eyes and physical ears. But slowly afterwards, they feel they don't need them. Things just radiate energy towards them and then they would know where things are.

So sometimes, when some people drive a car to go out and you say, “May the road [rise up] to meet you.” It is true for the blind people, for the blind children at least, when they were still young and innocent. It's easier for them to accommodate to new things. And they realize that things are not the way they look. Like for example, the tree is not only that big, but their environment, their energy, their magnetic field is bigger. They are truly bigger than they are. The same with animals, the same with leaves and bushes and flowers. Even tables talk to them, respond in different ways. Everything is alive for the blind people. They see light everywhere, from everything, and inside everything, and within themselves. And they rely on this light, this energy, this quiet friendship that helps them in their daily life. And they don't miss a thing. They don't miss a thing.

One of the Zen Masters also said the same, “It would have been better if I [was] blind, deaf, and dumb in the beginning.” Because only after we withdraw our true attention from all these physical organs outside, then we can truly enter inside the Kingdom. That's why when you quiet down, you meditate, or during the time of initiation, you quiet down, you have nothing else to worry about at that time, because you know now is the time of your initiation and you really yearned for it such a long time, so you pay all the attention. Therefore, you see your Self, the (inner Heavenly) Light and you hear God's Words. The melodies are your inner vibration. Normally, we just rely on our eyes to see things; we don't see any (inner Heavenly) Light. We rely on the ears; we don't hear anything from inside Heavenly Music. To be blind is not all that bad.

When Jesus was alive, they say He could cure the blind. It's because of initiation. During the initiation, we had some blind disciples before. They see everything. They see (inner Heavenly) Light, sometimes better than you, because they have nothing distracting them from the outer world.

I think I’ll sit down. My high heels are calling me to sit down. Actually, I didn't know why I had to wear high heels until they dug out all the prophecies. Then I said, “Oh, voila! No wonder I am destined to wear beautiful clothes. High heels are already prearranged from Heaven.” It's for a change, right? Up to now, all the Masters or the Buddha, They were all very ascetic and very stern. It's a change for you to see a lady with some nice clothes and beautiful shoes and lovely jewelry. No? Because practicing is inside.

But anyway, I wish I didn't have to do all this also. It takes a lot of time. Of course, I’m meditating on it. I do the meditation while I am doing this and all this. It is also good meditating, but I wish I didn't have to meditate in such a fashion. It's more comfortable when you just wrap a blanket around yourself, sit on your sofa, close your eyes also and rest instead of having to concentrate inside and outside at the same time. “Oops. Is that the one? Oh no, no, it's not the one. Oh, I cannot, I cannot. I cannot do this. It's a hook, it's too difficult, too small.” They make this for ladies who have a lot of time. Time is what I don't have. I have everything else. Very little time.

I used to be nicer. I mean talking slower, and more gentle and more patient. Nowadays, I say, “To the point. Please don't talk so long. I don't have time, man. Really I don't.” And sometimes the doctor tried to explain to me my medicine. I said, “OK doctor, you write it down and fax to me.” I mean I can read it quicker. And I even forget to take the medicines anyway, so I know I’m just taking it sometimes when I need, when I remember.

Even the doctor already knows I don't like a lot of medicines, even supplements or the things that are good for you, our old age, for senior citizens and all that. He meant well, but he knows I forget to take them anyway, so he boiled it down to only three sources now, only three, and only one time per day. Three medicines, not really, supplements. And one time per day only. I still forgot. I said, “Doctor, I even forget to wash my face in the morning.” He said, “How can You forget?” I said, “I just forget.” I get out of my meditation or sleep or snore or whatever, and then I jump out and then I go and then I see the documents right in front of me. Then I am hooked in there, I forget everything else.

Even the food right in front of me, I don't eat until all the documents are done. But I cannot tell them to bring my food first and bring the documents later, because it's a lot of work for a person. We are all busy. And one person takes care to put food into a container and bring it to me together with the documents, because we don't live together. And the girls are busy with different things. So, there is one boy, but he doesn't bother me, and that's good. I would prefer if he was a sister, so I don't have to worry about energy transference. Maybe you say that. Never mind, he doesn't bother me, but I don't want him to have to always come back and forth, back and forth.

The less people, less exchange of energy, the better for me to concentrate. The less intrusion of the outside different energy, the better for me. Of course, when I go out here, then there are thousands of you, I cannot control anything. It’s all over. No problem. But when I am at home, I try to concentrate more, so I can work efficiently inside and outside. So that's also that. But I also don't want to make people work more than necessary because the boys, they live together in one place and I live far away, remote, with dogs. And the dog attendant comes and goes, comes and goes. When it’s time to take care, she comes; when not, she goes home. So, I let her rest. Sometimes I need something and I call her. And I said, “What are you doing now?” She said she was eating. Then I said, “No, no. Then you eat. You eat. Maybe later.”

I don't want to bother people when I don't have to. They are willing to. I just don't want to abuse their kindness. And before, they used to bring me early in the morning, breakfast and then late afternoon, lunch. Breakfast and lunch; we have two meals a day. But later, I said, “You just bring lunch, it’s good enough.” Because he has to wake up early in the morning, take up his meditation time or take up his little bit laze-in-bed time, and the other brothers, sisters have to also wake up early in order to check out the documents and print out for me. So, at least three, four people have to wake up early. So, they cannot meditate at that time. Or maybe they're tired from last night and working late and cannot rest in the morning, so later I cut the breakfast. I said, “Just bring it later. And the documents bring also later.” So, they could rest more, meditate in the morning. And even then, I am not that hungry. When I see the documents, “Whoa!” I am more interested in that than my meal. Thus, that's the way it is.

Maybe we’ll talk about this. We’ll talk about the Lord Mahavira. Very good. Stay there. Story. It's not bedtime. We still have time, right? (Yes.) What? (How is Good Love?) He is better now. I thought He wouldn't make it because He cried so much. He normally doesn't cry. He is not a sissy baby. He doesn't even bark when not necessary. He is a very quiet guy, and He cried so much that my heart could not bear. But it’s good like that, gave me motivation to cut out the maya. Otherwise, I’m too busy, forgot about that guy, kept bugging me all the time.

I had a good excuse this time. I said, “You even used a very dirty trick to make a daughter bite the mother; that is too despicable. I cannot allow you to be here anymore.” That's that. I was really angry, really disgusted. I said, “If you want to deal with something, deal with me. You don't harass my dogs. That is worse than anything I can imagine as despicable. So, you're not worthy for me to even think of you anymore. You must go.” But luckily, I'm a little smart, so I can do many things and quickly. But if I am less smart, there would be more time, more trouble. And if I speak slower even, take more time, then I will not have enough time for you. So, I pack up everything very quickly, I eat while working with the documents or watching some clips that I have to edit. Yeah! It's very easy.

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